Power Girl Fitness - 20 Minute TOTAL BODY Fitness Workout for Girls

http://powergirlfitness.com/ Fun and effective, Doctor-Designed Fitness taught by girls for girls, featuring 10 year old, National Level competitive dancer Jessy Lipke. Recommended for girls 8 years of age and older, at all levels of fitness. Exercise in your own home. No experience or equipment required. Progress through 3 levels of difficulty (beginner, advanced, elite) as you get stronger. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNgjuO80drQ

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Автор Livvie Bigsby ( назад)
Love this so much! Always double up on cardio though, and do between 50-75

Автор Celly Jordan ( назад)
Honestly best workout eveeer

Автор black x ( назад)
i am 14 and started this really feel better. Thanks <3

Автор LaGatita3101 ( назад)
This is cute.

Автор Samia Hussain ( назад)
Lol keep breathing no actually ill just suffocate my self

Автор Joe Million ( назад)
I must start this training, it look like a good workout. She has a 6 pack
and all

Автор muskaan ahmed ( назад)
Omg this is an amazing work out thank soooooo much jessy

Автор Lilly Fee ( назад)
Thanks, you changeant my lifestyle

Автор Heerxoxo ( назад)
Omg... you r sooo cute.. i loved your confidence... Good job hun...<3

Автор archird07 ( назад)
Great job :)

Автор torah nelms ( назад)
This is cool I'll start tomorrow

Автор musiqmanik ( назад)
she has ABS!

Автор ziya santiago ( назад)
i just did it and i'm 14 years old im worked up a sweat some parts i
couldnt do but this is a must have for teens

Автор Anthony Bruno ( назад)
Hey! I like you guys! However could you do something for boys!? I admire
you Jessy

Автор Aaliyah Brown ( назад)
I am 11 lol this was amazing my snack right now is a banana and water

Автор AyluB ( назад)
Awesome! It is not so hard to do it! Thanks!

Автор Gabby LaMotte ( назад)
I luv u for doing this thx soooooo much

Автор Mylynh Pham ( назад)
You're so cute!

Автор Flávia Höck ( назад)
Good job girls !!!!!

Автор narissa jackson ( назад)
'keep breathing!' nah im good i'll just suffocate in this corner

Автор Katie Hogsten ( назад)
power girl fitness changed my lifestyle :)

Автор kiera r ( назад)
I am a bmx racer and these work outs are fantastic!!! thank you please
continue these videos!!!!! XD

Автор Amelia Hender ( назад)

Автор Itzia torales ( назад)
thanks for showing me how 2 workout n make better choices i really a
preaciate it :)

Автор Cicily Ly ( назад)
I'm so sad these girls are more fit then me. I'm going to try these moves

Автор BLISS HELEN ( назад)
awesome girls!!!!!!!

Автор Pip Pler ( назад)

Автор Jihanne Drew ( назад)
I follow you're exercice since 1/2 mouth, i'm starting to used to this,
hope it will work. thank you

Автор Mathilde Jensen ( назад)
i can't even do the plank for 10 seconds and im 16.

Автор Shaquille Obrien ( назад)
wow i am 14 and i can not even do that but she is such a working out girl

Автор LeAnnaTerry123 ( назад)
im 19 will this work for me?

Автор Kursie89 ( назад)
awe this is adorable! Great way to get kids moving again

Автор Alanah Vrahnas ( назад)
this is amazing

Автор Veronica Barzic ( назад)
How much times are you supposed to do this a week?

Автор bunheadforlife ( назад)
thank so much I am a dancer also and have been looking for a good work out.

Автор Roņis ( назад)
Better than Bodybuilding!

Автор Ami-Ali Kc ( назад)
Thank you so much for this vid!! think I found my motivation

Автор fayza g ( назад)
I'm 13 and I need to work out

Автор xUnbeatable Diva ( назад)
Very good, thank you!

Автор donanutbutter ( назад)
can't wait to try this. Youre so young and you have a great body already.
Nice work!

Автор Molly K ( назад)
It does not usually matter what time you exercise, as long as you do it
consistently every day. So if you exercise first thing in the morning, try
to do that every day that you exercise. Note: Apparently if you exercise in
the morning it increases your metabolism for the rest of the day... but I
think that means that if you exercise at night that might just mean you
burn more calories in your sleep. :) Also, don't do it right after a meal,
unless it's just a granola bar or piece of fruit.

Автор lena leneuneu ( назад)
i am french

Автор Momo ツ ( назад)
Before this workout I ate long john silvers and ice cream with cake hah so

Автор Ky ( назад)
my pe coaches makes us do pushups even if we cant do them and they wont let
us go on our knees either

Автор Estella Ramirez ( назад)
Did this im 13 and 250 piunds u have inspired me going to do this work out
all the time thnks ;)

Автор ThatRogueSTEVE ( назад)
From when i was 14-17(now) i have never really lost or gained any weight,
but i am hoping that this will allow me to develop muscle, and get into
shape :D

Автор Eglė S ( назад)
any results? :o

Автор Eglė S ( назад)
whaaat? you mean doing this just one time? :OOOOO I have to try it if you
meant that!

