Amazing Opera Singing Sensation 8 Years Old

Opera singing sensation child opera singer Aria Tesolin sings Habanera in French from Carmen at her first public stage appearance in concert Aug 3, 2002. Other videos: Child Opera Singer Sings Libiamo & Youngest Opera Singer in the World. Aria did not appear on America's Got Talent. Pls visit http://ariatesolin.com to learn more about Aria & her music. Her songs now play on radio in 25 countries.

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Автор cere tomer ( назад)
Much too young for this song. Can't quite carry it.

Автор Boris Mitchell ( назад)
Fantastic video! thank you for posting

check out ♫ set of Mozart and Rossini arias at

- Boris Mitchell

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
My #youtube Channel just passed 8 million views!
In honour of YouTube's 10 anniversary, I'm sharing my top 10 #viral
#viralvideo to #share . Here's the first with over 3 million views from my
first live performance in 2002 - Amazing 8 Year Old Opera Singer
#youtubeanniversary #youtube10years


Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
This one's from my very first performance singing opera at 8 years old -
the one that started it all #viralvideo #viral #music
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apY2cpfSwnY …

Автор SANTA CLAUSE ( назад)
wish this Guy would let her sing and stop talking so much

Автор Anthony Diziacomo ( назад)
FoxTango: You should have said that Jackie Evanko is no Aria Tesolini.

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
And of course if you want to see something less than perfect here is Aria
Tesolin Sings Opera and Laughs. Aria Tesolin sings opera & laughs

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
You might also be interested in My Heart is a Factory on VEVO. Aria
released her album Ascension in April 2013 which, for the first time,
features her original music and lyrics. Check it out here: Aria Tesolin -
My Heart is a Factory

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
Learn more about Aria Tesolin and her music at http://ariatesolin.com 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
Aria's newest music video for The Key is now on VEVO. Watch it here.
Aria Tesolin - The Key

Автор goldenthroat86 ( назад)
How can she be an "opera singing sensation" when she's never once sung in
an opera?

Автор Natasha Cherry ( назад)
thank you for sharing, it was so nice that I was crying very hard!
you should be on American's Got Talent! (P.S: I love Opera music)

Автор Danielle Pittenturf ( назад)
Johnathan is right but I dont understand it though

Автор Anthony Diziacomo ( назад)
Of course you should not have been on America's Got Talent - way below your
Caliber. (/S/ Marcello Tullivio ConteLuno.)

Автор Anthony Diziacomo ( назад)
Rendered Speechless. (/S/ Marcello Tullivio ConteLuna.)

Автор Litewskie Pola ( назад)
Sorry, I don't feel it. 

Автор blindpianist1 ( назад)
She's extremely talented but the time for this aria hasn't come yet. It's a
romantic aria, describing how Carmen feels about love. This girl is just 8,
at this age we can't understand what she actually sings about. I'd let her
voice and her mind grow for some 4-5 years.

Автор Rob Pagnani ( назад)

Автор Matt Baker ( назад)

Автор Sasha James ( назад)
U sound great

Автор conebunny903 ( назад)
yes, she's talented for her age, but this is no song for an 8 year old to
be singing. and she is NOT an opera singer. 

Автор Sophie Sheppard ( назад)
Needs a bit work but still amazing xxx

Автор Alexis MacKenzie ( назад)

Автор MrTheWayfarer ( назад)
and what has French to do with it? 

Автор TMTGAU ( назад)
@operaqt simply amazing, wonerful, keep it up.

Автор Anne Mason ( назад)
You're right about Jackie, but this girl is incorrect as well. Her voice
sounds very strained and her vibrato is forced. 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
This video was made 7 years before Jackie appeared. In this video Aria was
2 years younger than Jackie when Jackie made her first appearance. They
have completely different and unique voices. No one should be comparing.
Aria was Jackie's inspiration.

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
This video had nothing to do with Aria experiencing her childhood. She did
and has enjoyed every minute. People shouldn't make lifestyle assumptions
about lifestyle from seeing a few videos.

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
she's fluent in French

Автор diesesmadchen ( назад)
So many people comparing this young lady to Jachie Evancho. For one, I
doubt Jackie could pull this song off. Its a difficult piece to perform and
I think Aria did wonderfully considering her age. Also, the difference in
technique is astounding. If you notice Aria's jaw, its not bouncing with
the vibrato as Jackie's does, which indicates that Aria is being trained
right. Jackie will eventually trash her voice if she doesn't learn proper

Автор zabudka7777 ( назад)
Not comparable to Jackie Evancho, sorry.

Автор diesesmadchen ( назад)
At 8 yrs old, singing Habenera, yes others will be better. Her voice is no
tmature enough for the song, and she is lucky she didn't trash her voice
singing it this young. But the daring attempt and the fact that it sounded
very good at that age is something even Jackie Evancho can't compare to.

