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Paige sorting Orbeez
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just so everyone knows: I have the smartest 2 y/o ever (I mean since I was 2)
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via YouTube Capture
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Bonjour à tous, Ceci n'est que notre PREMIÈRE vidéo !! Il en aura d'autre :P Merci à ceux et celles qui s'abonnerons a ma chaine ..... Nous...
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I made 75,000 orbeez because i got all of them for christmas so PLEASE tell me what i should do with them -facebook-...
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Part2 will be how big it is in 3 minute 1.need 2 bowl 2.drop all ur orbeez on the other one with Out water 3fill that one with hot water -sure to...
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Orbeez are a fun way to begin the day.
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Lights. Movement. Magic. Orbeez are soft and squishy, wet and wacky, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful. They start off hard and tiny. Add water...
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Go to http://simplyclevertoys.com/magnetic-thinking-putty to buy and find out more. We ship world-wide.
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My friend Stephanie gave me some orbeez and I thought they looked like bubbles so it inspired me to make this video! Music by Kevin Macleod.
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a little fun unboxing video for u guys SUBSCRIBE:)
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AlyssaSays.com determines the winner of this rainbow water crystal experiment. Which solution makes the rainbow water crystals grow the fastest?...
What are Orbeez?
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Kids experience Orbeez activity toys for the first time, and talk about how they would like to play, create, design and interact with them. Orbeez...
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Power up your remote control and make your ladybug scoot around the floor collecting Orbeez into its shell. The Ladybug blinks, lights up and...
Water Balz Jumbo Polymer Balls
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Watch Part 2 here!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPK2m0qRZx4 Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=IncredibleScience...

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