Gunblast.com - Ruger Eight-Shot 22 Long Rifle SP101: Stainless Steel Kit Gun Perfection

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Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the Ruger Eight-Shot 22 Long Rifle SP101 double-action revolver.

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Автор Doug Moring ( назад)
I have the SP in .357. You've convinced me to get it in a .22.

Автор Rogue-Spear ( назад)
How does it handle in single action?

Автор thegunguy ( назад)

Автор Billy Bates Jr ( назад)
Well you talked me into it I will get One SP 101 in 22 lr. Would be Great
if and When a 22 mag comes out !! Also getting the SP 101 in the 3" 357mag

Автор Billy Bates Jr ( назад)
Well you talked me into it I will get One SP 101 in 22 lr. Would be Great
if and When a 22 mag comes out !! Also getting the SP 101 in the 3" 357mag

Автор Commander254 ( назад)
I'm around 10 years old and I love this gun.it is the bomb.in my opinion!?!

Автор billy fatbowe ( назад)
...Very Nice...

Автор Chris “Red Beard” ( назад)
I just bought this gun yesterday and tried it out on the range. I put
about 150 rounds through it and I love it! I was torn between this model
and the Bearcat, but ultimately I am glad I went with this one. It is a
little more expensive than the SS Bearcat, but worth it IMO. The DA
trigger pull seems to be a common complaint, but people have to keep in
mind that you are going to have that with a .22 rimfire revolver. LOVE
THIS GUN! Great review...I enjoy your videos!

Автор Nunya Businass ( назад)
Just an FYI, my SP-101 HATES Wolf Match .22lr ammo. The casings expand in
the cylinder and the extractor can't push them out. A cleaning rod or
similar device is needed to extract them.

Автор mrelvisthepirate ( назад)
mr quinn, I have seen dozens and dozens of your videos and they are all
well informed easy to understand gun reviews. you are obviously an expert.

Автор drakejdf ( назад)
just picked one up 2 weeks ago.i can't wait to shoot it.great video.

Автор Chris Woodson ( назад)
I have one of these coming at the end of the week, couldn't find one
locally. I've never owned a .22 handgun, but used my dad's old S&W K22 off
and on at times. I'm thinking this will be a great around-the-farm and
hiking/fishing/camping gun. I like the 8 shot capacity too...you just never
know when a couple of extra rounds might make a difference. I hope it's a
good as it looks...

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
That ammo should work very well. jeff

Автор Rick Martinho ( назад)
wood Aguila High Velocity Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 38 Grain Plated Lead be
ok with that sp101 22lr what would you use 

Автор spookypunky ( назад)
Thanks Jeff! Always enjoy your videos!

Автор didanhtennis ( назад)
Impressive shooting there. I am looking for this Ruger SP 101 for my wife
to start learning about guns. Of course, I can't find it now after learning
about it 2 weeks ago.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Contact Rossi and ask them, they're helpful folks. You can get the Flag at
Seven Brothers (sevenbros-dot-com), item #fsh-m4.

Автор infrareddreamz ( назад)
hey man i like your flag,,that is a great flag,,i have a rossi 38special
stainless 5 shot revolver and it dont have any numbers to identify the
model,,all it has is the serial # how do i tell whot model gun this is to
find the value of it,,thanks for the video that is s nice peice

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I think it is disgusting that the media is letting, and aiding, the
anti-gunners to use this latest tragedy, and to lie about the facts, to
further their agenda. They suck, big time. That marlin 50 is a good 22, but
I think you need a good defensive handgun. You can pick up a used Glock 9mm
for around $400, maybe less. A Mossberg 12 gauge is also a good arm to
have. jeff

Автор spookypunky ( назад)
Hey Jeff! What do you think about all the media's sway on gunowners? Any
advice for someone on a budget, lefty, living in the city? I have a Marlin
60, but, that's about it

Автор ReFracture ( назад)
Gah I must have one.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Both are excellent revolvers, but the Ruger is more compact. Jeff 

Автор Da Ne ( назад)
Price aside, how does this stack up to the 617 10shot 4" in your opinion?
Thanks! I have a Colt King Cobra, GP100 and S&W 681 so I am equal

Автор split29445 ( назад)
EXACTLY!, damn it. I just transferred money over to my check card and I'm
on the way to the gun store. I just got a price over the phone for 389 new.
SOUNDS good I think. lol

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
MSRP for the SP101 is currently $689, while the 4" stainless Model 94
currently lists for $471.88.

