Natural Acrylic Nails * DivaDC Natural Powder *

Natural looking acrylic nails using Natural color acrylic from DivaDC, cover pink from DivaDC, NSI natural tips, and OPI gel topcoat. **ObeyMeaganOrDie, I hope this answers your question if not please let me know and I'll make another video for you.** Thank you for watching! :)

NOTE: I got my brush at nailiteinc.com, it's the long clear handled number 8 round kolinsky. I smashed the end of the metal piece to make it oval shaped. I love that brush and the best part is it only cost me 12 dollars, lol.

For step by step nail prep click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERhZfiDMyPo



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Автор XcuddleXbearX11 (1 день)
Oh my O: Love it! I'm starting to do my acrylic nails soon (just got my
nail kit and waiting to buy the next batch) and this video helps bunches on
how to do it. Thanks for uploading it, ma'am. :)

Автор Wylein (1 месяц)
The kit that I bought does not include a dehydrator, is it THAT necessary?

Автор Karla Kachadoorian (1 месяц)
Hey, I LOVE the videos and I was just wondering what is the natural acrylic
that you prefer?? I bought the No Lift Nails from Sally's and I wondered if
you have ever tried the Absolute natural ? PLEASE keep posting your designs
and tips are GREAT !!

Автор Heather Bolanos (4 дня)
were did u get ur drill?

Автор 1LUV4TOOT (6 дней)
Love! New subbie

Автор Kimberly Tippett (1 день)
you're awesome 

Автор RAYCHILLL1 (14 дней)
ahh yes you saved my life! thank u soo much for ur vid and thx for all the
info :D

Автор Aari ana (20 дней)
nice job!

Автор camcamsmom (11 дней)
Love ur work!!! Where did u find that dappen dish??? I want one :)

Автор nikki marie rose brooks (3 месяца)
Hi im new at this stuff but what is the clear liquid you use with the

Автор crazforyou (11 дней)
you did an amazing job 

Автор Daniela Jacinto (1 месяц)
Is that liquid water?

Автор Jocy Cortez (2 месяца)
Where Can I Buy The Gel? c:

Автор Haleigh Scott (18 дней)

Автор Elizabeth Garcia (20 дней)
Where did you get your manicure machine?? 

Автор osohot02 (26 дней)
Very nice! I might attempt, I can see one of my hands turning out good and
the other..not so much lol

Автор Ciera Taylor (21 день)
Also can you do a video on kiss lightning speed nail dip kit? 

Автор Michelle Strange (24 дня)
Where do you get your brush from? I've been looking every where for that
size, but have been unsuccessful

Автор Martha Newsome (1 месяц)
Does Diva ship to Australia?

Автор solange oliveira (1 месяц)
C'est magnifique

Автор Risah Dwarika (1 месяц)
Hi my name is Rekha and i was wondering how after you did these nails in
this turorial how long did it last for..because mine popped off after a
week because i think i forgot to buff it with a drill around the EDGES.

Автор Ciera Taylor (21 день)
What nail glue would you recommend? 

Автор judith judith (1 месяц)
Thank you - very clear and precise. I have the natural acrylic but not the
pink. So just a quick questions - would it work smartly to make the smile
line with acrylic natural as in your video file down and smooth and then
just use nail polish (light pink) to finish off (coverning all the nail).

Автор Ely G (1 месяц)
Hey, this is my absolute favorite nail tutorial. I love all your videos! I
came across this video in june. You and your videos have inspired me to
learn how to do my own nails. I bought the divadc powders and they are
amazing and really affordable. This video has brought out of me a passion
for nails that i never knew i had. 2 weeks ago i finally got all the tools.
And everyday i practice on my nails without filing the nail bed so it
doesnt get damaged. Im filing and shaping with a hand file Until i feel
ready for a nail drill. Everything that i have learned is from watching
your videos And im still learning, sometimes the nails come out decent
looking sometimes a hot mess. I guess is because i get nervous haha. There
are great nail gurus on youtube, but you happen to be my favorite. By my
house there is a nail tech school and im planning on enrolling!! Yes yes
yes all because of this video!! Haha. ** hugss. -lia

