white gal dance

it was 2am, feeling stressed out & couldnt sleep so I danced...

friends & subs: Happy New Year!!!!!

Song is: Crawny Gal by Tifa the riddim is Bad Gal Sittin

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Автор Lujayn Al ( назад)
@15167921859 Oh your up your own ass.. if she want to dance like this she
can im arab i dance like this who said it was just made for black people??
half the moves she does are Arabian anyway so doss out.. i pity you.

Автор tony starkers ( назад)
i'm blk yhh bt Not all blk ppl can dance i've seen plenty of stiff blk gyal
and really it doesnt matter wat colour u are its either u can or cant dance
snm!!!!! :)

Автор Evelien Mionskowska (1937 лет назад)
stilll love this! i watch every time! kisss!

Автор Hayley Baby ( назад)
gwarn gal....defo gd for a white girl

Автор Hayley Baby ( назад)
gwarn gal.....she defo good for white girl :)

Автор badgoryanka ( назад)
You're great! Btw, which song is it?

Автор Cassytava ( назад)
i like this song whats the name of it

Автор mostyn14 ( назад)
girl you do yourself justice you got your own style stayyour way

Автор YUNGClassy ( назад)
yOu aRe aH GooD daNceR BeTTeR DeN MosT BLaCK GiRLs PPl NeeD tO StOp HatiiN

Автор d00dlebonez ( назад)
I really like this! :) I wish I could dance like that.

Автор thebestnana ( назад)
BLoodCAlt MI Gyal Guh Dey Ya Betta Den Must Ppl

Автор Ghetto91metro ( назад)
im black yh.. and she can wine beta den some black gyal any ways.. dnt h8
'n' dnt chat shit

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
you are ignorant.

Автор Maggie Gueye ( назад)
you fucking suck stop trying to black

Автор AngelicStateofMind ( назад)
The name of the song is "Crawny Gal" by Tifa. It's a great song. Enjoy it!

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
I watched vids on youtube :)

Автор rampinshop77 ( назад)
she good man

Автор Amanda Matthews ( назад)
not bad gurl keep it up

Автор tennis1992eman ( назад)
Looking good What's the name of the song?

Автор K. Taro ( назад)
Ok, I take my words back... I should have watched some more of your vids
before commenting... The arm movements are much better then in the first
vid I watched, and that's also the right music for ya. Keep it up!

Автор xXxAlerisxXx ( назад)

Автор Teena2cute ( назад)
U go girl!!

Автор Jamie Dolcy ( назад)
a a my girl..i must say u have some skills deh!!

Автор russradicans ( назад)
If this is you when you're feeling stressed out ,do you mind letting me
know when you're about to have a Nervous brakedown?

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
true... if your time is up... I just help you along your way. :)

Автор russradicans ( назад)
Poor Guys,I bet they think theyr'e just gonna get a cup of Hot chocolate
and a little bible study; Still If your times up......

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
that is where I stash the bodies

Автор russradicans ( назад)
.......and we never did get to discover whats in the big wardrobe!

Автор Kaleza ( назад)
i really like this.

Автор daveof59 ( назад)

Автор yameyameyame ( назад)
cool pants

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
lol oh it's you

Автор keyontes ( назад)
this nice dancin 4 a white gurl noo offense ill take u out n e day wit hips
n rythm like dat

Автор Christiannette Ibie ( назад)
Girll u can whine up urselffffff I'm black an i aint seen black girls move
up demselves swift like that Gd job x

Автор PeeVeeTV ( назад)
this is mesmerizing.

Автор blackphoenix123 ( назад)
nice, im jamaican and i think your good! keep doing what u do! and try to
teach your friends lol

Автор l2isks ( назад)
You have any new ones coming out soon? Real good...

Автор flyyshorty ( назад)
raaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! go deh gyal..yuh nuh how fi whine n tic toc;; yhurr damn
rite guddas 4 a white girl[lol]..keep it uhhp.

Автор sweetpimpclay ( назад)
fuck...gal ya good....n ya body nah crawny....gal

Автор creekfishin ( назад)
OH.......MY........LORD !!!!

Автор actigurl (1060 лет назад)
gwan dey white gal u a do d ting...u sure u str8 white....am a give u yuh

Автор pbvbvb ( назад)
iiiiii you look good keep it up

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
ahahaha ;)

Автор Mckance Moananu ( назад)
THIS IS MAH SONNNG.!! lmao.. damn u dance to all mah shitsz..! Misz Fatty..
Crawny Gal.. ! lmao.. u tiiiight..!

Автор biggabe77benji ( назад)
Gal Got skill. 2nd Fan lu. Benji Goodluck.

Автор BHFanatICosZ ( назад)
aight u look like that girl from step up (jessica alba)

Автор Alonna Queensland ( назад)
***** go gurl

Автор themightydumbass ( назад)
ur cute though...

Автор themightydumbass ( назад)
ur cute though...

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
well, then dont call it that... it's a tattoo- an artistic expression.

Автор themightydumbass ( назад)
i wasn't bein a perv *much* but is that a tramp stamp? *i'm not callin you
a tramp*

Автор asidy7trs93 ( назад)
great vids, and you are so hot.

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
:) tnx As for the song it's Crawny Gal by Tifa, Bad Gal Sittin Riddim

Автор qeensgurl05 ( назад)
u go gurl iam jamican n it dont matter the color of ur skin to tell u the
truth reggea is from jamaica but the best reggea dancers come fron europe
and japan they also have australian reggea to to fuk everybody... by the
way wats the name of this song.

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
lol just cz you're a dumbass & cant figure it out dont take it out on
people. lol The lyrics are quite obvious, it's a slow enough song, you
still cant catch it? Poor you.

