Demento 24 Death Scenes - 33 Possible Ways to Die!

My first video of 2008!!!

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Автор maya summers ( назад)
3:16 Did Fiona just bang her head on the ground? I never knew she could do
that once she freaked out.

Автор Jack williams-bukac ( назад)
In the words of sega GAME OVER YEAH YEA

Автор Lyromata ( назад)
It's no wonder that Debilitas' toys break since he punches Fiona around
when he thinks she's a doll. If that's how he plays with toys,then they're
doomed to break soon after he gets them

Автор Amurillo Reno ( назад)
All deaths is scary to me! Some deaths I haven't found yet. Man! Why Capcom
can't just remastered this game if they don't want to create a new sequel
of it!? It was their own fault to release Haunting Ground at the same time
with Resident Evil 4.

Автор thecuchikiller ( назад)
The animation is so bad....

Автор musicsoshiny ( назад)
2:12 a welfare recipient opening their monthly check lol

Автор Grave Panda ( назад)
What's she hiding inside at 11:20 ?

Автор Omar Golam ( назад)
4:57 its over *smacks butt*

Автор nemesisvrsa2 (1352 года назад)
translate that word...its in latin

Автор Andresitum ( назад)
8:02 Medic?? is that you?? o_o

Автор Kookie Thief ( назад)
4:57 it looks like he smacked her ass xD

Автор CHRISPLAYER 95 ( назад)
2:56 I´m Altair bitch!

Автор flaffy mega ( назад)
6:30 fiona combo

Автор Stefanie Holim ( назад)
in 2:16 when fiona dead daniella she like inject with adrenalin and she

Автор Christian ( назад)
1:46 I actually got this but with Glass Sword Daniella instead. It's
basically the same thing but Daniella does a quick swipe at Fiona's face
when she gets on top of Fiona instead.

Автор Christian ( назад)
0:24 Wow, Fiona gets the worse of the package, and Hewie gets slightly hurt
and you acknowledge Hewie instead of Fiona? "OH, FIONA DYING MUTIPLE TIMES
FOR HEWIE MORE!" That's some animal activist thinking right there.

Автор Charmaine David ( назад)
I think the debilitas didn't make her corpse as a doll collection. He
cannibalize her!

Автор Claire Fisher ( назад)
So sad , poor fiona and poor hewie 

Автор Hewie Belli ( назад)

wtf are those even

Автор Hewie Belli ( назад)

hewie is like "nunununununununu"
seriously when i got that game over i almost cried

Автор Ryan C ( назад)
The last death scene reminds me of the oddworld series for some reason

Автор Joe Shmoe ( назад)
damn - 3:45 is necro

Автор SunBunz ( назад)
My hubby watched me play this, he often like to take naps when I play a
game, but often woke up to the screams, the dog yelping (which we both
hated) He agreed, this is a wicked game, but he stated: "This is probably
the most obnoxious SOUNDING game I've ever heard in my life." lol and he's
so right. Just listen to this stuff! BLECH!

Imagine waking up to hearing this... 0:40
or this... 2:12 (kinda hot...for about 2 seconds then WHOA WTF!?)
and there's this... 4:25 (omg I think I'm gonna puke)
or this 9:22 OMFG I HATE YOU GAME!!! STOP IT!!! ENOUGH!!! (cries)

I always wondered how he 'extracts the Azoth latent in you.' lol An
unfortunate & rather unpleasant hypothesis of mine depicts...erm...some
kind of sucking...somewhere where the uterus is located. (shudders)
4:45 couldn't he just do it via pleasant vampire kiss? Nope. He'd rather
just beat her ass first. xD Asshole.

Автор King of the Virgins Protector of the Fandom ( назад)
some of the deaths are really disturbing others are quite comical like the
blue flame punches XD it's over *falcon Punch!*

Автор Derrick Page ( назад)
4:05 Don't Even Ask...

Автор invaderhim23 ( назад)
Was he raping her or eating her?

Автор Dominique Azar ( назад)
Fiona In Frog Suit From Super Mario Bros 3. OoO

Автор Dominique Azar ( назад)
Nobody Hug A Evil MONSTER! DX

Автор DRAGOTH BELMONT ( назад)
poor beautiful lady.. :(

Автор ricotta ( назад)

Автор Seth Dillard ( назад)
Lesson - Don't kick Riccardo's nuts, he will shoot you

Автор Emad Shalabi ( назад)
1:25- 1:27 Fail... Daniella, that's a fail...