Автор The4nineteen ( назад)
hey jeff, how does this plinker compare to the taurus 94 price wise?

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I prefer the smaller size of the Ruger. jeff 

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Both are excellent. The SP is heaver, but not excessively so. jeff 

Автор Chris Thayer ( назад)
That beard is bad ass...

Автор Steve 00 ( назад)
Outstanding review Jeff. I just purchased one earlier this week. They've
been kind of hard to find in my area, but happen to check out one of the
local gun stores, and they had one that had just arrived. Didn't even make
it to the front counter before I snatched it up. Anyway, not only will this
be fun at the range, but also a great training tool, as to establish good
shooting techniques to compliment our .357 sp101 (3.06 inch barrel)

Автор bigbadnewman ( назад)
Given you can buy 10 rounds of .22lr or the price of 1 round of .38/.357
etc, you can shoot enough to become a crack shot before you spring for a
centerfire revolver. The revolver can fire 'quiet' rounds like subsonics,
CB caps etc without the feed issues of an auto pistol so you can practice
on your own acreage without upsetting the neighbours :)

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
It will usually work, but is not recommended, as the cases sometimes split,
and allow powder gases to escape towards the shooter. Jeff

Автор silverflash ( назад)
Can you fire .22Lr out of a .22 magnum revolver?

Автор GlowingBentley ( назад)
I'm an unashamed S&W wheelgun fanboi. But I GOTSTA get me one of THOSE!
Those wood insert rubber grips are the nicest looking ones Ruger ever made.
Glad they're back.

Автор Gun Sam ( назад)
I'm looking for something like this to be able to afford to shoot a double
action revolver,all I have right now as far as revolvers is a S&W 629 .44
mag,and i'm not a reloader.I like how it looks just like my S&W half lug &
all,I don't feel it neccessary to spend $800 on a S&W .22 when the hunt or
my life isn't depending on the gun.I'm gonna get either the sp101 or the
charter pathfinder,not sure which one yet.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
The term refers to a small, relatively lightweight handgun carried in a
fisherman's, hunters, or any outdoorsman's "kit". The term "kit" is not
used as much today as it was several decades ago, but refers to the stuff
that is taken along on an outing, such as first aid supplies, matches,
hatchet, knife, etc.. jeff 

Автор Jimmy870 ( назад)
Awesome review! Silly question - what's a kit gun?

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
The grip is not too large on the SP101, but I would go with the bearcat.

Автор fivebaldwins (1181 год назад)
Jeff, I am looking for a good starter revolver for my boy girl twins, both
11. They have been shooting for many years under my watchful eye. I have a
single six that is just about right for my son (size-wise) but my daughter
is a petite thing. I have been leaning towards a bearcat, but was wondering
how the grip size on this 101 compares?

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
There are a lot of great 22s out there, but for reliability, accuracy and
versatility I can think of none better than the Single-Six.

Автор Phil ( назад)
@Gunblastdotcom One last question: do you recommend any other model of .22
lr revolvers from other companies?

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I'd go with the Single-Six, just for the versatility of being able to shoot
22 Magnum as well as 22 Long Rifle.

Автор Phil ( назад)
Jeff. I am looking into getting a .22 lr revolver for my first ever
handgun. Ruger's gun designs and history have peaked my interest so I was
wondering on which is a better choice for a first time handgun owner: this
or the single-six?

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Thank you, sir.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
The term is quite old, and refers to a gun small enough to pack into one's
hunting "kit".

