William Holden and Kim Novak (from Picnic, 1955)

One of the sultriest, sexiest moments in the movies: Kim Novak and William Holden dancing to "Moonglow" in the film "Picnic" (1955). In the first few frames, you see a young Susan Strasberg.

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Автор Arthur O. ( назад)
...best dance of world cinema...

Автор sclogse1 ( назад)
Kim is excellent in this film. This...excellent film.

Автор maureen1938 ( назад)
THANK YOU for posting this which must be one of the sexiest dances on
screen. SUPERB.... GORGEOUS !!!

Автор Maria Ossio ( назад)
William Holden so handsome, he is awesome, great actor.

Автор Dennis Middlebrooks ( назад)
Personally, I found the brainy, pretty and perky Susan Strasberg character
to far more appealing than the plastic Kim Novak. I would have been happy
to dance with her!

Автор VANDA BOSSAN ( назад)
Eu e meu marido assistindo o vídeo juntinhos e ele acompanhando a música
fazendo o som do contrabaixo com o violão. Sabe muito este meu garoto! he
is precious!

Автор Scott Ferrell ( назад)
Ladies, THAT is how a woman is suppose to look, not have more tattoos than
a Marine. 

Автор jekorb ( назад)
I don't doubt it in the least!

Автор Constance D'Ulisse ( назад)
I read that he really was drunk during the filming of this scene.

Автор Constance D'Ulisse ( назад)
I totally agree. I first saw this as a young girl and blushed furiously
watching this scene.

Автор Linda Williams ( назад)

Автор Fritz Brohn ( назад)
It's still the sexiest scene you can see in a movie! Sublime blending of
"Moonglow" and "The Theme from Picnic" underscore it beautifully!

Автор jekorb ( назад)
I heard that Bill Holden couldn't dance at all, which is why they don't
show his feet too much, but he and Kim are devastating together!

Автор HFritzson ( назад)

Автор Jada Parks ( назад)
Too bag the complete movie not on UTUBE.

Автор Jada Parks ( назад)
One of my favorite movies. It's up there w/It started in Naples, the Best
of Everything, Until September, Yesterday-Today and Tomrrow, Marriage
Italian style, and Sayonara..the list goes ononononon..

Автор Jeff S ( назад)
Lovely scene!

Автор dancingkay ( назад)
Such a classic beautiful scene, ah the music.....

Автор brian critchley ( назад)
Well yes this is brilliant true sex without the mushy bits..

Автор vito4355 ( назад)
questo ballo jazz molto sensual non lo si puo' scordare mai e poi dal 2:06
cambia ed è romanticissimo come se in quel particolare frangente ci fossero
solo loro .ormai l' amore in loro è scoccato la freccia di cupido non puo'
essere rimossa dal loro cuore .e no 

Автор lex marky ( назад)

Автор lex marky ( назад)
O.K. Sorry. 

Автор lex marky ( назад)
This scene wasn't about dancing.

Автор Linette A ( назад)
So sad that all you can comment on is that they are not dancing in time
with the music. Have you even seen the movie? There will never be a love
scene to match the dance sequence in this movie. 

Автор HowDareThey1970 ( назад)
I think that's a technical problem with movie making. They tend to fiddle
with sound and everything else, and some of the sound and music gets
spliced in at the end of the film-making process, not matching the dancing.

Автор Carl McVey ( назад)
You must be an incrdible romantic to notice, but I agree, this one of the
most erotically beautiful romantic dance routines I have ever seen.

Автор Belita William ( назад)
The Song "Moonglow is the one element making this scene into
"unforgetable"! I love the Japanese lanterns..even a moth fluttering
by..the obscure lighting..I watch this scene over and over..

Автор Belita William ( назад)
This scene is unsurpassed in beauty and sexiness,no movie before or since
has ever even come close..one of the great scenes of the Cinema...

Автор ladybluetexan ( назад)
My favorite dance scene of any film. 

Автор ladybluetexan ( назад)
My favorite dance scene of any film, I love how it shows that first
connection/spark between these two lonely people.....I remember those
moments in my Life, and I love watching this! Thanks!

Автор Mert Erden Arslan ( назад)
carefully watch, did you see the subliminal message ? Hungry? Eat Popcorn",
"Drink Coca Cola" 

Автор brian critchley ( назад)
Brilliant , before it's time, sex without the mush, pure class..

Автор Garry Arthur ( назад)
Well done my friend....this is considered by my generation as one of the
most sensual movie scenes of all time..and all in good taste. I once asked
a former Hollywood director why there has never been a remake of
"Picnic"..and he simply said because there is nothing you can improve on.
Thanks so much for this.

Автор Mildred Pryor ( назад)
After I Watch This Movie The Picnic I Verry Much fall Inlove Again with My
husband, There is No Right Or Wrong To Fall Inlove with Someone Who Is
Older Than YOu Are!ITs A Beautiful Thing HE He He He 

Автор Cassie Calgary ( назад)
Kim Novak is going to be on TCM tonight and I can't wait! Plus, they are
airing Picnic.. 

