Terminator 2 reimagined as a Toy Commercial - Trailer Mix

Just in time for holiday shopping, this new trailer mix imagines a rad and much needed Terminator toy! Hey Santa, we need this IRL pronto!

Edited by Benjamin Martin
Narrated by Benjamin Martin
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Длительность: 1:9
Комментарии: 98

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Автор Johnny Favorite ( назад)
T-800's sexy suggestions for scoring, like: *Your clothes. Give them to me.

Автор Kwaam Maawk ( назад)
awesome 80s guitar riff!!!

Автор Tony Chang (Tony C.) ( назад)
0:43--0:44: Transformers fans, don't miss that Nemesis Prime or Motormaster
cameo in that shot. This commercial really wants you to buy two or *THREE*
toys instead of just one.

Автор Sam Trott ( назад)
"I understand now why you cry." :( saddest moment in Sci-fi history.

Автор Emmanuel U ( назад)

Автор Beto and Chris ( назад)
spiderman homecoming

Автор Faizetto ( назад)
This is too old, i want a liquid Terminator now

Автор graveyardtuber 67 ( назад)
you should do the assasin's creed trailer

Автор Caitlin Walk ( назад)

Автор Mr. Chopper ( назад)
Botchamania font

Автор Jordano Campos ( назад)

Автор Brenda Singer ( назад)
shut up and take my money!

Автор Johny40Se7en ( назад)
Hahaha if the toy and advert came out in the 80's yeah sure, so cheesy,
great though =P

Автор BMV The Movie Fanatic ( назад)
Bad Days: Season 4?

Автор cjtier ( назад)
Are you ever going to make a emotional movie moments part 2? Please.

Автор maxmetalknight ( назад)
Don't buy it. The Virtualboy display is just plain awful guys :(

Автор Bobbert Sinadral ( назад)
you guys should do a Logan trailerrrrr

Автор Shadow Ninja ( назад)
please make the naruto costume

Автор Aussie aspie ( назад)
To cinefix. Just a thought for a trailer spoof. Why not show the original
wicker man as a comedy with laugh tracks as a romantic holiday were a
virgin police officer try's to lose or maintain his virginity just before
his wedding. Like a one man bachelor party.
For Halloween this year I saw the original wicker man at the cinema. I have
always treated this masterpiece with awe and reverence, but a number of the
patrons were laughing the whole time. Expect of course at the last few
minutes. A standout horror classic treated as a comedy. Go figure. They'd
probably never seen the film before and where a bit drunk. It was a Friday
night around Halloween at the Arthouse cinema " the golden age cinema" in
Surry hills and they have a cocktail bar. The 2006 remake is obviously
something to watch while high but the 1973 one?
Just a thought. Keep up the good work and if you only go to one cinema
while visiting Sydney, make it the golden age cinema!

Автор The Punisher ( назад)
Still waiting on season 4 of bad days

make an iron man suit

Автор Kash Goons ( назад)
Hey guys if its not such a bother can I get a sub

Автор Paul Jones ( назад)
I would buy the shit out of this

Автор Gothead420 ( назад)
Damn, now i want one!

Автор Deadly Dilophosaur ( назад)
How much do they cost?

Автор Ricardo Siahaan ( назад)
shut up! and take my money..

Автор Brett Wilson ( назад)
My terminator murdered me. I think I got the old version

Автор TopBunkProductions ( назад)
Can't wait for the minigun accessory set!

Автор beckett suter ( назад)
I want ten

Автор rogaface ( назад)
Why would you say it's impossible to reload a lever-action shotgun by
flipping it around like that? There are videos on youtube proving that it's
possible. You guys really hurt my feelings

Автор MrOnionCock ( назад)
19 seconds in and I have seen enough. Complete fucking shit.

Автор Andreas Ie ( назад)
can you make a Homemade transformers the last knight trailer or the 5th
transformers please?

Автор StrawB0ss ( назад)

Автор Mystickneon ( назад)
Silence of The Lambs romcom

Автор official Osha Wott ( назад)
Johnny 5 as a toy commercial

Автор Rishi Dakarapu ( назад)
this thing looks expensive... Christmas sale?

