Scott Brayton fatal crash

1996 Indianapolis 500 Practice

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Автор Pete Danko ( назад)
He was a favorite Driver of mine. Heartbreaking. Rest In Peace Scott.

Автор Badger at Toad Hall ( назад)

Автор dcinhere ( назад)
The most violent looking wrecks are usually not most lethal. The ones that
seem slow and come to an abrupt stop are the ones that cause the most
damage. These cars are made to colapse and fall apart to absorb some of the
impact if that doesnt happen then the impact was severe.

Автор Badger at Toad Hall ( назад)
or not

Автор Badger at Toad Hall ( назад)
i was thinking small. my video is in the video responses

Автор Badger at Toad Hall ( назад)
calling a crash that killed a man "boring" thats a bit.......

Автор Badger at Toad Hall ( назад)
boring? a man died in this crash.

Автор David Brayton ( назад)
Oh and BTW some are correct here that the HANS would have saved Scottie

Автор David Brayton ( назад)
Firestone was exonerated I believe. But.....

Автор Mitch Robinson ( назад)
I never met him but heard great things about him. Very sad to lose someone
like him. But seeing Ed Carpenter's pole day crash this year is a real
testament to how SAFER, HANS, Dallara monocoques, Firestone tires, helmets,
etc have improved safety incredibly. Those two wrecks were nearly identical

Автор talleve2 ( назад)
If u slow mo this crash..braytons rear tires seem to re grip the track and
it whips the car into the wall.

Автор RRaquello ( назад)
I think likely a combination of the SAFER barrier & HANS device could have
saved Brayton's life, but those things weren't around then. This was a
violent crash, but the violence was quick, no flying or tumbling. Just
going straight into a wall at top speed. Similar to the crashes that killed
Senna & Dale Earnhardt. Just listen to the sound of it, recorded from a
pretty far distance, and you know how hard he hit.

Автор RRaquello ( назад)
One thing to remember for those who say this didn't look so violent. This
was a year before they put new rules in Indy Car to slow down the cars. I
believe Luyendyk was fastest qualifier (though not pole winner) at 237+
MPH. They haven't approached those speeds in 15+ years since. Brayton was
going close to qualifying speeds here, over 230 MPH. Even Dan Wheldon's
crash last year, bad as it was, wasn't close to being as fast as this. It
was close to a dead stop from over 230 MPH.

Автор DasMarc98 (205 лет назад)
How old are you?!? 5?!?!

Автор Сергей Тимофеев ( назад)
broken neck.

Автор HaloReachTutorials1 ( назад)
How he died from that crash? It dosn't look many violent...

Автор tsolm13 Original ( назад)
From what I've been told, Brayton got the pole for the race that year. He
later went out for this practice run and was going to do a short run and
decided not to put all of his safety gear on such as his neck brace. He,
along with everyone else never expected a tire failure going into a corner.
Wearing all his proper safety gear would have most likely saved his life.

Автор ohbobsaget22 ( назад)

Автор ZDEVIL74 ( назад)
Yes it works but now the problem in this kind of race, you can die just
because the human body can't support the violence of some crashes.. An
exploded spleen or other internal injuries etc.. In 2012, We are in stage
where the safety can do nothing more.. Car, bike or whatever are more and
more fast and safe but the human body doesn't change... Now, it's just a
matter of luck... :-/ Being at the right place in the right time.. Ps:
Sorry for my english.. lol

Автор Dickorla ( назад)
I am not a racer but i can assure you that the HANS device performs well in
all kinds of crashes , it just keeps your neck from breaking. Have a nice

Автор autorack1 ( назад)

Автор ohbobsaget22 ( назад)

Автор mandaltby ( назад)
You can see why the HANS device helps, I actually don't know if the HANS
device works as we'll on a side crash. Maybe a racer can tell us please. I
heard thats one of the reason of side pods on a car, but all this is a hard
crash to live through. Not at dramatic as the 82' Smiley crash, but every
bit as deadly. Just fucking horrendous man, bad crash

Автор Marhleet ( назад)
@dmarkj22 I'd think it wasn't as yet mandatory, but as he crashed backwards
/ sideways into the wall it might not have helped that much.

