undertaker vs cm punk wrestlemania 29

undertaker streaks at wrestlemania vs cm punk respect

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Автор Conner Pavis (5 дней)
You can tell this was way better than lesnar vs Taker

Автор D0MiN4T1NG (9 дней)
18:18 bigggest no sell in wwe history...

Автор hien le (10 дней)
Brock lesnar beat undertaker at wrestlemania 30

Автор 1525reece (10 дней)
Undertaker will always be 22-0 for me

Автор Adrian Grant (15 дней)
CM Punk should've beat it 20-1 is a better number than 21-1

Автор R Bernard (16 дней)
Here after undertaker goes 21-1.

Автор Bruno Marin (16 дней)

Автор maddog76 (17 дней)
punk was never the same after this. 

Автор Jonathan Smith (16 дней)
Dont hate me for this but I hope Daniel Bryan is not going to break the
streak he is not the right guy.

Автор Jaymzofsteel (19 дней)
that announce table not breaking down must have been a rib from somebody.

Автор Napalm99 (19 дней)
CM punk is an overrated X-Pac

Автор Xorpe (1 месяц)
Was 20:49 fair? The referee was counting so slow...that was like a 5 count.
Anyone agree?

Автор Remeez1000 (1 месяц)
Way better match to watch than the sell out Rock - and the worst thing john

Автор กรรม ตามสนอง (1 месяц)
Wrestlemania xxx
Undertaker 22-0!!

Автор EpicGamers007 (1 месяц)
Cm punk was nothing to the undertaker. Instant tombstone from the gts.
Didn't pull the straps down and gets up after pinning punk

Автор gamerboss232 (1 месяц)

Автор turbo shamppi (1 месяц)
SPOILER: the short-haired man wins

Автор jacoby smith (4 часа)
this was the best match because undertaker beat up cm punck

Автор Jay -C (3 дня)
This is where the streak should've ended.

Автор Andrew Murphy (3 дня)
18:10 hear undertaker laugh

Автор jin7210 (4 дня)
i agree that the streak has to end one day or another, but cena should have
been a victim of it before it ended

Автор john johnson (4 дня)
r.i.p. the streak. im just watching some of his greatest matches since the
streak is over

Автор david lopez (10 дней)
Can't believe both are now gone!!

Автор BigSowce (11 дней)

Автор Randy Taker (10 дней)
And look at what they did at wrestlemania 30

Автор MultiIzzy44 (12 дней)

Автор John Cena (19 дней)

Автор AnGEL GARCIA (14 дней)
This match is way better than the lesnar one

Автор jrsm351 (16 дней)
Lawler: I've never seen the tombstone not work!!!
Ya know apart from Wrestlemania 24,25,26,27,28.....

Автор Frank Hunter (15 дней)

Автор Jet CeeJay (20 дней)

Автор Wesley Pipes (12 дней)
if takers streak had to end, it shouldve been here with punk. the crowd was
so into the match, back and forth chants over punk and taker, and they
couldve extended the disrespect angle with punk by letting him end takers
streak with takers trademark pin and tongue sticking out.
This also wouldve been the WM moment punk has been looking for. And, how
much heel heat would punk get for cheating to end the streak?

Автор Inga Jones (1 месяц)
Best Undertaker match at 'mania since HBK at WM 25

Автор seth mitchell (15 дней)
I haven't watched it yet but I need to be reminded of his ultimate sis
after he lost :( 

Автор James Taurus (1 месяц)
Brock Lesnar will REST. IN. PEACE. 22-0. 

Автор Adrian Estrada (16 дней)
Now I now why he was crying. Because his last victory.

Автор itsWatt (15 дней)
Undertaker streak will never die 

Автор Alessio Anaclerio (18 дней)

Автор Val Koenen (16 дней)
21-1 now.

Автор Rishikesh barapatra (14 дней)
Undertaker must retire...

Автор Brian Esquivel (1 месяц)

Автор Sanchez Daniel (16 дней)
the greatest of all time! #thestreak this will be brock lesnars fate tonite

Автор Dimas Aditya (16 дней)
17:58 undetaker devil eye,scary face CM punk comes out

Автор Juventus Luigi (1 месяц)
when punk gave the only GTS in this match and taker bounced off the ropes,
I think punk should have done another GTS right away seeing it didnt do
enough impact making the fans believe the streak is over after 2 Go to
Sleeps. Because there wasnt any moments in this match where we thought the
streak is over and suddenly taker kicks out at 2 and a half. Yes there was
the Urn shot to the head but I was 200% sure he was gonna kick out of the
slow count. I woulve been 100% sure taker would kick out in a normal count
after he connected with the urn to the head. This match could have been
more epic. I was kinda disapointed. 

Автор aadam niwaz (17 дней)
Taker vs Sting dream match 

Автор sulabh parajuli (1 месяц)
ever heard chants of undertakers oppenent on wrestlemania excluding punk?
best in the world vs best in the world.watched this match more than 5
times,simply epic!!

Автор justin miguel (1 месяц)
cm punk is the best in the world!!!! we want cm punk back batista

Автор felix31619 (17 дней)
Poor cm punk 

Автор Sukhjit Tiwana (1 месяц)
Since Lesnar/Punk was not nominated, this should've been match of the year.

Автор Juan Diaz (1 месяц)
Fake but at least it was something worth to watch.

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