Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes -- The Reason HD Video Was Invented

Watch more Kate Upton videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgrwQ6Gfbg&list=PLIPm6JAyEJ_e6Xflct9h4TOA1jFX6aFOr

Some videos just don't need a description. So without further adieu, here is HD video of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini, hula hooping, and frolicking around topless.

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Автор Aber Saadat ( назад)
اولا كلب يلعن ابوكم ابو الي جابوكم ما تستحو على انفسكم ما تخافو من ربكم

Автор Rebekah Wallin ( назад)

Автор Mikey Kayne ( назад)
Sexy Kate upton

Автор Mikey Kayne ( назад)
Sexy Kate upton

Автор Kamel Zehani ( назад)

Автор bloodpool ( назад)
who ever is yelling through the video like a jackass is really fucking

Автор Tenzin Lekshay ( назад)
Now I just need a sex tape 

Автор Nik The NINJA ( назад)
I wouldn't mind holding those melons for u kate😎

Автор rozback ( назад)

Автор Azerbaycan Turku Murad (1451 год назад)
Kate Upton>3

Автор lui p ( назад)
his lady only buby thas see body down no ass flat table my surfing

Автор JT STAR ( назад)
Kate Upton is like my real life Cammy from SF.

Автор 小平好昭 ( назад)

Автор hiroyukigo ( назад)
Kate Upton

Автор Abdul Ghafar Ghafar ( назад)
no self-esteem of non muslim people ... slut go to hell

Автор Psicologia Aplicada ( назад)
Que feas caderas dios mio, me da asco

Автор Des Mysterio ( назад)
Anyone just fapping ?

Автор Kolby Petrin ( назад)
I love you

Автор Kate Upton ( назад)
Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes | Watch here:

#kateupton #models #modelphotography #supermodel #sexy #sexygirls
#sexymodels #hotgirls #bikinigirls #bikinimodel 

Автор MadMax™ ( назад)
Came here because of the Game of War commercials. I'm not a big fan of
blondes, but Kate Upton is quite possibly the most beautiful blonde on the

Автор Ma Poule (1975 лет назад)
Christie Brinkley sorry

Автор Ma Poule (2002 года назад)
I love her very much but she has some ugly hips.
The best hips ever in the business are Christie brinkely's. Check guys, you
will thank me .

Автор Bork lazor (387 лет назад)
Dayummmmmmm the way she was holding her dirty pillows! 

Автор Jor Jor 1986 ( назад)
God bless you Kate Upton! Who needs talent or skill when you can get
instant fame by having big boobies!

Автор uhui uhuii ( назад)
quite fat...hahaha..giselle much more better

Автор Milan “Black Hawkeye” Radosavljevic ( назад)
Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes -- The Reason HD …:

Автор superdaaaaa ( назад)
WARNING: Make sure the video is muted

Автор gezzly72 ( назад)
Kate, please do porn. 

Автор Nay Moo ( назад)

Автор Snapper ( назад)
I think I now understand why the people who created 'Game of War' hired her
to be their spokeswomen for their commercial.

Автор AnonyOmega ( назад)
Narrator kind seems like Deadpool.

Автор Becky Crump ( назад)
Kate Upton is so sexy

Автор Feet Land ( назад)
0:53 to 0:55 - Check out those soft looking soles! Imagine getting a
footjob from those delicious looking white girl feet and sucking on her
tasty toes!

Автор J Britton ( назад)
She just needs to let those things out!

Автор NWR Henry (1566 лет назад)
She is a pervert.😣😣😣😣

Автор ABOODY ( назад)

Автор mightymoeish ( назад)
Bunch of loser nerds run TMZ. She's just a hot woman, chill out.

Автор Hunter Davenport ( назад)
I'd tongue punch her right in the fartbox 

Автор Sir.Alex ( назад)
The narrater sounds like a complete dick bag that has an aroma of douche

Автор keekzii ( назад)
Link ?

Автор вася васин ( назад)

Автор Jesse Thompson ( назад)
When I was watching this my dick was trying to get out of my trouser lol

Автор Erick Lacaal ( назад)
Puré face.

Автор Brian Bass ( назад)
Jeez, all of these boobie, twerking shows are for the un-alive, targeting
low level curb appeal. Sadly, I only observed the thumbnails on the right
of the window .... just not of value.

Автор Brian Bass ( назад)
Lousy waist, fat tummy, generally stupid and bad hair. She had to do
SOMETHING to get attention. She ought to have left it alone.

Автор Kai West ( назад)
If you want to get into an intense argument about nothing, go to any video
with a woman in it, and post a comment

Автор hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwhwhwhwhwhhw ( назад)
hawt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Manok Konam ( назад)
hahahaahahah crazy ass narrator HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Автор Kirsten Young ( назад)
I swear to god... This woman's hips are so unattractive...
Her body is not proportioned... If she's going to suck millions off of the
modeling industry and I have to keep on seeing her giant breasts on
billboards, I want her to look the least bit wholesome...