Автор Seth Vela ( назад)
Something so sweet about .22 revolvers :) 

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
You're making a great start!

Автор Jack Zylstra ( назад)
i want one soooo bad but my dad said i can't buy it as i just spent all my
money on a benneli vinci but ughhh i think I'm gun crazy I'm 14 an i have
12 guns! i work all summer then spend it all on guns!

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
DA pull was 11 pounds, 4 ounces SA was 4 pounds, 14 ounces. From the
referenced article: "The trigger pull is necessarily heavy on double-action
rimfire revolvers. It takes a pretty good hit to set off the 22 LR priming
mixture, but even at over eleven pounds, the double-action pull on the
SP101 is butter-smooth, and the single-action pull very crisp."

Автор natebohner ( назад)
How was the double action trigger pull on this gun? As far as smoothness
and feel. It looks like it was good to shoot.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Tell 'em yourself! Under the "News and Resources" section of their web
site, they have a "Tell the CEO" page where you can send ideas directly to
Ruger's CEO, Mike Fifer. Mike is "one of us" and really listens. The more
he hears from shooters about what we want, the more likely Ruger is to make
it happen.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
A small, handy gun suitable for carrying around in your woods "kit".

Автор MrHardPressed ( назад)
What is meant by "kit" gun? Thanks.

Автор Ultratron100 ( назад)
Jeff, Thanks for a great review! Since you're "in" with Ruger, tell them we
need a full size DA only 4 inch barreled combat revolver in 357, based on
LCR technology. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. :)

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I buy mine at the Tulsa Gun Show. jeff

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Nothing that I can disclose at this time. jeff 

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I have no info on that. jeff 

Автор David Breckenridge ( назад)
I've noticed that you use Winchester Dynapoints quite often in your
testing. Where do you get them? They have been some of my favorite .22 ammo
but I haven't seen them for sale for about 2-3 years now. Thanks

Автор David Breckenridge ( назад)
I've noticed that you use Winchester Dynapoints quite often in your
testing. Where do you get them? They have been some of my favorite .22 ammo
but I haven't seen them for sale for about 2-3 years now. Thanks

Автор Satch Boogifan ( назад)
Another fine pistol from Ruger Any word on future Ruger products coming

Автор Jesse Sisolack ( назад)
Looks like an awsome revolver. It can shot the cheapest ammo as well, so I
bet I would shot it a very large amount. That could be the funest plinker I
would own. I think I am going to pick one up when they are a bit more

Автор Nivette Knives ( назад)
I wish they made one in 22 mag ! but i will settle with this one 

Автор Jagermonster703 ( назад)
What a good lookin gun!

Автор megajeeplover ( назад)
@woodroez i think i will buy a box and give them a try. i guess the FPS
would be fairly low as well. maybe plink in the backyard a little. 

Автор The Wooden ( назад)
@megajeeplover Short is used pretty much for plinking only. The nice thing
about shorts, which I actually have fired by the way, is that they work at
such a low pressure that you can fire them with no ear protection quite
safely. If I remember correctly, it's about as loud as the spring in some
air guns.

Автор CrimsonSpectre ( назад)
They don't have real cicadas up here in northern MN. Makes me miss
Oklahoma! Really nice description and rundown on this plinker.

Автор Jacob Fuerst ( назад)
Dear Ruger, Please make this configuration in .357 mag. It would be the
most perfect .357 mag ever!

Автор megajeeplover ( назад)
@woodroez i never look for anything but the long rifles but i haven't seen
any either come to think of it. i guess the shorts are good for small
varmints and backyard plinking.

Автор megajeeplover ( назад)
@woodroez i never look for anything but the long rifles but i haven't seen
any either come to think of it. i guess the shorts are good for small
varmints and backyard plinging. 

Автор BenB8290 ( назад)
How much?

Автор Colonel Jimbo Persimmonsapp ( назад)
Beautiful gun, local shop had one on display today marked 'SOLD' that a
fellow had special ordered and hadn't picked up yet. They look to be a fine
piece of hardware. 