Автор marcia constable ( назад)
hey you sond amazing

Автор patriotsuperfan ( назад)
NOT GOOD O GOD watevs shes just 8

Автор delilahgraziella ( назад)
Not that good..:| its just a bit flat and plain.. but good for 8 years old,
of course!!! u obviously had lessons before this though

Автор Lalhmachhuana Khawlhring ( назад)
k duh ce i jai thym twpzzzzzz 

Автор Lowri Probert ( назад)
She's too young for an aria, she would've suited something more appropriate
for her age

Автор Kaptain Kanada ( назад)
They're two different singers of two different genres and BOTH are great!

Автор Blue princess ( назад)
How does she remember thoose liriks

Автор Sam C ( назад)
Amazing voice! Watch this one too (Copy and paste URL) watch?v=zTJgERQTdow

Автор richardoky ( назад)
Patrícia Janečková comes in a close 2nd to Jackie IMO

Автор Melody Manzanas ( назад)
Jackie Evancho is still the BEST..... sorry...

Автор Kayla Opore ( назад)

Автор Textilegurl123 ( назад)
She is only eight cut her som slack for heavens sake she's trying to follow
her dream the child's got a gift and yes there are some areas for
improventment and like I said she's only 8! X

Автор Kaisa Padur (karumõmmike11) ( назад)
no-no-no...it is not good - she is just too young!

Автор Pk9076 ( назад)
That is what they said about Jackie Evancho but she doesn't. Why is it that
every time some kid can sing like this they are called fake? 

Автор aghelphowtosandfun ( назад)
jacie evancho is 1000000000 times better

Автор Gabriela Sima ( назад)
Another very nice song
Watch 2:30! It is really wonderful.

Автор Grace Losano ( назад)
She is lip singing

Автор Alina Jaritz ( назад)
sounds stupid 

Автор thatrestoshamanBB ( назад)
2:20 ....your welcome 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@operaqt Just posted 2 new opera videos at 18, Aria Sings Voi Che Sapete
and Ombra Mai Fu with the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra. Now you
can see the difference! 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
Thanks for watching this video of my first performance at 8. I'm now 18. I
invite you to visit my Channel operaqt to hear my new song Dolce and
my web site ariatesolin-dot-com. Album Baby Soprano and 2 new
singles including Dolce avail on iTunes. & my new EP featuring 3 love
songs has just been released!! 

Автор Jean-Michel JM (Jojo) ( назад)
Sa voix est très belle.Avec beaucoup de travail,elle fera une très grande

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@elizabethftw The Dolce video was recorded when Aria was 17. There are more
new live videos on her channel. She continues to study opera with a very
respected Toronto opera coach, but she is a genuine artist and her music
extends beyond this. 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@elizabethftw Aria responds personally on Facebook. She is a high mezzo and
is just releasing an EP. The low notes you mentioned are really well below
her range. The song Dolce has a really wide tessitura and is difficult to

Автор ElizabethAshley ( назад)
I just saw a more recent video, I figured she(you?) would end up singing
lower songs beautifully. Very beautiful voice and you have fantastic

Автор ElizabethAshley ( назад)
I think if anything the support and projection needed to be worked on at
this point. Because this song is not meant to be sung into a microphone and
even with the microphone it was hard to hear her at some points. But the
potential was definitely there. I'm curious as to where she is in her
singing career now?

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@Enflamedgoddess Thank you! 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@Sednareinedeseaux She just did. Please take a look at her channel and you
can read about the arias she sang live in concert at this age with tenors.
This is her choice. We ask that you please respect it. 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@sing1118 This video is from 2002. 

Автор Sednareinedeseaux ( назад)
An 8-year-old kid just CAN'T sing arias like these. Stop trying. There are
other beautiful things, more appropriate for child's voice than pieces of
music written for mature women... it's biological, seldom a matter of

Автор 2010wieliczka ( назад)
@operaqt Sorry, but if you want to be named true opera singer you must sing
in complete, proffesional opera performances, not only concerts. Like Alois
Mühlbacher (Barbara, Alcina). Jackie Evancho is very tallented, but I dont
believe, that he will be able to sing as Oberto when she become 14 years
old singer... Sorry for my poor english.

Автор cheese wizz ( назад)
your hot I am 8 too

Автор mahtexas ( назад)
this was not good. 

Автор luzbelica1709 ( назад)
awww that guys intro made me expect more dissapointed :( waaaay too breathy
and needs more support but its good for an 8 year old 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@jesusbernardino Phantom of the Opera is a broadway musical, not opera. I
was performing 6 opera arias live with tenors in concerts for thousands at
8 years old and several other sacred arias and Italian songs. This was in
2002. Yes I performed in recitals younger than this. Please read my channel
for full details. Jackie was one of the young people who was inspired by
this video. This is my work and I have earned respect for it. 

