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Автор Brianchaninov ( назад)
Bolshevic Communists martyred  perhaps 45 million mostly Orthodox Christians in Russia, Ukraine, and elsewhere between 1917 and 1992-- only God knows their number but overlooked by most 20th c historians and media who prefer to focus on Nazi crimes against Jews and homosexuals. WWII was hell for Russia and Germany losing about 1 in 7 (Russia) and 1 in 10 (Germany) from battle, bombing, and related death (civilians included). By comparison USA lost 1 in 300-- all military.
May God have mercy on us.

Автор Kamikaze Ruisumi ( назад)
They were the losers but they were humans too.

Автор Alex Phelps ( назад)
LOng live the Kaiserreich!

Автор tariq mahmmoud ( назад)
And I'm ashamed to be born in America

Автор tariq mahmmoud ( назад)
And the Germans didn't start WW1

Автор RDO FCO ( назад)
Man to man, Wehrmacht was by very far better than Red Army.

Автор al cap (678 лет назад)
As a member of the british army i would like to thank all the german ww2 soldiers. What i dont get is that us british declared war to stop poland being occupied but then let a more evill regime rule it for nearly 60 years. Ww2 was a major fuck up for the allies.

Автор dixieland69 ( назад)
This song is made by "Sleipnir" look by german Wikipedia: Sleipnir (Band)

Автор XenuriWeb ( назад)
Its the fire bombing of all those great cities that I can't forgive our country for... I know I NEVER will be able to.

Автор Satyajit Ray ( назад)
u idiot. germans did not fight against the non-white. did you know germans united with the japanese and indians to fight the british whites?

Автор Marcysky74 ( назад)
SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор ThinBlueLine ( назад)
support all of our troops U.S Troops Britsh troops Russians troops German troops

Автор Tibor Horváth ( назад)
Danke schön!

Tibor! (Ungarn)

Автор Jacob Pansing ( назад)
What song is this and by who?

Автор CHEESEBALL243 ( назад)
i am ashamed to be British, what we did to the Germans was disgusting ;(

Автор Carol Coulson (399 лет назад)
I'm British but top troops in my order German , British , USA

Автор Izrwatching ( назад)
Please asshole, when the white trash came back from the war, some of the worst racial terrorism America had ever seen was from the WWII "Heroes" who defeated the "Evil Germans" and their Hitler. White trash America milked a lot of mileage out of WWII. Hitler did for them what an expensive suit did for Ronald Reagan.

Автор gprswap3 ( назад)
@wulfshelmut es gibt ein problem in america the races are mixed many half jew or mischling and full jew emigrated to the New Wolrd they were white and married with other europian settlers but Hitler fight for aryan race not for white its a big difference.

Автор moonbeam ( назад)
@rupp87 But THEY don't command respect outside the world of constant propaganda, Dished out to poorly informed , uneducated Americans Yanks in RECENT history are really despised for invading and setting up stooges in so many countries . UNDER the guise of democracy . IE Moronic Bush is just a jovial front man for BIG business . Same as B movie actor REAGAN WAS . 1000s are food for the guns.. Hope they can afford healthcare

Автор MrMaginl ( назад)
google Balfour Declaration

Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel

Автор Lou Stacey ( назад)
It's apparnt by Hitler's speeches & documented statements that he was aware of the Jews' history of infiltration, infestation, subterfuge, robbing & murder of nationals in all 109 nations who expelled them; he identified the progression of this Jewish conpiracy in Germany & seeing atrocities perpetrated by Bolshevik Jew infiltrators in Russia, Poland, Romania, etc., determined to keep Jews from doing same in Germany. He sought to save all nations from the Talmudists who already owned U.S. Brit +

Автор Reaper ( назад)
@poopmcscoopface Hugo Boss

Автор poopmcscoopface ( назад)
Germans and ss had the sickest uniforms in History

Автор davro96 ( назад)
People don't just think about the germans in ww2, the ones in ww1 had more terror and were just as glorious as the great waffen!

Автор Ken Clement ( назад)
The world would be a much better place with the Reich. The brits and americans were idiots controlled by jews.

Автор aangeel1000 ( назад)
exelente video, Greetings from Mexico.

Автор Matisse ( назад)
1:59 it's a beautiful design

Автор Goregrinding ( назад)
Brings a tear to my eye!
We must continue our fight for Adolf Hitler! We must sacrifice everything for his name and his vision!

Автор Tibor Horváth ( назад)
Deutschland über alles!!!! Tibor Hungary

Автор starkicka ( назад)

bin aus Ö und das find Ich echt schön! Danke!!


Автор stevehetzer1 ( назад)
@wulfshelmut Agreed brother. We better start looking after our own race and get rid of the ones who want to kill us. We've spent to many years killing each other, time to balance things to our favour.

Автор slorgos1996 ( назад)
greetings from belgium!!!

Автор slorgos1996 ( назад)
Respect ,greetings from belgium!!!

Автор slorgos1996 ( назад)
Respect to germany and its soldiers ,greetings from belgium!!!

Автор slorgos1996 ( назад)
Respect to germany and its soldiers,greetings from belgium!!!

Автор BlackDogSplit ( назад)
Salute from Croatian soldier...

Автор Kaz Piech ( назад)
listen to miles away by kaz piech

Автор mileyooxx ( назад)
Brilliant tribute,
from the Uk

Автор Raap123 ( назад)
Luckly my grandfather can't hear that I choose the German side, he would kill me.
Because he foght in the Dutch army in 1940.