Автор noreenikins123 ( назад)
My favorite scene from one of my favorite movies. And the "Theme from
Picnic" winding into the song "Moonglow" is a beautiful masterpiece.

Автор Margaret Livorsi ( назад)
I never forgot that dance iwas great ..When my girfriend and went to see
picnic we never forgot it and the dance was the sexy .He was so handsome
and she was beautifull i became a Kin Novak fan and i went to see all of
her movies God bless her and william was great actor never will i forget
that scene till the day i die thank you for putting it on...

Автор SandViolet ( назад)
Sheer magic! Perhaps the most indelible movie scene of my childhood.

Автор Tony C ( назад)
so so beautiful and subtle!...going to see this on Broadway with Ellen
Burstyn...thanks for posting Cheers.. TC(NYC)

Автор Robert Rauschenbach ( назад)
I tell people all the time this is one of the sexiest moments ever put on

Автор Diane K ( назад)
My 2nd favorite movie of all time. 'PICNIC' It's the most sensual film ever
made - the dance is clean, warm, with such feeling. The real thing here!
It's great! and check out "Strangers When we Meet" with Kim and Kirk
Douglas - another good love story - intense and I'll bet it's based on a
true story. 

Автор Claudem Richer ( назад)
A scene to remember !!

Автор Tonia P ( назад)
Great scene and music

Автор lucy bond ( назад)
I'd like to know what happened to that pink dress. Imagine how much it
would be auctioned for today.

Автор lucy bond ( назад)
Keep coming back to watch this scene when I miss what budding true love
looks like.

Автор Catherine Lopez ( назад)
Yes - those that are watching feel like they miss the boat - which is
true.. Love this song Moonglow and Picnic theme.. sounds absolutely
wonderful! Wish they could make more movies like these. But you can't turn
the clock. 

Автор caverly ( назад)
Kim is shear feminine beauty and carries her passion well backed up by her
heavenly physical beauty . i/we love you Kim .

Автор John Sweeney ( назад)

Автор bigbiscuit100 ( назад)
I want to be William Holden.

Автор David Govett ( назад)
"You used to dance like that, Flo." Watch the brilliant cutting. Just as
Flo is reminded of her lost youth and love, just as the pain appears on her
face, the scene cuts to the dancers. Absolutely brilliant understatement.
Knowing what to leave out is the domain of the master.

Автор David Govett ( назад)
The Dance of DNA

Автор Josquinquin ( назад)
The setting, the atmosphere, the moment, perfectly captured. .. A classic!

Автор willie shank ( назад)
what a great scene the lovely kim and the late bill holden love to relive
those times

Автор Denny Lederer ( назад)
I love this scene. So sexy and they have all of their clothes ON! Bill
Holden could not dance, so they only shot him from the waiste up. All from
the waiste down was shot using a " double ". 

Автор mymusicdaze ( назад)
Smooth, every young girls dream back then. 

Автор mymusicdaze ( назад)
Smooth, every teenage girls dream back then. 

Автор David Govett ( назад)
There, onscreen, are your mother and father, and all their ancestors, and
all your descendants. That's what life is about — simply that.

Автор rhonda90402 ( назад)
This is one of my favorite movies...Loved it!

Автор David Govett ( назад)
This scene is definitive proof that free will does not exist. Bill didn't
have a chance.

Автор pattanac ( назад)
To me, the most beautiful love scene in a movie. It gives me chills every
time I watch it.

Автор ladynut5 ( назад)
I feel it.. so much more intense and real that what is deemed romance
today.. it is very sad our society has lost touch with real emotion, 

Автор Lynn Plummer ( назад)
Wow, Desi was a hottie too! I keep thinking of when William Holden was on I
Love Lucy and that scene in the Brown Derby and when she lit her nose on
fire lighting his cigerette. WH was good at comedy also, but this scene
just blows me away.

Автор Lynn Plummer ( назад)
I agree 1000%. It is the most sexy movie scene I have ever seen. Since the
1970s movie makers just dont seem to get it that most love scenes today are

Автор Lynn Plummer ( назад)
All my life I have felt like the susan strasburg role; thats what makes
this movie so great for all times. It has so many layers; Hollywood really
lacks deep movies now.

Автор David Govett ( назад)
Absolutely masterful storytelling. Four story lines united by two beautiful
melodies, which themselves are united. Four romance-related stories are
intertwined: Deepening love between Bill & Kim. Painfully destroyed crush
of teenager Strasberg. Lost love of mother. Lost romance of Roz Russel. All
roles masterfully acted, with the exception of Bill's stiff dancing.

Автор dormantone ( назад)
Kim Novak was breathtaking in this movie, and especially in this scene!

Автор Colin Brace ( назад)
Yes indeed! They all recognize, ambivalently or not, the spark of romance
between the two. 

Автор gmoore9449 ( назад)
What makes this scene so unforgettable is the heartache felt by the other
characters as they watch Hal and Madge dancing. 

