frutron tries to fix the television, and kimmy kim tries to fix frutrons undiepants. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!!!!

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Автор Bruce Wayne ( назад)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what the fuck

Автор Anthony Distefano ( назад)
nice wedgie

Автор Dawson Zigouras ( назад)
pause attached 43

Автор Rebel Husband ( назад)
Can I have your number Frutron

Автор Dragon Gamer ( назад)
Awww Shit!

Автор smackdownrulez1000 ( назад)
this prank was kinda mean though, because clearly, this poor girl already
had a wedgie, and her friend just made it worse:((

Автор Jaylen Harris (2015 лет назад)
Wow just wow

Автор convo king ( назад)
where those hanes?

Автор smackdownrulez1000 ( назад)
I wear those same exact pabties that saki wore in that wedgie

Автор Callous 766 ( назад)

Автор Cabinet Duck (1133 года назад)
Frutron is hot. Kim is too, but Frutron man WHOO.

Автор Remington Saavedra ( назад)
I hope you two girls are like "together"! If you know what I mean. You two
are cute together!!!!

Автор Wedgieslave ( назад)
I'll be a slave

Автор Jeff Harkins ( назад)
Needs a tripod.

Автор LucarioTube ( назад)
Please give me wedgie

Автор carla dempsey ( назад)
dat laugh at the end <3 so cute 

Автор Charlie Taft (melloyello170) ( назад)

Автор 1donutMAN1 ( назад)

Автор 1donutMAN1 ( назад)

Автор Da Dictator ( назад)
look at 0:46

Автор Cainan Thompson ( назад)
That't the sickest belt buckle I've ever seen

Автор Erik Warren ( назад)
I have talked to frutron she is very unforgiving. a bitch from what I can

Автор Quint Jenkins ( назад)
Frutron has a "If Clark Kent was in a Michael Jackson video" thing going on
in this one

Автор Sharifa0414 ( назад)
Froton look like she was wearing boxers

Автор Isabella.45 ( назад)

Автор JamaicanLambsWool ( назад)
haha is fruton wearing hanes or fruit of the looms? 

Автор Ph0be ( назад)
0:02 terrible posture, you should be ashamed

Автор TheTrueGamersLeague ( назад)
my grandma wears sexier underwear than that

Автор Carly Ray ( назад)
Hanging wedgie please

Автор phanny sung ( назад)
dont do that allow girls wedgie

Автор Althea Tyndall (1542 года назад)
did anyone notice that this girl has a desert eagle on her vegina?

Автор BÂÑĐØ HÈÑĐRÎX (BàñĐø) ( назад)
with her pants off

Автор Aurochs hunter ( назад)
Another good reason why you should bend at the knees, not at the back.

Автор Bob Bill ( назад)
ok can i say those panties are kidna hot on her and btw she is hot 

Автор Arc Trooper ( назад)
The panties changed

Автор madison washington ( назад)

Автор helltotheyeah2011 ( назад)
Ur supposed to show her picking it out, not have all this stupid editing
crap. Please do the first vid again but after u give it to her. Show her
picking it out.

Автор Melyssa Rachel ( назад)
pull her underwear up!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Freddie Leong ( назад)
wear a thong next time

Автор ClimbingMolly32 ( назад)
More wedgie videos

Автор war0991 ( назад)
hot =)

Автор war0991 ( назад)
hot =) 

Автор war0991 ( назад)
hot =)

Автор FruTron ( назад)
Yep. I got GunZzzz

Автор Erica Lysette ( назад)
i know but i thought it was kool :P 

Автор Sara Berry ( назад)
great clip please make more and pull harder!!!=)

Автор wuss popping b ( назад)
wtf why is there a gun on here belt on 20 seconds 

Автор Erica Lysette ( назад)
ever noticed the gun on her belt? 

Автор Ty Pierson ( назад)
Make more weggie videos

Автор Amanda Sorenson ( назад)
Can u do more?

