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Автор Milan Perišić (1 месяц)
Robin! <3

Автор Carla Block (3 месяца)
I truly admire this remakable male sextet! I wish I had at least a 10% of
their talent :)

Автор Aníbal Coga (1 месяц)
Son imperdibles.

Автор Ward Nine (1 месяц)
Bollocks ! Bet they don't know any Guns and Roses Tunes 

Автор Trisno Sutanto (1 год)
The best male choir in the world!

Автор László Kovácsik (1 год)
The King's Singers - Live at the BBC Proms

Автор Tim Ward (1 год)
Anyone into choral singing knows (or should know!) the King's Singers.
Here's a complete recording of a BBC Proms concert (no date provided, but
looks recent).

One of my favorite moments here is their performance of Clement Janequin's *La
Guerre* -- it really showcases their skills of interpretation as well as
vocal performance! (starts at 30:26)


Автор Scientia Manet (1 год)
The King's Singers. Live at the BBC Proms.

Автор ticketsarenowdiamond (2 года)
@banterflaws which?

Автор Watcake (2 года)
Eargasm :S

Автор James Doo (10 месяцев)
Oh absolutely. The King's Singers are remarkably talented!

Автор eduardo bayona (3 года)

Автор mouthmouse (2 года)
@victorfb01 If I like it's not because of the group but for the quality of
their concert!

Автор Will May (1 год)
As close to perfection as it is possible to get

Автор Simone Radesca (8 месяцев)
John McCabe's piece Scenes in America Deserta is very suggestive!!

Автор jolande100789 (2 года)
Amazing voices! Please come to the Netherlands! I like to see you live :)
La Guerre is a great song :D Like the voice of Paul Phoenix in that,
amazing! <3

Автор ARtemisFOWLVIII (1 год)
I love this Video

Автор CoatandJacket (9 месяцев)
Can I just mention I live next door to chris :)

Автор Badanny777 (6 месяцев)
Paul Phoenix is so dishy!

Автор Jack Bridges (1 год)
Paul's faces at the end of songs in French actually ARE the most fun you
can have with your clothes on.

Автор Chocard100 (1 год)
Wonderful stuff Messieurs, merci !

Автор Improviator (1 год)
Great concert - I wish to have them sing in my area too! Would be a nice
idea ;-)

Автор Caeridwyn (1 год)
This is by far my favorite grouping of the King's Singers! Steven,
Christopher, Philip, Paul, Robin & David were pure perfection together!

Автор Paul McCaffrey (9 месяцев)
nb - 55.00

Автор Sally Ann Loveday (2 года)
Wonderful, Fantastic, Magnificent, Fabulous and I have had the best Hour
and Eleven minutes for a VERY long time... Ahhh superb indeed.... Many
thanks @thekingssingers for posting the whole of 'The Albert Hall' evening,
for us all to enjoy... Keep singing chaps we will listen, love and enjoy..
Best regards from Wales ... :0)x

Автор GOTHICforLIFE1 (1 год)
No but really, this is just a sign that music is not predjudiced. Language
should have nothing to say who sings it or what language it is written in.
This is on the other hand something you seem to either forget or simply not
know at all..

Автор banterflaws (2 года)
My gosh, his counter tenor voice is beautiful!

Автор Victor Fournelle-Blain (3 года)
I clicked like before watching because it's the King's Singers.

Автор Edward Thornbury (1 год)
39:26 Toutes les nuitz!

Автор alisaleh1000 (2 года)
as Arabic guy i cant understanding what they are saying but interesting

Автор amiceabma (2 года)
Anyone noticed that at 0:39:18 Robin walks away from the group and Stephen
and Chris switch positions, but in the next shot we see the group without
Paul and with Robin, while Stephen and Chris are back in their old
positions? Great concert anyway!

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler (1 год)
Poulenc thinks the same of you.

Автор Jerry King (10 месяцев)
Doesn't get any better than that folks. Perfection!!

Автор brandoneargle1 (1 год)
0:37:38 guy picks teeth and eats it -___-

Автор Joseph Taylor (1 год)
To be honest this group wasn't as good as I expected

Автор Hartnell Capaldi (2 года)
I guess they don't know a good thing when they've got it

Автор turritorony (1 год)
They are among the greatest artists of our time. Marvellous! Son unos de
los más grandes artistas de nuestra epoca. Son maravillosos. Korunk
legnagyobb művészei közé tartoznak. Csodálatosak!

Автор Harvey Hancock (1 год)
The song at 15.30 makes me wish I was dead.

Автор itburnsus (1 год)
I am obsessed with this video.

Автор Eliezer Pennywhistler (1 год)
You know the names of the songs. Why don't you look up the lyrics? I'll
give you three hints: 1) highlight, cut and paste the title in your search
engine. 2) Search for the song's lyrics. 3) Use "Google Translate". Arabic,
English, Yiddish -- whatever you like. 4) Follow along as they sing.

Автор Jerry King (6 месяцев)
Love this song!!

Автор 1stChairBass3 (1 год)
36:25 "Viiiictweeeeeeerrrree!!!" hahaha

Автор siddbastard (1 год)
when i woke up this morning the radio was playing "ha mon beau laboureur"
and i got curious about this. next thing i know, i'm listening to the whole
concert ^^ thx a lot for the upload. bye from france -sid

Автор Choristenimes (1 год)
C'est magnifique ! Merciiiiii !

Автор George Semler (1 год)
wow...coolest name ever!!!

Автор sali kraavl (1 год)
dzan magrebi ki arian, magram filosofiuri musika cota gijebistvisaa :D am
dadzabul cxovrebashi jobs cxovreba shevamsubuqot ... tqven ki gmertma xeli
mogimartot, dzalian didi nichi gaqvt ...

Автор schwarzfalk (2 года)
Greensleeves' the highlight of this show, followed by Turtle Dove the Goose
song is #3 cause it's LOL:D

Автор mcdnjim (5 месяцев)
Ah! mon beau laboureur starts at 09:20 beautiful!

Автор Storaggio (1 год)
bravissimi e simpaciti

Автор Vanderbilt Melodores (3 года)
Consider this thoroughly watched.

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