I Almost Sold My Soul. [Mynista's story / illuminatti etc.]


FKAK! [For King And Kingdom!]

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Автор Jordan McElroy ( назад)
God bless you

Автор Ashley Wade ( назад)
7 is Jesus Christ number they walked around Jericho 7 times and got
deliverance The sickly man washed in the river 7times and got clean and you
seen deliverance on the 7th day. Thanks for sharing it touched me.

Автор jill pacheco ( назад)
Amen!! My brother in Christ! Love you,and God bless you and your and family

Автор Louise ( назад)

Автор Minista Whisper ( назад)
I gave my life to christ in November of 1999 Facing 8 and a half to 15 and
He changed my name to Minista Whisper thats crazy fam.

Автор Minista Whisper ( назад)
Blessings Fam...Love This Truth

Автор StephanielovesJesus1 ( назад)
Awesome video! Thank you for your honesty! God bless you double today!

Автор vashsan71 ( назад)
All I'm gonna say is amen brother!

Автор Terea Garrett ( назад)
Money is not the root of all evil,it's the love of money that's the root of
all evil..people will do just about anything to get a dollar,but its so not
worth it because money/things are temporary..when we die none of that will
come with us or matter..the bible says "what profits a man to gain the
whole world and lose his soul"..Paul said he was content with where he was
in his life because he had basically been with and been without..sure,we
like to have nice things and there's nothing wrong with that,the bible also
says we need money to survive,but don't let the necessity of money turn
into the love of it..don't sell your soul!!! Godbless

Автор macklr21 ( назад)
Powerful testimony! Amen!

Автор Dexter McKinley ( назад)
Bro you a boss for that man real Testo man! God is amazing bro we need more
dudes like you to come out and speak the true gospel like that bro!!1 you
touch me with the testo man. May God continue to bless you! I have been
down the same road.

Автор Matthew Stoute ( назад)
He sorta looks like Floyd

Автор Watchtower7 ( назад)
So Beautiful...Now that's, real DOPE! Mucho likes brah.

Автор Shonda Lamb ( назад)
That's what's Real! Mad Respect! God bless!

Автор Alexandra Feagins ( назад)
Honestly this shined light on my life..

Автор Tino B. ( назад)

Автор Alysa Saiu ( назад)
I hope you use that JZ picture in your bathroom !

Автор Jim Palmer (279 лет назад)
wonderful testimony - I can just imagine all the lives Mynista is touching
now. The angels are joyously happy with his turning his life around toward
Jesus. This is one of the best stories I have seen. God Bless You.

Автор Luke Tirondola ( назад)
Very powerful story. Battel for souls is real talk, our God is an awsome
God! I just became a Mynista fan

Автор charlene mitchell ( назад)
I saw this video years ago, and I couldn't recall how Mynista spells his
name but I wanted others to hear his testimony. The moment I heard this guy
speak of the demonic people and spirits trying to intercede on him and the
way it happen: I knew he wasn't lying. People many times will not believe
until they have encounter. There are demonic people and spirits that can't
wait to get a new host. Some people will be shocked to discover who they

Автор WindiGreens ( назад)
Real talk. Been there: the corruption, the cross section between spiritual
and natural, and all that. Still coming out. It's real.

Автор adri reeyes ( назад)
Wat wonderful things god can do to change people look for god if u havent
hes da only soultion to ur problems

Автор lena white ( назад)
Wow amen!!

Автор Erykah J.O.P ( назад)
this is so touching....

Автор Reginald Smith ( назад)
Just like Paul

Автор Reginald Smith ( назад)
Keep the faith brother God is Great Jesus is the way!

Автор lovingsayde ( назад)
God bless you mynista

Автор wisdomvisiontv ( назад)
I would like get this video in HD For our TV channel ..Wisdom vision Tv
,,,God bless

Автор 1noteC ( назад)
To God Be the GLORY...Thank you Jesus. John 3:16...."that whosoever
believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life".

Автор cfournell ( назад)
WOW!!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

Автор Victoria Butler ( назад)
Wow! Praise God!

