Natural Acrylic Nails * DivaDC Natural Powder *

Natural looking acrylic nails using Natural color acrylic from DivaDC, cover pink from DivaDC, NSI natural tips, and OPI gel topcoat. **ObeyMeaganOrDie, I hope this answers your question if not please let me know and I'll make another video for you.** Thank you for watching! :)

NOTE: I got my brush at nailiteinc.com, it's the long clear handled number 8 round kolinsky. I smashed the end of the metal piece to make it oval shaped. I love that brush and the best part is it only cost me 12 dollars, lol.

For step by step nail prep click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERhZfiDMyPo



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Автор Lenette Ranger ( назад)
Love the video haven't done a full set on myself in a while. Just might do
some practicing.

Автор Christine Wlson ( назад)
Thank you from Wales. I bought a kit off ebay & did not understand the
instructions..Now I know

Автор Angie Steel (141 год назад)
Lovely nails what is it that you put your brush in to make your pearl

Автор Angel Boismier ( назад)
I like it

Автор Hikmat Gbxbg C ( назад)

Автор Kayla O'Neil ( назад)

Автор MelM Manzella ( назад)
Is this how teresa from long island medium does her nails? i bought the
whole kit that a salon would have ,so i am watch a lot of videos to learn
how to do it right. what i used to do is file the tip to the length of my
nail . but a lot of them don't do that. they just add the acrylic to it and
it works a lot better. cross fingers i do them right. :)

Автор Brianna Love ( назад)
What size brush did you use?

Автор 1sunshine89 ( назад)
You did an awesome job on those nails!! They look really nice!!

Автор Saniya Wilson ( назад)
Can u do very long and thick nail please wondering how

Автор ZanadiBaaybee ( назад)
Great demonstrations 

Автор nancy jean ahlman ( назад)
Oh my gosh. Can I have you come do my nails! You did great I love them!

Автор Linda Lim ( назад)
This is such an awesome video. Your nails look so natural.
May I know what is the purpose of applying dehydrator? Any recommended
Tks u 

Автор Linda Cullison ( назад)
love your tutorial. i do my nails the same way too.

Автор paula lachat ( назад)
where can I buy the natural nail products

Автор laura fucetola ( назад)
What kind of electric filer do you use

Автор Rebecca Ingram ( назад)
I want to get a full set done but can't since one of my jobs is a barista.
If I go to my nail tech and tell them I want them short and very natural
looking I could get away with it. Do you think that they would do something
like that?

Автор Fatima Frigeri ( назад)
Very good tour video !! 

Автор Erica Jackson ( назад)
Wondering if you *need* to use the tips or can your own nail be used? Also
is the hydrator actually required? 

Автор Laci Kay ( назад)
I haven't seen many people do it with the two different acrylics but I
love it! ! It looks so nice and natural! I have watched a gazillion youtube
nail videos because I'm wanting to do my first set and you make it look so
easy! I can't wait to try. I'm sure being my first time they won't look
even half as good as yours Lol, but I hope to be as good as you one day!
Thanks for the video! 

Автор Erica Jackson ( назад)
I thought that acrylic nails needed to be placed under the uv machines?
Also wondering how much it was for all your supplies and if you could post
a detailed list of the supplies used as I'm going to look into ordering
supplies - going to the salon is just getting way to expensive!! 

Автор Pyreine Hamada Sidi Moukou ( назад)

Автор vancitygurl ( назад)
WOW...didn't realize you can do that at home too. This is an awesome
tutorial. Loved your nails.

Автор Richard Romero ( назад)
Would you recommend Sally's products for the same look. I have the kiss
acrylic set. 

Автор heatherette8 (1462 года назад)
Can you use the same acrylic the whole nail? 

Автор ahlam naim ( назад)
can i apply regular polish several times on it? like applying a color,
removing it and applying another color, does it work?

Автор Amzy Begum ( назад)
i liked the way you done it but i didnt see that much because the camera
effect was not so good but i think the way you done the acrylic was really

Автор Mia Shore ( назад)
What is better acrylic nails or gel nails ?

