Norfolk & Western 611 in Cramerton, NC

Big news! A stunning announcement!
June 28, 2013 -- The Virginia Museum of Transportation announced today its intention to return the iconic Norfolk & Western Class J 611 Steam Locomotive to excursion service if her supporters will fund the project.

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- "We are pleased to say that we can Fire Up 611! But the time is now and it will take fans of the 611 around the world to stoke her fire," says Beverly T. Fitzpatrick, Jr., executive director of the Virginia Museum of Transportation. "Today we are kicking off the official Fire Up 611! Capital Campaign."

The Fire Up 611! Committee determines that $3.5 million will be needed to return the locomotive to the rails. The costs include a complete mechanical restoration of the locomotive, a shop maintenance facility and support to develop the excursion program. Ultimately, the goal is to raise $5 million so that the 611 has an endowment to keep her running for years.

In this video, Locomotive 611 is passing by Cramerton, NC in June 1983. By the way, the signal bridge you see the train pass under is at CP South Fork.

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Автор Dylan Watson ( назад)
Was this footage from the return trip back to Charlotte from Toccoa, GA in
June of '83? I know the tracks in Cramerton is part of the old Southern(now
NS) mainline that runs between Washington, D.C. to Atlanta.

Автор Tailterrier27 ( назад)
N&W 611 ran for the first time in 21 years yesterday!

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
Ask about 500 million railfans around the world.

Автор Erich Diebold ( назад)
I don't know about #1218 though. It will probably cost another thousand $
or even a million to restore it to operation.

Автор Erich Diebold ( назад)
I am happy to hear that #611 is going to be restored, hopefully by 2014.

Автор needlove1982 ( назад)
I donated 10.00 to the restoration campaign, I truly wish I could afford to
give more.

Автор 11longboarding11 ( назад)
why did you video a train?

Автор O Scale Chris ( назад)
Great video......great memories. Thanks for posting

Автор Denver Morgan ( назад)
been here many times i even climbed on top of the signal tower when i was
young and dumb .

Автор Sylderon ( назад)
2 people clearly don't get it...

Автор Ryan Chugg ( назад)
C&O 614 was an amtrak loco for a day

Автор AmtrakTitan455 ( назад)
Great vid of 611.

Автор nkp765ful ( назад)
yea that guy is a fuckin dick. the 611 and 1218 need to be ran. its a shame.

Автор S. P. Gass ( назад)
Great video! I've heard speculation about Southern 4501 being restored, but
just speculation. In 2011, the 4501 will be 100 yrs old.

Автор rwk360 ( назад)
Evil David Goode killed the steam program at NS. He wanted nothing to do
with steam or public passenger excursions because they took away personnel
that could be working freights, were a big risk and liability to them,
hindered their freight operations, and the accidents didn't help. The
Claytor's passing in 1993 and 1994 caused the demise of the steam program
because then they got Goode in. How does Wick Moorman feel now about a
steam revival? I heard a Southern locomotive is being considered.

Автор SteamUP ( назад)
Ah...the vintage VHS & 26 years old too your lucky the tape still worked !
If others have some tapes, you need to digitize them before they fade away.

Автор luvscats69 ( назад)
I've been on that train long ago! Wow!

Автор KOOLDAVE1953 ( назад)
Ah yesss...the 'good ol' days'.

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
South fork of the Catawba River near Charlotte, NC.

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
is that south fork pa??

Автор callinstead09 (5 лет назад)
sure! but i can't imagine #611 with an Amtrak painted rake of cars!

Автор WhyAyeMann ( назад)
That Would pwn!

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
I wish they would.

Автор Steam 501 ( назад)
They should tie #611 onto an Amtrak Train sometime and show em how it,s
done !!!

Автор AtOneWithNothing7 ( назад)
That thing is massive!

Автор ptfd121 ( назад)
Back in the early 90's I was a driver for Roadway Package System. The
Portsmouth Ohio N&S yard was part of my route. One day when I made my
delivery down there, the 611 was being oiled after staying overnight. I was
allowed by the crew to climb up into the cab as long as I didn't touch
anything. It was an awesome experience!!

Автор luvscats69 ( назад)
I rode this trian bout 20+ years ago!! thanks for the memories!!!

Автор NCtrainlover ( назад)
You know it! I rode it and I wish they would bring it back out again.

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
P.S. I thought maybe you had seen it when it ran a regular passenger
schedule all the time, but maybe you were talking about the excursions. I
would love to have seen it when it ran every day.

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
My pleasure. It means a lot to me that people like you have been able to
enjoy it. I would love to have been able to be there with you and watch it
go by. I was just born too late for steam.

Автор tkdterp8 ( назад)
Boardman, thank you for putting your video on Youtube. The N&W 611 used to
run passed my house (near Berlin Heights, Ohio) and I remember my brother
and I (he passed away three years ago) peddling our bikes as fast as we
could when we'd hear that unique whistle off in the distance. "The 611! The
611!" Folks may think I am weird for saying this but I cried when I saw
your video. The memories are so fresh...even years later. Thank you again.

Автор DASCO2136 ( назад)
no prob

Автор Daulph Kline ( назад)
thank's for the info

Автор DASCO2136 ( назад)
Fat chance. Roanoke will never give those 2 engines away unless they're
going to run again which they will one day.

Автор DASCO2136 ( назад)
no right now both 611 & 1218 are in the Virginia Museum of Transportation
1/4 of a mile away from where they were built

Автор DASCO2136 ( назад)
there was a accident in Lynchburg in the fall of 1994 which damaged some of
the passenger equipment. Added to that Robert B Claytor & his brother
W.Graham Claytor Jr the two men who brought 611 back to the rails died
earlier in from cancer that same year & insurance costs of maintaining the
steamers so shortly after the wreck at Lynchburg they pulled the plug.

Автор F Hubbs ( назад)
I remember riding the 611 when i was 5 with my dad i miss that engine

Автор pbmja ( назад)
no they stoped runing her cause inc cost it was a mil a month my grandpa
was the brakman on that baby its in runing shap ih ronoke va

Автор Chessie2101 ( назад)
The 611 wore a hancock made 3 chime, the 1218 wore an N&W made hooter.
Western Maryland Scenic Railroads 734 wears the same exact type of whistle
the 611 wore. Look up a video of WMSR's 734 some time, you may like what
you hear.

Автор Daulph Kline ( назад)
I love that whistle and the 611. Why did NS stop the steam program?

Автор brandon morgado ( назад)
611 and 1218 are no longer on display.there going to the strasburg railroad.

Автор DASCO2136 ( назад)
yes 611 with its steamboat whistle & 1218 with its hooter. You can hear
them from almost a mile or 2 away

Автор NSHorseheadSD70 ( назад)
Both the 611 and the 1218 had a unique whistle that couldn't be replicated
by any other locomotive.

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
Sounded to me like a little rust got into it.

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
Here here. What I wouldn't give to see it run again.

Автор railfan49 ( назад)
I wish I had one. I'd almost give a million bucks for that.

Автор chatanugadotorg ( назад)
The most beautiful steam locomotive ever built.

Автор tbonez1965 ( назад)
could you upload a video of 611 and 1218 doubleheading?

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