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Автор Rainbow Deer Glaxy ( назад)

Автор Sheyanne Mays ( назад)
boxen ,mousen what the

Автор DemonWhiteFox ( назад)
Cat, K-A-T I'm outta here. I know there's two T's XD

Автор flutterbat ( назад)

Автор Dawna Burdick ( назад)
This is exactly how I was, and still am, in school...... It is really
funny. Because on a day where we have a Spelling Bee in English, I will
always spell the first word wrong because I know that i'm not going to win,
so why bother. I want to go back to my seat and draw for the rest of the

Автор The all out “Naruto” YouTuber ( назад)
the moose wanted food fooden is eatenesen *What* 😂😂

Автор Kimmy Scarlet ( назад)
here were many much moosen!!!

Автор Abby ASMR ( назад)
Moosen. 😂

Автор Ash Late ( назад)


Автор Rob Cramer ( назад)
it the sun dumbass

Автор brother of steel ( назад)
cat k.a.t I'm out of here

Автор Aiko Makoto ( назад)
This describes my entire school years

Автор Rob Cramer ( назад)
i feel u on that

Автор Hanna Uchiha ( назад)
It is an amazing video, great job for making it.
It is very funny.

Автор Orion Kidd ( назад)
Weekends and holidays 

Автор Andrew Cox ( назад)
the big yello one is the sun

Автор Ashari Criswell ( назад)
Weekends and holidays!!!!!

Автор anime rules2005 ( назад)
Lol :D

Автор monty owens ( назад)

Автор Ellie Eagleton ( назад)
"Many much moosen!"

Автор Deveishwaar Raja Sager ( назад)
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaart funny

Автор HollowSun09 ( назад)
I got two boxen of donuts! LOL it's so retarded iit's funny. 

Автор Cleo The Patra ( назад)
I died at the oxen part what am I saying I'm dying at the whole video!

Автор ecos889 ( назад)
There not moosen you silly they are mother fucking meese. :P 

Автор NickPresents1 ( назад)
Kishimoto made Kakashi into a posing model

Автор Bebe Coolz ( назад)
Lol !Thanks for uploading! 

Автор Levy_McGarden 101 ( назад)
I find it so funny and ironic how spot on each character was!:)

Автор Vincent Purple guy /Russia (Jesse Sullivan) ( назад)
On week-ends and holidays
Brian what are you an Idiot?

Автор Ruka Hatake ( назад)
dat Kakashi doe XD

Автор Flying Colors ( назад)
He got me at the plural for moose, i didn't fucking know it either xD

Автор hussain sadda ( назад)
Lol hahahaha

Автор Sean Bastert ( назад)
hes funny

Автор Sean Bastert ( назад)
who is this comedian

Автор H. Thefriend (happy) ( назад)

Автор Emma Etuk ( назад)
this is my liffe XD

Автор Unknown ( назад)

Автор SpeedBird AMV ( назад)
I remember when I was camping my friend said this whole joke to me. I
laughed so hard.

Автор cookie crums EVERYWHERE!!! ( назад)

Автор Prettyredd Bri ( назад)
Mmfao the meese wanted the food in the woodesenah XD

Автор DarkSorceress_77 ( назад)
The big yellow one is the sun!!

Автор CiMe Drawz101 ( назад)
Cat K.A.T Im outta here THATS SOO ME XD@!

Автор Mary Bever ( назад)
this is really funny! HAHAHA!!!!!

Автор robert jakson ( назад)
rock lee uses no such thing as a zipper or does he??

Автор TheCecikool ( назад)
So hilarious my stomach is hurting 

Автор Sashel Park ( назад)
Ever since I saw this I've ALWAYS used that i before e rulr :D

Автор Enthernal Edits ( назад)
To funny

Автор electriclord301 ( назад)
Brian are you speaking in German? "German GERMAINE!" Brian what the hell
are you talking about!