Автор Harper Birozy ( назад)
Can you use a gel primer???

Автор aniah jackson ( назад)
my name is aniah and I just wanted to say that out of all the nail videos I
watched this is the best. I actually got out a piece of paper and pencil
and I wrote down each step. I love to do nails but when I do them it is
always an epic fail

Автор Sakiya Alston (1698 лет назад)
Nice work

Автор stuffonalog ( назад)
ugh you do do them so nice !

Автор Rhoda Dawodu ( назад)
What did you dip the brush in before dipping it in the acrylic?

Автор Kayleigh Haywood ( назад)
How well do you like that electric file?

Автор Lauralie Molebe ( назад)
I really like it ! The natural acrylic is the clear one? 

Автор Owen Mam ( назад)

Автор CC Onukwube ( назад)
Would anyone be interested in a 4 oz container of Diva DC cover pink? I
have no further use for it and would like to give it away, instead of
throwing it out.

Автор Miguel Cintron ( назад)
nice and beautiful, what size brush you use?

Автор Alexia Hamer ( назад)
Very neat 

Автор Chelsea Ramirez ( назад)
Where did you get your nail drill, because I have one like that but the
charger thing is really weird!!!!

Автор Gabriela Rivera ( назад)
I love this! Can I do this on my natural nail without adding the tip? My
nails are pretty long :-)

Автор Latriece Ector ( назад)
Beautifully done

Автор Kiarra Lewis ( назад)
um okay i liked the video but could you make one that tells us how to make
our own powder cause i looked every wear and i cant find it so idk what to
do.....thank you but besides all that your good and thankxsss

Автор Rhonda Hoeft ( назад)
Where do I find these products ? Thanks so much..

Автор JayAntoinette ( назад)
Nicely done!

Автор 范氏杜垂 ( назад)
Natural Acrylic Nails * DivaDC Natural Powder *:http://youtu.be/bAK83Ue9ICE

Автор Loren “BlackBeautyFabulous” Pemberton ( назад)
Amazing ♡

Автор curli-lettey ( назад)
I must say...you did an excellent job with the tutorial and the outcome of
your acrylic nails.
Looks better than the salon because it looks somewhat like real nails kept
in very good condition.
Have you thought about doing your friends nails, like set up in your house
and make extra money?

Автор ProudKansan08 ( назад)
I'm not really into nail color, I just want my nails to look like what you
accomplished. I've decided that if I ever get my nails done again, I would
prefer the American French manicure tip as opposed to the stark, stark,
white of the French. I want it to look like natural nails. I love the
look of your nails. I'm always somehow bending my nails backwards when
making beds, so, naturally, I don't think I'd want them that long anymore,
plus, I chop lots of onions and stuff when I cook, and I tend to slice my
nails. How well do acrylics hold up to knife cutting the nails?

Автор Mandygirl Aguilar ( назад)
Where do you get this?

Автор priscilla obeng ( назад)
excuse me .. have u also used the gel

Автор Mz PrettyPussyCat ( назад)
What kinda drill is that u are using, and where did u get it from??

Автор Ntomboxolo Deborah Mkani ( назад)

Автор bowler8 ( назад)
looks peach not pink...looks good

Автор Dahlia Daintily ( назад)
Awesome video, very informative :3 how long do the nails hold up?

Автор Rosio Ruiz ( назад)
and also do you HAVE to drill the nail?

Автор Rosio Ruiz ( назад)
hello i was wondering what is that liquid on the star glass cup

Автор Juststop ( назад)
If I was getting this at a salon what would I ask for? And could you use
nail polish remover on these? Love them btw (%

Автор Fanny Axelsson ( назад)
So Fancy😘

Автор Tatianna Lewis ( назад)
well i laughed when she said wet balls but good job on the nails

Автор Taby Ung ( назад)
Does this dry naturally 

Автор Princess Diana of Themyscira ( назад)
Nicely done, and I'm a perfectionist. These look great! 