Автор Bob Solla ( назад)
beautiful plinking pistol!

Автор videosbymike ( назад)
Great looking 22 for sure Jeff. Glock n Load, Mike

Автор BoxANT ( назад)

Автор GARYSGUNS ( назад)
Thanks Jeff thats a nice little 22

Автор SuperSneakySteve ( назад)
What a great gun and no trigger lock just as God intended a revolver to be.

Автор fire1777 ( назад)
Love the sp101 357 mag. gotta have me one of these.

Автор scooter17568 ( назад)

Автор Vlad Puscasu ( назад)
This gun is amazing. Two thumbs up for Ruger!

Автор desirefirst ( назад)
great, now i have another option for a new DA 22 rev. that holds a
reasonable number of rounds

Автор JERMBUGS ( назад)
I want one. Thanks for the review. 

Автор JGguns1 ( назад)
awesome I have been wanting a d/a 22 for the woods. this will fit the bill
perfectly. Do you know when these will hit the shelves?

Автор VicariousReality7 ( назад)
@DTesch357 From stoegers website: '' Standard Features Choke tubes: Fixed
IC Stocks: Matte Black-finished hardwood Trigger: Single trigger Sights:
Fiber optic front sight '' I've seen so many broken wood stocks it's not
even funny.

Автор Joe Friday ( назад)
@huntaeddie yes I'd like to see it in a magnum !

Автор 762x51n8o ( назад)
@dopefish93 That's not true, you should only shoot .22 short in firearms if
the manufacturer recommends it. I have one rifle that says on the barrel:
.22 LR, .22 L, and .22 Short. All the rest of my firearms specifically say
to not shoot .22 short. If you think about it, if the .22 short has a
shorter casing, it's not going to sit far enough forward in the chamber so
that the bullet is properly engaged by the rifling.

Автор The Wooden ( назад)
Well done as always, Jeff. I really like what I've been seeing from Ruger
in the past year, in handguns especially. Single-Ten, that Wiley Clapp
GP-100 (which I still have on the way), and this here have all of course
stuck basically to the same design of their original models, but they've
all been dressed all up nicely. Fiber-optics, nicely checkered and designed
grip panels on the DA revolvers. They've even abbreviated the lawyer lines
and in some cases moved them a bit more out of the way.

Автор huntaeddie ( назад)
please make a 22mag 

Автор The Wooden ( назад)
@megajeeplover I've never seen a Long in person before, but shorts are at
least popular enough that my nearby Bass Pro keeps them in stock.

Автор shkotay ( назад)
Great little review :D I love how concise these are. I might look into this

Автор purkjason ( назад)
Jeff ... you tell Ruger that I (Jason) demands a .22 Mag Version ASAP.
Thanks :)

Автор Dan Tesch ( назад)
@VicariousReality7 Check out the Stoeger Double Defense.

Автор megajeeplover ( назад)
thanks for the input. i guess not many people uses these rounds anymore but
it is nice to know if i ever want to or need to.

Автор dopefish93 ( назад)
@megajeeplover the 22 short works in almost all 22 long firearms i belive.
its works in bolt and semi rifles to but then you need to chamber one at
the time and none inte tha magazine

Автор VicariousReality7 ( назад)
Why does no one make a quality break action shotgun with a synthetic stock

Автор TheHiddenPart ( назад)
You know it's hot when you have a ceiling fan.. in your back porch! Neat
little gun. Looks like lots of fun!

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
Yes, you can.

Автор megajeeplover ( назад)
i like this gun. maybe this is a dumb question but can you shoot 22 longs
and 22 shorts in it as well? thanks for any input.

Автор Gunblastdotcom ( назад)
I have a few of their lightweight Sentinels. Excellent guns.

Автор BigDaddyHoffman1911 ( назад)
Very good video Sir, I like your style. Thanks for sharing this....OohRah

Автор ldgrey1963 ( назад)
I want one of these in 22 mag. Thanks for the video Jeff.

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