Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD

Walk Of Fame Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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Длительность: 3:8
Комментарии: 480

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Автор Elle Ob ( назад)

Автор Mariska Audrey Azalia ( назад)
What the fuck did i just watch?

Автор Bryan Crowe ( назад)
If these were the best moments in the entire movie then count me out.

Автор Felix P ( назад)
Eddie George? Someday Scott Eastwood will get a good role

Автор MrTryingtobehappy ( назад)
dafuq did i just watch?

Автор wayne norton ( назад)
this looks like shit

Автор Hero Zero ( назад)
is this the director's first movie? Looks like crap

Автор Tomduff24 ( назад)
more like walk of shame for all those "actors" and "director"

Автор Delilah Sanchez ( назад)
this looks horrible..... why?

Автор Deno Moto (CynicalAnomaly) ( назад)

Автор Mary Smithson ( назад)
Shit trailer.

Автор coraline08 ( назад)
wow that looks terrible

Автор Daniel H ( назад)
I once seen a guy get stabbed in the eye

Автор Henrik kr Solvang ( назад)
wtf was this trailer. The trailer did not show a story just a guy who watch
someone acting and then he is in love with a girl.

Автор montanarealty83 ( назад)
this looks unbelievably bad. like a made for TV movie gone wrong

Автор Alan Kan ( назад)
I still have no clue what this movie is about.

Автор Myra Jaan ( назад)
this movie seems like a drainer

Автор Shape Vader ( назад)
Who ever did this score for this trailer, failed.

Автор Kevin Iscool ( назад)
Good looking people but that's about it

Автор sendacartoons ( назад)
Daddy Dr, Monty notice me.

Автор TheBrabon1 ( назад)
premise is stupid
why isnt the law grad working as a paralegal or clerk till he passes the

Автор Denis Goulet ( назад)
Even retards wouldn't spend a dollar to go see that trash.

Автор osbely ( назад)
No, just no.

Автор channelmine34 ( назад)
i see some rich investors have money to waste. this kind of movie buries
the actors for life.

Автор Moo Boo ( назад)
nonono no

Автор MrWeareone777 ( назад)
How could Clint allow his son be in such a crap movie. Should do a Magnum
movie called "The son of Callahan."

Автор barry allen ( назад)
i cringe so hard

Автор Mario Murillo ( назад)

Автор Raymond Mickey ( назад)
It is not that hard to write comedy but some people just make it look like
you need a PHD.

Автор Chantel Kriel ( назад)
Mister. Been

Автор Angelina Kgopa ( назад)
i have no idea what this movie is about. That didn't tell me anything.

Автор Chris F ( назад)
Clint Eastwood will be so proud.

Автор max2082 ( назад)
This movie, if you can call it that look like steaming pile of...you know
the rest.

Автор Sage D ( назад)
i literally took the time out of my life log into the apple store laptop so
i could dislike this whitewash piece of shit.

Автор abhinav anand ( назад)
Ohhh my god. This. Woman is so gorgeous, she's so attractive

Автор Raymond Azul ( назад)

Автор Razvan Mihaeanu ( назад)
So where's the monkey? You know...Eastwood + Comedy = Monkey (or ape,

Автор mercpool 001 ( назад)
aside from the whole black face mask joke this movie doesn't look good

Автор Wotsma Naym ( назад)
How do you make a film look cheaper (and less funny) than a bad sitcom?

Автор Lawrence Le ( назад)
perfect example why hollywood actors sucks

Автор TheAbbot92 ( назад)
Was that....was that Eddie George...

Автор S Lee ( назад)
Clint Eastwood's son?
This movie could easily end up on MST3K

Автор Piper Lemay ( назад)
what the actual fuck did i just watch? i love scott eastwood but
shit...that was 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back. did they let a
child put the trailer together or what? usually you can tell what a movie
is about but I'm just so confused right now? the clips they chose weren't
even funny .-.

Автор Juan Carlo Rodríguez ( назад)
Oh yeah, this'll make papa Clint proud.

Автор Reycel Christianson ( назад)
I feel bad for Scott Eastwood for being part of a movie like this. It looks

Автор TvShow Live ( назад)
I send it to th thumbnail imditly

Автор Particle Ice ( назад)
Stupid liberal females... who dislike nepotism. Go click thumbs up.

Автор random dude ( назад)
ok this was clearly a very low budget film that scott eastwood made
probably 5 years ago and it was never released because he was so unknown
and the film was terrible. So the studio that made the film waits until
scott eastwood becomes more well known and somewhat famous, then they
release it to make as much money as they can knowing that it is total
garbage but will interest some people purely because scott eastwood is now
a semi famous person/actor.

Автор This Is Google ( назад)
Eastwoods aren't funny.

Автор Bryan James ( назад)
Whoever's been scripting trailer sequences lately to every movie needs to
get fired.

Автор Boo Scared ya ( назад)
Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie nuff said

Автор chief keef ( назад)
its june resurrected

Автор W ( назад)
It was painful to watch the trailer. The movie must be hell. This is shit.