Автор BlacknRed81 ( назад)
Only if they had SAFER Barriers.

Автор Jason Kim ( назад)
I may be wrong because I admit I've only recently really started to watch
racing (Nascar, Indy, etc), but I would assume that technology regarding
safety was more than likely not the same 15 years ago as it is now. RIP
Scott Brayton, Dan Wheldon, and all the other drivers who passed doing what
they love.

Автор Caymon Granillo ( назад)
one of my buddys died by tripping and bashing his nose into a rail, ud be
amazed how much luck can play into this kind of shit, some of us are just
unlucky. this guy included

Автор 84Ralphyboy ( назад)
@ThePaulnessable Tell that to his friends and family you fucking dick.
R.I.P Scotty

Автор Derek Jimenez ( назад)
Was this pre Hans Device?

Автор Shane LeRoy ( назад)
@NOXXism Hitting your head against concrete at 230 mph doesnt seem all that
bad...people survive that all the time.

Автор Shane LeRoy ( назад)
@limabeat I remember being there I was 8 and I remember my dad saying he
had thought that he died when he crashed before anyone knew anything.

Автор Shane LeRoy ( назад)
@MrPorsche91730 I think thats him hitting the brakes

Автор NOXXism ( назад)
@limabeat as far as i know he didn't go from "230mph" to 0mph. So he could
have easily survived.

Автор MrPorsche91730 ( назад)
does anyone know if he lost a tire or somthing in the car broke? there as a
noise right before the car veered in the wall.

Автор limabeat ( назад)
I remember that day. We took our little boy to the track for the Indy 500
practice on my birthday. He had a little girl. Sad. I will never forget it.

Автор Jeff Williams (964 года назад)
Imagine having a million people watch your death, and try to judge how bad
it was? Come on people, it may not be as bad as Smiley or Moore's ends, but
he still died. Have some respect!

Автор NOXXism (1377 лет назад)
He died from that? I've seen a lot worse

Автор snappy452 ( назад)
@TestECull Im going to ignore your sanctimonious opinion on drinking and
just say rest in peace, Scott. I apologize for even coming close to
attaching myself to this video via some dumb youtube comment I made.

Автор TestECull ( назад)
@snappy452 No, as a matter of fact I didn't go digging very far back. Also,
I've never said dumb shit while I was drunk because I've never been drunk
in the first place. Don't really see a point in making onesself act stupid,
then feel like hell the next morning.

Автор snappy452 ( назад)
@TestECull Hey dumb fuck, care to read the reply I made 6 months ago? You
never said dumb shit while you were drunk, right?

Автор TestECull ( назад)
@snappy452 @snappy452 Outlawing indy cars because of an accident? God
you're dumb. Guess F1 should be banned too, there's quite a few fatal
accidents in that sport's history. And so should NASCAR. And rallying. And
touring cars. And football. For that matter, ban the morning commute too,
because that kills thousands every single day. Fucking idiot. Grow up,
learn that shit happens, and that nothing in life that's perfectly safe is
worth doing. You could die taking your morning piss.

Автор crezzwell ( назад)
Did not even look all that bad, seen a lot worse, just very unlucky poor
chap, probably broke his neck or something?

Автор MurphyMonster ( назад)
it would be one thing to die by your own fault, but by a tire?

Автор Buttoxin ( назад)
you try hitting a wall going over 200 mph and then see if you live or not.
cars are made to drive, not crash.

Автор Luxo087 ( назад)
@SilentSniper502 youre a sick fuck

Автор Shaun Hopkinson ( назад)
Just one thing! Why do people press "LIKE" on these videos!

Автор PorygonFanatics ( назад)
@snappy452 They are not death traps anymore, but they still do break
lowerback vertabrae and give third degree burns on people's hands

Автор Trey Campbell ( назад)
damn i feel bad for him he was on the pole and could have won

Автор Jordan L. ( назад)
@ursuss100 Ouch......

