I Almost Sold My Soul. [Mynista's story / illuminatti etc.]


FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]

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Автор IM TONY MONTANA ( назад)
God is great

Автор doug abrams ( назад)
All: You do not need to " sell your soul " to the Devil! If you do that, you will go to hell when you die! Hell is worse than anything our minds can imagine. Also, hell is for eternity and there is no way to get out. Your soul is eternal and it never dies! You will go to either Heaven or hell when you die. Rather than selling your soul and going to hell when you die for eternity, Ask Jesus into your heart and forgive you for your sins and turn away from the worldly ways of sex outside of marriage only, stop the drugs and heavy drinking. Live for Jesus Christ since he is the only way to eternal life and peace and happiness. Satan will never make you happy, and Jesus christ will make you truly happy for eternity. You just have to turn your life over to Jesus for real, and you can look forward to eternal life in Heaven with Jesus. You could die tomorrow in a car accident or any number of ways. Im not a preacher but i do know the Truth and His name is Jesus Christ. God bless you all and I hope you turn your lives over to Him now while you have the chance. Once you die, your eternal soul will go one place or the other. Jesus came to this earth to die on the cross for your sins so He was the Only Sacrifice that God accepts for all of the sins of mankind! People that think they are " Good enough " are just fooling themselves! The Bible says, " I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes UNTO THE FATHER BUT BY ME ". Sorry that i capitalized that last part, but i want everyone to know that there is no other way to heaven! Satan wants you to think that all religions are the same. All religions are man made accept the Bible and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Did Buddha, Mohammed, or any other leader of any other religion ever come back to life and be witnessed by hundreds of people? No, not one! Only Jesus my Lord and Savior! Please accept Jesus into your heart right now, then get a Bible that is easy for you to understand at a Bible book store, and start reading it right away and learn about who God is, Jesus Christ his son, and the Holy Spirit. He will be your Best Friend not only now in this life but also for eternity. You will learn what true love is because he showed us what real true love is, and He loves each and every one of you! God bless you all and I hope to see you all in Heaven some day!

Автор Alex Lara ( назад)
Say bic = brother in Christ
Love your testimony I listen to it a few times already. I tell u it lifts me up that I not alone in this fight against demons:
I have a testimony of my own,I was a leader of a gang in Houston,tx
Now I'm a servant of GOD.
Thanks 🙏🏽
Alex The Disciple

Автор Has Jan ( назад)
I love this!!

Автор Joshua Long ( назад)
love it... absolutely love it... I'm waking up myself. keep fighting the fight

Автор Hamilton Massey II ( назад)
Brother...This is powerful! I absolutely love your testimony. I was actually considering being a ghost writer. My wife broke that word down to me, "ghost" writer. I would have been writing for demons. I have a former roommate who still dabbles in hip hop and I'm praying God can send somebody that can reach him and turn him from the black hole that he is sinking into.

Автор Vega Garcia ( назад)
psalm 91 ... GOD BLESS

Автор Proud Deplorable ( назад)
That's a Testimony! Getting rid of everything that will hold you back Is essential. No Homo- I'm proud of you my dude. For most; There wouldn't even be a spiritual battle. Amen!

Автор Crystal Love ( назад)
Wow It's!!! Not!!!! Worth!!!! Losing!!!! Your!!! Soul!!!!! Wake!!!! Up!!!! People!!!!!!

Автор 100milli Kelz ( назад)
Wow man this is deep God is real. God is good

Автор That Nig ( назад)
God bless you Mynista!

Автор Clean E.n.t ( назад)
God bless you

Автор rose patton ( назад)
John 3:19King James Version (KJV)

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Автор Antoine Thomas ( назад)
bless u brother

Автор Sasha N. Mays ( назад)
You have NO IDEA how much this story helped me!

Автор C4ketown Polska ( назад)

Автор billbobaggins1000 ( назад)
Great testimony that your soul can be saved and GOD is just as real as the DEVIL or the one who devalues ...... AMEN and thanks for sharing bro....

Автор daric nd ( назад)

Автор Carrie J ( назад)
Powerful !!!
God is Raising up an Army for HimSelf to share Him with the World!! This Army will look totally different than what is normally expected !!!
So Powerful !!!! Hallelujah !!! Hallelujah !!!

