Mia Rose - Let Go (Version 1)

Director: Francis Wallis

Hey everyone!
Because I am sick and can't upload any new videos I thought I'd finally upload the music video of "Let Go". I was very hesitant to upload it before because it was a No Budget project and so the quality isn't the best and sometimes the color scheme isn't perfect... But I finally decided that, thats not important and that I want to share this experience with you all!

Remember that its only version 1 of the video clip. Im also thinking about doing a second! But until then, enjoy this one and tell me what you think! :)

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Длительность: 3:30
Комментарии: 1144

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Автор Ana Freitas ( назад)
uma das minhas preferidas!

Автор Ana Freitas ( назад)
adoro esta musica!

Автор TV TEENS ( назад)
Miaaa Lindaaaa! Te vi em Acampamento De Férias pela primeira vez! :)

Автор Yamila Karen ( назад)
6.666 likes wow!

Автор Jeffrey Middelveld ( назад)
She's just the kinda girl I'd wait for. Beautiful looking and such a
talented singer-songwriter. Perfect

Автор Mafalda Santos ( назад)
I Love this song

Автор Maxim Calixte ( назад)
I don't know how I landed here but this is corny

Автор Jair Gonçalves ( назад)
Amo essa música!!! Amo vc Mia!!! Me recorda a novela Viver a Vida, onde
está música fazia parte da trilhasonora!!!😘😘😘😘

Автор binho. ( назад)
linda!!!!!! Voz....forma de interpretar as musicas olhar carinhoso...boa
sorte Mia.

Автор só vitoria ( назад)
sou de Salvador Bahia, Brasil...amei desde a primeira vez que ouvi suas
músicas elas são Lindas a Mia, muito carismática....tudo de bom....para

Автор hisroyalness2 ( назад)
you said "no budget project"... for 2010 this was a fabulous video and
studio recording quality from an amazing artist, and a great video now
too!! Such top talent!! - Uploaded on Mar 4, 2010 - Director: Francis Wallis
Hey everyone!
Because I am sick and can't upload any new videos I thought I'd finally
upload the music video of "Let Go". I was very hesitant to upload it before
because it was a No Budget project and so the quality isn't the best and
sometimes the color scheme isn't perfect... But I finally decided that,
thats not important and that I want to share this experience with you all!

Автор Jessie Hwang ( назад)
4 years later...still watching

Автор Marta Sousa ( назад)
esta música é fantástica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Beatriz Lopes ( назад)

Автор Beatriz Lopes ( назад)
Adoro qual o nome do seu facebook adoro sou fã numero um tenhos as tuas
músicas todas 

Автор Mia Rose - Fans ( назад)
Are you a fan of Mia?! If yes, just subscribe our channel to have acess to
exclusive stuff like new songs, videos and personal things about Mia! :) :)
- Mia Rose Fans (MRF)

Автор Соɾу ℛ. ( назад)
Moral of the story: don't date dudes who wear fedoras. 

Автор Mia Rose - Fans ( назад)
Are you a fan of Mia!?? So click LIKE and subscribe also our channel of
fans! <3

Автор Filipa Antunes ( назад)

Автор Kevin Daw ( назад)
Fighting with Michael Stipe of REM circa 1983. Cool.

Автор Robert Schoeff ( назад)
Honestly curious how she does not have a record deal, and how she is an
unsigned artist?

Автор Francisca H ( назад)
Eu adoro a Mia!!! E não é só por ser linda... 

Автор Gaby GAMER ( назад)
a mia rose é bue linda xD e , toca bem , eu ca tambem tenho uma banda e
espero ainda vê-la ao vivo 

Автор Aurora Pereira ( назад)
Es linda e amo a tua voz 

Автор Marlene Simoes ( назад)
Fantasy bue bem

Автор Diana Dias ( назад)
E uma melodia!!!

Автор Diana Dias ( назад)
Adoro a tua voz

Автор beatriz pires ( назад)
adoro te mia amo as tuas musicas e espero um dia conhecer te <3 

Автор Mia Rose Lovers ( назад)
I love her!

Автор Tiago Pereira ( назад)

Автор Mia Rose - Fans ( назад)

Автор Tiago Pereira ( назад)
great original song! keep up!

Автор leonard matthews ( назад)
great video you should make a movie

Автор miriam nacca ( назад)
Amazing song and voice

Автор Tiago P Fans ( назад)

Автор Rita Pereira ( назад)
amazing song!!! ;)

Автор Santiago Elias ( назад)
very nice!!! Congrats!

Автор Gilmara caldas da silva ( назад)
muito bom 

Автор Tiago P ( назад)
very good

Автор rapexmexhoney ( назад)
Not really my style of music, but I love this song, so catchy!

Автор Keviouk ( назад)
I know Ana Free, don't worry :D

Автор LauraMarquesx ( назад)
Cool ^.^ lol, listen to Ana Free - Playgrounds and Kisses . She's also
Portuguese :P hehe

Автор Keviouk ( назад)
Mia makes me love Portugal though ^^

Автор LauraMarquesx ( назад)
Hahah :) good to be patriotic ;) 

Автор Keviouk ( назад)
I know what you mean. I'm half belgian, but 100% belgian at heart :P

Автор LauraMarquesx ( назад)
i'm half portuguese .. but 100 % portuguese at heart ;D

Автор Faith Pittman ( назад)
I love the acoustic version of this song, but this is also great :) 

Автор Keviouk ( назад)
No... she's HALF portugese.

