undertaker vs cm punk wrestlemania 29

undertaker streaks at wrestlemania vs cm punk respect

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Автор JJ steppers (1015 лет назад)
way to record this with a potato, Flagged

Автор Bradley Mcleod (1779 лет назад)
This match received a lot of positive reviews by fans and critics.Some said
this was "the match of the night"and the "real main event of Wrestlemania
29".Cm Punk mentioned in the controversial episode of Colt Cobana's podcast
that even Vince said this match should have been last.Punk wanted to get as
much money as Brock,Triple H,John Cena,and Rock but that did not go as
planned.Do you guys think this should have been the main event of
Wrestlemania 29?

Автор Levski Sofia ( назад)
This match had to be the main event...And Punk deserved to break streak.

Автор Machinist ( назад)
punk made undertaker look like gold

Автор Mr Wayward Scots ( назад)
Should've ended after Punk used the Urn...Can you imagine the reaction if
there had been a 3 count there!!! Punk deserved it a lot more than

Автор Joshua Munro ( назад)
epic match. brock shouldn't of beaten the streak, 5 contenders: sting,
kane, triple h, Shawn Michaels or cm punk. if it was Cena he would get
booed for the rest of his life 

Автор Jason Grande ( назад)
Shawn Michaels should have ended it

Автор James Strevels ( назад)
Possibly the most underrated match of 2013

Автор Djuan Benjamin ( назад)

Автор orestis karabalis ( назад)
Better match than lesnar vs taker.Because the streak ended wwe its not
going to have a good wrestlemania this year. they should thing that the
streak is the heart of wrestlemania and without undertaker in wrestlemania
there is no wrestlemania, and nothing can make it better than the streak.

Автор Vinicius Lira Ramos ( назад)
Cm punk simple the best

Автор Dick Justice ( назад)
It should have been Punk ending the streak.
Carried the whole fucking match and made it entertaining.
Too bad he quit and that part timer had to end the streak in one of the
most boring wrestlemania matches of all time!
What a shame!
The streak didn't deserve such an ending!

Автор The Sai Guy™ ( назад)
Ref counted to slowly undertaker would've lost the streak 21:02

Автор Keisha Alvaro ( назад)
Beautiful Moment from the history of Wrestlemania of all-time!
That will never happen again forever!

("Thanks Undertaker (Mark William Calaway) over your sweet history that
will never be forgotten!")

Автор Josh Josh ( назад)
This should've been Undertaker's last WM. Losing to Lesnar in WM30 was
such a waste.

Автор Glen James ( назад)
before wrestlemania 30 this was the undertaker`s final memorable match.
thank you taker.

Автор Louis Hynes ( назад)

Автор Salehovic S ( назад)

Автор Trump Inc ( назад)
I notice that undertaker through his last matches is much weaker and
slower, showing less tactic and more confusion. It looks horrible as his
age gets the best of him and makes him much slower. Those couple times he
gets that adrenaline and goes perfect. I miss the days when he was
constantly destroying other wrestlers without effort.

Автор Anthony .Varone ( назад)
Il never understand why they couldn't close off the show with this match.
WWE needs to understand Taker is the main event n people pay to see him at
mania. Being there live i can say the crowd especially me was dead for
everything except this phenomenal match. HHH n Lesnar you could hear the
fucking heaters keeping us warm cuz of how boring that match was. And they
had Rock n Cena 2 to close it off which was another dreadful match. This
match should have won match of 2013 not Cena n Rock 2 cuz those two looked
fucking lost in the ring. 

Автор TheDemonGrindereturn ( назад)
eat sleep break the streak!

Автор Rients Wagenaar ( назад)
cm punk rip

Автор Cursedwind ( назад)
I don't want to sound childish but in the urn part,the referee counted to
3,I don't know if it is on this video but IF punk was to return, he would
have a great feud over who broke the streak(if the ref actually counted to
3 that is)

Автор SUMPhiB08 ( назад)
This should've won match of the year 

Автор Dreni Bresilla ( назад)
Undertaker is the best :DDDDD

Автор Conor Egan ( назад)
RIP Paul

Автор Mario world N.Y ( назад)
This match was a lot of fun, I love it!

Автор arief singa ( назад)
Kau sangat hebat underteker

Автор Brandon DeLarge ( назад)
In my opinion, this was the main event of WrestleMania 29, not the horrible
finisher fest that was Dwayne/Cena II.

Автор dn Dan ( назад)

Автор issa power ( назад)
Cm punk should be proud that he was the last on the list.

