False Prophet Manasseh Jordan EXPOSED‬‏.

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Автор realdiesoft (4 месяца)
I hate this mother fucker. He keeps calling me over and over again and I
have NEVER heard of this piece of shit. He is harassing me and won't stop.
I hope God kills him.

Автор alm3321 (2 месяца)
does this really work .. coz i want to send 52 dollars 

Автор Snowy Skies (2 месяца)
All you "I hate he leaves messages on my phone" people, just listen to the
end of the message. It tells you how to be removed from the list. 

Автор David Perry (3 месяца)
GOD Said It Is A SIN!!! To Even Want To Get Rich Quick BUT THESE EVIL,
EVIL, EVIL People Keep Preaching That IF You Will Only Send Them Money You
Will Get Rich FAST!!! THEY WILL ALL BURN IN HELL!!! If You Don't Believe me
PLEASE READ Your BIBLE!!! May GOD Have Mercy On Their Souls!!!

Автор Ezzard Bowman (2 дня)

Автор yvano maraschio (6 дней)
you are not a Prophet! you are a Devil!!!!
Your place with Hell!1! is comming soon!!!

Автор Jeannette Cortez (14 дней)
wow these people they are stealing money from people they interpret the
bible wrong!!!!

Автор RIVERAFILMS (15 дней)
"profit" Jordan is a gay fortune teller.

Автор john dohn (18 дней)
think of how many dumbass people buy this bullshit from him i feel sorry
for humans who believe this false Prophet

Автор jigg Mack (20 дней)
One more thing, I want to see one person that was healed get on youtube and
with all proof of this miracle. No where to be Found people. Put everyone
at peace and prove it.

Автор Guy Thiebaut (21 день)
This guy is like something straight off the Simpsons.

Автор Jack Rusell (21 день)
if i ever find his fagot ass i am going to shove a phone up his ass for
ever time he blew my phone up

Автор hackyuji (23 дня)
I have spoken with his call center. I have also done alot of research on
him. He has had his tax exempt status revoked in nearly 4 states. He once
made a church pay him with a Rolex to do a sermon for them. What kind of
man of the Lord drives a Benz, Bmw AND A hummer with a 4 million$ mansion?
One that scams people thats who.. Fuck this dude. Everyone call his main
customer service line 800-253-3407, call center number is 800-347-9437, ask
to be removed from the call list. I have done it 4 times so far and gotten
no where. Keep calling, blow his phone lines up. I have already warned his
call center supervisor that he is most likely going to scam them out of
money as he does everyone else. Lets do something about this.

Автор Margaret Lynch (24 дня)
So, this man is telling or advising people to buy a favour from God with
$52, where in the Bible does it say ...give to God $52 and He will multiply
it? Seriously, if it isn't about money, it's about Faith, no-one can buy
Faith. This kind of evangelism gives all Christians a bad name, shame,
shame on these men and women who prey on others, wolfs, and not even in
sheeps clothing, maybe Versace or Armani clothing. A word to those who are
struggling, pray and trust in God, read the Scriptures, but don't send
money to anyone like these two.

Автор Tanya (25 дней)
Typical ginnal!!!!! No wonder some people who do believe in God don't
attend church. I was watching paid programming and saw Prophet Manasseh.
Immediately, I could tell this man was phony. Anyone with two eyes and
ears can tell this man is not up to anything good. When he supposedly
started healing people with his hands, I had to look him up on You Tube.
Another sign that he is a religious con artist, is the way he dresses. He
is too flashy for me, which is usually a warning sign.

Автор J Audi (3 месяца)
if he is calling you too, call 1800-232-8056 and request to get off the
list. I had to listen to this 10 minute voicemail just to get that stupid
ass number. You're welcome.

Автор Travis D. (4 месяца)
Crazy nutjob nigger keeps calling me leaving nutjob messages

Автор Kaggi Ntjana (1 месяц)
If they are false Prophets,why don't true Prophets pray for them...and cast
that devilish prophecy out...
so this FalseProphets are more powerful than saints?

Автор videoknife (1 месяц)
And of course this guy is not from God! He is a narcissistic girly-man that
loves the attention he gets from people who are hurting and searching for
spiritual answers. I mean, send him $52? For what? I wonder how people keep
falling for all these gay prophets! It is a conflict of interest with God.

Автор jigg Mack (20 дней)
First, I don't hate anyone or will call him a "Nigger" like Travis D below.
At least you could have said Nigga to not seem like a racist but that has
nothing to do with the subject at hand. It really goes to show what it
really about, money. So many comment have "broke selves" in it and I'm very
well off an I feel this is a Con. Nothing wrong with having faith but not
so blind that you think sending money to ANYONE on TV will produce
blessing. Men of God are human, and can go down the wrong path as anyone
else on this earth. There is no need to spread hate on the subject but the
church is one of the top 10 businesses in the US because of false prophets.
If these people/con artist choose to use there gift to speck like this, so
be it because other cons are getting us everyday that we don't know about.
This man or any other do not speck or represent all Christians teachers. My
opinion, all the flashy gold and sliver rings, $2K suit and over the top
hair fashion show distract me from the message. 

Автор fLiPnoTTiC (5 месяцев)
someone tell this dumbfuck to stop leaving voicemails on my phone

Автор Orc Bane (2 месяца)
This dude spends calls to my phone every week

Автор videoknife (1 месяц)
Listen, the only thing that the true God wants is for us to prosper and be
happy and healthy! The only way you can get that is to look at the 10
commandments again. Learn them. Begin to understand that this is the
guideline! We have problems in our life because we don't realize the
commandments are meant to keep us in check. Moses told the people. The
Bible tells you this. If you can't read them and get this, then this is why
you keep having problems in life. Yes, it is just that simple. Everything
hinges on them. They are not rules. They are guidelines for prospering as a
human. Try God through them and watch your life change. Stop fornicating
and adultery. Stop stealing and killing, etc. ALL THESE FALSE PROPHETS
NEVER MENTION THIS. Read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes too! The power is only
in the Word of God, not MEN. Especially prophets with homosexual
tendencies. I digress!