Автор RAPTUREisIMMINENT Recieve JESUS today ( назад)
Beautiful Testimony stay close to Jesus!!! It's almost time!

Автор Diana Woodside ( назад)
Love you buddy! You have been such an inspiration to so many youth (and adults)! God has a special place for you in heaven and I bet you cannot wait to see all those people you rescued from the ending up in the pit of hell one day!

Автор Mays Channel ( назад)
praying for you!

Автор soldierviejo ( назад)
Awesome testimony, I wish we had more young people like this in the world, it would be a better place. Thanks for sharing my brother, stay humble, stay in Christ and be blessed in Jesus mighty name.

Автор You're Sweet ( назад)
That's beautiful right there.

Автор Natalia Brown ( назад)
Thank you for making this video this story was very touching and very inspirational! God bless you

Автор Rosa Winters ( назад)
pouring of the heart Lord Jesus is real.

Автор Ziyah Mosley ( назад)
this video brought tears to my eyes

Автор Mandi Steele ( назад)
I live by the causeway and there has been a great deal of people commit suicide there. I hate seeing this happen to people because I know when those people lose their way, they let the devil win. Its a very sad thing

Автор RamsesReturns ( назад)
Wise man... every blessing to you.

Автор gfree beats online ( назад)
proud of yu broe..

Автор Todd Geffken ( назад)
I was deceived by Satan and his legion of demons myself, I was only happy when I was high, and I couldn't get high anymore. I told Jesus I wished I had faith , that I wanted him to be real more than anything. A week later I was ready to end my life, when I fell on my face and begged Jesus for help. He was there like right now, I heard him in my mind say walk in love because I am love. Its all about love. I threw my pot in the toilet and now he is the reason I choose to carry on in this evil dominated world. I encountered, evil spirits also brother, satan is real. Thank God for his grace and mercy. Yours was one of the first testimonies I heard after Jesus saved me from myself, and it stuck with me. That was a year and a half ago, July 13, 2014 when our God saved me from the darkness, and I heard your testimony on line. I was just telling someone about you a couple of days ago as we were talking about music for Jesus. I listen to metal, and I love my 80s christian metal, they kept it about Jesus and his name , plus I like old school metal. This dude said, Ill bet there is even christian rap, and you came to my mind. Now here I am surfing and happening upon your story again. I did like some NWA and what little gangsta rap I heard in my young angry party days. I think i'm gonna have to check out some of your records brother! I told dude how cool it was you went from Synista to Mynista. That rules brother. God bless you my brother. Sorry so long a message! Ill be praying for you .

Автор OD Wilson ( назад)
it's not the battle between flesh and blood but it's a battle in spiritual and heavenly high places...........(Ephesians)

Автор Aaron Brooks ( назад)
thanks for ur inspiration.. well needed in today's society.. it's time to use our power that God stored in us and let him manifest himself in us.. it's time to make a choice people

Автор tink ie ( назад)
thank you please pray for my soul.. god bless you

Автор Greg Floyd ( назад)
How does this get dislikes

Автор Mi-Mi Canterbury ( назад)
MAy The Most High God BLESS and KEEP that man for all he went through.

Автор Jay Cam ( назад)
God Bless you bro

Автор ERICA QUEEN ( назад)

Автор Shelly Patterson ( назад)
Thank you for sharing and thanks to Jesus Christ for saving our souls! See you in the afterlife brother

Автор Defender901990 ( назад)
What a lovely man of God the Holy Spirit shines out of you like the brightest light source ever.

Автор Steve Duplantie ( назад)
Great testimony.

Автор John lew ( назад)
good for u my Christian brother

Автор Marley Bledsoe ( назад)
this guy trying to get me in Memphis to join Mike Montezis nephew

Автор Marley Bledsoe ( назад)
I remember you from stlouis! You use to Come to The juvenile when I was 15 I'm 22 now an I do music to I never knew bro

Автор Terea Garrett ( назад)
@whooked right,that's almost what I said..

Автор Samantha Wallace ( назад)
God bless your heart..... you and your family be safe and continue to pray.....