Автор tippimail1 ( назад)
One of the greatest scenes from one of the greatest movies of all time,
from an age gone by.Thanks for posting it.

Автор David Govett ( назад)
Guys, when women say they want more romance in their lives, this is what
they mean. It's worth a shot.

Автор David Govett ( назад)
The dance of life. Ever thus. They hardly move, yet their chemistry dances.
The music engulfs the scene as if preserving it in amber.

Автор Moaci Tavares ( назад)
O melhor da sedução feminina.

Автор LATVERIAN1 ( назад)
A time when Hollyweird still displayed some class with a touch of art.

Автор Annettesmusic ( назад)
The way he looks at her when they're dancing close! Sure, it's Kim Novak
but it's more than that. The honesty of his acting. Like a man falling and
he knows it. He even looks away slightly a few times. Beautiful. I'm "love
sick" all over again. And what a lovely character "Helen Potts" (played by
Verna Felton) was who took a chance on someone every one else was
suspicious of and, in this scene, saw the beauty of their love. This movie
makes me cry in so many ways. TY for posting this video. 

Автор Triple MVP legend ( назад)
What a good movie. it was when most movies showed an innocent, fun type of
romance to a relationship, which was based upon friendship, interests and
pure longing to be with someone u love and enjoy each other's company.

Автор JazzKeyboardist1 ( назад)
everytime i try to watch this i ask,,, the people in the first scenes are
complaining it is HOT but they all have coats on or long sleeves?, but
different people get their splendor in the grass different ways

Автор Juliaflo (1748 лет назад)
To the best of my recollection, Miss Novak did not win an Academy Award. 

Автор Margaret Livorsi ( назад)
O love this movie and the dance they did tohether..He was handsome and she
was so beautifull..I was 27 years old when i sawe when i saw this movie..
andhave bee a Kim Novak fan.. 

Автор Frigide Barjot ( назад)
Kim novak was so beauitful

Автор Toni Sacco ( назад)
Pure magic...the dance, the actors and that beautiful music.

Автор beatriz pardo ( назад)

Автор bleaagh ( назад)
You had excellent and very sophisticated taste for a 10-year-old! Congrats!

Автор norbo norebo ( назад)
I think this movie won an academy award. Kim Novak is a famous slovak. They
made great movies in the 50's. 

Автор lucy bond ( назад)
Sexiest scene alive. No sex. No nudity. But can't you feel it?

Автор lucy bond ( назад)
Without a doubt --- the most sensual love scene of any movie. No graphic
sex ---- nudity----etc. Innocence. Love and yes ----lust. but it is in your
head to feel it and not watch it graphically. I love this movie! I love
this movie!

Автор R Price ( назад)
@azbyhorn Always liked Holden, but I think he was a little long in the
tooth for this one.

Автор Levon Stokes ( назад)
Beautiful...Romance & Class!!!

Автор marlenb1943 ( назад)
I watched this movie again this afternoon,and just had to come look at this
scene yet again.It is so beautifully done, in an age when actors didn't
need to get their clothes off to portray a sexy,sensual scene. 

Автор Shavkat Aihodzaev ( назад)
Fine, I can look infinitely many times and there is something to think
about and remember that this was another time ...

Автор Elaine Morris ( назад)
@cbrace, very sexy and sultry -- yet nothing obscene. 

Автор schallrd1 ( назад)
This was considered really hot in those days. It still holds up today. The
movie gives a good glimpse of small town America in the 50's.

Автор lisag6 ( назад)
Lovely and erotic. But the nasty comment at 3:00 spoils it (this is how
women set each other up).

Автор Yitz Ostrov ( назад)
In the 50's anything goes.William Holden was way too old to be old for the
erotically sumptuous shiksa Kim Novak. She steams up the screen.But again,
this was the fifties.The scene was also helped the instrumental
Moonglow-Picnic masterpiece which was a huge number 1 billboard hit in
1956.Still a classic scene,which made this movie a hit.

Автор Ed Santoro ( назад)
I watch the movie just for this scene!

Автор akanippy ( назад)
Magnificent. Kim was a woman fully aware of and capable of expressing her
immense sex appeal

Автор bell Candle ( назад)

Автор Oscar Rendon Aldaraca ( назад)
@cbrace That age is the drama that makes the climax exists, when he sees
that he is not young any more and has done nothing with his life, someone
younger would delude himself to thing is still young. It's called the 40's
crisis, it is in the conclusion that he decides to give himself to true
love, and to be patient etc. 

Автор Oscar Rendon Aldaraca ( назад)
@pagethompson24 She is as of 2011-11-19

Автор Oscar Rendon Aldaraca ( назад)
Responder a este video... James Dean was too young for the Hal role, Maybe
Paul Newman, but he lacked the atletic body to be considered a successful
Football player

Автор Oscar Rendon Aldaraca ( назад)
@cynthiacher James Dean Would have been away too young for the role, maybe
Paul Newman, but it lacked a big atletic body to play a successful football

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