Naruto Comedians: Stupid in School

This is basically Naruto clips, dubed by Brain Regan. Please watch the second installment here.


Disclaimer: i don't own the anime or the comedian nor his material

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Автор Rob Cramer ( назад)
it the sun dumbass

Автор brother of steel ( назад)
cat k.a.t I'm out of here

Автор Aiko Makoto ( назад)
This describes my entire school years

Автор Rob Cramer ( назад)
i feel u on that

Автор Hanna Uchiha ( назад)
It is an amazing video, great job for making it.
It is very funny.

Автор Orion Kidd ( назад)
Weekends and holidays 

Автор Andrew Cox ( назад)
the big yello one is the sun

Автор Ashari Criswell ( назад)
Weekends and holidays!!!!!

Автор anime rules2005 ( назад)
Lol :D

Автор Mukolo Blessed Onyechukwu Goziri ( назад)

Автор monty owens ( назад)

Автор Ellie Eagleton ( назад)
"Many much moosen!"

Автор Deveishwaar Raja Sager ( назад)
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaart funny

Автор HollowSun09 ( назад)
I got two boxen of donuts! LOL it's so retarded iit's funny. 

Автор Cleo The Patra ( назад)
I died at the oxen part what am I saying I'm dying at the whole video!

Автор ecos889 ( назад)
There not moosen you silly they are mother fucking meese. :P 

Автор destinee wilson ( назад)

Автор NickPresents 1 ( назад)
Kishimoto made Kakashi into a posing model

Автор Bebe Coolz ( назад)
Lol !Thanks for uploading! 

Автор Levy_McGarden 101 ( назад)
I find it so funny and ironic how spot on each character was!:)

Автор Vincent Purple guy /Russia (Jesse Sullivan) ( назад)
On week-ends and holidays
Brian what are you an Idiot?

Автор Ruka Hatake ( назад)
dat Kakashi doe XD

Автор WiseKing97 ( назад)
a little humour

Автор Candy Star ( назад)
He got me at the plural for moose, i didn't fucking know it either xD

Автор hussain sadda ( назад)
Lol hahahaha

Автор Sean Bastert ( назад)
hes funny

Автор Sean Bastert ( назад)
who is this comedian

Автор H. Thefriend (happy) ( назад)

Автор Emma Etuk ( назад)
this is my liffe XD

Автор happie slime ( назад)

Автор Unknown ( назад)

Автор marvelousmeganium420 SEMI-HIATUS ( назад)
I remember when I was camping my friend said this whole joke to me. I
laughed so hard.

Автор cookie crums EVERYWHERE!!! ( назад)

Автор Diamond Curls ( назад)
Mmfao the meese wanted the food in the woodesenah XD

Автор DarkSorceress_77 ( назад)
The big yellow one is the sun!!

Автор CiMe Drawz101 ( назад)
Cat K.A.T Im outta here THATS SOO ME XD@!

Автор Mary Bever ( назад)
this is really funny! HAHAHA!!!!!

Автор robert jakson ( назад)
rock lee uses no such thing as a zipper or does he??

Автор TheCecikool ( назад)
So hilarious my stomach is hurting 

Автор Sashel Park ( назад)
Ever since I saw this I've ALWAYS used that i before e rulr :D

Автор Itz Fatal ( назад)
To funny

Автор Fictional Reader ( назад)

Автор electriclord301 ( назад)
Brian are you speaking in German? "German GERMAINE!" Brian what the hell
are you talking about!

Автор S1L3NTK1LL3R JAY ( назад)
2:38 Best part... nuff said

Автор Toxic Monster ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Michaelis ( назад)
do not insult the kitties! *grins*

Автор KurohanabusaDontrun ( назад)
"I" before "E" epx. after "C" and sounding like "A" as in neighbors and way
and weekend and on holidays and all through may. and you'll always be wrong
no matter what you say. ( i'll qout this till im 30...... is that the right
way?...... idc isdc)

Автор Moonshadow The Blue ( назад)
0:58 doesn't that put u in another level when your teachers look at you
like that...? XD

Автор Catherine Solumsmo ( назад)
Katt is actually the Norwegian word for Cat XD I know because I'm Norwegian.