Автор Jordan McElroy ( назад)
God bless you

Автор jill pacheco ( назад)
Amen!! My brother in Christ! Love you,and God bless you and your and family <3

Автор Louise ( назад)

Автор Minista Whisper ( назад)
I gave my life to christ in November of 1999 Facing 8 and a half to 15 and He changed my name to Minista Whisper thats crazy fam.

Автор Minista Whisper ( назад)
Blessings Fam...Love This Truth

Автор StephanielovesJesus1 ( назад)
Awesome video! Thank you for your honesty! God bless you double today!

Автор vashsan71 ( назад)
All I'm gonna say is amen brother!

Автор Terea Garrett ( назад)
Money is not the root of all evil,it's the love of money that's the root of all evil..people will do just about anything to get a dollar,but its so not worth it because money/things are temporary..when we die none of that will come with us or matter..the bible says "what profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul"..Paul said he was content with where he was in his life because he had basically been with and been without..sure,we like to have nice things and there's nothing wrong with that,the bible also says we need money to survive,but don't let the necessity of money turn into the love of it..don't sell your soul!!! Godbless

Автор Mor2come21 ( назад)
Powerful testimony! Amen!

Автор Matthew S ( назад)
He sorta looks like Floyd

Автор Watchtower7 ( назад)
So Beautiful...Now that's, real DOPE! Mucho likes brah.

Автор Shonda Lamb ( назад)
That's what's Real! Mad Respect! God bless!

Автор Alexandra Feagins ( назад)
Honestly this shined light on my life..

Автор Tino B. ( назад)

Автор summergirl101 alysa ( назад)
I hope you use that JZ picture in your bathroom !

Автор Jim Palmer (281 год назад)
wonderful testimony - I can just imagine all the lives Mynista is touching now.  The angels are joyously happy with his turning his life around toward Jesus.  This is one of the best stories I have seen.  God Bless You.

Автор Vaughn Malecki ( назад)
Titus 2:11-12;
James 4:4;
Romans 12:2

Автор Chou Chou Mackey ( назад)
Praise the Lord!

Автор Tawny Ballinger ( назад)
Glory to God!!!

Автор come here ( назад)
Brother Minista, I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful testimony in my life. I cried tears for you while listening. Whatever bad things you used to be into in the past, no one would ever know to see you and hear you articulate so real and so raw. I know you've been delivered I can feel the passion inside your spirit, it feels warm, kind and loving. Satan approached you with all he had and you stayed strong, and prayed him away, and that was the only way you would've beat him out. Man alone can't win against the Devil, so you went in armed with your ammunition. I thank God for me coming across this video. Jay Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne and more are living in a false reality that only offers temporary street fun, they are so lost to believe cars, houses and sex is an even trade for permanent, happiness, love and comfort (Heaven). The Bible tells only a few will make it to Heaven, but a whole lot will follow the other to Hell. You're one of the few! GOD BLESS YOU

Автор ybarrainc23 ( назад)
I'm in the same page with you! Keep up the good work

Автор Icy Rhodes ( назад)
Everyone is tempted by the devil but only the strongest beat the devil

Автор joseph garcia ( назад)
This helps so many people. Take care man stay up and god bless

Автор spiritfinder321 ( назад)

Автор TuckFheIlluminati ( назад)
People like you give me so much more faith in mankind. (:

Автор cocogoddess ( назад)
Awesome testimony

Автор chris james ( назад)
We are living in the FINAL HOURS!! REPENT! Accept that Jesus is your lord and savior, and allow JESUS to come into your heart! You MUST become BORN AGAIN and YOU MUST RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT!! If you don't you're not saved! Be led by the Spirit! Believe in the Gospel of Christ! REPENT from your sinful ways and turn to JESUS! Confess you're sins to God in the name of Jesus and feel sorry that you've broken God's laws (don't commit willful sins )! True repentance leads to a changed mind, heart, and life.  Live as a disciple! Turn your hearts back to JESUS! Seek JESUS DAILY! He will lead you through the narrow gate. Have FAITH!

