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Автор Yung Prince (3 месяца)
R.i.p. moki is the best!! love these dogs

Автор bsmix72 (4 месяца)
Good job mishka,and mokie!

Автор Fearlessjazp Tv International Ltd (1 месяц)
moki was in a 2015 video or it was edited.

Автор bsmix72 (4 месяца)
Come on!
I knew I was going to spell moki wrong!

Автор Derpity Derp (1 год)
RIP Moki.

Автор Cookie Girl (1 год)
Lol.Mat:lay down,Mishka:I'm gonna take a nap,Moki:ok,ok I got to lay down
roll over then stand up,easy!

Автор wicked.__ (3 года)

Автор Tricia Humeniuk (3 года)
LOL. DOWN. *both fall and roll a bit*

Автор 45Germanshepherd (2 года)
Mishka at 0:16 scracth my belly PLEASE!!!!! ;)

Автор livelifewithshannon (1 год)
I Miss Moki!!!

Автор deralex1able (3 года)
so sweet

Автор praspurgh (3 года)
the second high five was to moki but mishka thought it's to her, too

Автор armygirl982 (3 года)
awww thats sooo cute!

Автор Meitar Israeli (3 года)
How cute Mookie! <3

Автор pegger18636 (3 года)
mishka's sister??

Автор Alejandra Solorio (3 года)
There so cute

Автор Nicole Faye (2 года)
lovin' the sound of moki's tail XD

Автор uanbaggins (3 года)
They are so beautiful!!!!!!! Keep up the training...

Автор TheVladmodo (3 года)
lol Moki is female:))

Автор Hollie Gould (3 года)
what on earth would dogs do wit money?

Автор aMsupp (2 года)
What kind of dog is Moki?

Автор SlimShadyKnowles (3 года)

Автор Sonnybear7 (3 года)
thats cool you tought them to do high five lol

Автор GiTzeDemon (3 года)

Автор LivFanatic (2 года)
Aaww:-) so cute😍

Автор hatorigirl101 (3 года)
"Down" Mishka: *Lazy flop*

Автор kim urfhopl (3 года)
stop training them! that's cruel! Please, just let them be themselves,

Автор TheEpicandGuitar (3 года)
down! moki: check! mishka: ima take a rest.

Автор softballmarissa (3 года)
I have a husky that looks like her and my dog looks like moki

Автор Amy Wattsup (3 года)
mishka; lies there and moki;: *rools* HAHA im more talnted than mishka
*tail wags :)* mishka: -_- ...

Автор Sese146 (3 года)
Press 9 for a cute look ♥ :) Awww. *-*

Автор Anna Dawn (3 года)
@ReaLMarie1003 Moki Is A Jack Russel/Pit Bull Mix

Автор Rendajno Junawl (3 года)
aw... so cute. (\m/) you rock.

Автор animalsalways102 (3 года)
moki is so cute! she just rolls all the way over :)

Автор Joseph Tomkins (1 год)
OMG! <3<3 Your dogs are amazzzzing.

Автор Jordan Seymour (3 года)
what breed is moki plz reply

Автор jelka158 (2 года)
I love this dogs!!

Автор afg4lyf4eva (2 года)

Автор ayannaaki (3 года)
Aww Moki looks like my old dog :')

Автор Ben Wheeler (1 год)
I miss moki so much

Автор Ika Ikako (3 года)
:D I love you MISHKAAA :* The dearest dog in the world

Автор Lizzaire The Merchant (3 года)
I wish my dogs were like yours

Автор Ashtyn Joslyn (3 года)
those dogs are SO precious. <3

Автор Akweda (2 года)
this guy really loves his dogs...there was another video with trained
husky, but that one looked rather scared while mishka seems to be happy
doing tricks. I mean husky are difficult to train and so.

Автор BudderAmry . (1 год)
cuz she can talk duh

Автор Lisa Hubbard (3 года)
wow there amazing i can watch them all day .. you are so great with your
animals .. thumbs up ..

Автор Kevin Nguyen (3 года)
Does anyone know the clip of these 2 dogs do the tricks and got a treat
from Mat as he reached up on top of the fridge. I don't remember the name
of that video.

Автор MrGamerBazer (3 года)
@LongClawzHidden your a sick freak.

Автор Venom (3 года)
All my dog can do is jump at his own farts sit on his squeaky toys and trys
to kick his leg whilw your tickling him standing up. But he is very smart
and knows alot of tricks also!

Автор ratedA4Awesum (3 года)
haha, down, Moki: YAY BARRELROLL

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