Автор S1L3NTK1LL3R JAY ( назад)
2:38 Best part... nuff said

Автор Gasp Chan ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Michaelis ( назад)
do not insult the kitties! *grins*

Автор Moonshadow The Blue ( назад)
0:58 doesn't that put u in another level when your teachers look at you
like that...? XD

Автор Catherine Solumsmo ( назад)
Katt is actually the Norwegian word for Cat XD I know because I'm Norwegian.

Автор daniel rodiguez ( назад)
sounds like me even I didn't know the prural thing XD

Автор robert jakson ( назад)
this made me cry

Автор Dread Naught ( назад)
I remember I've heard the cup of dirt part.

Автор Lord Awkwardness ( назад)
brian regan is hilarious

Автор AnimeNerd4KH ( назад)
i got my little sister to start saying moosen XD

Автор Juliana Boor ( назад)
the part about procrastination sounded a lot like me when I was in school
lol XD

Автор jill huz ( назад)
there was a guy in my old school he spelled "one" "1"

Автор Chaos Bladewing ( назад)
Heh! He knew L337 SP34K before it was cool! :p (I think I did that right,
my L337's a bit rusty ^_^')

Автор patrick kissmyass ( назад)
lol kat is dutch for cat;p

Автор VenomousTurtleTV ( назад)
lol me too xD

Автор VenomousTurtleTV ( назад)
lol me too xD

Автор Shine Feline ( назад)
more like katten

Автор RAZOR KiiLLER ( назад)
same here

Автор Bren Tenkage ( назад)
I can totally relate to him, I love that joke, "heh I know there are two
t's" Love it

Автор GhostBro92 ( назад)
Fucking katts.

Автор Bianca Galindo ( назад)
And you'll always be wrong NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!!!! XD OMG that was funny

Автор Tay Brandt ( назад)
Lol so funny

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
"Brian whats I before e rule?" "Uh... I before E always" "Are you an
idiot?" "uhhhhhhh apparently!!!" that cracked me up

Автор draco prognatus ( назад)
I gotta cup of diiirt I gotta cup a dirt!

Автор sammuel herrera ( назад)

Автор Hell8998 ( назад)
Brian what're you talkin about?

Автор Hell8998 ( назад)
I know it has 2 Ts

Автор Chase Mason Papis ( назад)
k: brian, brian ur an imbecile! N: imbecilen!!!

Автор crimsonninja117 ( назад)
the big yellow one is da sun

Автор Antonio Rodriguez ( назад)
Kat I'm out of here

Автор SuperSmashJon ( назад)
I think Susake would misspell a word on purpose lol

Автор Dre Reid ( назад)
i didn't know sakura was an irwin lol

Автор a7xorcist66 ( назад)
The big yellow one is the sun!

Автор Madison Schweihofer ( назад)
Up against the wall! It's time for public humiliation! XD

Автор Madison Schweihofer ( назад)

Автор Luis Rivera ( назад)
Thats how I am

Автор Kasey Rogge ( назад)
this discribes school for me right now im a "IMBACILEN"

Автор XxYearOfTheTigerxX ( назад)
i love this "Brian...you're an imbecile..." "IMBACILEN!!!"

Автор Justin Rivera ( назад)
lol XD

Автор Mary McLemore ( назад)
So THATS why Lee wears a body suit, he doesn't know how to zip his own
pants! OK. It all makes sense now...

Автор emo9otaku ( назад)
Deh big yellew wen iss da SUN!

Автор Justin Rivera ( назад)
imbesolen XD

Автор Joe Lippy ( назад)
how'd ya swing that?

Автор Ivan Zhyvolup ( назад)
that's 'imbecillen' fool get with da program :3

Автор jayjay hodges ( назад)
i dont know

Автор Laura Berman ( назад)
Lmao haha

Автор Toonami4EvaX ( назад)
I swear i thought he was going to say meese instead of moosen lol

Автор amya ellison ( назад)

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