Total Replacement Knee Surgery on Cadaver

This demonstration of a total replacement knee surgery took place September 9th, 2011 on the Prescott Campus of Yavapai College in front of a live audience. Questions were welcomed and answered throughout the operation. Yavapai is one of very few Arizona Colleges that have cadavers on campus

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Автор Teddy T. ( назад)
Hello everyone. Fantastic film. My buddy had been an overweight boy. He
remodeled his body from 293 lbs of pure fat to 218 lbs of purely natural
lean muscle. Shit's crazy! I just subscribed personally coz I have to make
improvements to my body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in

Автор podster12II ( назад)
Lol at Guile's theme hahahaha

Автор Dave fed ( назад)
that tool he uses to cut bone is like the fein multimaster 

Автор pablo sanchez ( назад)
so ,does the cadaver made full recovery?

Автор Κωνσταντίνος Κατακουζηνός ( назад)
im here from maggots videos

Автор alepanda8783 ( назад)
These makes me want to cry and i am not gruesome person i have patellar
instability scares me to end up like these i pray to god never happens. We
complain about stupid stuff dont appreciate we have legs healthy ones that
can walk & run. Hope i always have them...

Автор Emperor Squidy ( назад)
Guile's theme brought me here too...

Автор Daniel Sanchez ( назад)
I used to know how to surgery but then I took an arrow to the knee lol

Автор Lat6 ( назад)
Ta ta ta ta taaa Ta ta ta ta taaa Ta na na na na na naaa.... wait wrong

Автор KeyboardOtaku ( назад)
me too...fucking world

Автор Terd Ferguson ( назад)
They did this with no anesthesia. What a boss.

Автор James mcdowell ( назад)
I had both of my knees done....

Автор MemoTea ( назад)
I got here from Street fighter Guile's theme song.... dont ask.

Автор Andres Rojas ( назад)
This gives me goosebumps ._.

Автор redneck500 ( назад)
God knows.... can you imagine being awake while they were doing all of

Автор redneck500 ( назад)
I don't think that patient needs a knee replacement.

Автор ahmad alrtemi ( назад)
its perfect

Автор wichini20 ( назад)
I don't like cadavers :( They are deaaaad D':

Автор Amoral TeamCzech ( назад)
I was looking for the Norwegian band Cadaver :D

Автор R5H4D0W ( назад)
the problem with a cadaver is the inability to tell whether you sutured a
blood vessel together correctly. It would look perfectly beautiful and the
identical procedure would result in a bloody mess on a real patient. Blood
has a tendency to arouse anxiety in people, this is a normal biological
response. I'm fascinated as to how residence doctors are "broken in" to
feel nothing when blood is squirting here and there during surgery on a
live patient.

Автор Jayme Foster ( назад)
im here in tricity hospital in san diego. writhing in agony as i 27 hours
ago has a total knee replacement of the rt knee.while only 35 yo .i was
shocked to learn that my doc said i had the worst,hardest and most
complicated procedure in his 30 years of doing this due to existing
hardware.my first doc wanted to remove them seperately,i now know why he
said that.it was excruciating and im still in agony.all this resulted in
the worst and most painful surg and after seeing this video i can see why

Автор Junior Diamond ( назад)
Good Job! Now the cadaver could walk home by himself... and dance the
thriller night. Lol.

Автор Leaney McDonald ( назад)
Youtube logic ;)

Автор Leaney McDonald ( назад)
Youtube recommended I watch this...

Автор arminder kundi ( назад)
yo this a good movie i love surgery not in a wrong ewjebhqwkjbh 

Автор JP90 ( назад)
''You can see we're fully equipmently out here'' Sorry, you're a doctor?

Автор George Oakes ( назад)
I have a feeling this is going to be fascinating

Автор Twilter Konargi ( назад)
Now this is a video I can masturbate too!!

Автор NewECus ( назад)
this is the most detailed tja that i have seen online. the part at the end
where he had to use a left instead of a right was kind of funny.. wouldnt
be if it was an actual pt but still. 