Автор Kenshin Himura ( назад)
What is Daniella saying at 1:56?

Автор Gwyn, Lord of Cinder ( назад)
what the fuck is up with this game?

Автор Springtrap ( назад)
Did that troll's mom drop him on his head when he was little?

Автор disturbedfreak34 ( назад)
So when Hewie dies does the game end, or do you have to continue on without

Автор Kizuna Ichikara ( назад)
Isn't Shrek going to save her inside the castle or it's that big fat dummy
already shrek? XD hahaha

Автор Tombdesign ( назад)
Lolz, "be my friend or else!" XD

Автор ReformedOrderPart2 ( назад)
I never quite understood what was happening to her in the beginning, when
the game first started out before you play it. It's like she's on a table
"naked" I assume and there's lab equipment & such that is draining her of
blood or something. You see her twitch & move slightly as it's being done.
Wonder what that's all about?.... 

Автор Barnibus Snaples ( назад)
LOL The first scene, was that Lenny from Of Mice and Men?

Автор CHRIS_PLAYER2013 ( назад)
Does Altair´s wannabe rapes you after he kills you?

Автор NekuCloudHyugaLagoon ( назад)
Poor Hewie, so much animal abuse!:(

Автор James Hollinhead ( назад)
fuck that crawling monster freak I hate it....

Автор Brandon Coe (BrandyVA) ( назад)
Essentially the music is a "radar" for telling when the monsters are
actively chasing you. Usually you hide and wait for the music to stop
before continuing.

Автор Carl Johnson ( назад)
What's with the weird music?

Автор Momiji Sohma ( назад)
Daniella's laugh is scary as! 

Автор ukokira ( назад)
Only for Ricardio.

Автор Crow Jane ( назад)
Well...She IS blond.

Автор the-stray-princess ( назад)
I remember hiding in a closet and Daniella knew I was there so she tapped
the door with her glass shard to make Fiona panic instead. She just waited
outside the room for me to come out and I wouldn't so eventually she
murdered Hewie instead >.<

Автор CherylButterflyFly ( назад)
poor dog...

Автор Anpyon ( назад)
11:09 Did she just hide in an iron maiden? .__.

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
Debilitas - Thinking you were a doll, is trying to play with Fiona's limp
body. He more than likely rips off a limb (an arm) and the blood spills
onto Hewie, hence we hear his reaction, then Debilitas continues to remove
other body parts.

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
Daniella - Begins cutting and tearing Fiona open to get at the womb. The
ripping sound we hear is tearing flesh. Her psychotic laughter is because
contact with the Azoth is making her experience feelings and sensations
she's never felt before. 

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
Riccardo - Slowly and lustfully removes Fiona's and his clothes while
perversely licking her exposed parts (you could hear a lapping sound in the
beginning) and breathing heavily, and then he penetrates her.

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
Old Lorenzo - Does pretty much the same thing he did to Riccardo's body in
that cutscene, but because Fiona has so much Azoth, he momentarily chokes
while trying to swallow it down.

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
Young Lorenzo - Has rendered Fiona's womb from her body and sips out the
Azoth from a hole he made. As he rips more of the uterus open to get the
drops remaining, he laughs because he feels the Azoth working in his body.

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
Flaming Lorenzo - While Fiona is being charbroiled, he has somehow torn
open her womb and laps the Azoth out of it (we hear a lapping sound in the
beginning). He feels the changes to his body, and declares his triumph over
mortality and Fiona while laughing as both bodies continue to burn.

Автор zodiia ( назад)
Wait, so instead of crouching we can say Good boy during the uh earthquake

Автор shortwalker26 ( назад)
what is G-Spot ? 

Автор Shinobi Nightcore ( назад)
Lol after all of this , that is your response.. xD 

Автор Shinobi Nightcore ( назад)
This game is disturbing .. in so many .. levels.. 

Автор All My Best Friends Are Metalheads ( назад)
0:56 2:15 3:45 4:25 5:20 8:00 Squick

Автор bjnboy ( назад)
What does the Japanese guide say what the other stalkers do to you in the
game over screens? I'm especially curious about what old, young and and
flaming Lorenzo specifically do to Fiona's body.

