The King's Singers - Live at the BBC Proms

The King's Singers
Live at the BBC Proms
Royal Albert Hall, London

1. La Bell' Si Nous Étions - Francis Poulenc [1.13]
2. La Belle Se Sied Au Pied De La Tour - Francis Poulenc [1.34]
3. Clic, Clac, Dansez Sabots - Francis Poulenc [1.58]
4. Pilons L'orge - Francis Poulenc [0.42]
5. Ah! Mon Beau Laboureur - Francis Poulenc [3.34]
6. Les Tisserands - Francis Poulenc [1.56]
7. Scenes In America Deserta - John McCabe [14.11]
8. La Guerre - Clement Janequin [7.11]
9. Dessus Le Marche d'Arras - Orlande de Lassus [1.28]
10. Toutes Les Nuitz - Orlande de Lassus [3.00]
11. Il Est Bel Et Bon - Pierre Passereau [1.03]
12. Phillis Is My Only Joy - John William Hobbs [1.49]
13. The Little Green Lane - Trad. arr. S.E. Lovatt [2.05]
14. The Goslings - Frederick Bridge [2.47]
15. Greensleeves - Trad. arr. Bob Chilcott [3.11]
16. Blow Away The Morning Dew - Trad. arr. Gordon Langford [1.56]
17. The Turtle Dove - Trad. arr. Philip Lawson [3.30]
18. Widdicombe Fair - Trad. arr. Gordon Langford [3.42]
19. The Long Day Closes - Arthur Sullivan [4.22]

The King's Singers is:
David Hurley: Counter-tenor
Robin Tyson: Counter-tenor
Paul Phoenix: Tenor
Philip Lawson: Baritone
Christopher Gabbitas: Baritone
Stephen Connolly: Bass

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Автор Madana Bhat-Khandige (8 месяцев)
That countertenor voice is something I'd do anything to get!

Автор Kathleen Isabell (3 месяца)
Don't envy the sound person, these fellows don't stand behind the same mics
and the ensemble changes from song to song. Talk about having to make
notes. :)

Автор Elise Curran (1 месяц)
Such a treat to get to hear Sullivan's "Long Day Closes", and then, to hear
it so superbly sung.....incredible!

Автор Xuansheng Ding (4 месяца)

Автор Tomasz Pelczar (2 месяца)
Excellent show ...

Автор GonzaloArmando Forero Torrado (5 месяцев)
sencillamente extraordinario. Bello

Автор KSfan4ever (4 месяца)
STUNNING!! I have this DVD and have watched and marveled at it numerous
times. This is my absolutely favorite line-up of KS since the departure of
Simon Carrington. Gorgeous individual and collective voices and
entertainers! The current 2014 lineup can't match them; thank goodness
David and Chris G are still there. And David's warm, hauntingly beautiful,
overtone-rich voice is a delectable counterpoint to the deeply affecting
and resonant voice of Stephen Connolly, whose departure from the group was
a real loss and sad day for the fans.

Автор fabian (5 месяцев)
il piu vecchio cia la voce di una donna
pero canta piu bene di tutii

Автор geraldclayton22 (1 день)
Since the description is less than helpful:
La Bell' Si Nous Étions - Francis Poulenc: 1:01
La Belle Se Sied Au Pied De La Tour - Francis Poulenc: 3:40
Clic, Clac, Dansez Sabots - Francis Poulenc: 5:52
Pilons L'orge - Francis Poulenc: 8:24
Ah! Mon Beau Laboureur - Francis Poulenc: 9:20
Les Tisserands - Francis Poulenc: 13:44
Scenes In America Deserta - John McCabe: 15:38
La Guerre - Clement Janequin: 30:26
Dessus Le Marche d'Arras - Orlande de Lassus: 37:47
Toutes Les Nuitz - Orlande de Lassus: 39:26
Il Est Bel Et Bon - Pierre Passereau: 43:03
Phillis Is My Only Joy - John William Hobbs: 44:13
The Little Green Lane - Trad. arr. S.E. Lovatt: 46:18
The Goslings - Frederick Bridge: 48:42
Greensleeves - Trad. arr. Bob Chilcott: 51:36
Blow Away The Morning Dew - Trad. arr. Gordon Langford: 55:07
The Turtle Dove - Trad. arr. Philip Lawson: 57:26
Widdicombe Fair - Trad. arr. Gordon Langford: 1:01:21
The Long Day Closes - Arthur Sullivan: 1:05:51

Автор Tomasz Pelczar (2 месяца)

Автор Valerie McDougal (9 месяцев)
That counter tenor though

Автор Gint Thom (8 месяцев)
Does Kings singers performs ,,Timor Et Tremor" or ,,Vinea Mea Electa" of
Francis Poulenc?