Автор Connor James ( назад)
Any soldier... no matter the country.... no matter the side... deserves the respect of all. (terrorists are the only exception in my opinion.)

Автор Bryan Monument ( назад)
Great video... What's the name of the song please... 5*****

Автор Ichmal ( назад)
@darby11b there is nothing wrong with the muslims, your hatred to them just is.

Автор KeithDas ( назад)
In any war the brave men of whichever country that fights are heroes becouse in the end if you believe in your country enough to die for it that is all that matters.

Автор mixwell1983 ( назад)
@kensade - The ONLY part I agree with you on is why did we fight the Germans.. Ya the Japs bombed our land so duh of course but I believe WW2 wasn't a war for us to fight BUT you have alliances and shit for this so that no 1 country takes over so I can kinda see how we were obligated to stop the madness per se but politics wise we had no business even getting involved with the Germans.. I'm not anyone to judge and I say respect to ALL soldiers who died for their country as we are ALL humans.

Автор rej klepingly ( назад)
the us sucks! why fight the germans. they could of just fought the japs the ones who bombed amerika. but the us is always greedy and had to fight the germans too. people are always saying that the russians are good but the only reason the germans lost is cuz they were out numbered by millions. i seen statistics of ww2 and the russians lost 1,800,000 soldiers to only 400,000 germans. also the americans arnt so good either take 1 country out and germany would win. 1on1,2 germany would kick ass!

Автор Justin Walker ( назад)
@SirRafacioni geez, you don't have to be so harsh. yes, I have to agree with you that America is full of douche bags. and the oil thing has gone out of hand. but I think you might be a little too over exited about one stupid country.

Автор Nobunaga Oda ( назад)
I agree they should make a movie like that because o was playing on a game called Kuma Games and I was in a WWI clan and they called me a Nazi

Автор rej klepingly ( назад)
@RTSGAMER81 that is a great idea i always wondered why they have not made a movie like that yet

Автор Dietrich Bauer ( назад)
they should do a tv series like Band of Brothers exept from the german point of view, i garuntee that would win many awards and would show that not all german soldiers were nazis

Автор rej klepingly ( назад)
go germans the most honorable and brave soldiers ever

Автор rej klepingly ( назад)
deutsch for the win!!!!! im proud to be deutsch. i saw some statistics and 1,080,000 russians lost their lives to 400,000 germans even after they have been worn down by americans. russians fail. i would be proud to fight for deutschland. screw america it is corrupt.

Автор Vikas S ( назад)
the bastards russians raped 2 million women in post war germany

Автор PatriaFinlandia ( назад)
Warm regards from Finland!
Finland and Germany brothers forever!

Автор Mark Farfan ( назад)

Автор oki blz ( назад)
@GermanSniper666 you are correct... regards from Brazil!!!!

Автор lee chen ( назад)
german people nowadays should proud with their veteran in ww2. eventhough they lose the war.but from the military perspective and cuorage,discipline.i think german can be a role model. sincerely german troops looks excellent in combat, it's honor to worn the german and their helmet at that time :-)

Автор pedarikarhu ( назад)
Heehee, Finnish SS-division Wiking men in 1:04 :3 Nice vid.

Автор V vendetta ( назад)
It would be an honor and a dream come true to fight and die along side these great soldiers! Being a member of the Waffen SS would be like an act of faith!

Автор TeufelU711 ( назад)
I will NEVER forget!!!! Rememberin with such love / passion. Thank you for a great tribute!!!

Автор Renato Chesta ( назад)
the best army of the world , my respect and tribute for all the soldiers.

Автор Robert J. Matthews ( назад)
I wish i could have been a part of it, (in the German army), fighting 4 sumthing incredibly important. At least their lives had sum meaning, although it's more than tragic that they had 2 die so young. I would like 2 fight 4 the cause they fought 4, but how?

Автор felipe giraldo ( назад)
Glory to those soldiers that served Germany with sacrifice and honor

Автор Rafael Facioni ( назад)
americans dont deserve my respect , those fags never fought for their ideologies , just for money !!
F*** AMERICA !!!!!

Автор Andiish08 ( назад)
and Brazil

Автор Chase Howard ( назад)
Ja VOll!
deffend the Vatherland to the DEATH!!

Автор Niels De Kerpel ( назад)
vochten ze dan voor de slechte ?

Автор Norguy ( назад)
Respect ! from Norway

Автор qasthor ( назад)
Honores, al que fue el mejor ejèrcito del mundo y nos dejò un legado de valentia y disciplina.

Saludos desde Chile!

Автор EderStudios ( назад)
2 Länder gegen den Rest der Welt!

Автор FightersOfGod ( назад)
After Hitler's defeat i doubt if Germany can recover her old power.

Автор ImperialGuard9001 ( назад)
May we remember the Great German Soldier forever

Автор ImperialGuard9001 ( назад)
The Great German Soldier may He never be forgotten dont let Zionist Propaganda fool you!

Автор Panzerknast ( назад)
Yes i know what you mean. I alwas hold 2 min of silenc on the day. And on the day of ww2 end and ww1 end. That is what you at least could do to respect people who died for you.

Автор Davor Rosic ( назад)
Glory will be ours one day, either to help or to destroy.
Long live Germany

Автор WaffenSS397 ( назад)
Thanks! Alles Fur Meine Kameraden!!!

Автор WaffenSS397 ( назад)
You're Welcome Kamerad!!

Автор WaffenSS397 ( назад)
Thanks bro!!

Автор PrussianWarrior ( назад)
Excelent video 5 stars.

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