Автор Woi Oi ( назад)
me: how dare you put up a video that hewie dies in 

Автор cazadorhater ( назад)
hah when Fiona dies l'm all like "eh she died, let's start over" l guess
l'm like that because I already seen far too many resident evil and dead
space, BUT! l always cringe when hewie get hit or hurt and when he falls
over i'm all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HEEEWllIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jill Valentine ( назад)
Oh my God.....I have a twin?

Автор Blackwind041 ( назад)
Fiona apparently you cant kick a old man's head ._____.

Автор Blackwind041 ( назад)
Kinda dumb how he would still rape her even if he just killed her o_o...how
you get reborned again Ricardo o___o...?

Автор KalyanaMitta ( назад)
Debilitas; Rips her to shreds and/or eats her. Daniella; Steals her G-spot
Lorenzo;Drinks her blood We all know what Riccardo did... -_-''

Автор Crash Bandicoot ( назад)
Jill O.O??? Am I going insane, or is that really you O_o?

Автор Crash Bandicoot ( назад)
Louis Chou, aren't ya' Japanese, 'cause I see you have Japanese games a lot
and you speak Japanese. Im a Sherlock!

Автор Troll Armin Arlet ( назад)
I reallty think someone have cloned Fiona...and I don't know why I have
this terrible feeling and I think I became a clon of her. Is this even
real? Do I was in that castle and Chris erased those memories? Is Lorenzo a
Wesker's paradox? Am i going insane? o_0

Автор HeadhunterTelesto ( назад)
That was an invisible Riccardo bashing her head into the ground.

Автор maya summers ( назад)
in her panic state....did she bash her head on the ground.... ??

Автор DrTheKay ( назад)
Thumbing down cuz of repeated scenes

Автор VioletCloud ( назад)
Oh okay. hahaha

Автор Sonic The Hedgehog ( назад)
...It's an alternate costume. The effect is that if you use it, hewie will
never die

Автор VioletCloud ( назад)
WTF game is this??? Why that fuck does Hewie look like a stuffed animal? i
mean fiona looks the same.

Автор SevenWolves1 ( назад)
In this japanese game, the ennemies want to kill you in order to rape you.
That's why you hear those noises.

Автор The66Hammer ( назад)
Well i think he is eating her.

Автор sosyPel (474 года назад)
an iron maiden.

Автор Brokenrain223 ( назад)
:30 - :45 is he making out with her?

Автор riotrandy678 ( назад)
11:46 what is she hiding in?

Автор KalyanaMitta ( назад)
Debilitas: It's Fiona after killing her... Daniella: Eats her also...
stealing her G-spot too. Lorenzo: Drinks her blood. We all know what
Riccardo did.. -_-'' 

Автор scene wolf ( назад)
Holy crap... And cry has only seen the ugly guy he has so much more to see

Автор BloodPix666 ( назад)
2:20 wow she sounds like me when I evil laugh XD

Автор Mayiamaru ( назад)
I can't get over how fluffy Hewie is. In the version I watched, Hewie was
sleek and white. [I like this Hewie a lot better X3]

Автор Fifty Fiftyx ( назад)
I bet when Ricardo groans its the noise he makes when he's just came in her

Автор SilverWolf16 ( назад)
Where were you at 2:05 and why don’t I remember this room in the game? :|

Автор YaranaiKar ( назад)
*Reads Daniella's part* Don't picture it Don't picture it Don't picture it
Don't picture it Don't-FUCK YOU BRAIN!

Автор Troll Armin Arlet ( назад)
this game is awesome,u should

Автор Rancid946 ( назад)
1:25 Kinda missed there, Daniella.

Автор Liara Walker (YukiYuSai) ( назад)
11:17 ouuhh this Scene was soo mean !!! XDD

Автор Liara Walker (YukiYuSai) ( назад)
poor Fiona.....

Автор Dan V ( назад)
Lorenzo sounds like he's trying to deepthroat her leg or something.

Автор Line Gøtzsche ( назад)
wtf is this?

Автор Sheld Owned ( назад)

Автор Suzie Rivera ( назад)
That is just scary!! D:

Автор Scarlette ( назад)
3:53 did he just call me an asshole?!

Автор Shyvi ( назад)
i think he becomes invisible when fiona is panicking 

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