FSX Cars

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Автор lovro šilović ( назад)
I think i know . At simviation .You can find there almost all planes and
other things alike boats cart planes.......

Автор Ivo Brans ( назад)
and where did you download it?

Автор Ivo Brans ( назад)
How do you get the lights on or the sirens of the fire truck?

Автор RustyisGreat5 ( назад)
When ever I try to get on my Ducati on my FSX it just does Flips

Автор Rekozz ( назад)
That bmw That car can drift on fsx i have it and i been drifting like a
pro. likt just throttle up turn brake throttle all the way down and turn
the other way....then boom your drifting.

Автор Flexy ( назад)
Princess Juliana INTL.

Автор Felipe Nascimento ( назад)
que zuado puff

Автор FSXFaulder ( назад)
@EuropaUX you can get them from fs-freeware

Автор ButchNackley ( назад)
@dman15333 You can get boats for it too.

Автор larsh1711 ( назад)
@dman15333 maby flying car simulator X :D

Автор NeonsStyle ( назад)
Go West by Pet shop boys... it's a gay metaphor.. nothin wrong with
that...each to his own...

Автор Antonio Bonet ( назад)

Автор xXxMartin96xXx ( назад)
@dman15333 id like to introduce yourself to the BRAND NEW ALLSHIT THING ON

Автор TheVistaLover ( назад)
@dman15333 who cares

Автор Kuko Luk ( назад)
nice cars :D

Автор DJSI3434 ( назад)
3:51 you sliced through a car

Автор Ferrariman601 ( назад)
Music is vaguely reminiscent of the Russian national anthem...

Автор wiiconwii ( назад)
Can I fly the cars?

Автор Sean Shangchieh Yeh ( назад)
How do do that? I really want to know, please~

Автор Christian Heinrich ( назад)
holy crap, i had no idea you could do that with fsx, does it work with fsx
deluxe edition?

Автор DJAnexa ( назад)
@Fallschirmjaeger963 In the Netherlands: Apres Ski hut - Het is stil aan de

Автор Just your typical Aussie ( назад)
0:50 no seat belt *shakes head*

Автор Piotr Brzeczyszczikiewicz ( назад)

Автор Kimmy Li ( назад)
need for speed right here lol

Автор thevideocrew123 ( назад)
0:12 Look mama! No hands!

Автор thedreamliner2012 ( назад)
Search google, and you'll find them


Автор scared434 ( назад)
jeahrr 7er bmw haste

Автор Daniel Matschinski ( назад)
@thedreamliner2012 where?? which site?

Автор thedreamliner2012 ( назад)
You can also download boats, motorsycles, trucks. They're jus planes
without wings.

Автор Landi Rizaldi ( назад)
i have hama bus garuda indonesia air asia lion air visit indonesia 2008

Автор TheCarterstudio ( назад)
aah good old Princess Juliana Airport! I remember taking off in a Boeing
727 addon in the demo version! Stupid Mountains at the end of the

Автор Avenged FateHTID ( назад)
is that teh russian anthem?!

Автор Noobsgonewild21 ( назад)
PLEASE ANSWER! How do i be a car in FSX??!?!

Автор BADKALOS ( назад)
i have all the cars planes and missions free just go to fs freeware they

Автор The Flying Gasmask ( назад)
@bullrunlover try simviation and search on fsx misc

Автор Bacon ( назад)
how do you start the car

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
@Fallschirmjaeger963 go west - pet shop boys

Автор Fallschirm Productions ( назад)
music title?

Автор garmin65 ( назад)
@dman15333 lol For more FUN :D like: blocking who want to takeoff in

Автор tosluconi ( назад)
how do I do that

Автор pyramyde1 ( назад)
princes juliana intl yay :DDDDDDDDDD

Автор Louis Sanderson ( назад)
wtf cars in fsx

Автор jeff cowen ( назад)
good except 4 music

Автор SACHIN KRISHNA PILLAI (1272 года назад)
2:49 whos drivin

Автор MMPSOnyou777 ( назад)
what is the cc in that car? 4500cc? well i do have a 760

Автор CrosswindLuka ( назад)
nice virtual cockpit

Автор Tiago Henrique Possamai ( назад)
Gay music, isnt it?

