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Автор Wedgieslave (5 месяцев)
I'll be a slave

Автор FlamingMoon134 (1 год)

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@KhyeTheWandereR <--- are you saying that we have a poor tv. I know it's
sad. They didn't have anymore flat screens at kmart :( Waa Waa

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
I'm now terrified... since everyone is rooting a revenge on... I'm not ever
going to sleep.

Автор carla dempsey (1 год)
dat laugh at the end <3 so cute

Автор Quint Jenkins (2 года)
Frutron has a "If Clark Kent was in a Michael Jackson video" thing going on
in this one

Автор TheTrueGamersLeague (2 года)
my grandma wears sexier underwear than that

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@FruTron what's Hard? I don't get it.

Автор Cupcake (3 года)
wtf why is there a gun on here belt on 20 seconds

Автор Jeff Harkins (1 год)
Needs a tripod.

Автор Freddie Leong (3 года)
wear a thong next time

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@slw2222 This comment makes me hard.

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@tjmc69 I guess we'll start experimenting on this one.

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@wedgie701 GIRL UNDIES are against policy.

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@wedgie701 I snapped Kimmy Kim's thong off in wedgie ANIMAL STYLE and it's

Автор Zomb Slayer (1 год)
Do you wear briefs in real life,?,

Автор Erica Lysette (3 года)
ever noticed the gun on her belt?

Автор hkirsopp (2 года)

Автор Green Lord (3 года)
Ha Ha! Very funny.

Автор Glitch637 (3 года)
That was just plain funny and hot! Fruton is just asking for a wedgie in
return xD

Автор 1donutMAN1 (2 года)

Автор JamaicanLambsWool (2 года)
haha is fruton wearing hanes or fruit of the looms?

Автор Aurochs hunter (2 года)
Another good reason why you should bend at the knees, not at the back.

Автор Fishtanklover64 (1 год)
Nice grannypanties

Автор war0991 . (3 года)
hot =)

Автор heykimmykim (3 года)
@bayman510 If I had a dime for every time I was called a fat nigger cunt...
well, you should see my dime collection!

Автор flatulatingmarmoset (3 года)

Автор Arc Trooper (3 года)
The panties changed

Автор wedgie701 (3 года)
can u give me a wedgie in girl undies

Автор Erik Warren (2 года)
I have talked to frutron she is very unforgiving. a bitch from what I can

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@bigmanmuk parachute! Hot dammet!

Автор FruTron (3 года)
Ok, Kimmykim, make sure you get the 6 pack of panties at the CVS. I'm

Автор thechrisrox1110 (3 года)
over 100,000 views

Автор Ph0be (2 года)
0:02 terrible posture, you should be ashamed

Автор tjmc69 (3 года)
If a girll shitz in a thong does it cut it in 2

Автор Johnny Smith (3 года)

Автор GreenWithEnvyBlues (3 года)
That's a butt-crack stinger for sure.

Автор morgo1337 (3 года)
@FruTron Awww srry to hear :(, but you were fortunate that your granny
panties ripped early preventing a lot more pain. Gotta look at the

Автор kpina321 (3 года)
more wedgie videos

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@cantbelieveididthat thank you. They strip searched me on the way back from
Vegas because it looks so real.

Автор hotwedgiefan123 (3 года)
@heykimmykim Yes u shouldn't wear underwear kimmy kim that mean's all of us
will see your ass on youtube P.S Just get Frutron again and if you do wear
underwear wear a sexy thong

Автор FruTron (3 года)
@Garrett2142 didn

Автор slw2222 (3 года)
Hollywood is not the only one who is hard right now.

Автор FinalChaosZ (2 года)
Give some time and a lot of people will appreciate the work doing that
video...or i kill all of them, Hahhaahahahahahahahaha!!!!! (evil laugh)

Автор Amor Heath (3 года)
lmfao i dont know why but girl's reaction to getting a wedgie was hilarious
"you tore my underwear"

Автор FruTron (3 года)
My ass still hurts :(

Автор cantbelieveididthat (3 года)
Is that a gun on her belt.....Nice ;)

Автор Gerald5000 (3 года)
@FruTron That's what she said ..no wait, that doesn't work.

Автор heykimmykim (2 года)
Has anyone seen the LATEST Wedgie Videooo?? It's called "Wedgie Cream Pie!"

Автор Sara Berry (3 года)
great clip please make more and pull harder!!!=)

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