How to set the arm of a technics sl1200

Generally the principals will be the same with all turntables.

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Автор DaftSmurf ( назад)
RIP Romanthony

Автор Mark A. Stuart ( назад)
very helpful thanks!

Автор HybOj ( назад)
GUYS HELP PLS Ive bought used Technics 1210 mkII from England. When I want
to calibrate the arm to zero level, I have to put the weight almost on max.
Than I can only add 1g more and i hit the max and cant go any further. It
seems like I need to add lets say 3g weight on a cardridge to get 3-4g of
pressure. This seems too odd. Anyone can guess whats the problem please?
Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for bad english

Автор MrShagnasty18 ( назад)
I Can not get the Assembly to Move up or Down , I Have Unlocked it but it
Still Won't Budge , Is There Something I am Missing or Might it Just be
Stuck? This is on Both Decks

Автор CarlitosDJmx ( назад)
great explanation dude...thank you much!!

Автор paul alan ( назад)
good shit dude

Автор Jeremiah Marquez ( назад)
My counterweight seems to be loose I could move it up and down the back of
the tonearm w/out having to twist it, should there be something sticking
out on the back of the tonearm that grabs the grooves/threads of the

Автор 56dlp ( назад)
@battlestarvfx Yes. Adjusting the height to make the tone arm level is not
correct. The height adjustment depends upon the type of stylus. The
manufacturer of the stylus provides the height adjustment in their specs.
Jonathan did make a good point here though about how the thickness of the
slip mat could make a difference. Slight adjustments may be necessary
depending upon this.

Автор sneskid ( назад)
Oh, and make sure your turntable is PERFECTLY LEVEL before you set this!
Otherwise, you'll never get it right.

Автор sneskid ( назад)
The quick way is to set it to whatever you have your vertical tracking
force (weight) set to. A much more precise method, is to use a blank vinyl
or a test record with a grooveless track. This is just fine for DJing. For
serious listening, anti-skate is usually set by ear, using a track with a
woman's voice, or a test record with tones that are recorded so loud, that
you immidiately hear the effects of any mistracking that results from the
stylus not being perfectly centered in the groove.

Автор MakaShino ( назад)
how do you properly adjust anti-skate? thanks!

Автор sneskid ( назад)
That's not how you *properly* adjust anti-skate. Trying to adjust
anti-skate while letting the arm float in the air will do nothing. Think
about it - if that were the case, then there would be no point to having
this adjustment at all.

Автор producerben ( назад)
What's correct in home audio, does not neccesarily make it correct when
playing out live

Автор DJ Lithium ( назад)
Well the problem is I see him offering a lot of advice that is simply WRONG
or technically incorrect.

Автор producerben ( назад)
Although not a DJ, Yes I agree with you Battlestarvfx, but also if they
have a poor kept copy of a track they wanna use or maybe a dubplate on it's
last legs, Its often required. Appart from that, people have not been
educated as to how to properly set up their deck, so rather than "Cringe"
or poke fun and be all "Audiophile" about it, why not nicely show them how
to set up their Deck. That's why people like Ellaskins after all

Автор producerben ( назад)
The white "thing" is to adjust whats called the "over hang" of the stylus.
I think 12inch means that things like Ortofon Nightclub just "screw in to
the arm, job done. Things like Shure, Stanton and that look like the type
in this vid are a "half inch mount). These type need to be aligned
properly. If you message me, I will do my best to explain how to use the
Over hang gauge (the white plastic thing) I am about to run out of characto

Автор producerben ( назад)
The arm lift lever should be down yes

Автор producerben ( назад)
Message me mate, I'll tell you

Автор slytown ( назад)
Hell yea. Romanthony.

Автор Don holder ( назад)
my tonearm slides over the record very slowly.(using SERATO) album. then it
will not slide at all, it will move back in the opposite direction. what
are my options as to correct this problem.

Автор Baj Dhadda ( назад)
You need to get a blank vinal, place the needle on to the middle (while
playing) turn the anti skate until the needle stops skating.

Автор salviakingproduction ( назад)
Thanks, cleared a few things up?

Автор bifaybump ( назад)
take off the headshell so that the tone arm is up in the air, it will swing
to one side, keep adjusting and placing the arm back in the middle untill
it doesnt swing either way

Автор liangdar ( назад)
normally the anti-skate-weight is the same as the force pointing down

Автор TypicalJoe1900 ( назад)
Also:By any chance, is there also a video anywhere where somebody explains
how to determine what to set the anti-skate option to? I'm not a DJ or
anything, I'm just a guy who likes vinyl and likes to play it. All the
turntables I've owned before this one (except an ION one I have) had all
this stuff pre-set, and even when I set up the ION, I don't know if I had
the settings right. I still don't know if I do, and alot of records I have
could be in danger.

