Mishka the Husky and her sister, Moki, do tricks

Mishka and Moki perform some tricks for the camera (and for treats!)

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Автор Reagan Butrum ( назад)
How did Moki die? She was an awesome dog

Автор Jean Gaboton ( назад)
4 life

Автор Jean Gaboton ( назад)

Автор Haleigh Bug ( назад)
My dog does the same thing as moki! I say "down" she goes down, then rolls.
It's adorable!

Автор Fearlessjazp Tv International Ltd (Leader Of Hess Trucks) ( назад)
moki was in a 2015 video or it was edited.

Автор Young Prince ( назад)
R.i.p. moki is the best!! love these dogs

Автор bsmix72 ( назад)
Come on!
I knew I was going to spell moki wrong!

Автор bsmix72 ( назад)
Good job mishka,and mokie!

Автор Mika XXP ( назад)
Lol.Mat:lay down,Mishka:I'm gonna take a nap,Moki:ok,ok I got to lay down
roll over then stand up,easy!

Автор Hooshie Hooshie ( назад)
OMG! <3<3 Your dogs are amazzzzing. 

Автор CrossFireGaming ( назад)
I miss moki so much

Автор Chemical Bæ ( назад)
cuz she can talk duh

Автор livelifewithshannon ( назад)
I Miss Moki!!!

Автор JasperCat ( назад)
That one is Moki! 

Автор Lara thorsteinsdottir ( назад)
Moki rip

Автор Brittany Tanner ( назад)
Deww :))

Автор Benita Mendes ( назад)
that is the most adorable thing ! ♥ 

Автор salo orozco ( назад)
awwwwwwwwww :3 

Автор SwanSong4aRavenn ( назад)
Omg Moki is so freakin' cute. So is Mishka of course, but I feel like
Mishka is the one that keeps getting all the attention D:! (

Автор agussmiku25 ( назад)
Moki has energy xD it reminds me of my dog c:

Автор Millia XD (1356 лет назад)
smart dogs

Автор menslady125 ( назад)
Moki threw in an extra.

Автор Akweda ( назад)
this guy really loves his dogs...there was another video with trained
husky, but that one looked rather scared while mishka seems to be happy
doing tricks. I mean husky are difficult to train and so. 

Автор coolcats4you ( назад)
what cind of breed is she

Автор xirock02x ( назад)
i love it when he says down moki rolls over then quickly sits 

Автор Nicole F ( назад)
lovin' the sound of moki's tail XD

Автор aMsupp ( назад)
What kind of dog is Moki?

Автор afg4lyf4eva ( назад)

Автор Ivan Nikitin ( назад)
Highly trained puppies!!!

Автор Jadeleen Cacao ( назад)

Автор Taylor Elane ( назад)

Автор Alejandra Solorio ( назад)
There so cute

Автор Moon Horan ( назад)
I really like the high 5 trick 

Автор MineCrafterCity ( назад)
Try to teach it to open and close doors :)

Автор Sparkle1982uk ( назад)
0:03 Moki: I know this one, can I join in? :)

Автор khmer master play ( назад)
How smart they are, ,,I love them

Автор Super Logan (743 года назад)
I wish my dogs were like yours

Автор Tasos Tatsis (115 лет назад)
I love your dogs,they are almost human!

Автор GiTzeDemon (627 лет назад)

Автор Riviera gorkhali ( назад)

Автор wickedXreefaa ( назад)

Автор BadNarwhalGaming ( назад)
A staff I haz a staff

Автор Семён «slipkoZ» Тихонов ( назад)
ОН сказал HALF LIFE))

Автор hatorigirl101 ( назад)
"Down" Mishka: *Lazy flop*

Автор David Ross ( назад)
@thelpsgirl818 Yeah, sometimes I like to get overly pissed off and start
name calling after reading harmless jokes on YouTube comments too..

Автор Jordan Seymour ( назад)
what breed is moki plz reply

Автор deralex1able ( назад)
so sweet

Автор elena ponomarenko ( назад)
GOOOD GIRLS!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!

Автор blexicanbmmx ( назад)
i like how moki rolls over and mishka is like i can talk bitch i dont feel
like rollin ova

Автор Pearl. ( назад)
they're so smart and cute! =3

Автор Genesis Siles ( назад)
That awkward moment when ur dog is listening to what the guy in ur computer
is saying but doesn't listen to u. Like if u agree.

Автор Elizabeth Stypayhorlikson ( назад)
@Blueeyedmummyful you can shut the fuck up.how bout u go suck a dick?

Автор Serena Costodio-Fenion ( назад)
i luv it when Moki rolls over......i have got to teach my dog how to roll
over.....that will take a LONG while!

Автор Jessica Saenz ( назад)
She's sooooo beautiful :(

Автор SwanofMischief ( назад)
I love how Moki runs over like, "I can do tricks, too!"