Автор l2isks ( назад)
Best one you ever did

Автор heresaclue ( назад)
5 stars

Автор Momsnightout ( назад)
crawney gal by tifa

Автор Crystol Thomas ( назад)
what's the name of it plz.

Автор XxXMizzLotzXxX ( назад)
whats the name of this song i forgot it ...:|

Автор Cam Ham ( назад)
nevermind i found it =) but again.. you are so good!!

Автор Cam Ham ( назад)
you go girl! =] whats the name of this song?

Автор seungablood ( назад)
what was the name of the song?

Автор HispanaMdr073 ( назад)
CoOl Girl =D

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
Well, I dont exactly belly dance, my style is combination of some belly
dancing moves, hip rolling, and dancehall... you should watch sweetberry if
you like bellydancing... or check out the belly dancing tutorials in my
playlists. Those helped me out a bit. :)

Автор smexybootybaby ( назад)
hmm maybe ill watch some of your vidoes and learn lol, but yeah i would
like to personally request a belly dancing video!, that could help me out a
lot lol!

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
Yup, learned totally on my own by watching other dance vids on YouTube. lol
Anyone can learn, some of my subs have done the same thing. :)

Автор smexybootybaby ( назад)
damn gurl you are good, how do you move like that?,do you learn 199% on
your own?, you would be a really belly dancer you showld try a belly
dancing video please

Автор Chantelle Hutchesson ( назад)
been watchin all ur vids and there is a huge improvement, even tho i cant
do wat u do, but u can def see the diff from the first one u did!! I love
this music for u, suits u well, along with the moves u do, very unique and
i love it!!

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
lol sorry about that... I was in a pissy mood that night & haters werent
helping, I didnt mean to generalize. :)

Автор AnnaKateProductions ( назад)
im under 18 so im sorry if im commenting you but i think your really good
so yeah to all the rude people they can go jump off a bridge cause ur good

Автор adorablyritzy ( назад)
woooooooo i have neva seen a white gal whine lyk dat. u go girl

Автор Acbabygirl32 (806 лет назад)
thanx =]

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
No... it's S R P Why, do I look like someone you know? lol

Автор Ashley Woods ( назад)
heyyy i love it....and the song choice

Автор Acbabygirl32 ( назад)
u can dance, yea nice style of dance too wats da name of dis song?

Автор FullMoonVideo ( назад)
Thanks for watching my videos and commenting...And thanks for the nice
dance... you just made my day. You are a beautiful girl and dance well.

Автор SOFIAgandako (450 лет назад)
pfft as if you know what you're talkin about. Sorry, but comments made by
anyone under 18 is irrelevant. When you're a woman and actually know what
you're talking about then you can make a new account and leave me a
message. Til then, keep in mind that everybody else who's been leaving me
comments are from the islands and/or have their own dance videos and KNOW
what they're lookin at. You wouldnt know a beat if it smacked you in the

Автор PwincessAlimoo ( назад)
would be good if you didnt just do the same thing again and again

Автор roundnsweet1 ( назад)
ohhhhhhhhhhh shit>>>>>> jap jap jap white gal cyan whine big up unnoself

Автор Amy Richards ( назад)
Teach me??? Yes? :D :p

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
lol yeah I agree, reggae/dancehall fits the style I've come up with the
most. And I know what you mean about my older vids being "painful to watch"
lol imagine how I must feel! I cant even bare to watch any of my old vids.
I feel like ripping them off YouTube! ...but I want people to see my
progress which is why I dont take them off. As long as I dont watch them
they're safe and get to stay here lol

Автор mzhyella ( назад)
u so cute, nice style of dance gyal bigg up

Автор ShadyJenkinz ( назад)
woah, this one is wicked good. this type of music fits your style of dance
very well ;)

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
ok, I finally figured out what the title of the song is! It took a LONG
time to finally figure it out for you people, but here it is... The singer
is: Tifa. The song is: Crawney Gyal. The riddim is: Dem Gal Sittin

Автор romell marquis ( назад)
wats da name of this song

Автор xXxD3ATHWISHxXx ( назад)
That tattoo is very sexy :P and that smokin body makes it all the more
arousing, keep doin ya thing. Peace.

Автор Millycookies ( назад)
What's the name of this song

Автор flytec22 ( назад)
hi wie heisst das lied du bist echt ne süße und tanzt hammer gruss flytec

Автор MeaningOfAloha ( назад)
Girls seem to be really comfortable with you, you're a great role model!
You are so nice and you can really dance!

Автор LilMeAy ( назад)
You r really good. And i did the same thing, watched vids on the internet
and practiced :D Keep up the good work girl :)

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
lol I have a habit of grabbing at it when I dance & feel naked without
it... altho in my latest video I'm not wearing one. :p

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
lol yeah, it's hard to find... but I was able to help someone else find it,
so it's not impossible... here are some tips for anyone else looking for
the song: Search on LimeWire... song is "Gal Tifa Crawney". I'm not sure
what the riddim is, but there's another song called "No Stress" by
Timberlee which is the same riddim... find that other song, you'll find the
riddim, then look up all songs under that riddim to find the one you're
looking for. :) Good luck! :)

Автор RockOutPerfect ( назад)
ahhh i can't find this song any where its driving me crazy and nice dancin
by the way. i wish I could move like that.

Автор h0ao3 ( назад)
u got no ass!!!

Автор Dtrinidan Santana ( назад)
thats wah we talk bout.........don know

Автор liccclebrown ( назад)

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
No lessons... I just watched vids on youtube, practiced, then came up with
my own style. :) Check my playlists I have some tips on there.

Автор Millycookies ( назад)
Whats the name of this song?

Автор SOFIAgandako ( назад)
Yeah so was I in the beginning... just practice the hell out of all the
stiffness. lol

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