Автор ursuss100 ( назад)
@AussieRaver1996 His speed at impact was recorded about 370 km/h...awful
hit :s

Автор Santi Arias ( назад)

Автор gnamus ( назад)
i couldnt do a handbrake slide at those speeds either

Автор Christian Dinevski ( назад)
@AussieRaver1996 skull fractures.

Автор pajasa62 ( назад)
Still can't believe he died. There was an IRL race in New Hamphire later in
the season and all the advertisements for the race had Brayton's picture on
it because they printed it before the died.

Автор Jordan L. ( назад)
How did he die? Did he hit the wall really hard?

Автор glashoppah ( назад)
@snappy452 Woops! Sorry, man. I missed that.

Автор snappy452 ( назад)
@glashoppah you DID read the disclaimer that I was REALLY drunk when I made
that comment, right?

Автор glashoppah ( назад)
@snappy452 "Opposed to death?" Here's a surprise for you: Everyone dies,
and so will you.

Автор craiggyrulez ( назад)
@ThePaulnessable You are sick. As in physically sick.

Автор Matt Reed ( назад)
@snappy452 Hmmm. Yes we should. I'd love to see Bieber or Gottfried eaten

Автор jstrahan2 ( назад)
Low quality video.

Автор Scott Andrews ( назад)
That was a shocking day. I'll always remember Scott Brayton. I drove
through Coldwater, Michigan a few days after his death. Someone had put
little checkered flags all around the perimeter of his yard... so very sad.

Автор Scott Andrews ( назад)
@cmgww That is very true about luck. Right after the Gordon Smiley
accident, I remember A.J. Foyt said something like, "I don't care if you're
driving a tank - if you hit wrong, it's all over." So many times in these
accidents, the difference between dying and surviving can be determined by
the angle the car hits the wall. Just a few degrees can make the difference.

Автор pokemon56761 ( назад)
you have answered my question right

Автор cmgww (1422 года назад)
@pokemon56761 I will respond...all caps guy.... He hit on the left side.
His car was doing around 230 entering the turn. The fatality was because
the sidepods were much lower than today, and back then no driver wore the
HANS device...and there was no SAFER Barrier back then. It was a freak
accident even back then...plenty of drivers had hit the wall..He was just
unlucky. I know for a fact when the emergency workers approached him his
ears were bleeding, truly sad. I live here and we know...

Автор Rickrolled8024 ( назад)
@feefish001 ya it was one hell of an impact, the impact tore his aorta
artery RIP Scott Brayton

Автор Matt P ( назад)
For all you arseholes saying "this is fake" this is real.

Автор Matt P ( назад)
@orientgate Boring accidents?! You enjoy watching people injure themselves,
do you?!

Автор pokemon56761 ( назад)
What I meant is did it almost flip or did it flip and the wall hit the
drivers head because if you have seen it almost or maybe it caught air
after it hit the wall? please respond this answer to me at pokemon56761 and
also how can I put a picture on my channel where there is a shadow of a
persons head do I paste one on or upload one? please respond to this also
at pokemon56761! thanks

Автор ursuss100 ( назад)
@feefish001 Not only did they use no HANS at the time but the cockpits'
edges were much lower which left the head unprotected except by the
helmet...And, helmet or not, the head hitting the wall at high speed kills

Автор Alejandro Trevino ( назад)
@pokemon56761 dale earnhardt's crash didnt look fatal but it was. just
research it. if you can watch this on youtube you can search google or

Автор pokemon56761 ( назад)

Автор Salsuscanis ( назад)
Driver Error blew the engine, fluid excaped onto the tires, lost traction,
death. Good thing he was the only one out there

Автор KellarJ ( назад)
@osubuckeyes14 Haha way to rip that douche a new asshole

Автор tsharpmac420 ( назад)
it was invented at the university of nebraska. indianopolis was the first
to use ithe safer during a real race

Автор tsharpmac420 ( назад)
Dswan you dont know what your talking. indycar didntt invent it the safer
it was invented by MRAF at the university of nebraska they did it for all
tracks not just indy

Автор David Swanson ( назад)
@endurocatfish Indycar invented the SAFER barrier at Indianapolis. I'm sure
this accident was one of the driving reasons for the development.