Автор Philip Lapierre ( назад)
Loseing a little weight each month could prevent some wear and tear on your
knee's over time. If you are in the military, not going airborne can also
prevent wear and tear on the knee's.

Автор thetousher1323 ( назад)
...i wonder how much pepsi payed them to have their bottles in their video?

Автор Carlos Estevam ( назад)

Автор kitty T ( назад)
Had my knee done in January. The Dr did a fantastic job Good flexibility.

Автор soren einarsson ( назад)
I started out searching music. A music search goes to this. How!?

Автор CSGOSwiftclaw ( назад)
Great great video !!! Surgeon are gods, surgery is life !

Автор Chris McDonell ( назад)

Автор Myseachaser175 ( назад)
I've had both knees replaced in the last 3 months. I am so glad I didn't
see this before my surgery but it does explain why there is so much pain
after the operation. I'm sure this surgeon is qualified but I wouldn't want
him working on me! 

Автор TheYosi09 ( назад)
now i know that 81,237people know how to do a replacement kneew surgery

Автор Jack Bauer ( назад)
I had total knee replacement three months ago. Like the doctor said the
operation normally takes one to two hours. My surgery took six hours !! The
problem was that my knee is rather large and my doctor couldn't get the
prostetic into my leg. He had to struggle and struggle to get it in just
like this doctor did. The doctor in the video said "this would never
happen". He lied. It did happen to me and I STILL have so much pain that I
have to use a walker. I am not happy with the surgery.

Автор DjTsakalos ( назад)
you re a troll.

Автор Rich Rouge ( назад)
I just threw up!!!!

Автор Ultimatekaya ( назад)
That dude in the front has a killer joker face. I wish I could stare
endlessly into space without changing the expression on my face for nearly
two hours. We need more like him in this proud Christian country! 

Автор Keepsz ( назад)
This looks like some bone on a turkey...

Автор SpashBanjo (1922 года назад)
I thought a catheter was something people used to help them piss. I also
know that blood does not flow on a dead body, but he/she was talking about
the surgery on a living person. =)

Автор ratoiu2000 ( назад)
It is called catheter. And second, on a dead body the blood does not flow. 

Автор ratoiu2000 ( назад)
Me too, but this is not offensive at all. This is the human body, get used
with it.

Автор Fabian Herrera ( назад)

Автор SpashBanjo ( назад)
Actually that's not true, they use a tool (can't remember what it's called)
to instantly stop the bleeding. Look it up =)

Автор SpashBanjo ( назад)
I'm watching this because I'm going to work into the medical department =D

Автор SnazzyPantz ( назад)
Are the other people helping with the operation doctors too? Or are they
simply considered nurses?

Автор scott k ( назад)
i have a ? are u this shitty on a real live person ...if so im going to
stay away from you!

Автор scott k ( назад)
can i fuck the blonde in the background? 

Автор Dr Waqar Ahmed ( назад)
Is there any demonstration regarding Total Hip Arthroplasty?

Автор koosa619 ( назад)
no... the guy's dead. its a Cadaver

Автор Julio Martinez ( назад)
One word: EdHeads

Автор t88boost ( назад)
thats edited...during the surgery, blood is spraying out in all directions.
total chaos man.

Автор chris roberts ( назад)
thanx ^_^ 

Автор ali syed ( назад)
my teacher got his knee surgery and he said he can walk better then before 

Автор chris roberts ( назад)
i wonder how bad the bleeding is on a living person?

Автор MysticalOrca ( назад)

Автор CR3ATER12 ( назад)
is that a real persons knee?

Автор bizwoz1 ( назад)
duh :P

Автор Communette M. ( назад)
Im not even a med student! why am i watching this?!

Автор AppLyHEADON ( назад)
what happens if when u die u feel everything but you cant move every thing
and that happens to you

Автор Alpha Beta ( назад)
I am not going to be a donor.

Автор dominicanadancer ( назад)
This is coooooooool

Автор Katie Kiger ( назад)
This was so awesome to watch!! 

Автор shaider1982 ( назад)
TKA done on a live person is a bit more intense with all of the blood seen.

