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Просмотров: 7554358
Длительность: 7:44
Комментарии: 45856

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Автор E and H Channel ( назад)
Hello random person scrolling down the comments

Автор deaTH boI ( назад)
VanossGaming is Korean/Japanese

Автор Glorianna K ( назад)
Ryan looks like a Youtuber vlogaftercollege. Am I the only one?

Автор JohnJohnGamingDK ( назад)
Is it just me or does Greg look gay?

Автор Rowan 1 ( назад)
Dear Ryan pls read this comment and then go on holiday/vacation to Britain

Автор Celestial Utai ( назад)
You will not read this ... OMG there is so much text 😂

Автор Patricia Kim ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you make another BGA music video?

Автор Pasindu Ranatunga ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u please run outside and scream TEEHEE

Автор Dark 52 ( назад)
thank god that the fan didnt fall

Автор Hunter F ( назад)
lmao that soflo diss was so obvious

Автор Trench Jester ( назад)
5:27 so true... but its okay will i still love you.

Автор Kylie Harrison ( назад)
Marley handles mean comments so well😂

Автор rohini bhalekar ( назад)
dear Ryan can you kiss yourself

Автор 정에스더 ( назад)
thank you so much for your videos......I am so happy to find this...this is
I got to know by the best facebookstar from Korea. ShinTaeIl.

Автор Urmila Modak ( назад)
cutie pie ryan 😇😍😘

Автор Raghida EL Haj Obied ( назад)
dear Ryan me and my dad think u and your friends are funny, good at YouTube
and good at trick shots well done

Автор Raniya Rasheedh ( назад)
Okay. So this guy says Ryan's lips look like his grandma's vagina huh..
That means he actually looked at it😂

Автор Anna gildards ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do a bean boozle challenge with ur friends

Автор Sukrit Manikandan (SukritIsAwesome2002) ( назад)
Dear ryan, why do you look like ryan?

Автор Emmanuel “Ultramanuel” Mcharo ( назад)
Golden Games mine too

Автор BOB “TheHawk24” PUFFLE ( назад)
dear ryan make a monty python and the holy grail parody

Автор White Shadow808 ( назад)
I know I'm a few months late, but, Ryan, do not listen to these people
talking trash about you.

Автор Anna Martin ( назад)
Marley you a savaaaage😂😂😂

Автор Sophia Lin ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can u do rap battle sean vs you?

Автор Ariana Santiago ( назад)
dear Ryan could u twerk for all ur fellow lamps? :)

Автор alinatv ( назад)
Dear can you show us how gregs mustache was born

Автор VictoriaLucenera ( назад)
One must be just a huge a**hole to wish a dog would die.

Автор Denis Kim ( назад)
Marleys got some issues

Автор Layla Mack ( назад)
Anyone else think Ryan is really good looking?

Автор Layla Mack ( назад)
Anyone else think Ryan is really good looking?

Автор kdk cjhcs ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a cartwheel

Автор Smiley Heart ( назад)
Dear ryan, what do you do in your spare time?

Автор Annie Jung ( назад)
Dear Ryan, I'm not gonna ask you to do a dear Ryan because I know it takes
you through a lot of trouble trying to do stuff and edit them.

Автор nelson segovia ( назад)
Dear Ryan try to sing the titanic song

Автор Jolene Tran ( назад)
The laugh at 7:09 sounded like the laugh in the water bottle trick shot
video at 1:03

Автор Janey Broja ( назад)
I love ryan higa

Автор Gyerekek Krasznai ( назад)
dear Ryan can you please tell us if you really get money off of YouTube

Автор rohan gupta ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you make cold water into a rap song

Автор rohan gupta ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make cold water into a rap song

Автор rohan gupta ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make cold water into a rapid song

Автор rohan gupta ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make cold water into a rapid song

Автор Janeasourse Rex43 ( назад)
I laughed most of the time it was so funny

Автор Cherry_ Bubbly ( назад)
Is the girl in the hover board bit his girlfriend?

Автор Jenny Hernandez ( назад)
its true he does look like vanoss gaming but not fuck

Автор Anonymous Rebel ( назад)
👏👏👏 marley

Автор The Everything Channel ( назад)
Go up to random people on the street and either put blue gatorade in a
windex bottle and drink it and act like you are dying or yell at someone
"You're one of them"

Автор Ground Shaker ( назад)
Dear Ryan,Can you do a moonwalk perfectly like Michael Jackson please?