Автор Amy Wattsup ( назад)
mishka; lies there and moki;: *rools* HAHA im more talnted than mishka
*tail wags :)* mishka: -_- ...

Автор carlos pico ( назад)
Looks like mishka is too fat to do a barrelroll

Автор Sese146 ( назад)
Press 9 for a cute look ♥ :) Awww. *-*

Автор SgEileen10 ( назад)
Omg!! They are so cute!! My dog is so spoiled! She is so picky about her
food and treats and doesn't want to learn the down command.. Pls do share
on ur channel how u take care and feed them from young.. :) I need to learn
and I'm sure lots of ppl will learn too!!

Автор TheEpicandGuitar ( назад)
down! moki: check! mishka: ima take a rest.

Автор Lawrence Olermo ( назад)
moki's tail 0:16

Автор lolagreen4 ( назад)
So cute

Автор Kiwwizz ( назад)
moki is the nerd :DD 

Автор chanXchan010 ( назад)
wish my dog would do stuff like this. only thing i can get him to do is
sing. other than that when i tell him to do something he'll either give my
one of these 0.0 or -_- and stares into my very soul 0.o

Автор Belu Loleo ( назад)
I've been months trying my dog to sit down, what does she do? she barks

Автор sexylovenaruhina (1604 года назад)
They're sisters?

Автор Isabela Novaes ( назад)
i can see that the black one is traying to impress.. she wants to be as
famous as mishka :-) rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

Автор ItsNEZ ( назад)
wow i wish my puppy can do that!

Автор LaloPhoenix ( назад)
tell me how you do that?

Автор Niks Landratovs ( назад)
guy: roll! mishka rolls and stays moki: hell yea i was faster now gimme

Автор randomman971 ( назад)
0:13 Mishka - I ain't rollin over! 

Автор lacinthya (200 лет назад)
Aww !

Автор TrashyP3rf3ctii0n ( назад)
-Looks for LongClawzHidden comment- o.O"

Автор montana874 ( назад)
Hey what's the breed of mishka's sister? I have a husky and a dog that
looks like her too haha 

Автор David Ross ( назад)
I can't wait to see the video of Moki when she finds out she's adopted.

Автор rvばかやろ ( назад)
25 people dislike , they're jealous . 

Автор TrueZeal ( назад)
Do the stockings on the wall belong to the dogs?

Автор Rhiannon Hardy ( назад)
moki: I GONNA BEAT YOU THIS TIME MISHKA mishka: not again ???:lie down
MOKI: hell yeah i was FASTER mishka: i wasnt really bothered anyway XD

Автор Joe Guy ( назад)
It's decided then, I'm taking them home for a cuddle and entertainment

Автор xd3adp0ol02 ( назад)
you must have thousands of burglary cases..0.o

Автор Oscar Feiven ( назад)
@LongClawzHidden dude you are fucked up!

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)
Does anyone know the clip of these 2 dogs do the tricks and got a treat
from Mat as he reached up on top of the fridge. I don't remember the name
of that video. 

Автор Tash Rose De Pledge ( назад)
haha mishka is soo cute she can't turn over 

Автор Hollie Gould ( назад)
what on earth would dogs do wit money?

Автор MrGamerBazer ( назад)
@LongClawzHidden your a sick freak.

Автор Kinar Hava .R ( назад)
moki is super cute! :D

Автор Super Hot Marik ( назад)
@Blueeyedmummyful Lmao, you're so naive. They've been doing this for money
since the very beginning.

Автор Danny Hirst ( назад)
@LongClawzHidden they aren't doing this for money you idiot. how bout you
go drop your own flea ridden ass down at the pound

Автор taylorswift635 ( назад)
@LongClawzHidden shut up and don't get into their business. I bet a grape
is earning more money than you.

Автор Super Hot Marik ( назад)
Why the fuck do you have Moki still? He's not even the one earning you
money. Just go drop of Moki at a pound and forget about him and cash in
more money on Mishka.

Автор Nicholas ( назад)
hhaha at the end you can hear moki's tail hitting the wall :)

Автор MariosBrother1 ( назад)
Mishka got owned by Moki !!

Автор menslady125 ( назад)
Moki gave you a little extra.

Автор Rendajno Junawl ( назад)
aw... so cute. (\m/) you rock. 

Автор Xander Taylor ( назад)
If you're going to give them commands like that, please say "Good sit" or
"Good roll" afterwards. They deserve positive reinforcement. It's not good
training to give them no feedback.

Автор Grace ( назад)
He says good girlS, moki's a girl -.-

Автор pegger18636 (471 год назад)
mishka's sister?? 

Автор ham4fun (1179 лет назад)
@MyBirthday10 dang id hate to see how badly behaved your dog would be if
you had one. 

Автор kim urfhopl ( назад)
stop training them! that's cruel! Please, just let them be themselves,

Автор uanbaggins ( назад)
They are so beautiful!!!!!!! Keep up the training...

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