Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes -- The Reason HD Video Was Invented

Watch more Kate Upton videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvgrwQ6Gfbg&list=PLIPm6JAyEJ_e6Xflct9h4TOA1jFX6aFOr

Some videos just don't need a description. So without further adieu, here is HD video of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini, hula hooping, and frolicking around topless.

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Автор Dakota Maclean (2 месяца)
who the fuck narrates this shit?

Автор XmarcX92 (1 год)
She's hot and ugly at the same time. 

Автор GALILtheRealDeal (3 месяца)
Tissues check,Lube check,Left handed mouse control check!

Автор Ella Eranthis (14 дней)
She is amazing! not just the looks she is just so photogenic! 

Автор Tarsantino (2 месяца)
If you want to see what straight men like, look at Kate Upton. If you want
to see "beauty" as defined by middle-aged women and gay men, look at other

Автор MKPolarIce (14 дней)
This is all cancer apart from Kate Upton

Автор Skyler Presley (1 месяц)
She's gorgeous but she has an extremely square body. It's not cus she's got
meat on her bones it's just her build 

Автор Damion Ries (1 месяц)
Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes -- The Reason HD …:

Автор Rosa S. (6 месяцев)
Ugh, the guy talking is so annoying..
But Kate is sooo hot!

Автор silentg (1 месяц)
this is the most honest video about kate upton

Автор Uncrazamatic . (2 месяца)
Any real man would breed with this woman. She'd pump out cubs no problem,
and her boyfriend is a limpdick for not taking full caveman control!!!

Автор Frank Castle (1 месяц)
damn!!! she's HOTTTTT!!!! Wuuuuuu!!!!

Автор Deniz Iseki (8 дней)
Wow!!!! she's beautiful!!!!!! 

Автор Shootman999 (19 дней)
17 days NoFap

fuck me right?

Автор fred handy (1 месяц)
She's ok. All white girls need is a big pair of boobs and their men turn to
jelly. Kate has no hips or ass. That's hard to overlook.

Автор Nick Ferrara (3 месяца)
The photo shopped photos in the magazine are so much better then her live.
They look like 2 different body's. 

Автор Morion Tax (1 месяц)
De fuck? is deadpool doing the voice over?

Автор BeMine1002 (3 месяца)
Those pigs need to learn how to respect women

Автор Crystal Warden (1 месяц)

Автор Ralph gomez (1 месяц)
Lmao I love it! How every woman feels threatened by Kate's awesome body and
her moves! I hard as I'm typing lol

Автор Mud catastrophe 70 (13 дней)
I jerked off to this 

Автор sahirah abdur (17 дней)
her torso is awful

Автор Marco Polo (2 месяца)

Автор Muffin Cat (3 месяца)
Idgi without the boobs her body is shapeless. She's pretty but sexiest
women? No..

Автор alpha omega (2 месяца)
She is pretty but thes3 guys are so nerdy they mqke it out like she is
prettier than Jennifer Lawrence 

Автор EJ Olguin (4 месяца)
Hey I would like to invite you to my new Fitness channel here on YouTube.
xFACTfitness please ask questions look around have fun

Автор skydaplaya6 (1 месяц)
Kill yourselves

Автор Jyotirmoy Banerjee (3 месяца)

Автор Brad Lee (6 месяцев)
Did anyone else saw new Kate's leaked pics from today? ㋡ Here is a blog
that has them: goo#.gl#/i4owJT (just deleted both #)

Автор Betzi Valdez (1 месяц)
I Love you olot beybe

Автор Kirsten Young (8 дней)
I swear to god... This woman's hips are so unattractive...
Her body is not proportioned... If she's going to suck millions off of the
modeling industry and I have to keep on seeing her giant breasts on
billboards, I want her to look the least bit wholesome...

Автор depechebest (4 месяца)
rough sex with Kate...)
hot pornstar ever.

Автор thebearjew11b (2 месяца)
I bet her butthole smells like lucky charms dust.

Автор Holden Grimes (5 месяцев)
God the narrator is so fucking annoying 

Автор Ronald Klein (1 месяц)
fake is fake ,Buy the size with suger daddys money

Автор Dsworddance22 (1 год)
In the description, they spelled "ado" wrong. It's not adieu. God...

Автор Angel Cruz (19 дней)
Que nada más se vieran sus partes

Автор B.J M.F (4 месяца)
wayy too good to be true

Автор Tinashe Chimbganda (2 месяца)
Kiss me in 22 brora close doon way

Автор Tara Qaleela (5 месяцев)
Kate can be as slutty as she wants and these guys can be insulting Jennifer
(Lawrence) as much as they want but Jennifer will always be 1000000 x
sexier than Kate even if she is barely showing any skin.

Автор American Forever (2 месяца)
She is a hot woman.

Автор iranizawesom88 (9 месяцев)
Tmz makes it impossible to fap to anything.

Автор khs118 (8 месяцев)
Ugh why are these men so fckin thirsty... Seriously get a fkn life my
gosh... =.= Yeah she is hella pretty but damn you guys take it to another
damn level. Appreciating someone's good looks is different from just
looking at someone as a sex object. These types of guys make me sick.

Автор michel nguyen (2 месяца)
Les femmes sont belles, je suis amoureux de ses femmes

Автор Rein Kaos (2 месяца)
Jeez..how many people JO'd to this?

Автор MrJonaGun. (2 месяца)
Whahwha this bitch ugly for real PASSSSS.

Автор james bond (9 месяцев)
If kate upton was my girlfriend
My daily routine wud be
1. Get up
2. Fuck her titties and every possible hole
3. sleep

Автор Demolishor1994 (4 месяца)

Автор 67Bellingham (8 месяцев)
Giggity giggity giggity goo!

Автор lllXpOlll (6 месяцев)
shes a 10 if maybe she gets a few ribs removed some fat injected and create
some hips. Her face is beautiful.

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