Автор Kira Iaconetti ( назад)
the try not to laugh challenge is just like the bloopers in how to be emo❤

Автор ΔTBSΔ xXDazJaiXx ( назад)
Ryan is possessed by the Lord of the rings XD

Автор Katrina HD ( назад)
Wow you have so many friends I have one and that's my iPad I'm lonely 😭
poor me. I wish I was rich so I can buy friends. Just kidding 🦄

Автор Hey It's meh ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do an Disney princess impression

Автор Gilly Production ( назад)

Автор Arshiya Kapil ( назад)
dear ryan, who do u think is better , smosh or u

Автор Charis Nolmo ( назад)
do the best good comments and text fails

Автор MESSI KYLE ( назад)
Dear Ryan, please eat marleys poop

Автор Tate Feekin ( назад)
you are cool bro i live in oahu

Автор NitroDerpGerbChicken ( назад)
dear ryan, can you do a roast battle

Автор Bruh ( назад)
Ryan, fire

Автор Gingicraft the blobfish panda ( назад)
I had ringworm

Автор Sohana Vahora ( назад)
#so cool

Автор Ryo Kamibayashi ( назад)
on 6:32 you can see the fan without the glass thingy which fell afterwards
haha the order fucked me up

Автор JESS0N ( назад)
hi Ryan

Автор B.N.BProductions ( назад)
dear Ryan can u do a back flip

Автор SwiftFish ( назад)
The last place on YouTube to find original content

Автор SileNt ( назад)
dear ryan can you go to the fridge and eat 100 ramen

Автор SileNt ( назад)
dear ryan go to the fridge and eat 100 ramen

Автор Domo Klan ( назад)
Omg the Hello Kitty toaster in the background at 6:59 😂😝 Adorable!

Автор Ahmed omer ( назад)
I Biggest YouTube Channel you ever knew thank later

Read more

dear ryan can you bite paper

Автор Joshua Delaney ( назад)
Dear ryan can you do a cliche romance story

Автор Mason Chen ( назад)
Dear Ryan,
Eat cheese

Автор World of Football ( назад)
Dear Ryan, chug I water bottle without stopping plz

Автор Gd Rmharvey ( назад)
Congrats on 19 mill and go for 20 mill

Автор DL1849 ( назад)

Автор DL1849 ( назад)

Автор Simon Hp ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you sing with a banana in your mouth while doing a handstand

Автор Joy brill ( назад)
Dear Ryan can you do a back flip

Автор Aquexe ( назад)
Well they wont copy this video atleast.

Автор Bazana2000 ( назад)
Plug song?

Автор Junior Moreno ( назад)
Dear Ryan cook 21 pieces of bacon and eat it under 1 minute

Автор Victoria Lopez ( назад)
Yes I am not the only one that talks as fast

Автор mehedi pavel ( назад)
dear Ryan do a backflip or a frontflip

Автор Mayen Columna ( назад)
4:49 Left part "I can't think of anything else to write" "These text
thingys took so long to make" " This Guy has Chapped Lips"😂😂😂

Автор Arman Hussain ( назад)
dear rayan can u make a cat step

Автор Nerv Clash ( назад)
Lol that was jokes

Автор Liza Salem ( назад)
Dera Rayan can you lek a dogs feel

Автор Nevaeh Young ( назад)
Ryan if you are reading this don't let the haters get to you, you are
awsome just the way you are and if people don't stop posting mean comments
just say to yourself "life is good and love life "😊😊😊😊
-Love angle11

Автор April Bernal ( назад)

Автор THEGOLDENXone ( назад)

Автор Geo Stellar ( назад)
so basically SoFlo

Автор Patcheco Llama ( назад)
The comment with the trick shot said can Ryan, not everyone.

Автор Mabel Pines ( назад)
Dear Ryan, can you do some songs from Hamilton with your friends?

Автор Nina D. ( назад)
#dearryan How often do people walk up to you in public to say hello?

Автор Alindi Tiwari ( назад)
dear Ryan can you make marly angry

Автор Tiara Luna ( назад)
Ryan is so handsome and cute <3

Автор Tiara Luna ( назад)
(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ want to do the cup staring challenge too

Автор Kishan Dev ( назад)
Dear Ryan ...can u name ur video after mine

Автор Capperz ( назад)
i think you do the best vids so as wassabi pruduction keep it up

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