Dominick Cruz vs T. J. Dillashaw [FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS]

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Автор Sayed Belal Zakaria ( назад)
song anybody?

Автор Rakesh Bhali ( назад)
this is nt good judges gave wrong decision:(

Автор EPSTomcat11 ( назад)
Damn your highlights are really good.

Автор matthew plute ( назад)
world class mma. tj has nothing but crazy fights. like that 27 hit combo
tko on baroa

Автор Krishna Kotru ( назад)
the way that dilshaw fell down after kicking in air was funny

Автор crazyguy19saw ( назад)
song anybody

Автор Monkey King ( назад)
Close fight

Автор savagemaestro ( назад)
Dominic Cruz fights like such a freakin spaz. I don't even know how he ever

Автор preak_ lord ( назад)
song name? :D i would appreciate you

Автор Natan Silva ( назад)
só queria saber o nome dá primeira música seus vermes , só isso filha dá

Автор Tajik Tojikov ( назад)
Tj Dillasho He Masters i like how fgtn this g Resp

Автор Cuong Viet ( назад)
what your name song pleae

Автор croplaya ( назад)
bro this video was AWESOME. Can you do all the fights like this?? with the
same beat? and btw cody is on another level. this dude is not getting taken
out by anyone anytime soon

Автор Sean O'connor ( назад)
Dillashaw vs garbrandt, Garbrandt wont be standing after a couple of head
kicks !!!

Автор Anjelica Dos Santos ( назад)
com a outra música era melhor

Автор guillermo495 ( назад)
lmao cody will beat tf outta dillashaw

Автор Leonardo Donato (DarkPosts) ( назад)
Man TJ was robbed. TJ won this fight. Oh well it set up a super fight
between TJ (the real Champ) and Cody No Lov. No Lov just DOMinated the
Dominator. I think TJ wins that fight though. Lov me some Dom but he lost
this fight Vs Dillashaw. Then Cody destroyed Dom. I lov No Lov too but
Dillashaw is just too good right now.

Автор Michael Airton ( назад)

Автор Jose Manuel Alanis ( назад)
this was a draw in my opinion

Автор Christopher Knox ( назад)
4:00 you can see me but you cant touch me.
Tj was fighting a ghost. Cody figured him out. Have the ghost fight another

Автор Sam Wong ( назад)
cruz is pretty sloppy fighter

Автор wellington oliveira ( назад)
O seu vai chegar mano ...

Автор dr. lean ( назад)
TJ dillishaw is really nice like he is down to earth

Автор ThomasPaine ( назад)
Garbrandt just made Cruz look like a bitch...Dillashaw will do the same to

Автор Everett Elliot ( назад)
Poor dillashaw lol. Cruz made him look like a little kid

Автор Everett Elliot ( назад)
Without doubt the most entertaing fight of the year

Автор Bruno Barbosa ( назад)
Whats the music the First vídeo and the Dominick vs TJ?

Автор Keegan McDonough ( назад)
this highlight is so biased watch the real fight

Автор The “Mr” Hayabusa ( назад)
че за песня?

Автор Shawn Le ( назад)

Автор Alan Neale ( назад)
Cruise will have to do a lot better to be to Cody's power and accuracy

Автор boomzx ( назад)
skip to 1:30 for the fight

Автор jeff peake ( назад)
I feel like TJ has largely been forgotten about after this fight

Автор Santa Claus ( назад)
Dillashaw got his face re-arranged.

Автор Jason Clark ( назад)
TJ is a better fighter then Cruz. The reason he lost was because he was
trying to show off how high he could kick and missed some. If TJ would of
threw leg kicks he would of won. It's a perfect example of a better fighter
losing because they didn't fight smart

Автор hawjsta ( назад)
Compared to Cruz other fights, he looks a little sloppy in this one. Got
the W though.

Автор Samuel Ramirez ( назад)
Tj won the fight

Автор The Pale Man ( назад)
Gotta have respect for guys at such a light weight who could drop your
adverage 200 pound bodybuilder with the back of their hands !

Автор Axel Mclaren ( назад)
Cruz has some of the best feet I've ever seen on MMA. TJ was swinging at
air half of the fucking fight

Автор MrDeftones122755 ( назад)
People that hate these guys simply don't understand strategy, the fight was
fascinating especially knowing tj was on a roll n Dominick was just coming
back. Also the face on tjs face once he found out he lost was priceless.
Dominick you are an absolute beast, also you've got a good chin on ya as
well, as if you need anymore things lol.

Автор Минадил Авасбек Уулу ( назад)
обокрали суууки.

Автор Christopher Knox ( назад)
Is TJ fighting a man or a ghost?

Автор KidProfitz ( назад)
Where's that fooking snake

Автор kuzzzitoz doritozzz ( назад)
Cruz is the best fighter in ufc history.he doesn't get the credit we the
Muslims love this tiger.

Автор Eric Strickland ( назад)
Dillishaw is the better fighter !

Автор lovetogolf ( назад)
cruz has a arsenal of punches to throw.

