Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes -- The Reason HD Video Was Invented

Watch more Kate Upton videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgrwQ6Gfbg&list=PLIPm6JAyEJ_e6Xflct9h4TOA1jFX6aFOr

Some videos just don't need a description. So without further adieu, here is HD video of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini, hula hooping, and frolicking around topless.

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Просмотров: 19458708
Длительность: 1:25
Комментарии: 3406

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Автор Jeff Mason ( назад)
im 10 and shes my wife

Автор Poppa Bear ( назад)
My arm is sore now

Автор Adrian Mosley ( назад)
I want to suck her ass and titis

Автор Talha Nusaer ( назад)
she is so so sexy

Автор kubik rubik ( назад)
I want lick her sweet ass n pussy

Автор Abel Garcia ( назад)

Автор Abel Garcia ( назад)

Автор Aultun white ( назад)
you know this dude "can't" get laid!!

Автор Rodrigo Ventilari ( назад)
Oh my god. She's so talented and smart! I mean, the ability to give me a
boner miles apart from me is an underrated skill

Автор Curtis Thomas ( назад)
sexy grill

Автор Smith.Fitzgerald ( назад)

Автор Dev Onne ( назад)
Oh God She so perfect

Автор Aurvin ( назад)
Allah made so many beautiful ppls :3

Автор Ayaz Sezer Adana ( назад)
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Автор Vefa varçin ( назад)
RT Linux

Автор Sasha Levonian ( назад)
Tu pourrais me montrer tes cin en l'air

Автор Zack Conners ( назад)
God bless America

Автор Jkillem 27 ( назад)
Damn Katie back again with your hotness

Автор Allen Sun ( назад)
Man ain't nothing kills a boner like this fucking narrator's voiceover....

Автор GetDailyFix ( назад)
She looks like!!!

Автор yortzandat ( назад)
Attention all men; Stop masturbating over this 'woman' because it is not a
real woman, no! It's a tranny.

Автор Chris Njoku ( назад)
"Her boobs being patriotic!" - I died.

Автор Alpha_Q_Uppp Demolition ( назад)
are her boobs real? do porn kate upton

Автор indigo!go!go! ( назад)
No hips, no thin waist : even with a stick or Mapa gloves I would not touch
it :sick:

Автор Shisi Tp ( назад)

Автор lea rodriguez ( назад)
she looks like a popular girl from highschool,like the cheerleading kind...

Автор Irfan Shams ( назад)
Where can i download that video? :D

Автор Anttac221 ( назад)
what? XD

Автор ‫العبيدي‬‎ ( назад)
this my what's up
00964 77 13 0101 13

Автор Myuniverse ( назад)
Of course she would look sexy with those bikinis on.

Автор Warblade ( назад)
fuck you murica and fuck you donald trump

Автор My Little Falls ( назад)
I have bigger

Автор Kati e (525 лет назад)
I want to stab the guy who narrates these videos.

Автор ‫محمد علي ‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Bobby Rogers ( назад)
Fuck. Me.

Автор Dennis George ( назад)
I like her personality

Автор 박박주은 ( назад)

Автор 이채영 ( назад)

Автор 괘난퍼즐 ( назад)
자지빨고싶다 ㅋ

Автор 밀두 ( назад)
나두 만질래

Автор 천사점토 ( назад)

Автор 천사점토 ( назад)

Автор Sible Khan ( назад)

Автор Robo mann ( назад)
im fucking kate upton please

Автор Mattydude the gamer ( назад)
Cali I agree

Автор Lucy Kaur ( назад)
i want that size boobs

Автор Minesh Gupta ( назад)

Автор Tase ( назад)
What the hell am i watching. I am supposted to be normal.

Автор cali done ( назад)
Dear @TMZ we really don't give a fuck about your jokes and bullshit. Please
shut the fuck up.

Автор Dilshad Khan ( назад)

Автор Dilshad Khan ( назад)

Автор body parts ( назад)
Pffff, my boobs are wayyy hotter.

Автор J. Ryan Vaughan ( назад)
she has enough boob and pretty face to make up for curves

Автор P Torres ( назад)
I would destroy her Anal cavity

Автор Michael Lee ( назад)
damn she is fuckin sexy

Автор Renee Wallington ( назад)
The only reason I still watch this is for the narrator.