Автор Hector Mancera ( назад)
Be very careful with Dr jon jonda practicaly he kill my wife...this happen
in Fresno CA in 2005....

Автор Clone ( назад)
you realize that replacing the knee in a dead person is potentially
assisting the zombies in the coming apocalypse... traitor....

Автор Roadkillz3666 ( назад)
what does the word "cadaver" mean to you?

Автор Sajad Samadi ( назад)
Is that a dead body ? 

Автор Joanne Wozniacki ( назад)
I had my right knee replacement last year with excellent results. Good
thing I didn't see this video first. Oh brother!

Автор TheArkansasTutor ( назад)
This is a really great video... Thank you for posting it!

Автор cullensister99 ( назад)
I have a really stupid question but... What happened to the blood that was
once in the body? Was it drained?

Автор MELISSA84008 ( назад)
..how old was this man?

Автор Bonelesszebra ( назад)
I have no idea how I ended up here.. 

Автор Master Pain ( назад)
Did I miss the ACL being replaced? 

Автор danzig159 ( назад)
Thanks for that, it was really an amazing video.

Автор danzig159 ( назад)
Creepy. The surgery is cool, but I'd rather see it done on a living person.

Автор 141starfish (1176 лет назад)
Even if I'm a young teenager, I still have a lot of interest in this. And I
must say that this video provides a lot of interesting details about this
surgery. It's really educational and informative. So thank you guys for
conducting this surgery.

Автор Ian Guthrie ( назад)
My brother had his knee replaced at age 26... In my opinion way too young

Автор XBG4D ( назад)
Is this real or fake??

Автор zachos2 ( назад)
Very interesting, if i missed it what is the healing period for a total
knee replacement? This was awesome, thanks for sharing.

Автор Tony Byrne ( назад)
I had this done on my two knees I'm glad that was knocked out.. 

Автор 1stGoldenBlonde (863 года назад)
@ridingwolf31 I can think of a couple of reasons why he might not want to
replace your knee. 1:Your age, they like to postpone it as long as
possible. 2: They postpone surgery until it becomes unbearable for you.
I've had my knees & hips replaced at a young age because of severe
rheumatoid arthritis,I was extremly ill and I was hospitalized many times.
My pain was extremely severe and the damage was excessive I had no choice.
My suggestion postpone it as long as possible. :O(

Автор 1stGoldenBlonde ( назад)
I've had both knees and both hips replaced and now 15 years later I'm
having my left knee prosthetic replaced....they only last 10 - 15 years. I
shouldn't be watching this video because I'm gagging. And, believe me or
not I've had my knees replaced while I was awake. I remember ALL of those
aweful sounds. I really shouldn't be watching this...I'm heaving ugh. I'm a
succer for punishment! Now, when I have my knee replaced somtime this year
I'll be thinking of this video, and the cadaver! OMG

Автор Dan ( назад)
so partial replacement via Makoplasty might be helpful in avoiding the
full knee replacement.

Автор LouPremo ( назад)
@DannyLrides he could be homeless 

Автор thebachu786 ( назад)
Thank you for this video, I found it very informative and helpful

Автор Joey's third chin ( назад)
I wonder what the cadaver's family got out of this.

Автор Eugene Low ( назад)
this guy must have taken an arrow to the knee

Автор jizohn85 ( назад)
i work for a company that makes some of these instruments, its cool to see
how they are actually used in a surgery

Автор ridingwolf31 ( назад)
Nice posting, I really appreciated it. The doctor's name that performed the
demonstration was hard to hear, but it sounded like Dr. Collison? To
continue, I am a 33 y/o male with grade 4 degeneration of the lateral
compartment of my left knee and I was wondering if he could be reached to
provide advice. My current ortho doctor says I have to have a knee
replacement, but refuses to perform the surgery and has instead prescribed
narcotics for pain relief since we can do nothing to the swelling.

Автор YavapaiCollege ( назад)
@flowewritharoma You're welcome. Thanks for watching.

Автор 耕平石村 ( назад)
thanks for posting educational video!

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