Japanese Type 14 Nambu Disassembly Instructions

Japanese Type 14 Nambu Disassembly Instructions

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Автор Jacob Del Bosque ( назад)
Cool just plain cool

Автор erocktheworld345 ( назад)
thank u soooo much my grandpa gave me one he got in japan after the japs
surrendered i have it all cleaned and everything but when i cock it back i
don't here the firing pin click when i pull the trigger do u think u might
know whats wrong?

Автор Michael Lawson ( назад)
I have a Nambu Type 14 that I have had for a lot of years. I don't know
much about them. Is there supposed to be a bolt lock? When I pull the bolt
to the rear, it locks, but the bolt moves forward when release the magazine
and pull it out, and the trigger assembly also wants to drop out. Am I
missing some parts?

Автор WorldWarSupply ( назад)
Congratulations on your new Nambu. They are very interesting pistols. I
really enjoy the Type 94 also. I will post videos of the Type 26 when the
weather breaks here in Michigan and I can get out to the range.

Автор jimdingo041 ( назад)
Informative vid. I just bought a Nambu 14 two weeks ago.

Автор WorldWarSupply ( назад)
Your welcome. We will have more videos soon.

Автор TheKoba49 ( назад)
thank you video helped a lot

Автор WorldWarSupply ( назад)
Make sure you have the barrel pressed back.

Автор retiredmarine1 ( назад)
i still cant get that trigger assembly off! aggrivating little bugger!

Автор maroongem ( назад)
Bless you! Most ppl fail to remove the grip panel before pulling down on
the trigger assembly which can mar the wood. Nice course cocking knob
Nambu. What is the month and date?

Автор WorldWarSupply ( назад)
Sometimes Graff & Sons will get some in.

Автор saj12100 ( назад)
its not that bad

Автор drewthefan123 ( назад)
I love my 3 Type 14 Nambus. They are easy once you get used to the
complications of the pistol.

Автор WorldWarSupply ( назад)
It is complicated. The Japanese pistols are not very user friendly.

Автор FirstSpaceLord ( назад)
wow looks complicated

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