Автор Habbosdify ( назад)

Автор Cristi Bitca ( назад)
Russian anthem ..... music xD

Автор MSKHedge (1562 года назад)
At high speed is takeoff?

Автор AlexisTheKingNL ( назад)

Автор TheJason199819981 ( назад)
How I can drive this car, where I must go ?

Автор Dr Dwe ( назад)
if you want to downlaod the cars go to - fs-freeware and click cars and
then choose :D

Автор awes141 ( назад)
if you pull up will it take off?

Автор Niccolò Martello ( назад)
Hey, where can I find the first car in the video?

Автор TheSamles ( назад)
what do i search on the site?

Автор Seb D ( назад)
Great this :P Nut I have all the cars + why is it just freewares you are
showing us ?

Автор MrGeophil ( назад)
ive my the link for donwload that car pleased??

Автор Josh Brown ( назад)
@bullrunlover if you google "simviation" , then search the site for "FSX
BMW" theres one on there for ya

Автор Cork Dublin PlaneSpotting ( назад)
i tought fsx was FLIGHT SIMULATOR X not Car Simulator X

Автор Gallardo ( назад)
WTF? It looks like a Mercedez-Benz, but it is Lexus????

Автор orbitairify ( назад)
what was the second car

Автор Milan Gilissen ( назад)
how did you do that??? it's cool

Автор Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic ( назад)
guy tell me now....... CAN I GET IT ON FS2004?

Автор nibelung34343 ( назад)
now this is cool start at your house drive to teh airport fly to where
evyour are rent a car to goto the beach

Автор Davidatful ( назад)
Where do you get that cars?

Автор TheNevok ( назад)
@bullrunlover fs-freeware(dot)net/

Автор Giselle76502 ( назад)
What website can I get the fire tender from and is there an RAF car mod?

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
@bullrunlover yes add ons sites

Автор bullrunlover ( назад)
can i get these mods from a site?

Автор hyperkid321 ( назад)
where did you get these cars

Автор Marmalade624 ( назад)
@fsx009 There is no such thing as FSX Professional.

Автор qazwsxedc566 ( назад)
what button is for car

Автор Carlo Magat ( назад)
If you can find one online thats free for download plz give the link

Автор gaiaonlinecheats1 ( назад)
hey check out 3:32 there is a girl beside

Автор Ryze ( назад)
you're gay and you know you are think of it with the bet at the start :D

Автор Victor Mateus ( назад)
2:46 - michael jackson is not dead! LOL

Автор 派大 勳 ( назад)

Автор DJNicos26120 ( назад)
where did you get these cars ?

Автор bobilla223 ( назад)
howd did you get the lights to flash on the firetruck

Автор Dinosbacsi ( назад)
@FlugSimulatorXfan Yeah, I know the simvitationdotcom, and I found the cars
at there. But thx ^^

Автор FSX Fan ( назад)
@Dinosbacsi look in flightsimdotcom or simviationdotcom

Автор Flyboy77 ( назад)
You can get the Lexus at SimViation under misclanious/other

Автор squiddie96 ( назад)
they should stop calling it flight simulator and start calling it simulator
cuz it seems like they everything now!

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
@MrConsammy TNCM

Автор Aaronline ( назад)
what airport???

Автор Aaronline ( назад)
how do you open the windows?

Автор bob k ( назад)
1:14 look mah no hands!

Автор AstroChickenII ( назад)
Where did you get the fire truck from?

Автор AstroChickenII ( назад)
where did you get the fire truck from?

Автор 007super6 ( назад)
please gimme link!

Автор Bhuvesh Manal ( назад)

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
@filipver1 no it was professional

Автор Collin Biedenkapp ( назад)
darn, you beat me to the punch line. I'm the CEO of TurbofanDude
International. I was actually working on that exact thing as a
user-available download package.

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
the site is not longer aviable :D

Автор Dinosbacsi ( назад)
Where you get it? :D

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
yes^^ add-ons ;D

Автор Dinosbacsi ( назад)
How can I drive cars? They are mods? :D

Автор fsx009 ( назад)
go west - pet shop boys

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