Автор MegaBarron123 ( назад)
You realize taker made a good choice by having lesnar. If he chose Kurt
angle back at mania 22 he would have disgraced by heading to tna and punk
would have disgraced if he won by walking out which I'm sure he still would

Автор Titty Milk Tanks ( назад)
Taker should have put Punk over just for the sake of Taker being part-time
and coming closer and closer to his retirement. Highly dout him vs Sting at
mania 30 especially after the streaks over now. 

Автор raju kamboj ( назад)
The undertaker

Автор Patrick S ( назад)
in 20:35 in would be the perfect ending! 

Автор brent fuatavai ( назад)
paul heman I have some advice 4 u SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN!!!!

Автор g- man ( назад)
lol undertakers faced after punk kicked out of tombstone

Автор mrsanatra1 ( назад)
they should have gave it to punk,he came off the summer of punk,damn sure
was the fans op guy even if the company gave no fucks and i saw his
progression from ecw indie style guy to smackdown vile villain who could
cut a hell of a promo to monday night raws savior #bestintheworld

Автор C.B.G Industries ( назад)
I'd of liked to see Roman break the streak too, 

Автор C.B.G Industries ( назад)
I'd of liked to see Roman break the streak too, 

Автор bob beckey ( назад)
the more i see punk the more i know he sucks. since when did taker have to
sell every hit

Автор LAC Fan ( назад)
WWE does not make sense! Everyone who tried to end the streak showed some
effort. Not boring f-5s why WWE?

Автор raphael cayeta ( назад)
but in wrestlemania 31 sting score 1-0 and undertaker 21-2

Автор Emmanuel Redy ( назад)
best match ever

Автор Team TCB Gaming ( назад)
Michael cole is such a fucking homo

Автор Randal Simpson ( назад)
This should be the 20-1 Match
Not fucking brock shit

Автор Zaros -71 ( назад)
Thats the match which would end the streak not fucking brock lesnar

Автор ‫سلطان الغامدي‬‎ ( назад)
قوي يا انرتيكر

Автор The magnificent creep ( назад)
lot of lies being told about taker losing to lesnar ,first of all Brock and
mark aren't friends , just Google it ,its also a fact that taker has always
liked mma , long before lesnar was even in mma , and for people saying mark
wouldn't have a chance agasn't brock , you're dead wrong , not only is Mark
bigger and stronger , which is clear , just look at the size differnce ,hes
also trained in jujitsu and boxing , before the ufc was even a thing taker
was into boxing , lf he was ten years younger he would have done mma .
taker was getting old and you could just see it on his face , he knew he
couldn't do this forever , infact he wanted to end the streak with punk ,
but they wanted to get one more win out of him . hopefully Taker has one
more match agasn't sting .

Автор tafazul ali ( назад)
UNTKR is best

Автор Robert Duran ( назад)
17:56 is the moment Punks soul was taken from him!

Автор GreatTurbonian Tyler Dossa ( назад)
CM Punk should've been the one to break the streak

Автор Greg Johnson (297 лет назад)

Punk should of won 

Автор Shabbir Ahmed ( назад)
CM Punk couldn't even perform a gts go to sleep to the undertaker.....how
could we won? Does he deserve the streak? great match nonetheless :)

Автор presidentdiddy ( назад)
When the Road to WrestleMania would come around, I wasn't really that
interested in who would be the #1 contender for the championship. I was
interested in who would be bold enough to face the Undertaker. It's going
to be very interesting to see how this upcoming Wrestlemania will be with
the Undertaker's streak broken

Автор Red Havoc ( назад)
Put undertaker and brock lesnar in a REAL fight, and I wonder what would

Автор officialdardan ( назад)

Автор Eduardo Reyna ( назад)

Автор ARANDOM GUY312123 ( назад)
Streak is 21-1 he lost to Brock Lesnar at this years Wrestlemaina 30 but it
would be better if the streak was 100-0

Автор ARANDOM GUY312123 ( назад)
CM punk was dancing when undertaker reversed at the GTS and beat punk
goodbye punk wants to put taker to sleep taker wants to make rest in peace
answer for CM punk it was a GTS

Автор Anthony Napoli ( назад)
I Was At This Wrestlemania, Remember It Very Well Actually And I Was Just
Blessed To See My Favorite Wrestler Of All Time The Undertaker, Win His
Last Match At Wrestlemania In My Hometown, (Well I Mean I Live In NY) But
You Know What I Mean. But The Laugh Before He Chokeslams Punk. Priceless
Just Priceless 

Автор Matthias Köhler (MattK269) ( назад)
that must have been one of the worst nights in Paul Heyman's career since
both Brock Lesnar and CM Punk lost their matches against Triple H and the

Автор Oto Lobzhanidze ( назад)
look at eyes of Undertaker at 24:19 minutes he is thinking that this is his
last win and he has sad eyes,all we know that WWE is scripted and I think
he knew at this tame that it was his last WRESTLEMANIA win.

