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Автор Nani ? (4 месяца)
some of the deaths are really disturbing others are quite comical like the
blue flame punches XD it's over *falcon Punch!*

Автор Ryan C (2 дня)
The last death scene reminds me of the oddworld series for some reason

Автор Derrick Page (5 месяцев)
4:05 Don't Even Ask...

Автор Joe Shmoe (2 месяца)
damn - 3:45 is necro

Автор The Collector 2015 (28 дней)
when the screen went red after daniella killed Fiona I heard daniella
laughing but what was that stripping sound was it daniella stripping fionas
clos off

Автор Alma Flowers (1 месяц)

Автор invaderhim23 (9 месяцев)
Was he raping her or eating her?

Автор The Collector 2015 (28 дней)
and why did Lorenzo sound like he was gargling or vomiting after he killed

Автор ricotta (1 год)

Автор Emad Shalabi (1 год)
1:25- 1:27 Fail... Daniella, that's a fail...

Автор slimmario1 (7 месяцев)
1:26 noooo she is looking at a painting I can't kill her

Автор slimmario1 (7 месяцев)
3:22 reminds me of when the ghost kills Alyssa in clock tower 3

Автор Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (1 год)
what the fuck is up with this game?

Автор dominique azar (11 месяцев)
Fiona In Frog Suit From Super Mario Bros 3. OoO

Автор Kizuna Ichikara (1 год)
Isn't Shrek going to save her inside the castle or it's that big fat dummy
already shrek? XD hahaha

Автор dominique azar (11 месяцев)
Nobody Hug A Evil MONSTER! DX

Автор Barnibus Snaples (1 год)
LOL The first scene, was that Lenny from Of Mice and Men?

Автор Kenshin Himura (1 год)
What is Daniella saying at 1:56?

Автор Tarik King (1 год)
Lolz, "be my friend or else!" XD

Автор Springtrap (1 год)
Did that troll's mom drop him on his head when he was little?

Автор NekuCloudHyugaLagoon (1 год)
Poor Hewie, so much animal abuse!:(

Автор Seth Dillard (1 год)
Lesson - Don't kick Riccardo's nuts, he will shoot you

Автор disturbedfreak34 (1 год)
So when Hewie dies does the game end, or do you have to continue on without

Автор CHRIS_PLAYER2013 (1 год)
Does Altair´s wannabe rapes you after he kills you?

Автор FinalFantasy10RO (3 года)
how he sucks it out if his a molten lava...

Автор Jarel Fromwalmart (3 года)

Автор bjnboy (1 год)
Flaming Lorenzo - While Fiona is being charbroiled, he has somehow torn
open her womb and laps the Azoth out of it (we hear a lapping sound in the
beginning). He feels the changes to his body, and declares his triumph over
mortality and Fiona while laughing as both bodies continue to burn.

Автор Sheld Owned (2 года)

Автор sora zeto (3 года)
4:18 -_-

Автор Kamiko Saito (2 года)
I reallty think someone have cloned Fiona...and I don't know why I have
this terrible feeling and I think I became a clon of her. Is this even
real? Do I was in that castle and Chris erased those memories? Is Lorenzo a
Wesker's paradox? Am i going insane? o_0

Автор Anpyon (1 год)
11:09 Did she just hide in an iron maiden? .__.

Автор Aleksandra Lidman (3 года)
When I started this game, I knew there was something wrong with Daniella.
But I didn`t think she was a crazy psycho. And the scene with the iron
maiden. Was Daniella thinking there? I mean those huge spikes could have
destroyed Fiona`s whole body, if thats true. Daniella won`t get what she
wanted. If it is true I mean.

Автор cazadorhater (2 года)
hah when Fiona dies l'm all like "eh she died, let's start over" l guess
l'm like that because I already seen far too many resident evil and dead
space, BUT! l always cringe when hewie get hit or hurt and when he falls
over i'm all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HEEEWllIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Автор isocryd (3 года)
Did she die from a grope at 4:57?

Автор Kiseiru Yoshioka (2 года)
I've just completed with Fortes Fortuna Juvat .... suprisingly, I didn't
die even once when I play normal mode compared to Hard mode which I am now
playing ( died 17 times so far on chapter 4 ).

Автор Naked111Snake (3 года)
I have a strange feeling watching this...

Автор Kimiko121 (3 года)
Aww my Hewie! Don't cry! We will just load game!

Автор An Evil Mask (2 года)
No,not really.

Автор MarsWolves (1 год)
Well...She IS blond.

Автор Unit076 (3 года)

Автор chainsawfighter11 (2 года)
daniella is my favorite out of all of them she is crazy as hell feels no
pain or pleasure and i just love her laugh plus when she kills fiona it
sounds funny when the game over happens and she is laughing her ass off
while skining and tearing fiona apart

Автор Jean Teschner (2 года)
This game is way tooo schizophrenic

Автор Iqbaal (3 года)
@MonkeyDKage Lorenzo was absorbing Fiona's Azoth by sucking it through her

Автор maya summers (2 года)
in her panic state....did she bash her head on the ground.... ??

Автор Jarel Fromwalmart (3 года)
Every boss wants to rape her

Автор Kamiko Saito (2 года)
this game is awesome,u should

Автор FinalFantasy10RO (3 года)
11:36 what did she do that make her die?

Автор Marsh Paull (3 года)
it makes me want a ps2

Автор YukiYuSai (2 года)
poor Fiona.....

Автор Brandon Coe (1 год)
Essentially the music is a "radar" for telling when the monsters are
actively chasing you. Usually you hide and wait for the music to stop
before continuing.

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