Автор Capone Johnson ( назад)
I respect man I listen to your story now 5 times God is truly amazing

Автор cam smith ( назад)
Im'a fast for 7 days And read my bible And ask God to forgive me & put my
name in the book of Life. This was my sign from God I ask for yesterday ,.
Thank you. God bless

Автор cmichellem86 ( назад)
People love music sometimes more than God we need to wake up and TRY to
make a difference so many are lost and this proves that satan is lurking
even inside us and he must be purged out so we can be purified and spread
the gospel

Автор nonshatter7 ( назад)
Great testimony. This tells me how important it is to allow children to
hear the word of God. This guy heard very little as a kid but remembered
enough to know the truth as an adult.

Автор Jamillah Shabazz ( назад)

Автор Taylor Christian ( назад)
That's whats up. Love to hear God's victories and power of the enemy!
Praise God!

Автор Michael Tallie ( назад)

Автор Carribbean Lulu ( назад)
This brought tears to my eyes

Автор Lulu Del ( назад)
the purity brought tears to my eyes!!! God is GOOD!!

Автор MsHannahmj ( назад)
Jesus is a redeemer. Glory be to GOD!!!!

Автор P Killa ( назад)
Glory to God

Автор 2CE aka Dj Dub S. ( назад)
speak brutha...

Автор Starlight - Elf ( назад)
What happen ? say it

Автор Ethan Devine ( назад)
God Bless

Автор Ahrangelo ( назад)
so true

Автор Mercedez Atlanta ( назад)

Автор Melanie Wright ( назад)
Awesome story. To GOD be the glory.

Автор totokickbutt ( назад)
he only makes everything better :D christ i mean lol

Автор parfum du ROi ( назад)
tellem bro, tellem rappers, tellem youth generation , tellem deaf
generation, deafened by the Js and the Zs, ,,,,JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY THE
TRUTH AND THE LIFE. He will NEVER deceive you, for HE is TRUTH and Eternal
Life. There is PEACE and LOVE in the name of JESUS. Praise the Lord for
your salvation ''mynista"", Bless the Lord!!

Автор ala francetti ( назад)
Jesus Christ is so totally awesome, never being judgemental, only lovin and
caring with true to the bone compassion. our only way to Heaven. GOD BLESS

Автор Dougal McGuire ( назад)
see the light. good story man

Автор Chris Williams ( назад)
I sold my soul and it is THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Please do NOT do it.
It is absolutely NOT worth anything.

Автор R Wilson ( назад)
Many will not believe or understand want this bro is say , However for
those that have been where he has like myself we thank and love the bro for

Автор sam78731 ( назад)
Awesome testimony!

Автор Asa Nelson ( назад)
Praise Jesus!! He is God.

Автор Mia delacruz ( назад)
praise the lord AMEN glory to god and praise his name

Автор Sharyl Silva ( назад)

Автор Mike Mcafee ( назад)
praise God...

Автор Charisse Dunkley ( назад)
God bless you!!! I loved this!! Hearing people's testimonies' brings tears
to my eyes because I love Jesus so much...hearing amazing things that He
has done makes me so emotional <3

Автор MMK MMKirschbaum ( назад)
To God be the glory! This is great news - thanks. There is a similar
narrative titled 'I OFFERED MY SOUL FOR FAME'

Автор Anthony Coleman ( назад)

Автор The cats Meoww! ( назад)
god works in weird ways and this was a miracle only god could give amen

Автор faith coke ( назад)
Glory to God you make me cry cause i had similar experiences but Praise God

Автор Natra OneHunnid ( назад)
how can i get u some beats bro ... god bless

Автор Danielle s ( назад)
Follow God if you know him well then you'll know his voice

Автор cassie derek ( назад)
Awesome testimony I renounced weed yesterday After 7 years of being a slave
to that temporary pleasure Praise God ...ayy brother plz get this verse out
there James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless
is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep
oneself from being polluted by the world.

