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Автор ElenTiTyVIV (1 месяц)
vengo por jpelirrojo xDD

Автор Oliver Kosunen (9 месяцев)
Sls!!! Space launch system is the rocket to take humans to asteroids and

Автор fucheduck (9 месяцев)
put it on one of those Delta IV's maybe not a lost project.

Автор Musicman81Indy (9 месяцев)
I have read so many comments on so many videos, and it really amazes me how
many arm chair astronauts and arm chair scientists there are who think they
know it all. Just makes me sick to see so many people give so much
criticism to what NASA is dong, and mouthing off about all the things they
THINK they know. I saw some comments on another video saying that since
the Orion command module looks like Apollo, therefore they said it's "old
technology". Are people really that dense and stupid as to think that NASA
would actually use 1960s technology to fly ANYTHING today? People need to
wake up and get a sense of reality and do some research before they come on
here blabbing about things they don't understand. 

Автор Daniel Prado (10 месяцев)

Автор Joan Evans (1 год)
Nasa as a government body/department is dependent on CONGRESS for funding.
When the funding gets cut the projects get cut. (Nixon cancelled the Apollo
program, so no more Saturn 5s; and 40 years later everything you need to
build one is gone).
It's a shame as the hardware is built by private industry, and all the
expertise moves on (if they're lucky) to other work. Meanwhile the F35 is
years overdue and is unbelieveable amounts of money over budget and it
still gets funding. Go figure.

Автор marshalcraft (1 год)
future lem looks crappy compared to original

Автор Morgan Jones (3 года)
Flatulence sound up into space.

Автор Hein Min Tun (3 года)
@srblackbird1 Sure. In that case, I have nothing else to hear from you. I
have done nothing but talk to you with respect- if you're going to troll
around with your attitude, I'd rather hear from someone more educated and

Автор owazio (3 года)

Автор ImCrazy (3 года)
@TubyJan well it would be boring without noise (:

Автор vladmir paler (1 год)
as long as they canceled this for mars or an asteroid i am fine by it.
besides getting to mars or capturing an asteroid sound more exciting than
establishing a moon base.

Автор beaniebrothers1 (3 года)
@jlr92958 oo ok thanks but i thought they were goen to use a different type
of rocket...... crap earlier i meant to say saturn V rockets

Автор dave alen (2 года)
Been there done that! The space programe is in a mallaize!Go to mars with
the ruskies andchinks

Автор Juuso Peltoniemi (2 года)
Falcon Heavy is going to fly with 27 engines, and because of that it will
be a complex rocket. Even heavier Falcon rocket could have up to 40 or more
engines... read what happened to the soviet N1 "moon rocket" what had 30

Автор Mandolinpossum (2 года)
The Shuttle had been in use since 1981. It was aging and its systems showed
that. It was effective in its time for delivering people and payloads to
orbit, but now with Atlas V, Soyuz, Dragon, and the other vehicles in use
and development, it's cheaper to use rockets to get things up there. It'll
likely be a while before NASA goes back to spaceplanes, but with all the
recent advances in the name of space tourism, we certainly haven't seen the
last of them in the private sector.

Автор Edward Chernarus (2 года)
NASA's goal my uncle works at KSC is to develop the SLS and the Orian
capsule then their going to use the moon for test flybys and once they got
those two systems their going to try an asteroid and try and develop a
lander that can both withstand the heat of mars's atmosphere and be able to
exit its atmosphere

Автор benneb1000 (2 года)
I would of said "FIX NASA NOW!"

Автор Ethan Nino (3 года)
The Ares V, grandfather of all rockets... No more!! SCANDALOUS!

Автор Jahobes (2 года)
Fucking Bush.

Автор heliosium (3 года)
The winner of the Nobel prize. the Terminator of voyages to the Moon. The
continuator of the war on terror. The man who wants to be reelected. Why I
don´t get amazed by all of it? Because we are aboard the Titanic and I am
seeing the iceberg.

Автор joe biden (3 года)
This is all bullshit i should be living in space right know.let me live in
space dammit.

Автор A86 (3 года)
@cheezoncrack - The Afghanistan War isn't over, just the Iraq one. Now
we're gearing up to replace Iraq with a war with Iran.

Автор Sadik Gungor (3 года)
@luisr12491 How is this Obamas fault ?

Автор Shawn Driscoll (2 года)
The only new funding NASA might get is for a proposed upgrade to their
museum to bring in more tourists. And to rename a NASA airport a spaceport.
The rest of the stuff still going on was already paid for. Houston will
soon see a cut in jobs as well.

Автор Mandolinpossum (2 года)
Again, you make it painfully obvious that you have not even the faintest
clue of what you're talking about.

Автор Atmos (3 года)
I say we cut defense in half, and put that half into space exploration and
education. Our military might gets us into situations that are unnecessary.