Автор daniel rodiguez ( назад)
sounds like me even I didn't know the prural thing XD

Автор robert jakson ( назад)
this made me cry

Автор Dread Naught ( назад)
I remember I've heard the cup of dirt part.

Автор Lord Awkwardness ( назад)
brian regan is hilarious

Автор AnimeNerd4KH ( назад)
i got my little sister to start saying moosen XD

Автор Juliana Boor ( назад)
the part about procrastination sounded a lot like me when I was in school
lol XD

Автор jill huz ( назад)
there was a guy in my old school he spelled "one" "1"

Автор Chaos Bladewing ( назад)
Heh! He knew L337 SP34K before it was cool! :p (I think I did that right,
my L337's a bit rusty ^_^')

Автор Ismail Caz ( назад)
there are more, but thats the last im posting :D
+Daniel Namu-Fetha 

Автор patrick kissmyass ( назад)
lol kat is dutch for cat;p

Автор VenomousTurtleTV ( назад)
lol me too xD

Автор VenomousTurtleTV ( назад)
lol me too xD

Автор Shine Cat ( назад)
more like katten

Автор RAZOR KiiLLER ( назад)
same here

Автор Bren Tenkage ( назад)
I can totally relate to him, I love that joke, "heh I know there are two
t's" Love it

Автор GhostBro92 ( назад)
Fucking katts.

Автор Bianca Galindo ( назад)
And you'll always be wrong NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY!!!! XD OMG that was funny

Автор mokathevampire08 ( назад)
Lol so funny

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
"Brian whats I before e rule?" "Uh... I before E always" "Are you an
idiot?" "uhhhhhhh apparently!!!" that cracked me up

Автор draco prognatus ( назад)
I gotta cup of diiirt I gotta cup a dirt!

Автор sammuel herrera ( назад)

Автор Hell8998 ( назад)
Brian what're you talkin about?

Автор Hell8998 ( назад)
I know it has 2 Ts

Автор Maja Papis ( назад)
k: brian, brian ur an imbecile! N: imbecilen!!!

Автор crimsonninja117 ( назад)
the big yellow one is da sun

Автор Antonio Rodriguez ( назад)
Kat I'm out of here

Автор SuperSmashJon ( назад)
I think Susake would misspell a word on purpose lol

Автор Dre Reid ( назад)
i didn't know sakura was an irwin lol

Автор a7xorcist66 ( назад)
The big yellow one is the sun!

Автор Madison Schweihofer ( назад)
Up against the wall! It's time for public humiliation! XD

Автор Madison Schweihofer ( назад)

Автор Luis Rivera ( назад)
Thats how I am

Автор Kasey Rogge ( назад)
this discribes school for me right now im a "IMBACILEN"

Автор XxYearOfTheTigerxX ( назад)
i love this "Brian...you're an imbecile..." "IMBACILEN!!!"

Автор Justin Rivera ( назад)
lol XD

Автор Mary McLemore ( назад)
So THATS why Lee wears a body suit, he doesn't know how to zip his own
pants! OK. It all makes sense now...

Автор emo9otaku ( назад)
Deh big yellew wen iss da SUN!

Автор Justin Rivera ( назад)
imbesolen XD

Автор Joe Lippy ( назад)
how'd ya swing that?

Автор Ivan Zhyvolup ( назад)
that's 'imbecillen' fool get with da program :3

Автор jayjay hodges ( назад)
i dont know

Автор Laura Berman ( назад)
Lmao haha

Автор Toonami4EvaX ( назад)
I swear i thought he was going to say meese instead of moosen lol

Автор amya ellison ( назад)

Автор Draco dragneel ( назад)
your kill me to funny

Автор LALA19858 ( назад)
I love the plery part lol :)

Автор The Proffessor ( назад)
im to done
this is so funny

Автор bob marely ( назад)
lol look at me i wasnt even close i was using numbers and stuff

Автор Sakura Haruno ( назад)
"I bought two boxen of doughnuts." XD

Автор SgtTankDempsey ( назад)

Автор sasuke uchiha ( назад)

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