Автор tom no ( назад)
21-0 ok...I like undertaker...

Автор Ben Marshall ( назад)
I think Punk should've ended it. Not Lesnar. 

Автор steve johnson ( назад)
BS ref with a slow count at 20:52 after punk hit taker with the ern

Автор Teagan Bass ( назад)
He did and I hate him for it

Автор Teagan Bass ( назад)
Brock did end it and I hate him for it'

Автор Teagan Bass ( назад)
Brock did end it and I hate for it

Автор Teagan Bass ( назад)
Brock did end it and I hate I'm for that

Автор Teagan Bass ( назад)
Brock did end it and I hate I'm for that

Автор DannyWWE ( назад)
For those who collect wwe action figures, at 21:21 , it looks like the new
cm punk figure face scan Mattel always use......

Автор Nurlan ( назад)
undertaker 21-1

Автор ThePackers34 ( назад)
Last time you'll see a 0 after the big number and the fireworks THANK YOU

Автор Steve Palmer ( назад)
This is the est match in a long time-simply for this, The Undertaker's
match at his best before WM30 and that CM Punk was his opponent-this was
definitely the match of that year-to hell with Cena and the Rock match
point 2

Автор Zeaping Pony ( назад)
Я не сомневался, что тейкер выиграет...

Автор MarioHeadguy1 ( назад)
yeah the greatest streak of all time... and its gone (which I find stupid).

Автор The Beast ( назад)
Gosh if punk was champion at the time this match would have been even more

Автор Dean Ambrose ( назад)
He lost 21-1

Автор creeperownage76 ( назад)
24:20 THAT FACE xD

Автор ruhan khan ( назад)
cm punk could't do atlest one gts wth loool

Автор Ay m8 ( назад)
punk should have won that match not brock people hated brock winning well
im fine with that but it would have been awesome seeing punk end the streak

Автор Alex Thomas (1610 лет назад)
Wooooow! CM Punk kicked out of a tombstone piledriver! thats totally never
happened before.

Автор Tim Doucette ( назад)
Cm punk could never the undertaker

Автор Daniel Hodges ( назад)
Guys....My client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the streak at Wrestlemania, PSA.

Автор DmOnDeN322 ( назад)
Jbl saying '80,000 are chanting undertaker name' while it was split you
know vince told him 

Автор FPG TheRafeoNN ( назад)
Undertaker is the best

Автор Jessica Smith ( назад)

Автор rat man ( назад)
both of these guys have no muscles...

Автор Tony Sewell (231 год назад)
Undertaker should have lost this to Punk. Not Brock Lesnar. If anybody
deserved it, it was Punk.

Автор Michael O'Connor ( назад)

Автор Inigo Montoya ( назад)
This >>>>> Taker vs Gaiant Gonzales >>>>> Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler
>>>>> A big pile of shit >>>>>Taker vs Brock. 

Автор Talia al Ghul ( назад)
CM Punk, the final soul the Undertaker consumed at WrestleMania.

Автор Adam McLoughlin ( назад)
20:52 slow count?

Автор bicentrix247 ( назад)
This was better than either match of the rock versus Cena. It should've
been the main event. 

Автор PolarBear1 ( назад)
cm punk shouldve tombstone undertaker

Автор xTaiito ( назад)
Cmonnn cm punk

Автор Firstone33 ( назад)
It Turns Out My Fellow Taker Fans That Lesnar Was Not Supposed To Win At
Wrestlemania XXX, With That Lesnar I Guess Was Fired However There May Also
be Some things Going Around That Taker Wanted To Lose, To End His Streak,
He Wanted To retire Maybe And What Better Way To Do So Than One Last
Wrestlemania And Allowed Lesnar To win. This Is All Just guessing On My
part. To me Taker Will Be 22 - 0. At Least He Lost With Honor And Respect.

Автор Michael Ozuna ( назад)
brock lesnar sucks and i feel bad that he is 21-1

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