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Автор Alberto Yanez (4 месяца)

Автор hecallsmemommy21 (3 года)
Damn thats sexy love it!!!!!!

Автор MrFlinding (5 лет)

Автор Diaba Kaba (4 года)
You guys are hella bad. No hater here, just tellin the truth. You look
messy as fuck, so off point. The routine is stupid and you can't dance
dance. Try again Later. Don't call your self ghetto if you can't dance.
Ghetto girls know how to turn it up. Not turn down. That's what you need to
do. Turn it wayyyyy down.

Автор darpachief (5 лет)
keep it up girls....you need to loose weight.

Автор Revon (4 года)
girl in pink ass bounces in 1:02 daaaaamn

Автор ghettocoture (5 лет)
@MrFlinding glad u like ^^

Автор iRapebubblegum (3 года)
@XxElluLovexX Fetish by far east movement!

Автор Boots G (4 года)
Good looks!!!...... no one cares that the routine needs major work.

Автор Ashley Lepage (4 года)
u girls are amazing dancers :)

Автор treyCcatastrophe (3 года)
you girls are f*cking hot! Don't listen to these dumb asses! Their just
jealous, and i sure dont see them getting on a video and layin it down!!

Автор KDeezy420 (4 года)
@JamaicanCutie18 their not towels dummy.... they represent colors.. like
bloods are reds and shit like that. duhh

Автор HughGW (2 года)
this is so sick! :)

Автор Kaylor Steward (4 года)

Автор ghettocoture (5 лет)
@MrGiggady thanks

Автор Dominic Garmon (2 года)
You can tell who thought up the dance but all and all two thumbs up

Автор ibootypop (4 года)
Where did you guys get ur shoes from, they're nice? I noticed you're from
London are they from somewhere around over there? Great dance though :)

Автор Aurora Carmody (4 года)

Автор Raged Temptations (1 год)
Sexy intro

Автор o0LoveLove0o (4 года)
Hating bitches lol this is a female and y'all are fine !!!! A little off
just practice. And FYI ghettos exists every where

Автор jntt1986 (4 года)
where yall get those shoes from they r cute.......n nice

Автор mrdk216 (4 года)
they actually cant dance that well lol but i guess it shows if u got

Автор Essop101 (4 года)
no one gives a fuck about the stupid fucking dance, just spread that ass

Автор Destinee jos (4 года)
you guyss need a little more practice cuz right now it looks a hot mess

Автор Junko Sayan (4 года)
super mmm *_*

Автор FakeAssGangmembers (4 года)
i think im n love

Автор kisses777 (4 года)
ughhh yall buttys look nasty

Автор mjs500doo (4 года)
Seriously screw all the haters. Girls you guys are WONDERFUL. Practice,
sure, whatever. Weight loss...really? And I wonder how much the trolls
weigh that are commenting on that. Wow. Beautiful thick girls that love to
show what they have, and proud of what momma gave em. Wish I had that!

Автор Therileyrileyriley (4 года)
@Jsince90s ..What?

Автор UniqueMonique513 (1 год)

Автор Artem Mashinnikov (5 лет)
wow mint music awesome dancing and let's face it you're both drop dead

Автор BOSSMANISH2010 (4 года)
The girl in back( in Yellow ) should be up front. #SuperThick

Автор Makpak Beans (5 лет)
hahah WOW! THIS IS STRAIGHT UP WHORE DANCE, u girls might aswell goto a
strip club and make a living out of this shit ur doin.

Автор JamaicanCutie18 (4 года)
whats with the dish towels?

Автор Tamra Smith (4 года)

Автор phillip kim (3 года)

Автор LuanLumiLuli (5 лет)
nice and please continue , you don't have have many views now but don't
bored for that

Автор david garcia (4 года)
so sexy i'll marry you!

Автор MyKelvin15 (4 года)
are you guys sisters?

Автор marcelo010986 (4 года)
the sound is horrible

Автор lovemystinky (2 года)
You girls are hot! I love all the music you pick too! Big fan right here!

Автор KDeezy420 (4 года)
U guys r great!!!

Автор smoothhurtz (4 года)
AND......Subscribed !!!

Автор Filiz Sahin (1 год)
sexy intro

Автор iggy_dawg (4 года)
can i come round some time......

Автор dn30001 (4 года)
@darpachief Your boner probably does not protrude past your pelvis..so
therefore these girls WOULD be too fat for you

Автор RagggsUK (5 лет)
nice routine posting this on RagggsDotCom

Автор AbbyCarlySkyeForever (4 года)
What can't you two do? Mmmm

Автор Emurlyjayne (5 лет)
if this is a whore dance , i love it!

Автор suedeeisme (4 года)
you make me feel physically sick.

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