Homade Lead "Swan" Shot for Blackpowder Smooth Bore

Scott shows how to make shot called "swan" shot (not for swans but for any game), its called swan shot because of its tapered end that can resemble a swans neck. Early settlers made their own lead shot in a matter such as this, scott shows how to add in some modern items to make the process a little easier.

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Автор James Baker (11 дней)
The best way I found of doing it, and I would recommend you try!

You melt the lead into a bar/ chunk and suspend it over the bucket. You
then heat it (but not too quick) with a torch. As the lead drips off its at
the minimum melting temp. as what it's coming off is still solid. I don't
even deed to sort it!

Автор Rusty Smith (3 месяца)
You can learn a lot about our colonial period by looking at what they
bought and sold. I pay particular attention to the guns, the accoutrements
and supplies offered in the 18th century, and one of the neatest things
I’ve run across is the way they described the sizes of shot offered for
their smoothbores. My database begins in 1728, and at that time there was
apparently no numerical system for categorizing shot. Instead, they named
each size according to the game for which it was appropriate. So, in
increasing size, shot was offered as mustard seed shot, bird, dove,
pidgeon, partridge, duck, high duck, low duck, goose, turkey, swan, small
deer, deer and buck shot.

I know that at some point this quaint system was replaced by the more
practical but less charming numerical size scheme, but I didn’t, and don’t,
have any idea when that happened. It occurred to me that I might get a clue
by looking at advertisements for shot in the newspapers of the day, so I
searched every offering from 1728 to 1763, several thousand hits, looking
for the first numbered shot offered for sale. I was about to give up when I
found this:

The Pennsylvania Gazette
Date: December 21, 1758
Imported in the ship Myrtilla, from London, and to be sold by SAMUEL HUDSON,
.... ink powder, cutlary, S.B. No. 1, 2, 3 and 8 shot.

Not quite sure if that was what I was looking for, I kept looking and came
to this one:

The Pennsylvania Gazette
Date: July 3, 1760
Title: Just imported in the last vessels from London
.... best long narrow back Pennsylvania scythes, bar lead, mustard seed,
pidgeon, duck and swan shot, gun flints, F and FF gunpowder, 4 and an half,
4, 12, 11, and 10 shot , White and lilliken pins, ....

Not sure about that one, but then this one:

The Pennsylvania Gazette
September 30, 1762
Imported in the last Vessels from London, Liverpool and Bristol...
.... frying pans, No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and B shot , sad irons....

And one last one:

Publication: The Pennsylvania Gazette
Date: September 22, 1763
Title: To be SOLD by RICHARD WALN, jun.
.... flat irons, swan, duck, No. 1, 2 and 3 shot, F and FF gunpowder, oil
flints , copper tea kettles....

I have no idea how long it took to discard most of the named shot, but
Ezekial Baker still used the terms for some British shot as late as 1821:

Shot Name---Pellets/Oz.

Ditto small------7
Grape Musket----9

Maybe they had used both systems all along, as in the ads which offered
both. Don't know how you could ever find that out. Whatever, at least some
of the names stuck around for a long time, we still use the term "buck" to
describe shot, today.

Автор MrRegion48 (8 месяцев)
такую хуйню придумал этот безрукий америкос! В полном смысле слова

Автор ra777wow (1 год)
I'm going to try lead through a dripper nozzle and into a deep pail with
thick detergent..I like the swann shot idea tho

Автор gun nut (1 год)
I found a way to make swan shot without a tail. its not perfectly round. I
heat up a ladle like in the video you need to wait for the lead to get to
the right temp. I do this by pouring a little and if it does a popping
sound it's too hot. if it doesn't then its the right temp. I get the lead
to the right temp then I aim the propane torch across the water and have
the lead dribble through the flame before it hits the water.

Автор seller559 (1 год)
Brilliant. Glad I watched.

Автор Warbeast911 (2 года)
thx for haring still lookingforward to the hunting vido with that

Автор jimmyjunkmail (2 года)
I see no reason why that shot could not be loaded into a modern reloading
shell. Patterning would be a problem but SHTF situation it would be fine I

Автор infowarguy (1 год)
Try dropping molten lead from a height into bucket. Pour lead onto an angle
iron that will drop into water. Would be round shot formed better than that

Автор WarriorCraft Robertson (2 года)
Very good video, very good shot making, it will definetly be cheaper than
relaoding shells or my muzzle loader with bbs. Thanks again for the info.
All the best WarriorCraft.

Автор Igunsmart (2 года)
I hear doves in the backround!

Автор briargoatkilla (2 года)

Автор Myles Long (1 год)
good idea. I am going to give this a try

Автор blogobre (2 года)
It 'was' mostly dropped from a shot tower when available. Here in Melbourne
we have a shopping center built AROUND one {I kid you not, look up
Melbourne central shot tower}

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