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Автор digby taylor (1 месяц)
great days a look up womens skirts a great turn on better than tights and
trousers women wear now

Автор terri purcell (3 месяца)
Oh where have those days gone

Автор Игорь Дмитриев (1 год)

Автор Игорь Дмитриев (1 год)

Автор Serezha2008 (6 лет)
хочу кончить им в рот.

Автор Giuseppe Lippi (4 года)
I collected them all back in the Sixties, during and after puberty. They
cost quite a lot in Italy, where they were imported by a Bologna firm whose
name I can still remember today: Casalini Giorgio, via Pietramellara 53. At
330 lire per issue in 1964-66, they cost much more than my usual fare of
science fiction magazines: for example, a single issue of "Urania" cost 200
lire. 330 was the standard for "Spick & Span", "Beautiful Britons" and the
other mags of the group.

Автор leoseries (5 лет)
This was considered "Top shelf" porn back in the fifties. "Health and
Efficiency" was the only nudie mag and it pretended to be a naturist
journal. Even then the most important bits were airbrushed out. How did we
ever get by without sex education?

Автор 666mrjimbo (2 года)

Автор shitfaced tholoughthrough (3 года)
do not worry m8tey boy father was a matlot i think (two of my brothers are
black, two speak perfect russian and the other is in a basket under the
stairs) and a great fan of liz frazer (so mother say´s)LOL GRANNY PORN

Автор mrbillhicks (3 года)
Could do with a backing track.. something like 'Legs' by ZZ Top

Автор mrbillhicks (2 года)

Автор mrbillhicks (3 года)
Now I do like a chap who is well balanced... Bitter and twisted and a chip
on both shoulders... I think I spotted your mother in that clip
somewhere... I can't be sure because the last time I saw her she had her
mouth full... and there was quite a few of us.

Автор polopstereo (3 года)
on the internet

Автор mrfedupable (2 года)
No, no, no. We need to appreciate these babies without any distraction.

Автор Tom D (6 лет)
As a teen I loved to look at these women. The sight of their knickers and
stocking tops was so exciting. how innocent then!

Автор shitfaced tholoughthrough (6 лет)
fucking old slags

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