Автор Beatriz Fonseca ( назад)
she is portuguese 

Автор Tiago Pereira ( назад)
amazing song!

Автор Bullhawks55 ( назад)
you should be... i live in the U.S. but Portugal is a beautiful place

Автор Jeremy Chan ( назад)
2:31 OMG <3

Автор Aya Abenova ( назад)
Hello, everyone! I know that most of you already hate all these spams and
actually I'd never write this if it wouldn't meant for me so much.I don't
pretend to be famous like many Youtube singers and I clearly understand
that I'm not the best and not the most talented but if you could find few
minutes to check out my videocovers I'll be so grateful.If you'll like them
give me to know and subscribe to my channel and I'll be trying not to
disappoint you.Thank you so much for reading this))) 

Автор Science4world ( назад)

Автор Mia Rose - Fans ( назад)
like this! ;)

Автор Katashu ( назад)
Came here expecting a Frou Frou cover. I was disappointed. Good singing
voice, but the song is very bland and ordinary. Nothing special that grabs

Автор Laura Jayne Metcalf ( назад)
Hey, I was the 6000 person to like this video even though I love it!!!!!!!!

Автор sabulba57 ( назад)
= P 

Автор videosaala ( назад)
me gusta :-)

Автор sabulba57 ( назад)
did you mean "Me Gusta?" "Gustar Means "To Be Pleasing To"

Автор emilio vera ( назад)
about the video, you know what has to improve. About you: you're hot as
hell. Beautiful as an angel. BUT: dance for real, or don't dance at all,
some movements are like... too much, if you're not dancing or making a
coreography. that'd be all. Your voice is heavenly, as always.

Автор Leonardo Castanheira ( назад)
that guy looks like cody simpson

Автор videosaala ( назад)
Clean... Gusto!

Автор sandro moura ( назад)
prefiro a claudia macedo

Автор Sanel Binaya ( назад)
ang ganda ah..'',

Автор Maddie Low ( назад)

Автор Marcelo Silva ( назад)
alem de ser linda canta muita bem <3 

Автор Amy Cooper ( назад)
I hope you know your amazing

Автор josefa marcelino ( назад)
bastante bom mia, gostava de ouvir uma musica tua em portugues, mas muitos
parabens pelo teu trabalho

Автор ilovemiarose95 ( назад)
#Proudportuguese <3

Автор signevent ( назад)
i love the original...but this is a great take on it too! 

Автор Парвин Алакперов ( назад)
she is like an angel ...

Автор Diego ( назад)
i sure that this girl will be a superstar, if it doesn't.

Автор Kanaya Zambie ( назад)

Автор DragSter ( назад)
Красотка! И голос красивый!

Автор Brenda Alegría ( назад)
I never get tired of listening this song, really love it so much!

Автор AdotSkillz Ali (1189 лет назад)
jai adore le mia rose, elle est FANTASTIC. Also she is a very beautiful

Автор hannamarie ( назад)
niceeee thats all i can say no wait AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор derya ella ( назад)
Great song but weird video clip!

Автор Emma Sinclair ( назад)
Reminds me of Terri Clark

Автор Ellie Heenan ( назад)
Adore you!!!!! You really inspire me!!! :) I think you've also inspired a
lot of other people.

Автор lola ful ( назад)

Автор rayanne barbosa ( назад)
linda musica.... 

Автор MettePeleikis ( назад)
the green screen thing isn't that good.. otherwise i liked it! and i love
the song

Автор Helio antunes ( назад)
No dia 10 de Março de 2012, Mia Rose atua em Santarém. O concerto, com
início marcado para as 22 horas, terá lugar no Grande Auditório do CNEMA em
Santarém. mais informações em: creative way europe ou no facebook (concerto
mia rose em santarém)

Автор bluestreak711 ( назад)
Professional looking 780P Hi Def music video........ What do you mean the
quality is not the best? How can it get any better? And if that was a no
budget film why should anyone pay to make a music video. It can't get much

Автор nya chan ( назад)
Hello, I am Portuguese and I love your music .

Автор MsAlvin96 ( назад)
Respect from Azerbaijan:D))

Автор Chloe loca ( назад)

Автор aekchn ( назад)
A portuguesa mais linda do mundo !

Автор Patricia Correa Y ( назад)
@Edenzikfrance Haha..! I thonk that too..=) Thos video is super cool..=)

Автор Ana Rita Rodrigues ( назад)
I love you...voz perfeita; es linda de morrer, tens aki uma grande fa
tua...continua em frente ;) <3

Автор magnom822 ( назад)
GOOOO PORTUGAL !!! :D AHHHH SHE'S AMAZING *.* hopefully one day i can be
like her =) 

Автор WTF-Where's The Food ( назад)
Proud of my Country... Portugal <3 Mia <3 

Автор sabulba57 ( назад)
JB and Mia should swap places, justin can make youtube videos while Mia
makes millions

Автор sabulba57 ( назад)
Ella es talentosa, Mucho talentosa. 

Автор Joseph Hass ( назад)
always touching her hair ! 

Автор Warface Play ( назад)

Автор skatrrgurl1406 ( назад)
I miss her videos!!!!!!!

Автор Deidra Embree ( назад)
I Love you Mia !!! I love your songs , not only juist that her Voice!!!

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