Автор Aditya Iswarabhawa ( назад)
up until now, other than dom's only defeat against urijah in WEC, TJ is the
only fighter that brings a war to dom, though let's see what cody can bring
on UFC 207

Автор crazy riot ( назад)

Автор Cheesus Kriste ( назад)
ohh ye little snakee in the grass you do fookin nuttin

Автор Ryan Anderson ( назад)
I scored it for Dillashaw

Автор croix meriweather ( назад)
why did cruz never have his hands up in this fight. Tj should have stayed
in good position and not backed up when dominick threw punches.

Автор Armando Ortega ( назад)
fuck tjs snake ass

Автор GentileWorldOrder ( назад)

Автор azertu2u2 ( назад)
watching Cruz makes me think I could be a cage fighter 😂 looks easy

Автор ijna ( назад)
both looked like couldn't afflict dangerous damage to one another.. so a
close decision

Автор Cristian Vieri ( назад)
Lil snake

Автор Factual Free Thinker ( назад)
Dom looks like he's off balance and overextended, but you try to counter
one of those wild check hooks and his heads out of town lol.

Автор The_Woodsman ( назад)
You cant judge a fight on highlights, watch the full 5 rounds it is a good
fight and very close.

Автор Justin Oh ( назад)
Thanks for posting

Автор hugo lumb ( назад)
that fight was bullshit cruz did not deserve to win. Dillashaw defintiley
did enough to keep the belt

Автор Pedro Coelho ( назад)
Dominick's movement is actually quite good. His punching skils are
horrible. Haymakers and wild loopy punches running forward, zero power in
them. That's why he doesn't ko anybody. Horrible Boxing skills. Point

Автор JOSH CLADE ( назад)
se la robaron comodo a tj!

Автор sherbsworth ( назад)
if your face resembles a bowl of bruised vegetables and the other guy's
face doesn't..... how can you be surprised when you don't get the decision?

Автор palartas ( назад)
Dominick Cruz vs Tim Elliott

Автор Самат Исаев ( назад)
music name please

Автор 이현재 ( назад)
Offence vs defense

Автор mission report ( назад)
1:37 DomiNEO ''the dominatrix'' Cruz

Автор Conor Francis ( назад)
Cruz is one of my favourite fighters ever

Автор Daniel Gustin ( назад)
I stopped watching 3 mins in. The bias for Tj is pretty obvious. Anyone who
is confused how Cruz won from this video, watch the full fight. It's close,
but Cruz did more.. Not to mention he came off a 4 year hiatus, minus his
fight with mizugake.

Автор khoi doja ( назад)
1:09 cruz calls out dillashaw in a breakdance battle

Автор Aditya Aswal ( назад)
why the hell was tj surprised ?

Автор PersianSelection ( назад)
3:18 is an absolute clinic on footwork & shifting weight...Doms boxing is
so underappreciated, basically baits TJ into the pocket and makes him eat a
3 punch combo, split second later he is nowhere to be found.

Автор Kanishk Hamirwasia ( назад)
the editing is not good. the music is not good. All videos are almost good.
This could have been a better editing.

Автор R3D 3Y3 ( назад)
Dj would have beaten this cruz, too wild and got hit a lot.

Автор Kool Cheeze ( назад)
dominic cruz has the best footwork in ufc damn. this guy can move

Автор Michael Moore ( назад)
Lmao @ 4:55

Автор Sasha Tremblay ( назад)
Dominick "the breakdancer" Cruz

Автор AquilesFR90 ( назад)
dillashaw won

Автор The “Mr” Hayabusa ( назад)
music please!

Автор The Heumperor ( назад)
I cant believe cruz actually thinks he can beat conor though. Conor is way
too big and definitely a more clean striker, he also has a 6 inch reach
advantage. Cruz lunges and thats bad news bears when youre up against

Автор Barry Simmo ( назад)
Hats off to both fighters that was fucking awesome.

Автор Erivanci ( назад)
Just based on this video I could totally see why TJ thinks he won.

Автор Santos Castro ( назад)
Cruz fucking a beast

Автор Timur Joro ( назад)
Everytime i watch Cruz fight , its inspiring!

Автор Isaac Guillory ( назад)
Dominick demolished TJ. TJ was discombobulated by them damaging hooks at
the beginning of the fight. He still fought like a champion though. Respect
to both fighters ✊🏾

Автор Steven Monash 62 ( назад)
TJ is just another Alpha male tosser with an over hand right and grabbling

Автор David Robles ( назад)
it was a close fight but my fellow tucsonan got the W:)

Автор Lawrence Fishberg ( назад)
This is what will happen to Garbagebrandt. Only worse.

Автор hospitalcleaner ( назад)
Great highlights, and wii boxing music

Автор Adam Qvisten ( назад)
Good work, good video. I watched the fight 100 times and Cruz win every
time. Who gives a flying a** fu** about that irish man, we want Cruz, Cruz,

Автор goku ( назад)
hell of a fight

Автор SaltyFoal v2 ( назад)
both have a hell of a chin

Автор Just leave the Tip in Action ( назад)
Nigga Dominick Cruz fucking nasty

Автор silentreaper invocate ( назад)
i think this fight cemented the fact that cruz does infact have a chin.

Автор Hjula flandman ( назад)
What song is it

Автор Barry Shitpeas ( назад)
Best "fight music video" ever! great editing and music choice so rare to
find in these videos really feels like you captured the atmosphere of the

Автор Master Z ( назад)
pure mix martial arts right there , thank you tj and Dom for a fantastic
fight !!

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