Автор Daniel Mashanic ( назад)
Hahaha. This is great.

Автор Nia Aqua ( назад)
psh, its no hatchimal

Автор Ben Yang ( назад)

Автор TotalBlackout2501 ( назад)
Santa, I hope your listening. I need to add something to my list.

Автор TurboHawkV6 ( назад)
Awesome, I'm calling now!

I'll order one for my friend. Oh what hyjinx we'll be able to get in with
two terminators!

Автор Jon Jon ( назад)
This isn't funny it's FUCKING stupid!

Автор Robyn Boynton Muth ( назад)
Can you make Clueless into a thriller? Pretty please?

Автор metrosonic ( назад)
I'll be back
- the Terminator

Автор Bobby Bell ( назад)
Kalifornia as Childrens movie

Автор ToiletClogger1945 ( назад)

Автор Jeff The Theorist ( назад)
Holy crap was that Ben doing the voice over? That was hilarious!

Автор Thomas Ng ( назад)
Batteries included for once?

Автор oscargt23 ( назад)
That was epic

Автор CptMikeTango ( назад)
Kung pow as a serious movie

Автор High Heel Knight ( назад)
Seriously, that was a better re-imagining than Terminator: Genisys. :-D

Автор hyperdeath84 ( назад)
I want one.

Автор James Barker ( назад)
This is terrible

Автор brian0918 ( назад)
There's nothing impossible about that shotgun reload he does. Look up
Terminator M1887 shotgun spin

Автор Andy Skied ( назад)
cool! I just called and now mines on its way! awesome! I'll have hours and
hours of fun with my way cool cybernetic organism! now I'll be the coolest
guy on the block! *I was not paid for this testimonial*

Автор Jonathan Bussler ( назад)
One Hour Photo as a Nicholas Spark style romance movie? That's be

Автор The Alpha Dog ( назад)
Any Hitchcock movie as a comedy

Автор The Alpha Dog ( назад)
Can I have a refund? My one ended up in molten steel

Автор Findecanor ( назад)
I haven't been this excited about an action figure since the Turbo-Man
dolls when I was nine.

Автор Gravitynaut ( назад)
These trailers just get better and better! Although, I will say you guys
outdid yourselves with The Witch one.

Автор JTBatman 9000 ( назад)
Shut up and take my money

Автор SethCompanyFilms ( назад)
Kill Bill as a James Patterson cliched romance.

Автор Stephan Mahler ( назад)
The new Terminator figure can be yours for $19.99!!!!! Act now and you can
get the Terminator Dream House Action Set complete with tea table and
grenade launcher

(ask your parents for permission to call. Offers unavailable in Austria)

Автор DeadInside/ ImACultClassic ( назад)
this is way better than the toy commercial s out now xD

Автор matt lerch ( назад)
loved it

Автор Deebo Molina ( назад)
I can't wait to have a Terminator!!

Автор William Goggins ( назад)
I want one.

Автор The place for Me to post stuff ( назад)
I'm liking these fake trailers. They're pretty good.

Автор ChubbyChecker182 ( назад)
I am much later than usual

Автор IKMNification ( назад)
Is it available at KB Toys or do I have to order from the back of a comic

Автор Tfitz Fritz ( назад)

Автор Michael Aronson ( назад)
Now with retired Governor suit attachment and Reality TV camera crew!

Автор Quadrant ( назад)
Lol that's pretty awesome

Автор GameThruz ( назад)
Well, it's better than your usual pretentious crap.

Автор absentmindedprof ( назад)
Commando as a romcom!

Автор Jaden Carr ( назад)
Great job guys!

Автор Sergio Garza ( назад)

Автор JNV ( назад)

Автор Rui Wei Chang ( назад)
I'm pretty early today

Автор Captain Swaggins ( назад)
Last time I was this early I had an original comment

Автор Killed it mate ( назад)
Could I get a shout out or subs if you like pewdiepie and terminator

Автор Ignited Canvas ( назад)
hello yes I'd like 10

Автор SKULL BONEz ( назад)

Автор LSSJ Gaming ( назад)
That is pretty cool

Автор Diidadie ( назад)

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