Автор Deniz Iseki ( назад)
Wow!!!! she's beautiful!!!!!! 

Автор Mud catastrophe 70 ( назад)
I jerked off to this 

Автор Ella Eranthis ( назад)
She is amazing! not just the looks she is just so photogenic! 

Автор Digital West ( назад)
This is all cancer apart from Kate Upton

Автор sahirah abdur ( назад)
her torso is awful

Автор Shootman999 ( назад)
17 days NoFap

fuck me right?

Автор Angel Cruz ( назад)
Que nada más se vieran sus partes

Автор BethSlays :D ( назад)
TMZ, my only wish is for all you faggots to just stop! Who the hell
narrates shit like that and also the narrator sounds like a douche

Автор skydaplaya6 ( назад)
Kill yourselves

Автор Frank Castle ( назад)
damn!!! she's HOTTTTT!!!! Wuuuuuu!!!!

Автор Skyler Presley ( назад)
She's gorgeous but she has an extremely square body. It's not cus she's got
meat on her bones it's just her build 

Автор Ralph gomez ( назад)
Lmao I love it! How every woman feels threatened by Kate's awesome body and
her moves! I hard as I'm typing lol

Автор gokawi ( назад)
justin verlander is one lucky mother fucker

Автор Ronald Klein ( назад)
fake is fake ,Buy the size with suger daddys money

Автор Crystal Warden ( назад)

Автор Betzi Valdez ( назад)
I Love you olot beybe

Автор Carla Geovana Geovana ( назад)
Muito ruim

Автор Damion Ries ( назад)
Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes -- The Reason HD …:

Автор silentg ( назад)
this is the most honest video about kate upton

Автор Morion Tax ( назад)
De fuck? is deadpool doing the voice over?

Автор fred handy ( назад)
She's ok. All white girls need is a big pair of boobs and their men turn to
jelly. Kate has no hips or ass. That's hard to overlook.

Автор Wesley Oosterbosch ( назад)
Thank god the fappening happend!

Автор thebearjew11b ( назад)
I bet her butthole smells like lucky charms dust.

Автор StraightEdge Dude (525 лет назад)
She is a hot woman.

Автор Stephen Davis ( назад)

Автор Tinashe Chimbganda ( назад)
Kiss me in 22 brora close doon way

Автор alpha omega ( назад)
She is pretty but thes3 guys are so nerdy they mqke it out like she is
prettier than Jennifer Lawrence 

Автор MrJonaGun. ( назад)
Whahwha this bitch ugly for real PASSSSS.

Автор Rein Kaos ( назад)
Jeez..how many people JO'd to this?

Автор michel nguyen ( назад)
Les femmes sont belles, je suis amoureux de ses femmes

Автор Dan Dioblo ( назад)

Автор Dakota Maclean ( назад)
who the fuck narrates this shit?

Автор Tarsantino ( назад)
If you want to see what straight men like, look at Kate Upton. If you want
to see "beauty" as defined by middle-aged women and gay men, look at other

Автор BeMine1002 ( назад)
Those pigs need to learn how to respect women

Автор bfee20021 ( назад)
She's skinny fat.

Автор Muffin Cat ( назад)
Idgi without the boobs her body is shapeless. She's pretty but sexiest
women? No..

Автор D Murr ( назад)
Sex sells. If she didn't have her looks she wouldn't even be able to get by
in life. That's all she knows. Wear next to nothing sitting down in a robe
while people work on your hair, Disrobe and pose provocatively in front of
a camera for awhile, put your robe back on and talk like an airhead. Wow
such arduous labor. Its bullsh*t. 

Автор GALILtheRealDeal ( назад)
Tissues check,Lube check,Left handed mouse control check!

Автор Nick Ferrara ( назад)
The photo shopped photos in the magazine are so much better then her live.
They look like 2 different body's. 

Автор CMoney ( назад)
where can I see this video

Автор B.J M.F ( назад)
wayy too good to be true

Автор Demolishor1994 ( назад)

Автор depechebest ( назад)
rough sex with Kate...)
hot pornstar ever.

Автор EJ Olguin ( назад)
Hey I would like to invite you to my new Fitness channel here on YouTube.
xFACTfitness please ask questions look around have fun

Автор Ashley Logan ( назад)
fat bitch

Автор Tara Qaleela ( назад)
Kate can be as slutty as she wants and these guys can be insulting Jennifer
(Lawrence) as much as they want but Jennifer will always be 1000000 x
sexier than Kate even if she is barely showing any skin.

Автор Tara Qaleela ( назад)
Kate can be as slutty as she wants and these guys can be insulting Jennifer
(Lawrence) as much as they want but Jennifer will always be 1000000 x
sexier than Kate even if she is barely showing any skin.

Автор Holden Grimes ( назад)
God the narrator is so fucking annoying 

Автор Alex Nguyen ( назад)
Something is rising, but it isn't Jesus..

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