Автор Mr.G Money ( назад)
None of the Jokes
in this are funny. Who wrote this?!

Автор FlorizaOrcullo ( назад)
HEY I'M A TECH SUPPORT TOO. Im 20 years old I finished IT in College. Yes
sometimes working in a callcenter can be quite frustrating because of
stupid irate customers and it feels like giving up but in the long run the
thought of heping other people with their concern and actually fixing their
problems thats fulfilling. I am not just a callcenter agent I help people.
Love your job and you wont feel like working. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Автор 0DarkEagle ( назад)
Idk who gets Scott Eastwood these movies but that person needs to be fired
immediately. All of the movies where he's the lead actor the movie is just
not good and for the movies where he's not he's easily forgettable. I just
hope he has a memorable role in Fate Of The Fast & The Furious and Pacific
Rim 2. Either that or hope that someone remakes The Good The Bad and The
Ugly and cast him for the lead role.

Автор Jim Gianatsis ( назад)
The 3 stupid guys get a film trailer credit, and the hot staring girl Laura
Ashley Samuels, doesn't?
She's the only reason I'd watch it when it come on TV for free in 2 years.

Автор Smile wolff ( назад)
why is an actor like malcolm mcdowell end up in a shit movie like this ! he
is a fucking legend from kubrick to this low quality scenario bullshit

Автор Ryze Enforcer ( назад)
Scott Eastwood seems like a total douche on and off screen. Cringeworthy
AF. I've avoided his films entirely because of that. Just my two cents

Автор UnSceneMinute ( назад)
Not a B movie, a fucking D- at best.

Автор UnSceneMinute ( назад)
MEAN BOSS = FAT WOMAN wtf man, wtf

Автор infideldog13 ( назад)
Wow! Even crap films usually trick you with a good looking trailer; but if
THIS pile of steaming dung is the best they could muster for the teaser...
imagine how bad the whole film is! At least the trailer's done its job.
Guess we should say 'thanks for the warning!'

Автор David Haddock ( назад)
he could probably afford acting classes

Автор Bruh Dood ( назад)
Looks like a great movie for the whole family! 10/10

Автор anil banjara ( назад)
nice one

Автор carefulheart77 ( назад)
This looks like shitttt.

Автор Aki ( назад)
Well is seems funny movie.

Автор sixburn ( назад)
if Key and Peele where those cops it will be much much more funnier, I
might probably even watch this.

Автор Robin SERENADAL ( назад)
Straight to Dvd/Vod/Redbox..... Glitter Album included with purchase.

Автор Development Bank of the Philippines ATM Station ( назад)
haha... nice movie. hot actress..

Автор RussianJan Itor ( назад)
i'm happy they included "Comedy Movie" in the title... or else i would have
never known...

Автор theokchannel ( назад)
I thought Chris katan was lost in Bollywood

Автор VertigoPolitix ( назад)
Does Amy Schumer give a blowjob in this movie?

Автор PashtoonKhan ISI ( назад)
when u need $$$ #iykwim

Автор ttarkA113 ( назад)
I love how Malcolm McDowell did Clockwork Orange, an all time masterpiece,
and then nothing but absolute fucking dogshit for the rest of his career.

Автор LovoluNxGen ( назад)
wtf was that?

Автор James Johnson ( назад)
Looks shit

Автор CaseyDia22 ( назад)
I thought Scott Eastwood had a famous father that could keep him out of
garbage like this...

Автор Dani L ( назад)
This movie looks fucking awful

Автор checkurbrainfly ( назад)
If you hire Chris kattan (or whatever his name is) it's not a good sign
your movie is anything but funny , this is filled with poor taste for
comedy & some lousy casting, pretty faces & C class "comedy actors"
Hollywood as usual

Автор Marisol Bennett ( назад)
what the hell did I just watch? This looks horrible

Автор Marianita Bustos ( назад)
oooh Scott, hun, you're better than this!

Автор Tximino M ( назад)
this look like the worst fucking movie ever.

Автор Fat Amy ( назад)
I still dont understand what the fuck this is about

Автор Joe Otero ( назад)
I watched this twice and still couldn't figure out the plot. I mean I could
cut a better trailer together with adobe premiere than this shit

Автор Georges Nicolaou ( назад)
looks like crap sorry lol

Автор parker amaker ( назад)
Im not going to pretend to be a Scott Eastwood fan but he deserves better
than this.

Автор LoveAnimeTiger ( назад)
Da F?

Автор deepika shukla ( назад)
who are these people and does the director has any idea wat comedy is???

Автор Erik Helland ( назад)
Hey pal !! spiritual It's ubelievabqe # marry

Автор Fionna Adeline ( назад)
NOT a well-made trailer...

Автор xena_radar ( назад)
I hate movies use sexual assault as comedy. Getting humped in the street by
a strange man would be disturbing.

Автор Neetu Sharma ( назад)
looks like a genuianly fun movie although trailer didn't lead to anything

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