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Длительность: 7:44
Комментарии: 46912

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Автор Cornel Akibwib ( назад)
Fuck this guy u know why
he wanthe gold botton and sub for your chanell

Автор Jennie Dominguez ( назад)
what are ringworms?

Автор Ethan Ngo ( назад)
I hate everyone only I like Ryan

Автор Mina Borlinski ( назад)
Why do you know how your grandma's vagina looks like?

Автор Zander Zhang ( назад)
Cough cough soflo antonio cough cough

Автор Josh Torres ( назад)
Dear Ryan: Ryan looks cool

Автор sanjay sharma ( назад)
Who else loves that shoulder shrugging after every trickshot and do the same shrug with Ryan and his friends?

Автор Kripa Joshi Shrestha ( назад)
I wish he'd go on the tonight show to promote his upcoming book.

Автор Mahesh MOHTA ( назад)
Are Ryan and Hanate from skitzo the same person? ?

Автор voidxbanshee ( назад)
does thiss mean bts can fit in one hoverboard??

Автор Howard The penguin ( назад)
6:25 it looks like Ryan hit derrick in the face 😂

Автор Mr Jawsome Jaws ( назад)
You have 7 friends? Wow

Автор Star valley ( назад)

Автор TheTrueGamer ( назад)
If they hate them why do they bother knowing their names lel

Автор Bridget Andersen ( назад)
I have to admit you look like Vanossgaming but that's not to offend you or anything like that.

Автор borot man ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you read most liked comments?
Not everything has to be about hate.

Автор Kassabell Marshall ( назад)
* wish is to talk to him

Автор Kassabell Marshall ( назад)
will shahan is soooo dreamy! my birthday wish talk to that would be the only thing i'd wish for but i'm sure he'd never read this but i thought i should at least put it out there for the slight chance that he might

Автор Rayan Naveed ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you teach me the basics of algebrayn......please

Автор Stavan Jani ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Please, Please do PPAP

Автор Vincent Li ( назад)
dear ryan...

how to find a dinosaurs

Автор Ping Family ( назад)

Автор CrĀzY ViRūS ( назад)
I've fallen in love with Ryan "~"

Автор GalaxyGurl 9910 ( назад)
All the captions for copying video one

This guy gets so mad!😂😂😂
You will laugh so hard!😂😂😂
What a loser!😂
This is so funny!
You will not believe what he does!
This guy has chapped lips
These text thingys took so long to make
I can't think of anything else to write

Автор Laria Preston ( назад)
Every time someone makes a basketball shot now, I'm shrugging my shoulders.

Автор Angie Connolly ( назад)

Автор Sharon Chin ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make a MLG of Pokemom?

Автор Senna Goodheart ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a supernatural series parody :)

Автор Haleu Ruth ( назад)
dear ryan can you make an impression of Donald Trump.

Автор Sharon Yang ( назад)
Does it help lessen the hurt if the mean comments are super creative LOLOL.

Автор Alice McCarthny ( назад)
dear Ryan can you bellyflop into a pool

Автор Jonathan Lun ( назад)
Fastest Talker ever:Ryan Higa

Автор Katie Pugz ( назад)
This guy has chapped lips

Автор JurassicTube118 ( назад)
Greg I bet u have a Venus a pinus and a viagina lol what a dic*

Автор JurassicTube118 ( назад)
Do another bad comments

Автор Kartik Sharma ( назад)
I feel like he made the hate comments up because let's be honest, how the heck can anyone hate him

Автор Calix Chan ( назад)
dear Ryan, please try star wars battlefront 2 it's awesome and btw I also play minecraft

Автор anil roshan dsouza ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you *VLOG* for a day?????

Автор Watermelon GIRL ( назад)
I have wingworm

Автор Tom Wesley Yt ( назад)
The hoverboard challenge one will be popular in a month after that its all going to disapper

Автор Sarah Myers ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do parkour

Автор pratik tanikella ( назад)
you are awesome

Автор Døn’t Støр ɛ: ( назад)
The person who said *I hope Marley dies* I will fucking find you and eat you alive.

Автор galixsy tv lps ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you kill me?

Автор Hope Zhang ( назад)
Greg is cute! Love to see him more

Автор viral videos ( назад)
Dear Ryan , can you make a video on clash royale

Автор Frends Of cats ( назад)
Omg this guy is so bad a basgetball

Автор Nurul Purwaningdiah ( назад)
your lungs are awesome. That long rap, you can sing it smoothly without taking any breath

Автор FirePlayz - Minecraft ( назад)
Dear Ryan,

Buy something for a dollar below on amazon and review it to us.

