white gal dance

it was 2am, feeling stressed out & couldnt sleep so I danced...

friends & subs: Happy New Year!!!!!

Song is: Crawny Gal by Tifa the riddim is Bad Gal Sittin

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Автор Lujayn Al ( назад)
@15167921859 Oh your up your own ass.. if she want to dance like this she
can im arab i dance like this who said it was just made for black people??
half the moves she does are Arabian anyway so doss out.. i pity you.

Автор tony starkers ( назад)
i'm blk yhh bt Not all blk ppl can dance i've seen plenty of stiff blk gyal
and really it doesnt matter wat colour u are its either u can or cant dance
snm!!!!! :) 

Автор Evelien Mionskowska (1937 лет назад)
stilll love this! i watch every time! kisss!

Автор Hayley Baby ( назад)
gwarn gal....defo gd for a white girl

Автор Hayley Baby ( назад)
gwarn gal.....she defo good for white girl :)

Автор badgoryanka ( назад)
You're great! Btw, which song is it?

Автор Cassytava ( назад)
i like this song whats the name of it 

Автор mostyn14 ( назад)
girl you do yourself justice you got your own style stayyour way

Автор YUNGClassy ( назад)
yOu aRe aH GooD daNceR BeTTeR DeN MosT BLaCK GiRLs PPl NeeD tO StOp HatiiN

Автор Ghetto91metro ( назад)
im black yh.. and she can wine beta den some black gyal any ways.. dnt h8
'n' dnt chat shit

Автор Maggie Gueye ( назад)
you fucking suck stop trying to black

Автор AngelicStateofMind ( назад)
The name of the song is "Crawny Gal" by Tifa. It's a great song. Enjoy it!

Автор Amanda Matthews ( назад)
not bad gurl keep it up

Автор tennis1992eman ( назад)
Looking good What's the name of the song?

Автор K. Taro ( назад)
Ok, I take my words back... I should have watched some more of your vids
before commenting... The arm movements are much better then in the first
vid I watched, and that's also the right music for ya. Keep it up!

Автор Jamie Dolcy ( назад)
a a my girl..i must say u have some skills deh!!

Автор Kaleza ( назад)
i really like this.

Автор daveof59 ( назад)

Автор yameyameyame ( назад)
cool pants

Автор keyontes ( назад)
this nice dancin 4 a white gurl noo offense ill take u out n e day wit hips
n rythm like dat

Автор Christiannette Ibie ( назад)
Girll u can whine up urselffffff I'm black an i aint seen black girls move
up demselves swift like that Gd job x

Автор blackphoenix123 ( назад)
nice, im jamaican and i think your good! keep doing what u do! and try to
teach your friends lol

Автор flyyshorty ( назад)
raaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! go deh gyal..yuh nuh how fi whine n tic toc;; yhurr damn
rite guddas 4 a white girl[lol]..keep it uhhp.

Автор creekfishin ( назад)
OH.......MY........LORD !!!!

Автор pbvbvb ( назад)
iiiiii you look good keep it up

Автор Mckance Moananu ( назад)
THIS IS MAH SONNNG.!! lmao.. damn u dance to all mah shitsz..! Misz Fatty..
Crawny Gal.. ! lmao.. u tiiiight..!

Автор biggabe77benji ( назад)
Gal Got skill. 2nd Fan lu. Benji Goodluck.

Автор BHFanatICosZ ( назад)
aight u look like that girl from step up (jessica alba)

Автор Alonna Queensland ( назад)
***** go gurl

Автор themightydumbass ( назад)
ur cute though...

Автор themightydumbass ( назад)
ur cute though...

Автор themightydumbass ( назад)
i wasn't bein a perv *much* but is that a tramp stamp? *i'm not callin you
a tramp*

Автор Momsnightout ( назад)
crawney gal by tifa

Автор Crystol Thomas ( назад)
what's the name of it plz.

Автор XxXMizzLotzXxX ( назад)
whats the name of this song i forgot it ...:|

Автор Cam Ham ( назад)
nevermind i found it =) but again.. you are so good!!

Автор Cam Ham ( назад)
you go girl! =] whats the name of this song?

Автор seungablood ( назад)
what was the name of the song?

Автор Chantelle Hutchesson ( назад)
been watchin all ur vids and there is a huge improvement, even tho i cant
do wat u do, but u can def see the diff from the first one u did!! I love
this music for u, suits u well, along with the moves u do, very unique and
i love it!!

Автор Ashley Woods ( назад)
heyyy i love it....and the song choice

Автор FullMoonVideo ( назад)
Thanks for watching my videos and commenting...And thanks for the nice
dance... you just made my day. You are a beautiful girl and dance well.

Автор Amy Richards ( назад)
Teach me??? Yes? :D :p

Автор ShadyJenkinz ( назад)
woah, this one is wicked good. this type of music fits your style of dance
very well ;)

Автор romell marquis ( назад)
wats da name of this song

Автор Millycookies ( назад)
What's the name of this song

Автор LilMeAy ( назад)
You r really good. And i did the same thing, watched vids on the internet
and practiced :D Keep up the good work girl :)

Автор RockOutPerfect ( назад)
ahhh i can't find this song any where its driving me crazy and nice dancin
by the way. i wish I could move like that.

Автор h0ao3 ( назад)
u got no ass!!!

Автор Dtrinidan Santana ( назад)
thats wah we talk bout.........don know

Автор Millycookies ( назад)
Whats the name of this song?

Автор bratafied ( назад)
ok, you just gave me the ambition to learn how to dance, i used to be good
and watched soul train faithfully back in the 80's... but now that i see
you, i love it. i suscribed to you so i can take your advise and watch the
videos over and over again... thanks..also, whoever that Don is, he's
really good too, if he's a bf, you guys make a cute couple..oh, and BTW,i
suck at the sleeping thing too, usually up on youtube till 4am..lol..

Автор Koneiro ( назад)
5 Estrellas/Stars

Автор cpinnago ( назад)
crawney gal--- very niceee

Автор pannu b ( назад)
Smokin hatt!! Awesome song!! Nice PJ!! And girl u got some moves!! U rock!!

Автор dkao1 ( назад)
What's the name of this song, and how tall are u?

Автор Riccardi Harper ( назад)
girl you did good, you dancing better than some of these black girls around
here and im black myself lol, but im a man and i was observing ya tho, you
did great.

Автор enterprise34 ( назад)
can any one tell da name of da song

Автор Tommy Fischer ( назад)
Ya'll gotta watch here dance to the timbaland song bounce. But Sofi dont
know how you dance like that, baby girl you got SKILLS!

Автор William Franklin ( назад)
cool song & dance!

Автор Cassandra Fox ( назад)
Hey Sweetie! Happy New Year:) In my humble opinion, this is the best of
your videos, "Whine gyal whine". Great dancing:)

Автор frenchy girl ( назад)
glad to see you back.

Автор gallina5565 ( назад)
was it too early or too late? it doesn't matter,moves r great! love u.

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