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@tjmc69 That's a very common question. Sometimes when you shit your thong
it's a good idea to have another pair in the glove box of your saturn. Just
in case!

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@slw2222 This comment makes me hard.

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@bigmanmuk parachute! Hot dammet! 

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@wedgie701 GIRL UNDIES are against policy.

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@wedgie701 I snapped Kimmy Kim's thong off in wedgie ANIMAL STYLE and it's

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@cantbelieveididthat thank you. They strip searched me on the way back from
Vegas because it looks so real.

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@Garrett2142 didn

Автор thechrisrox1110 ( назад)
over 100,000 views

Автор cantbelieveididthat ( назад)
Is that a gun on her belt.....Nice ;)

Автор Amor Heath (1107 лет назад)
lmfao i dont know why but girl's reaction to getting a wedgie was hilarious
"you tore my underwear"

Автор wedgie701 ( назад)
can u give me a wedgie in girl undies

Автор Green Lord ( назад)
Ha Ha! Very funny.

Автор slw2222 ( назад)
Hollywood is not the only one who is hard right now. 

Автор LostInaCave ( назад)
Camel toe

Автор bayman510 ( назад)
fat nigger cunt 

Автор hotwedgiefan123 ( назад)
@heykimmykim Yes u shouldn't wear underwear kimmy kim that mean's all of us
will see your ass on youtube P.S Just get Frutron again and if you do wear
underwear wear a sexy thong

Автор hotwedgiefan123 ( назад)
white undies you both r hot

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@KhyeTheWandereR Thanks Khye! It still doesn't work. :( 

Автор FruTron ( назад)
to send us more wedgie ideas tweet us @frutron & @LaDolceKimma 

Автор KhyeTheWandereR ( назад)
@FruTron im saying the tv is still dead, toobad u couldnt fix it

Автор Austin Silvestre ( назад)
see gots a big butt 

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@KhyeTheWandereR <--- are you saying that we have a poor tv. I know it's
sad. They didn't have anymore flat screens at kmart :( Waa Waa

Автор KhyeTheWandereR ( назад)
poor... tv...

Автор Hollywood Is Hard ( назад)
@Garrett2142 revenge is NOW, CLICK THE LINK ABOVE!

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@shyboy9805 The drapes match the carpet. 

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@heykimmykim You won't see it coming dude. 

Автор Team Johnny ( назад)

Автор flatulatingmarmoset ( назад)

Автор FruTron ( назад)
@RobSnowden3 I have to plan my attack. A little time must pass, so it's
unexpected. Also I have to plant cameras and set the bait. Also, I must
make sure it's a day Kimmy Kim is wearing underwear which isn't very often

Автор SuperShadow26 ( назад)
More wedgie videos :)

Автор Rob Snowden ( назад)
Frutron do it

Автор DX1418 ( назад)
get kimmykim back and i'll subscribe 

Автор Rob Snowden ( назад)
Fruition get revenge that look like it really hurt

Автор Diill Frank ( назад)

Автор morgo1337 ( назад)
@FruTron Awww srry to hear :(, but you were fortunate that your granny
panties ripped early preventing a lot more pain. Gotta look at the

Автор Glitch637 ( назад)
That was just plain funny and hot! Fruton is just asking for a wedgie in
return xD

Автор morgo1337 ( назад)
@heykimmykim hahah better make it 2 packs of 3 granny panties. Those things
stick out a lot, giving you awesome opportunities for maximum wedgies XD.
Hahah give frutron another granny panty wedgie, this vid was hilarious!

Автор FruTron ( назад)
Ok, Kimmykim, make sure you get the 6 pack of panties at the CVS. I'm

Автор thechrisrox1110 ( назад)
wow haha

Автор GreenWithEnvyBlues ( назад)
That's a butt-crack stinger for sure. 

Автор FruTron ( назад)
My ass still hurts :( 

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