Автор Woodzy (2 года)
In 2010, US President Barrack Obama signed a bill cancelling plans for a
manned mission to the Moon by 2020, and instead, authorizing manned
missions to an asteroid in 2025 and to the planet Mars by the 2030s. maybe
that's why so we can concentrate on getting to MARS!! (provided this
information is correct.)

Автор matthewakian2 (3 года)
@Jonno2summit We need some FLAs in there. Mix it up a bit!

Автор Chad Snow (2 года)
On a side note, The Engines the used in the N1 were NK-33 held the record
for the highest thrust to weight ration from 1974-2013 and that is why it
was purchased by Orbital Sciences for the Antares Rocket. SpaceX beat the
record with the Merlin 1D with >1/150 thrust to weight ratio. The F-1
engine holds the highest thrust record, but the SpaceX Rapture engine will
be more powerful.

Автор Subic Song (3 года)
Aged Orion ......

Автор Mandolinpossum (2 года)
Where are you getting this nonsense? NASA still is funded by the
government. They are massively underfunded, (and have been since even
before the Bush administration) but they have, by no means whatsoever shut
down, or ended in any way, shape or form. They launched two space probes
out of Kennedy Space Center just about a month ago without any issue caused
by "environmental surveys". Even if that were the case, NASA has space
centers across the country, not just in Florida.

Автор kurt selvester (3 года)
as spoken in the great words of white goodman "fuck you chuck norris"

Автор robisilvi (3 года)
Ne higgyen senki a NASA-nak!Hazudnak!Soha nem mondtak igazat!De eljött
végre az emberek ideje!Nem vagyunk állatok!Jogunk van az igazsághoz!Ami
kezdődik abban milliók vesznek részt!És tanulja meg végre minden álszent

Автор Doctor699 (3 года)
where is the like multiple times button? Its bad enough cancelling the
program, but it is tragic that we cant even get to LEO anymore!

Автор Hein Min Tun (3 года)
@srblackbird1 Really? Is that what you do? Bring profanity into the
conversation, and insult a random stranger just because you're safe behind
your pc?

Автор danthemanzizle (2 года)
I like the simplicity of using one simple oversized solid booster to get a
liquid 2nd stage out of the atmosphere then burn the more efficient liquid
motor to take care of the remaining delta V needed to get to orbit,
although, being that it's a nasa design I'm sure it will be just as
expensive to launch as the fucking space shuttle.

Автор Chad Snow (1 год)
I am not talking about Falcon Heavy, I am talking about Falcon XX that
would lift at least 140 metric tons.

Автор Shawn Driscoll (2 года)
There is no NASA if Obama stopped funding it. Florida is now asking for
their land back since NASA is gone. Any future plans by NASA in Florida
will require environmental surveys performed first, which means no future

Автор Enatbyte (3 года)
@HeartStrikerz He's right sadly.

Автор Mandolinpossum (2 года)
The Radiation Belt Storm Probes which were launched last month to study the
Van Allen Radiation Belt, Orion and Altair are both still being funded and
developed, despite the Constellation program itself being cancelled, and
just today, NASA announced plans to install a space station into an orbit
slightly higher than the moon in, if all goes according to plan, just over
half a decade. NASA's funding is a cut of the whole of the government's
annual budget, not awarded per project.

Автор bnbcraft6666 (1 год)
ares 1 & 5 where cancelled ares 1 was replaced by the sls and they changed
the Orion mpcv design of the service module and altair lunar lander it was
too heavy so thats dead now where just working on getting it ready so moon
plans will most likely come after we capture an asteroid bring it to earth
and study it

Автор HeartStrikerz (3 года)
this is not cancelled? the constellation program will make these a reality

Автор Sarge Rho (1 год)
Complex, yes, but it can lose multiple engines. You lose one engine on say,
a Delta II and you're fucked.

Автор A86 (3 года)
@TheBurmanUnicorn - Buzz Aldrin abandoned Obama. He says Obama's space plan
is not what he thought it would be.

Автор IMAMPOJMA (2 года)
why rocket works in vacuum

Автор Mandolinpossum (2 года)
What do you expect? A new space station every other week? NASA can only
afford to work on so many projects at once. They recieve less than one
percent of the annual federal budget. It's not a lot to work with. If you
really want to blame someone for how underfunded NASA is, you can blame
Congress who have consistently cut NASA's budget in favor of National
Defense over the years, regardless of the president in office at the time.

Автор kjp7324 (2 года)
We should just hand our money over to the poor little drug dealing ghetto
scum instead of funding such exploration

Автор Hein Min Tun (3 года)
@srblackbird1 Armstrong disagrees, true, but that doesn't mean anything? Is
he God, or something? And besides, Buzz Aldrin and former directors do
support Obama.

Автор The Blue Kommandant (2 года)
Is it just me or did they only use one sound for the entire animation?

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