Автор Jesus Bernardino Garcia Salcido ( назад)
Sorry, but some of your videos have a wrong title, you no are the unic girl
singing opera at 8 years old, Jackie Evancho sing one song of the "Phantom
of the Opera" at 7 years old, she now have 11 and sing better than you,
sorry, but is my opinion. Sorry for the bad english, i'm studing that in
this moment.

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@rezaputra25 Sorry...this was from a videocassette. 

Автор Reza Putra (1635 лет назад)
Is there any HQ version for this video or the relevant?

Автор Bryony Armstrong ( назад)
She's amazing, but her voice doesn't sound comfortable. Probably should
have started smaller so her voice could grow instead of pushing it.

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@freakindoglover124 no she's 18 now...

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@58tu 18

Автор Deborah Drinkle ( назад)
She is good. But she will be better after training.

Автор lacey rayne ( назад)
@bugit317 quit hatin' she's 8 bro. this is a hard fricking song I'm 15 and
in voice lessons and all I still can't do this. 

Автор Hooz97 ( назад)
no boi

Автор hazelssister ( назад)
A lot of people, children and adults, can sing like that . nothing

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@bugit317 this song is in french.

Автор cali curvs ( назад)

Автор heather rhodus ( назад)
She lip singing cause she not even saying the right words

Автор Francis Stevens ( назад)
3:00 RAMOOOOOOO... RAMOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!........ well ramooo to u 2 hahaha

Автор BabyEater9000 ( назад)
@operaqt I'm sure she can speak French, as Canadian children receive
quality French language education. With that aside, I have some
reservations about calling this singer a "sensation" or even "amazing"
because she is not. Someone like Connie Talbot would be a "sensation", not

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@BabyEater9000 Guess you'll need to read the comments posted earlier on
this video. She's fluent in french, not just singing words she doesn't
understand. But obviously reinterpreting the "connotations" in the song to
sing about the freedom of love. 

Автор berfin siringul ( назад)
i can do that

Автор Troyler (995 лет назад)
i dont think shes that good i mean yea she is 8 yrs old but still shes not
the best prea singer

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@TheOperababe18 Did you listen to the whole song? There is nothing manly
about her voice. But the tessitura of the song is very dramatic. Starts off
really low, below her range, and then goes quite high. 

Автор Keri Dameron ( назад)
This girl is 17 now and sounds like a man. I do not like her new song at

Автор richardoky ( назад)
Why would anyone hit the dislike, If you don't like it there are millions
of other clips for you to watch.

Автор richardoky ( назад)
I enjoyed it but that tune stuck in my head all day long.

Автор Mari8BZF ( назад)
that at that age MY GRANDMOTHER HAS FORBIDDEN ME to take singing classes to
keep my voice and becoma a great opera singer just like my familty expects
me to and i'm willing to wait until i'm 16 to start singing.

Автор Aria Tesolin (1155 лет назад)
@pbandjotterlover Video was filmed on Aug. 3, 2002, weeks before Aria's 9th
birthday. YouTube didn't exist then. It was posted in 2006. 

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@Cryonne Haha...yes that's for sure. However this was filmed live at an
outdoor concerts of thousands in 2002 onto a videocassette. So that's the
best we can do on this one :) 

Автор mi yu ( назад)
Ah..., I think there's something had to be done for her in terms of sound
engineering. She must be great, but sadly we can't get the full opera feel
she's performing. But that means she's not Protooled or something. So, it's
quite amazing to see what she's achieving on this stage: all the sense for
sounds and rhythms, which she already knows at this age and uses her gifts
very cleverly! Thanks for posting this video. I'm really really impressed.

Автор Paris Mitchell ( назад)
she's pushing her voacal cords

Автор Mayim Elyse ( назад)
the vibrato requied for thissong is not quite developed yet in her voice.
it sounds very forced. but she has talent and sure after years of training
is quite good now.

Автор Erunis100 ( назад)
she is amazing

Автор masorlie sorlie (1810 лет назад)
Not so good.

Автор AnimeAngel462 (1399 лет назад)
@operaqt your welcome =D I watched a couple more of her videos and she has
gotten better over the years. Her voice is lovely, i'm sure she is already
very successful. though my favorite video is when she sang ave maria

Автор Aria Tesolin ( назад)
@glossyorb Thank you very much for helping others to recognize this. Aria
is now not only continuing her core vocal practice in opera but has also
become a singer and songwriter on her own merit and one of Toronto's top
ranked poets (non-youth). 

Автор glossyorb ( назад)
@hello152984 and you say this because you are bigoted against opera, no?
She is 17 now, and still performs, ON HER OWN. She was not pushed... she
enjoys it.

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