Автор Charrese McSee ( назад)
What a BLESSING! Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are a
blessing! May God continue to bless you! :-D

Автор Mort20 ( назад)
I live 5mins from the causeway..lol

Автор Dorian Gayle ( назад)
This is a great story really inspires me to better myself.I am an upcoming
comedian trying to make it big and my comedy channel is called "Dorian
Gayle.Please check out some of my videos are called "Ederly(joke)","Talking
to yourself when listening to music",Social issues" and "Childhood
memories".Please support.Godbless you and have a blessed day!

Автор A Yvonne Yazzie ( назад)
Going to post this on FB. This is a powerful testimony .

Автор *dior8725* ( назад)
you guys please pray for me.... i need the Lord to take over my life again,
i know He has never left me but i'm just needing to feel that right now :)
thank you and God Bless you all!

Автор Rochelle Burke ( назад)

Автор TheGenieBoy ( назад)
Nothing is to hard for God.

Автор Terrell Bellamy ( назад)
Amazing story!!!!

Автор Marc Hinton ( назад)
Praise God for your life. Your testimony is going to help save alot of
souls and bring alot of people to Jesus!!!!

Автор Mark P ( назад)
I started to belive in GOD after i was convinced that there are demons and
satan . same thing i knew if there are demons than there is GOD and JESUS
cuz they worned us bout him since the biginning of time ! its not easy to
walk with GOD with all this temptation sorounding me, but i keep trying.
Had moments i let JESUS down and sined after I was deliverd, pretty hard to
confess my sins since i knew I shouldnt do It. But i still pray and ask for
forgivnes, hope JESUS will forgive me ! GOD BLESS

Автор Jew-b-al ( назад)
Yo I remember a few things you said, it brings me back B4 I gave my life to
the Lord, how you said that the posters were staring @ you, likewise I
seein it happen too, to me as I was staring @ this famous picture of Jesus
knocking on a door, how he would turn his head to look @ me and as I was
looking, his face changed in a demonic way and it was during the day, still
it got me scared, I told my ex about it, but she didn't believe me. a few
wks later God made me surrender to him. Ephesians 6;12

Автор damion allen ( назад)
Very good

Автор MarjaniOddPhotos ( назад)
Turn your life back over to Christ sister!! His arms are open!

Автор Carlos Dailey ( назад)
Amen bro God is good & let no man or demonic spirit decieve you.

Автор DJ Kitts ( назад)
Shame all the other lost soles in the industry can't wake up and realise
how far they've strayed from God.

Автор Rockstar World ( назад)
Very positive message brother. -illuminatigang

Автор maxx1killerofheroes ( назад)
Thank god you did not sell your soul, god bless you

Автор TheTruthseeker707 ( назад)
God bless you brotha, keep preeching that truth

Автор tcas87 ( назад)
i love this GOD is SOO GOOD!

Автор TruthTruth777 ( назад)
Thank you Lord!!!

Автор GoGoJodieo (481 год назад)
thank you for your testimony brother. God is real.

Автор clint matthew ( назад)
Wow!! Thank you for that testimony! May God be with you! And don't give up
on your faith!

Автор Teresa Jones ( назад)
Jay Z poster just winking Yea I knew it be him!!! Thank God for you stay in

Автор Shizzy HD ( назад)
Great testimony! The world is cruel, and the truth is NO ONE can survive
without Christ, NO ONE, even if you succeed in this life you haven't
succeeded if you don't know Lord, the Lamb of God who died for our sins on
the cross. God bless everyone with the truth of Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Автор marley1293420 (40 лет назад)

Автор LexusLFA31 ( назад)
Cool guy. I wish that I could meet this bloke.

Автор Jim Kingdon ( назад)
There is hope in the name of Jesus. Grace for Grace, bro.

Автор MaverickXIII ( назад)
crossroads huh?... a famous musician was known for selling his soul at

Автор da-HIL ( назад)
To God be the Glory. Thank you, thank you Lord for protecting and saving
one soul, not allowing Satan to succeed.

Автор sansan tipiti ( назад)
your testimony is deep bro

Автор barroninc ( назад)
NIIICE and God led name change! God knew what He was doing before you were
even born papi! O;)

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