Linzy Backbott - Mo Tangalay

Linzy Backbott - Mo Tangalay

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Автор zareen111 (9 месяцев)
"mo tangaley fini aller li pas pu retourner" - Blessing in disguise lol

Автор montalent jean alain (7 месяцев)
Hey sweden here keep it up ... see u guys bye

Автор Shyam L (8 месяцев)
the best sega mange are li linzy

Автор parianen koomaressen pillay (1 год)
Masterpiece ! 

Автор Claude Nadia (1 год)
c un jolie hommage a tout les grand noms du sega et a notre culture

Автор Toutoune Duberry (1 год)
Merci de poster l'original si toutefois quelqu'un l'aurait. Bonne
interprétation .

Автор petrolema (5 лет)
Interesting:-) I'm from Norway too, and I love the music from Mauritius.
Anyone know where one can buy music CDs from Mauritius?

Автор kklez (6 лет)
emba la boutik ta!

Автор kaleyvanee (5 лет)
mo tangaley fini aller mo tangaley fin aller mais li pas pu retourner

Автор Dhylan Lukea (3 года)
best sa linzyyyy.....zamai sanz to style!

Автор alysiarah (5 лет)
Thank u so much for putting up those songs!! Been listening to all the
songs for like 5hrs now! Getting late.. bizin al dormi :) N my playlist is
full! :D Listening from Norway

Автор Jtaiime (7 лет)
ALLéé A MORiS <3

Автор petrolema (5 лет)
I hoped so... but where??

Автор Kesh Benzo (1 год)
ala mo kass lerein la ;) haha

Автор mkooyu (5 лет)
Anyone know where i can download free sega?

Автор Malleck1 (5 лет)
Shiv ji, This old song of Mauritius means: My husband Tangalay is now dead
He gave me this couloured dress And he won't come back, cause he's gone
Ican't eat, can't sleep, don't know how and where to sit, For, my Tangalay
is gone, dead, and won't come back. Typical songs of Mauritius are called
segas. Mixture of French,and African languages. They mostly recall
sufferings of the slaves who first came from Africa, and afterwards from
India. Regards and take care.

Автор WarrenChris20 (4 года)
une des plus belle voix de l'ile maurice..... <3 Linzy <3

Автор CHWINGUM HIHI (1 год)
Mari seryé, sa nou la misic, sa rapel nou pays.

Автор shan munu (3 года)

Автор maitreyis19 (5 лет)
OMG! thank you so much for all the videos u've uploaded so farrr.. thanks a
bunch :) u can't imagine how happy i am to see these videos.. miss home so
much now :'(

Автор Amitabh Caleechurn (2 года)
kot tnE alE mama...

Автор Hashley Barah (2 года)

Автор yadhav yudish roy somary (2 года)
memories <3 kan mo ti tipti mo ti p bien ecout sa :)

Автор 12central01 (3 года)
mo tangaler ine aller 11.30am azordi - sa sega la spot on!!!!! oh well ...
eventually we make do I suppose! ha!

Автор Rajnish B (2 года)
Linzy is Amazing!!!!

Автор k3v11 (6 лет)
thanx again for all these songs u have uploaded, not only the songs, the
slide show is also so beatiful. check goyave de chines kuma rouge, fer moi
gagne faim

Автор jin khazama (2 года)
topo vibessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fort net sa!!!

Автор angie Dubuis (3 года)
bann santé la fer mo leker gagne so !

Автор Malika Rai (6 лет)
Trop zoli sa!!!!:)

Автор mauritian1butterfly (6 лет)
go Linzy! Mo mari conten sa sanT... Vrai lambiNCE PAS MANKÉ mAURICE...Nou p
tzr p met sa lambiance laah! Ene mari zoli SanT :)

Автор missGiovanah (3 года)
lovely song..mauritius is one of the most beautiful island .. bless the
mauritians and keep the sega song going <3 <3 <3

Автор Malika Rai (6 лет)
Pas coner quand nou pou retourne dans nous tizil...

Автор Deepa Jogessur (2 года)
la nostalgie a chaque fois ke jecoute cte chanson la:$ <3

Автор Abyss Seb (4 года)

Автор Shiv Shanker (5 лет)
@Malleck1 what it means.. pl tell briefly

Автор 19SV87 (6 лет)
Thanks for uploadin all these songs rn019!! The pics chosen are awesome
too! You rock! ;-)

Автор Malleck1 (5 лет)
You can buy them from the internet. This is a very old sega , and very well

Автор Anish Chedee (2 года)
2eme hym nationale de maurice...mon paradis sur terre...

Автор VIKTOR Gadijch (2 года)
Tangalay pa pu retouner....... <3

Автор nau25 (7 лет)
OMMGGG merrrccciii pour tous les chansons .. zip la li 2 couler, zip la li
3 couler, zip la li 4 couler .. aiie aiee aie

Автор Malleck1 (5 лет)
Yes I do

Автор Mimi Amy (2 года)
fer moi rapel mo lenfance

Автор kilidire (5 лет)
@mkooyu just download realplayer and you'll be able to download videos and
convert them into mp3.. that's how i get all the songs i want from youtube

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