Автор zerin khan (2 месяца)
LOVE it...<3

Автор amsantana86 (2 месяца)
How would I ask for something like this at a salon? And now I know how they
should be doing it too so I can make sure it right. I had a bad experience

Автор Dolly Nellas-Libo (2 месяца)
flawless.. looks like your natural nails. i would love to try it but i dont
have that much patience for each nail. :) im amazed, you really are the
nail person.. i dont like long nails but i would love to get one like
yours.. :)

Автор Eva Tortillachipx (2 месяца)
i love how they look

Автор Hemali Patel (4 месяца)
So when u go to the salon u ask for natural acrylics or just acrylics???? I
also wanna get them painted 

Автор rabia noor (2 месяца)
My favorite ;)

Автор Chantil Lear (2 месяца)
i love this video! so natural and beautiful! thx!

Автор Tabatha Lovell (2 месяца)
Got my nails done professionally where I live and the nails came off easily
without using anything within a week! They were acrylic nails and they
looked okay but I was shocked at how fast they came off and how easily they
came off. If you've ever worn cheap glue on fake nails and peeled them off
that is how easily my nails came off! I paid $50.00 dollars for it and I
was holy disappointed. That place I will never go to again!
Thanks for sharing this, I want to get all the stuff and just do it myself.

Автор Mona Alan (2 месяца)
Wow pretty. Does it hurt the natural nail? How long does it last? How is it
like when you remove it? How could you do it by your own?

Автор Valencia Nez-Hill (2 месяца)
You are so good that it. I love it!!! ;)

Автор MochaMuah (3 месяца)
best natural nails.

Автор Oc BMWchick (3 месяца)
Great job !!👍👏

Автор Meredith Easterling (3 месяца)
I have the same drill, and after using it for about 2 months i noticed that
the drill bits werent filling as well as they were when i first got them. i
suppose they wore down. though i only used it on myself, so its not like it
was being used a lot. i was just wondering how often you find yourself
having to replace the drill bits. i just feel like maybe they should have
lasted longer. i suppose thats the price you pay when you skip out on
quality for low cost, haha.. and also when i go to tighten mine when i swap
out the bits, it doesnt want to tighten all of the way so when i start
filling, it tends to slide quite a bit.. i find myself having to use some
sort of wrench to tighten it super tight so it doesnt move haha. do you
have the same problems?

Автор shairah woodard (3 месяца)
am I the only one who hears washer or dryer

Автор LaPayasa99 (3 месяца)
What is the name of the class I'm supposed to take or school to learn to do
acrylic? I've been searching all over google but I only find cosmetology
classes, most only offer manicures, not nail tech or acrylic design.
Pleasssse help, I'll be forever grateful. 

Автор Valentina Torres (3 месяца)
Do you had a video on how to remove acrylics ?

Автор Kiandra Brown (3 месяца)
Where'd You Get Your Nail Driller From ? Thanks .

Автор carly ann (6 месяцев)
How long does it last because I did mine but I'm leaning slow so I need
tips on how I can do slow n perfect I hAve the thing u showed after done
nail so I'll try tat and ur video was good pls added me to
twitter.com/breluvsu84 n my Instagram.com/xocal84 Ty n also sub to

Автор allyxo (3 месяца)
+Beanana711 Does the acrylic dry on its own or do you have to cure it? 

Автор Olivia Hintz (3 месяца)
NP 👅

Автор Samantha Zamudio (3 месяца)
What top coat do you recommend? 

Автор Ashley Mcshane (4 месяца)
Thank you so much now I know how much liquid and how much powder!

Автор cleopatra guadian (4 месяца)

Автор lalanga2012 (4 месяца)
Can you please list the name of the products and where you got them? I just
started doing my own nails at home and any help would be much appreciated.
Btw I ♥ this video.

Автор goonfahbleh (4 месяца)
Best looking nails I've seen so far. I want!!!!

Автор Roxanne Rod (4 месяца)

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