Автор voyage54 (10 месяцев)
Some day I'll open the window and to the great fear and amazement of my
neighbours I'll shout like on 36:21

Автор 陳美玲 (9 месяцев)

Автор Duncan Babe (6 месяцев)
Everyone loves frances, "Frenchness" XD

Автор Ward Nine (1 год)
Bollocks ! Bet they don't know any Guns and Roses Tunes 

Автор MrCola132488 (8 месяцев)
voice is the best instrument

Автор Divna Bremm (10 месяцев)
man die Leute kann singen...

Автор Milan Perišić (1 год)
Robin! <3

Автор Elena Guarino (8 месяцев)
(ascoltare in cuffia)

Автор Ítalo Sales (1 год)

Автор Thomas Brooklyn (9 месяцев)
This selection of songs was particularly frivolous and gay. 

Автор Carla Block (1 год)
I truly admire this remakable male sextet! I wish I had at least a 10% of
their talent :)

Автор Aníbal Coga (1 год)
Son imperdibles.

Автор Tomislav Sušac (1 год)

Автор ticketsarenowdiamond (3 года)
@banterflaws which?

Автор Watcake (3 года)
Eargasm :S

Автор James Doo (1 год)
Oh absolutely. The King's Singers are remarkably talented!

Автор wing chun sun tzu (4 года)

Автор mouthmouse (3 года)
@victorfb01 If I like it's not because of the group but for the quality of
their concert!

Автор Will May (2 года)
As close to perfection as it is possible to get

Автор Simone Radesca (1 год)
John McCabe's piece Scenes in America Deserta is very suggestive!!

Автор ARtemisFOWLVIII (2 года)
I love this Video

Автор Josh Carr (1 год)
Can I just mention I live next door to chris :)

Автор Badanny777 (1 год)
Paul Phoenix is so dishy!

Автор Jack Bridges (2 года)
Paul's faces at the end of songs in French actually ARE the most fun you
can have with your clothes on.

Автор Chocard100 (2 года)
Wonderful stuff Messieurs, merci !

Автор Improviator (2 года)
Great concert - I wish to have them sing in my area too! Would be a nice
idea ;-)

Автор Caeridwyn (2 года)
This is by far my favorite grouping of the King's Singers! Steven,
Christopher, Philip, Paul, Robin & David were pure perfection together!

Автор Paul McCaffrey (1 год)
nb - 55.00

Автор Sally Ann Loveday (3 года)
Wonderful, Fantastic, Magnificent, Fabulous and I have had the best Hour
and Eleven minutes for a VERY long time... Ahhh superb indeed.... Many
thanks @thekingssingers for posting the whole of 'The Albert Hall' evening,
for us all to enjoy... Keep singing chaps we will listen, love and enjoy..
Best regards from Wales ... :0)x

Автор GOTHICforLIFE1 (2 года)
No but really, this is just a sign that music is not predjudiced. Language
should have nothing to say who sings it or what language it is written in.
This is on the other hand something you seem to either forget or simply not
know at all..

Автор Victor Fournelle-Blain (4 года)
I clicked like before watching because it's the King's Singers.

Автор Edward Thornbury (2 года)
39:26 Toutes les nuitz!

Автор alisaleh (3 года)
as Arabic guy i cant understanding what they are saying but interesting

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler (2 года)
Poulenc thinks the same of you.

Автор Jerry King (1 год)
Doesn't get any better than that folks. Perfection!!

Автор brandoneargle1 (2 года)
0:37:38 guy picks teeth and eats it -___-

Автор Joseph Taylor (2 года)
To be honest this group wasn't as good as I expected

Автор Hartnell Capaldi (3 года)
I guess they don't know a good thing when they've got it

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