Автор Tania Islam ( назад)
Would you please give us the link where you got your stuff from

Автор Elle Lee ( назад)
Can you please put the exact links to everything you used in this
video??....the nails look lovely and natural👌

Автор IlleenRamonn 12 ( назад)
Can you decorate it any way you want instead of just applying the top

Автор Vanessa Santamaria ( назад)
Hello my name is Maria my daughter used my account and put her name. I saw
one video of you speaking Spanish and you showed a monomer and I didn't get
the wed site for it.. Please can you send me the website for nailelite.

Автор Danielle Jessup ( назад)
Love it.
They were absolutely perfect.

Автор Lillian Ashlei ( назад)
Is there any way you could list all of the products you used in this video
and where i can find them, If so that would be awesome!! Your nails look

Автор Amber Fisher ( назад)
After you finish drilling and what not is it alright to paint it over with
regular nail polish? 

Автор 朱莉杨 ( назад)
Are did u buy the electric nail filer? 

Автор erin hope ( назад)
How long do they last? And also can you do a tutorial on how to remove

Автор Altagrasia Ramirez ( назад)
Nd your nails look nice love them 

Автор Altagrasia Ramirez ( назад)
Where can I buy the thing to file my nails? Nd for how much 

Автор Theresa Gibson ( назад)
Can Yu do acrylic with only the powder 

Автор Yeshna Deeljore 102 Yeshn ( назад)

Автор Natalie Oliver ( назад)
if i go to the actual nail salon would you recommend i get acrylic or gel

Автор Kelsie Swygart ( назад)
where did you buy your acrylic brush +Beanana711? what size is it?

Автор aamanda_nicolee ( назад)
what if you don't have primer or dehydrator????

Автор Sima Bibi ( назад)
When I put the acrylic on to my nail it comes off like a glue y is that :(

Автор darshi purewal (378 лет назад)

Автор Julie Blake ( назад)
Very natural looking nails - just how I would like my own to look. You did
a great job explaining - thank you.

Автор amyrical henderson ( назад)
I love this thnxs for your help

Автор lennie8 ( назад)
Very nice! They looked so pretty. 😊

Автор Sahdia Akhtar ( назад)
I like it

Автор kailee sebesta (1497 лет назад)
thanks so helpful!

Автор Courtney Pugh (1924 года назад)
Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you spent hours in the salon!

Автор Masha ( назад)

Автор Olivia Mckenzie ( назад)
Wyd with long nauls

Автор rahma kh ( назад)
c'est très beau good job♡♥

Автор unikus05 ( назад)
Good video and please tell me where you purchased your drill? How much did
you pay for it? Thankyou...

Автор Ashynn ( назад)
How much is acrylic powder? 

Автор dpease88 ( назад)
Great video, lovely natural looking nails. Was just wondering what brush
you use x

Автор BeBeautifulBySofie ( назад)
Wow great tutorial. I did my first try at acrylics today- Did not look as
professional! Guess I have to keep practicing! :-)

Автор Adriana Ozuna ( назад)
Hi live the tutorial just wondering what is the name of the liquid I. Which
is in the clear star container thing?

Автор Hannah Danforth ( назад)
What are some brands and kinds of acrylic that doesn't need to be cured or
dried with a lamp or whatever its called I don't know much about acrylic
stuff but I want to get the stuff to do it at home without a lamp? +

Автор esther444 ( назад)
Love your video:))

Автор L. John ( назад)
Great tutorial, and love your nails! They are by far the most natural
looking acrylics I've ever seen! I always get gel because acrylics never
last as long on me, but I know for lots of people they work well.

Автор Karen Lisette ( назад)
looks very natural, love it!! how long have you been doing nails? would you
still recommend that pink nail drill?

Автор fatmah aljassim ( назад)

Автор MaddysMakeup Xx ( назад)
How long did the DivaDC acrylic last for?
When did it start lifting :)

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