Автор Jacquelyn Mullins ( назад)
Thank you for sharing your testimony. I also right before getting baptized out of know where was told "to kill myself, I would never make it, it is to long before Christ comes back, I am to weak. " I had never thought that way before I knew that it was the demons devil trying to convince me I wasn't good enough. The attacks got worse, even my son was attacked. I was smoking pot all day everyday, had been since I was 12. I had at one point not been able to get any for 3 days. I couldn't sleep, eat, I was tripping. I final got to my breaking point, went outside fell to my knees in tears I told Jesus I couldn't do it on my own. I can't sleep, I can't eat, please Lord help me. I don't want this anymore I can't do this anymore, take this from God. All sudden I felt this amazing feeling come over me, it was all through my body. This peace love comfort I went inside within 5 minutes I was asleep, best sleep I ever had. Never again did I have the desire to smoke, and I have never looked back. I was given a perfect gift from God the comforter. The Holy Spirit has came I can literally feel Him in me. That is the only way to completely overcome any addiction. He has removed the veil off my eyes, I am happy to hear He is using you in such a powerful way, wake up his ppl to truth. Again thank you for your testimony, I will share it to open ppls eyes to the industry andbhow satan is using them to destroy so many. We are truly in the last days! All the ppl getting possessed is a sign as to how close we truly are. God bless you brother..

Автор Maranda Byrd ( назад)
Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!

Автор Cait Platt ( назад)

Автор SHIZZOTHEPRO ( назад)
God saved me from the demons.....true story

Автор nitsrah ( назад)
Synista the S was for Satan and Mynista the M is for Messiah!!

Автор tarrell webb ( назад)
this is real man

Автор ERICA QUEEN ( назад)

Автор Barbosa h ( назад)
I had the same experience mentioned in here.. and thought exactly the same about the situation. I find it kinda liberating to see someone talking about something that happened to me too but no one ever really believes when I tell them about it. Or if so never had they told me they believe me.. nice knowing.. Cheers man.. long life in the Word of the Lord. Amen....

Автор printer003 ( назад)
thank you for being real. i'm not famous nor want to be, but even a normal guy like me was in the same situation. i also made the right choice. stay strong. love the story.

Автор Juice Shakur Jr ( назад)
dang ,its been some years since I heard of dude from the aims convention in Orlando my church attend every year,the last I seen dude preform I think I was in middle and im 23 now and he was the first Christian I ever witness rapping 4 the lord  and  tbh he inspired me to wanna do music fo' Christ now that I think bout it fr....like thank you bruh and if I find that song called unconditional love im'a be jammin' to that....#love

Автор Dshon Cameron ( назад)
Yo past story is my present I'm at that same cross road pray for me plzzzzz pray for me

Автор Clifton Barnum ( назад)

Автор A Warr ( назад)
Hallelujah! The fasting is what helped the spirits to leave. You resisted the devil and he had to flee.

Автор Shane A. Lee ( назад)
That was an awesome testimony ! I'm a singer/ songwriter up here in New York working on my first Gospel cd I was mostly r n b , yet The Lord told me in a Dream if I write and sing for him he would bless me beyond what I could ask for or imagine! And then the Holy Spirit started inspiring me to write Gospel lyrics as a Prolific lyricist andJESUS and want to honor him all the time.

Автор S. Hilaire ( назад)

Автор Jean Silva ( назад)
Lovin the newest single with clips from Passion of THE CHRIST. You are truly gifted. Your music has helped me get through one of the worst times. TY, I love you as my Brother In Christ!

Автор Joquitta Jones ( назад)
I really admire this man God Bless those who are struggling

Автор Joan Gossett ( назад)
Thank you for your testimony.  I am a Mom and a grand-mom  and so many young people need to hear your message. God bless and keep on talking. 

Автор Abike Wesey ( назад)
You have been destined for eternal life brother. Continue to live for God.

Автор Justin Phipps ( назад)
You are truly Man of God!!! Your story really touched my soul man..... I am also a man of God and i also am a Christian Rapper and saving souls and changing lives for God and i just want to say to you bro Much Love and keep on Doing Gods Work

Автор J bob ( назад)
bless you brother i hear what your sayin sometimes even when you run with god it seems that the devil is after you its very scary...

Автор Timothy Lopez ( назад)

Автор wandafull sanes ( назад)

Автор GodisNOT Dead ( назад)

Автор Cindy w ( назад)
Your riches are in heaven! this world is so temporary! dont trade 30+ years on earth for forever in heaven!  

Автор Luke Tirondola ( назад)
Very powerful story. Battel for souls is real talk, our God is an awsome God! I just became a Mynista fan

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