Автор endurocatfish ( назад)
@Phaedrus27 maybe indy should follow nascars example and get the safe
barriers....besides most of the tracks indy runs at nascar runs at so the
safer barriers are already in place.

Автор Tyler G ( назад)
@snappy452 sure would thin the dumb herd quite a bit.

Автор holden0001 ( назад)
@holden0001 i apologize

Автор holden0001 ( назад)

Автор Reegan Busby ( назад)

Автор ursuss100 ( назад)
@Muzzer27 You're right, it doesn't look fatal. But as you mentioned too,
speed was 375 km/h or 225 mph. Due to the cockpit's lack of security at the
time (particularly no side restraints and higher sides), Scott's head
struck the wall at impact which caused very severe head and neck injuries.

Автор Muzzer27 ( назад)
Doesn't really look fatal. But the speed was reportedly 370 km/h, so that's
accounts for everything.

Автор kzbxvz ( назад)
@gardnerklein Oh yes but I have seen this type of crashes from Indy and
NASCAR racing in a 20 year span, and the drivers mostly walk away alive
from the wreck.

Автор Ed Kell ( назад)
ouch. what a hit. it's a shame too, because with today's cockpit design,
he'd still be alive

Автор kzbxvz ( назад)
@gardnerklein Yes bro, but we have seen many crashes of this kind earlier
in the 1970's & 80's where the driver walked away without any wounds at

Автор Jacob Topp ( назад)
Don't feed the trolls

Автор Andrew Lawrence ( назад)
Can we all stop with the bickering, and just think about Scott Braytonand
the sadness this crash left behind?

Автор osubuckeyes14 ( назад)
@MrCorpseNeverDies yeah a man is weak for whacking a concrete wall at 220+
mph. id like to see you try and survive. that would be nice, considering
you'd die. the world is a better place without you. i hope you die a slow,
painful death. tell satan i said hi while your at it you fucking bastard.

Автор Andy X ( назад)
@TheCannabisKing ..go smoke annother joint

Автор TheEmperor7777777 ( назад)
@MrCorpseNeverDies you r such a fucking retard all you can do is joke about
someones death honestly people like you deserve to die and to see how you
like it

Автор Andy X ( назад)
@TheCannabisKing is it your goal to talk like a 12 year old when asking a
simple question like .."what happened to cause the crash ?"..posting to
youtube doesn't always mean... lack of basic maturity. or mabey you are
12.. than ..carry on

Автор GIwillo ( назад)
@mad122780 you think you are so much better?

Автор bigjl73 ( назад)
@UgotMiniJacked: It's funny how our nations call us allies, but yet they
have countries full of fucktards such as yourself. Plus just the fact that
you drive a Geo Metro at 45mph on the freeway and talk crap about a guy
doing 200mph just baffles the mind. Good luck on your next war by the

Автор ursuss100 ( назад)
@TheCannabisKing He was travelling 375 kmh/225 mph when the right rear tire
blew. He died of basilar skull fracture because his head either hit the
wall or the edge of the cockpit.

Автор 1scott921 ( назад)
@nunobits12 you ain't worth pissing for, i only hope that u will die too.

Автор ursuss100 ( назад)
@kzbxvz Blew his right rear tire and his head contacted the wall when the
car hit it I think. And also the hit took place at 225 mph/375 km/h :o

Автор kzbxvz ( назад)
It doesn't look fatal at all! What happened?

Автор acenace24 ( назад)
Until you grow a set and drive over idk 90mph let alone 180 stfu, oh by the
way me and your hooker mom want you to move out of the basement fagget

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