"The Old Sanctuary" Comedy By Mark Lowry

LOL priceless! the man is a comedy genius!

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Mark Lowry - Comedy - Gaither Tent Revival.


Автор superhyperchristian (7 лет)
love his slowly changing facial experssions.

Автор Heather Atnip (3 года)
@Rocker6chick9 ROFL!!! Ikr?

Автор Dylan Downs (4 года)
@grassburner Well, I disagree with agnostics but I prefer them to the
totally ignorant Atheists. The night I got saved, I could literally feel
God entering my heart, it is a feeling like no other. Get in church, man!
You can be saved, just go to a few church services and ask Jesus to forgive
you for your sins, you'll never regret it!

Автор horsefreak105 (7 лет)
LUCKY!!!!!!.... :(

Автор bamababe89 (5 лет)
he is such an amazing person, the greatest day of my life thus far was
getting to meet him. i love him!

Автор Eyes High (6 лет)
I wanna hear about the "Choir Practice"

Автор Playful (5 лет)
omg i still love watching this lol "If you were skinny and quick you were
welcome at our church" lol lol lol

Автор Tiffanie Thomas (6 лет)
amen! :)

Автор wackyhair29910 (5 лет)
Oh Mark, always has a funny story..love it.

Автор ralph ayers (6 лет)
hoover God bless you for uploading ALL the great homecoming friends,i grewq
up on this kinda good "clean"fun,...may God be with you & yours...

Автор AnnaGrace15 (5 лет)

Автор Carl Holsher (4 года)
mark you are sooooooooooooooooo funny and clean. carl

Автор Myra V (5 лет)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no no no not the 'old santuary' pls no!

Автор Mari H (3 года)
you feel like you are singin to a train... XD

Автор danininjawarrior (5 лет)
OH MY GOSH!!!! We Had An Old Sanctuary!!!!

Автор MrDeacon123 (4 года)
I go to a pentecostal church and the santuary is circular and the pulpit is
close to the people with the flipping chairs.

Автор sigsound16 (7 лет)
i luv this. itz very funny!

Автор Mandy Sherwood (5 лет)
He is(or was)part of The Gaither Vocal Band. Yes, awesome voice and he uses
his God given talent so well.

Автор raposabrat (4 года)
hoover4000. Thank UUUUUUU for putting these mark lowry viedos back on. i
love them all

Автор lowrydoll (5 лет)
he is sooo funny lol he rocks!

Автор NGE2008CJ (5 лет)
Yeah my dad took me to the back of the church too LOL

Автор uniquejule (7 лет)
skinnny and quick!

Автор smencils205 (4 года)
He is so awesome

Автор Debbie McCarty (5 лет)
Soooooo funny.. Thank you : )

Автор hoover4000 (3 года)
@lillyanna2000 victory in jesus

Автор Elaine C (4 года)
One word for this man! LEGENDARY! i have side spliting laughter with that
man!!!!!! love for mark lowry!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Автор Marilyn Brown (4 года)
it just goes to show you that you can be a child of GOD and still have a
sense of humor . God doesn't want old sourpusses working for him .

Автор girlforGod9 (7 лет)
lol, a little slow in the beginning, but very funny close to the end!!!
"where we going?" "CHOIR PRACTICE!!!"

Автор bluestar894 (6 лет)
*POW* "Come with meee to the old sanctuaryyyy for choir practiccccce!"

Автор micah29706 (5 лет)
OMG the memories

Автор teejer1985 (6 лет)
2:37... Popeye Lowry??

Автор Leah P. (7 лет)
Hilarious :D Leah Romans 15:13 BTW...did you get that email from me? :)

Автор soccerstar2177 (7 лет)
THIS IS PRICELESS!!! i hope he never quits the COMEDY buissness!

Автор Myhopeisinhim (5 лет)
Mark Lowry is hilarious..Gotta love him.

Автор fenfer87 (4 года)
Was he basing this off of my life or his? This is total de ja vue! Great

Автор Dylan Downs (4 года)
@grassburner Well, I disagree with agnostics but I prefer them to the
totally ignorant Atheists. The night I got saved, I could literally feel
God entering my heart, it is a feeling like no other. Get in church, man!
You can be saved, just go to a few church services and ask Jesus to forgive
you for your sins, you'll never regret it!

Автор sizzler81 (6 лет)
love this video and his comedy

Автор ClogginCutie (5 лет)
I love him impersonating his mom with the piano, lookin at her little boy
in the loft cuttin' up!!

Автор Emily S (6 лет)
"Im gonna kill u when i get u home!" O I Love that part thats so funny!

Автор cindylavone (7 лет)
Love the Blue jacket.

Автор Watoto01 (5 лет)
Hey guys I actually got to meet Mark. It was awesome because he was so
nice. Also I love his comedy. He is very good at what he does. I pray that
God blesses him.

Автор dadgirl12345 (3 года)

Автор GENOSLADY (4 года)
LOVE clean comedy....love NOT hearing the F-Bomb dropped every 20
seconds....Don't they know how ignorant they sound?????? Mark is GREAT, as
is Chonda Pierce, Ken Davis, Nazareth, Bone, John Gray...Just to name a

Автор insanitysplace (7 лет)
I think every church should have an old sanctuary.

Автор filypinogurl (6 лет)
Oh, victory in Jesus. My Savior For Ever. Then She spot Me in the Balcony

Автор Emily S (6 лет)
I luv this its so funny! I luv the way he makes his moms faces when shes on
the piano!

Автор bhickman3 (7 лет)
Mark is a funny guy. I want him to be a happy guy forever.

Автор BeingReal24 (4 года)
I watched this when I was a kid and was excited to find it again on
YouTube. Very funny! I love finding comedians that can be funny without
using profanity or talking about something terrible. I wish more people
could appreciate stuff like this.

Автор Elaine C (3 года)
what is that song he sings when he mimics his mama! thats is buggin me.....

Автор jmr1068204 (6 лет)
He has such an awesome voice when he even does the little "Victory in
Jesus, my Savior forever..." at 1:20. Does anyone know if he actually did a
video of him singing this particular song without it actually being part of
a standup act? I know that he sang a lot of songs in a worship type of way,
as well.

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