Автор TypicalJoe1900 ( назад)
I have an Audio Technica AT-PL120,and I need somebody to make a video of
how to set that sucker up.

Автор juli0v ( назад)
i need help! haha im using technics SL-1210M5G

Автор juli0v ( назад)
my tone arms keeps dropping on the record even if the weight is already all
the way the other of the edge...what could be wrong?

Автор 12inchRules ( назад)
Check my video response, some pics of the manual. I think you will get it..

Автор KEEGAN3000 ( назад)
what do you mean...instead of using ortofons?

Автор 12inchRules ( назад)
The white piece of plastic is for calibrating the stylus... For if you need
to mount an element instead of using ortofons...

Автор James Breen ( назад)
Good stuff Ellaskins. Hey you should give us a visual demo of how the white
piece of plastic works. I wondered to myself what the hell that was for. :-)

Автор DJ Lithium ( назад)
Flipping the counterweight backwards is stupid dumb and silly. It's not a
good solution to improving tracking and all it does is kill fidelity and
the tracing of the groove by the stylus itself while contributing to
unwarranted wear on bot the needle and the records. I cringe anytime I see
a DJ do this.

Автор djlitonl ( назад)
some usefull info!! thanks

Автор 72twist ( назад)
Gold is a good conductor but its oxidation is not. Like most gold plated
surfaces, they oxidize. This is why most hi-end audio outfits use silver,
which is just as good a conductor and its oxidation is actually MORE
conductive than the pure silver.

Автор DjStinkles ( назад)
some skip alot less with LESS weight like the shure m44gs

Автор djboomchick ( назад)
Gold may not make an audible difference, but it is a better conductor,
especially if the jack you are plugging into is gold plated. you should
check out the video by dj shortee called turntable tune up. you can get it
through how2dj dot com, I think. If you know how to do basic solder removal
and soldering, it should be easy for you.

Автор Matthew ( назад)
goddamn lifesaver. I wasn't doing much wrong, but a few things did help.
thanks! :D

Автор fishfan67 ( назад)
great video mate. i have two questions for you i hope you can help. i have
to change the rca wires on my sl 1200s how do i do it. is there alot
involved? also if i use gold tiped rca wires would the sound be much
different then the original 1200 rca wires?

Автор Pookie250 ( назад)
why do u have your weight at closest point to your needle, u will wear down
your records as it now has more presure on it.

Автор shinri1 ( назад)
I think the word you were looking for is parallel. To get the arm tube
parallel with the record, I stand a business card on end right on the
record surface just behind the arm tube, first near the headshell, then
near the edge of the record, and adjust the arm height until the upper edge
of the arm tube reveals the same printed letters on the card at both

Автор ellaskins ( назад)
will do one day, but for that i need a knackerd sl1200. johnathan

Автор DjRadiRKJ ( назад)
Great tips! :)

Автор ellaskins ( назад)
Hi, to be honest because there is so much gear out there now the cost will
be about the same where ever you go. Just make shure you buy direct drive
turntables. johnathan

Автор ellaskins ( назад)
to be honest most shops/stoors will have the same price so you can't realy
go wrong, but good to go for direrct drive turntables! johnathan

Автор awoodvine ( назад)
Cheers for the video. I've read on a few websites how to do it but actually
watching your video has made it much clearer.

Автор djcjay89 ( назад)
i have some vinyls that are thicker than others tho :S and where are you
going to find a plain vinyl from? would the shiny side of a cd work or
would that bugger the styllus?

Автор ellaskins ( назад)
Thanks for that !!!

Автор Disten27 ( назад)
@nickyslaw If you can use a plane vinyl set the tone arm on the plane vinyl
and press start use the antiskating and see what happens the best anti
skating level is when the tonearm is no longer moving out of the middle of
the vinyl hmpf i hope you understand that with my bad english ;)

Автор nickyslaw ( назад)
I have technics 1200mk5's by the way.. so your videos are extremely helpful
:) One more question,... what is anti skating? I adjust it and notice
nothing. Perhaps im not very observant, haha

Автор nickyslaw ( назад)
Thanks a lot ellaskins, that was quick!

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