Автор Black Frost ( назад)
dear Ryan i dare u to lick shauns foot

Автор Renji Parkers ( назад)
Dear Ryan: can you sing baby by your true vocals ( no autotune)

Автор Renji Parkers ( назад)
Dare Ryan: ask Will to shave his beard

Автор The Frog days 0_0 ( назад)
Greg ur never ugly Ur awsome dat mustache though

Автор Galaxy Puppy ( назад)
Sean, Dereck, Marley, Ryan and all the other guys are AWESOME like if u agree

Автор Chandalure 4Sure ( назад)
Try not to laugh challenges are the best you can spit in someones face and they don't care.

Автор Fiery donut ( назад)
The non asian guy ( not to be a hater just forgot his name ) has the same sandels as my dad THEY R SO COMFORTABLE

Автор Lol Is My Name ( назад)
I swear, people who hate on Ryan are jealous and just want his good looks! He's so bootiful! ! !

Автор Rebecca Garcia ( назад)
Can you please make sill putty !!!??? :P :)

Автор ficrus Siddiqui ( назад)
I dare you to subscribe to everyone who likes this comment

Автор Zainab Imtiaz ( назад)
Dear Ryan
Can u juggle

Автор Pin Ball ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you write a song about chickens in less than an hour?

Автор Amanda David ( назад)
Ryan, how can you do almost EVERYTHING????

Автор NICOLE JOY ( назад)
dear ryan please react to poppy and be a poppy😂

Автор Rajesh Chandnani ( назад)
dear ryan can you make a golf tric shot

Автор Chelsea 101 ( назад)
Ryan if you are reading this I dear you to make a book about the love story about the potatos from the last episode please

Автор Jeezy ( назад)
you're reading mean comments yet you're smiling in your thumbnail. GG

Автор sunshine ( назад)
you are by far the funniest and cutest youtuber by a landslide...... love your videos.....

Автор Niya Ben Edayanal Benoy ( назад)
Love this channel

Автор Kristen Thai ( назад)
What DF happened to this hairstyle Ryan

Автор ShadowPvP_ ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you fight Sean and beat hi up? (Like a mini movie) Don't hurt him in real :) and also have an amazing day :)

Автор Lizzza editing Play my intro! ( назад)
Dear ryan, may you please have an epic pillow fight?

Автор Eve Connally ( назад)
Love it! 😁

Автор samuel Rushing ( назад)
dang he is a good rapper

Автор Miko Dizon-Bumann ( назад)
Ryan looks 👌🏼 in this video

Автор Radar Man ( назад)
O shit teehee shirts

Автор KittyCatCream :3 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make a power rangers trailer plz?

Автор KittyCatCream :3 ( назад)
Dear Ryan, make a power rangers trailer plz?

Автор Gavin Galaxy ( назад)
isn't it funny how the green ball breaks the light. The green ball breaks everything. lol

Автор Kingdave Llanes ( назад)

Автор damomchi ( назад)
4:45 Ryan's version of the Brady bunch

Автор Lebanese Ginga ( назад)
Marley ROASTED That jerk


Автор Amazing Maddy ( назад)
Dear ryan can you do a rap about animals

Автор Atharva Patil ( назад)
how does this man have haters!
im done with humanity

Автор Stormwarrior 867 ( назад)
You guys are cool

Автор Undyne ( назад)
R.I.P. Glass light build cover

Автор Undyne ( назад)
I like your necklace Ryan

Автор Ryadaha Harrison ( назад)
Make mean comments series

Автор мѕ. star ( назад)
Ryan doeѕ looĸ liĸe vannos

Автор Joseph Clarke ( назад)
I like your hair

Автор Blobfish chin ( назад)
dear Ryan: do a dear Ryan

Автор Jake Daniel boes ( назад)
who else nodded their shoulders when they made it

Автор Donovan Houde ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you dress up Marley in a superman costume

Автор BacoTato ( назад)
Soflo anyone?

Автор SileNt ( назад)
dear Ryan go in the fringe and go to into the oven then eat 100 bowls of ramen

Автор THE MORTAL GODS ( назад)
Dear Ryan ,can you make a parody for BBC 's Sherlock

Автор William Brunka ( назад)
holy shit Marley, calm down....

Автор Blossom DIY ( назад)
Ryan is my favorite you tuber ever

Автор Godzilla King ( назад)
Dear Ryan make a Deadpool rap

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