Автор iAxelGamerYT ( назад)
The fock niggi

Автор Whyou Wannaknow ( назад)
Times like these when you wish you have 3 arms being a cameraman, if you
know what i mean...

Автор Ferry Musa ( назад)
Verry bad no good !!!!

Автор mrhyde2484 ( назад)
mmm mmm good !!!

Автор ‫مصمم الفوتوشوب محمد‬‎ ( назад)

Автор KrisRaps ( назад)
You Guys From This Vid Making Are Total Assholes, Thats for sure//

Автор lone wolff ( назад)
Holy shit!

Автор Maria Aguilera ( назад)
Do you have a name for your Boobs,may I suggest "perfect"

Автор CARA DELEVIGNE ( назад)
like for the tits

Автор mohsen ghalei ( назад)

Автор Mrsrivastava Mrsrivastava ( назад)
Kate Upton is one of the most beautiful sexiest and hottest woman in the
world. She is angle comes from paradise.

Автор ‫آإيـ ـہوشــهہ‬‎ (119 лет назад)
كوعي بعاط نيخج

Автор Stupid Famous People ( назад)
( . ) ( . ) !!!

Автор NMS ( назад)
Is she a porn star or something like that

Автор Волшебный Сказочник ( назад)
че за хер орет в коментах таким голосярой только занято в туалете орать

Автор Pitch White Is Back ( назад)
Sex always sells.

Автор Bert Sesame (1197 лет назад)
I hope her laptop broke. #Sextapes

Автор Caraline Current ( назад)
Does anyone else think all she has is boobs. She doesn't have a good body
other than being thin in the right places. She's a rectangle.

Автор Tan Ali ( назад)
She is gifted i am having an orgasm right now. Ow fuck yeh!

Автор Lily Raimey ( назад)
The narrator sounds like Deadpool...o.O'

Автор Dr. Zippy Mcscoots ( назад)
Holy moly sweet goodness! TMZ has the shittiest internet connection in the

Автор wrkin90044 ( назад)
It still confuses me how guys find Kate Upton the "sexiest woman ever" yes
she has very nice boobs but her body is honestly so ugly its so boxy and
her stomach is shaped like a long square and worst of all her ass is

Автор The GodFather ( назад)
She is beautiful on the out and in 

Автор el hakim issam ( назад)
incredibly beautiful, sexy, cute

Автор Rata 4 U ( назад)
Upton looked cute in her first commercial but now she looks different. Even
her breasts look floppy and fatty. Sorry but she kinda looks like trailer
trash. Not American trailer trash though - those are hideous. 

Автор Aber Saadat ( назад)
اولا كلب يلعن ابوكم ابو الي جابوكم ما تستحو على انفسكم ما تخافو من ربكم

Автор Rebekah Wallin ( назад)

Автор Mikey Kayne ( назад)
Sexy Kate upton

Автор bloodpool ( назад)
who ever is yelling through the video like a jackass is really fucking

Автор rozback ( назад)

Автор Azerbaycan Turku Murad (1452 года назад)
Kate Upton>3

Автор life paz ( назад)
his lady only buby thas see body down no ass flat table my surfing

Автор JT STAR ( назад)
Kate Upton is like my real life Cammy from SF.

Автор Abdul Ghafar Ghafar ( назад)
no self-esteem of non muslim people ... slut go to hell

Автор Psicologia Aplicada ( назад)
Que feas caderas dios mio, me da asco

Автор Bboy FlyingBuddha ( назад)
Anyone just fapping ?

Автор Kolby Petrin ( назад)
I love you

Автор MadMax™ ( назад)
Came here because of the Game of War commercials. I'm not a big fan of
blondes, but Kate Upton is quite possibly the most beautiful blonde on the

Автор JJ 86 ( назад)
God bless you Kate Upton! Who needs talent or skill when you can get
instant fame by having big boobies!

Автор uhui uhuii ( назад)
quite fat...hahaha..giselle much more better

Автор superdaaaaa ( назад)
WARNING: Make sure the video is muted

Автор gezzly72 ( назад)
Kate, please do porn. 

Автор Nay Moo ( назад)

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