Автор Elaine Blackwell ( назад)
This is amazing!!

Автор Paola Paz ( назад)
Oh my gpd when i stumbled upon this video you girls made me realize how
unfit i actually am but now i can do this workout easy peasy i do it two to
three times a week bit because im not really chubby or fluffy anymore but i
doher harder workputs two or three times also and girls who are watching
this video keep goung you will get there im 13 and yeah it works keep goung
at it

Автор Agnieszka Kosek ( назад)
You girls r perfect thank you!:-)

Автор mohammad joda ( назад)
Iam a girl but this account for my brother. And really thank you a lot

Автор Angie Anastasia ( назад)
are u gonna do this everyday?

Автор jayani Upeksha ( назад)
i think evening is better

Автор Spai der ( назад)
when i was a child, beeing a child was enough ^_^' going in the woods,
bicycling with friends, school sports. mhm :) but 'merica is 'merica. i
wish this girls would also do an anti mc donalds campaign. but great job

Автор Phebestreet ( назад)
Love it!

Автор kitty longnose ( назад)
What time of day should I do this? Btw I am a 13 year old girl that NEEDS
to do this!

Автор kitty longnose ( назад)
When do u suggest the time of day I do this? After lunch??

Автор CuteBrownie ( назад)
They are putting me to shame!

Автор xXLil BeautyXx ( назад)
Great workout!

Автор jayani Upeksha ( назад)
i am doing this.these girls are great......

Автор itzanitaxo ( назад)
wow did you do this everyday and were you on a diet?

Автор Banana Butt ( назад)
Sore... sore but good. Got funny looks for doing this outside my moms
apartment. But im so excited!!!

Автор Anoud alm ( назад)
thank you so much this is perfectly working for me!

Автор TaylorSwift.Aly ( назад)
I need to loose pounds for as many as I can. Hope this works

Автор Tamara Ivy ( назад)
This is the fifth time I've done this and I'm losing weight :)

Автор Pieter ten Cate ( назад)
gj, You should put your social media info also in annotations and the vids
description btw. gl!

Автор Chloe Natividad ( назад)
Way to go, ladies! Great video :) It really got my heart rate up!

Автор Makeup Maker Studio ( назад)
I get completly sweaty!!! I hope this make e lose weight. I love the way
she explains every single move she does!!! Thas what i was looking for and
i finally found it, it its perfect for my age. My goal is to get at least 8
pounds off. Eating healthier and exerciseing correctly will help me. This
is helping me a lot, this is my second day doing the exercise and i already
feel better!! Thanka a lot!

Автор xoxo Kristina ( назад)
I sweat so much

Автор xoxo Kristina ( назад)

Автор Lala Alomari ( назад)
I Love u <3

Автор BellaM333 ( назад)
loving it! feeling better already! :)

Автор Britney Young ( назад)
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this workout for my daughter. She loves it!!!

Автор Betsy Dominguez ( назад)
am 15 n this was sooooooo hard but am happy it worked me out

Автор justanordinarygirl ( назад)
i did this for a mont while eating healthy and i didnt lose weight and i
kinda quit (i was stupid) now i need to start again. This is great video
btw :)

Автор MAGGIE K ( назад)
Aweshum !! Plz Do More Vids !!! :D xxx

Автор Rachel F ( назад)
Its great to see young people doing exercise! Im going to try this
tomorrow. Im 21 so I'll probably be really embarrassed aha lol. Great role
models for young people!

Автор Tamara Ivy ( назад)
Just started this video and I'm excited

Автор Amelia Hender ( назад)
this process is AMAZING. I was 48 kg just last week and now I'm 35kg.
Thanks so much you guys

Автор Katie McManners ( назад)
What a great concept! I love programs that empower girls to be more fit. I
do recommend a top that covers your entire torso. So many girls struggle
with self-esteem as related to body image.

Автор Sarah Render ( назад)
just WOW I love it :) I do this every evening now ^^

Автор Chelsey Casmier ( назад)
Lool~! Ikr Im hoping the same! schools so close so I hope this works!

Автор paula pillacela ( назад)
I'm sweating

Автор abby smith ( назад)
really fun I am already skinny but I do it for fun

Автор MANNY morel ( назад)

Автор Michelle Heinz ( назад)
omg they're so cute xD

Автор Magda Lindl ( назад)
its so coil i like it !!

Автор A Mathew ( назад)
such a cute and smart little girl!! :)

Автор Aiman Syed ( назад)
how many calories does this burn?

Автор Jenna Irwin ( назад)
How many times do you do this everyday?

Автор Jenna Irwin ( назад)
I'm done! Do I do this everyday or.....

Автор Rose Luv2travel88 ( назад)
So adorable and motivational too

Автор Melodys Heart ( назад)
I did this and I feel better already

Автор louise bainco ( назад)
I lost 2 pounds doing this ONCE !!!! I love this so much :)))))

Автор Emily Riv ( назад)
Future celeb fitness trainer :)

Автор nur haziqah ( назад)
those are some fit girls! salute them!

Автор sunita rana ( назад)
i loved it....

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