Автор Eddris Gardizi (2 месяца)
This filthy shit faced idiot keeps calling me nonstop about his stupid
insights and that he needs to give me something the Lord gave him...lmao
what a dumb bitch...he's not mentally challenged or anything right? FAKE

Автор Bittersweet Parks (2 месяца)
Peter Popoff is the same way a very close friend of satan's. He sent me a
vile of miracle water and it was empty! lomao!!! Musta evaporated before it
got to me. That's what I got for stretching out in popoff faith! This dude
with the arched eyebrows said rush to the phone, IRS must be on that ass!

Автор JiggityJack (2 месяца)
For some reason I get like a million calls on my sell phone from this guy.
I thought he was hindu just by how he sounded on the phone. Either way,
this guy really needs a swift kick to the balls.

Автор David Anderson (5 месяцев)
I don't see any false prophecies? What if he is not a false prophet?

Автор Andrew Helton (2 месяца)
The phone messages he leaves are very scary

Автор loretta morgan (3 месяца)
Help him lord

Автор Clark Air Base (3 месяца)
Benny Hinn is another Charlatan like this huckster..

Автор Dawud Townsville (3 месяца)
They must be athiest or they are completely insane to believe in god and do

Автор Bittersweet Parks (2 месяца)
Ole boy's a very good friend of Satan! Who ever herd of paying for prayer
hummmm? Look at ole boy's suite heck I see why he can afford them duds 52
dollars times every body that believes means a closet full of new attire!
Give 52 dollars and receive 52 dollars of prayer from the devil!!
Aaahahahahahah! Where they get all them empty envelopes (the dollar store)
Studder, studder! Lord help them A-Men

Автор nova martin (3 месяца)
Pussy hole plz stop sending me e-mails...I have no money

Автор Melanie B (3 месяца)
Only in American they have Con Artist like this... In europe we do not
permit such foolishness... It is sad these false prophets make money of
God's name.. Jesus warned us about people like this, here are a few

1 John 4:1 ESV
Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether
they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Matthew 7:15 ESV
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly
are ravenous wolves.

Matthew 24:24 ESV
For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and
wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

Deuteronomy 18:20 ESV
But the prophet who presumes to speak a word in my name that I have not
commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name of other gods, that same
prophet shall die.

Revelation 20:10
And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and
brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be
tormented day and night forever and ever.

And these are just some of the few scriptures. All this little boy and his
Father are talking about and are about is money... It is sad Christians
fall for that mess.. If you really know Christ then you should know that
these self proclaimed prophets are fakes.

Автор Wendy Przybylowski (3 месяца)
I have been trying to get this guy to stop calling my cell phone for two
months now. He or his ministry calls me 12+ times a day on a work related
cell phone and I have no idea how to stop the calls. I don't need his
ministry and I'm going to get into trouble with work if the calls don't
stop. I've called their "customer care line" and they just have me record a
message they no doubt completely ignore. Please I just wish they would stop
calling :( :( :(

Автор John Rhodes (3 месяца)
Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but
inwardly they are ferocious wolves.
Matthew 24:24

Автор Jacquelyn Hutto (3 месяца)
Stop Callilng my cell phone

Автор Timothy Jacobs (3 месяца)
God don't need a hype man, or a trickster, a swindler. Because he himself
make shit happen by himself. This is my prophecy.......... In the near
future of yrs, pastors, false profits, will become like the streets.
Transporters like high ways. Their tongue like concrete in the bake of the
day, it shall be a searing iron upon the hearts of many, and like a plug to
the ears. That many may be devoured not by the vengeance of the most highs
command, but by that which is set in nature. As in the days of old when
pharoah brought death upon his own house threw his lips, so shall the
deaths of many be cussed by these. My father knows thy works, thy lies and
mixed and double mixed lies with watery truth. A truth that's more
deceitful than the lie. Because it has become a truth of corruption. The
moments to come will bring about shaking of the people. Ye shall know the
lord god of Israel, the god of Israel will be glorified in it. In that day
u will know the power of yhwh

Автор loretta morgan (3 месяца)
Help him lord

Автор carlacrawford0919 (3 месяца)
Seeing, you perceive not, and though you hear, you are not able to
understand. You are blind to the things of God because you are spiritually
dead. Because you are lost in your sin, the gospel is hidden to you. The
god of this world, satan, has blinded the minds of you who do not believe
so as to keep you from perceiving what Christ has accomplished for all of
humanity by going to the cross and being raised from the dead. It is no
wonder that you think this is about nickles and dimes, a dead man knows
nothing, how can you ever hope to discern spiritual things when you are
dead to them? But this too is a mystery to you! You acuse the man of God on
matters you have no power to grasp and are puffed up because you think that
you have exposed frauds and false prophets, but take heed to yourselves how
you speak against God's anointed. Christ's blood was shed for you so that
you could live and not die, that is an everlasrig truth, God doesn't need
your money, the Earth is His, all of it's fullness belongs to Him, and all
of the creation that dwells upon the earth, you and me. Whatsoever you sow,
that shall you also reap... Go and learn what that means! God loves you
more than your finite minds could ever hope to fathom, may one day your
blinded eyes see.

Автор salomi debbarma (3 месяца)
he always email me to sow $40 dollars..Does he pray for money I dont
understand..I can give my best offering in my church or to the poor..opps..

Автор Delisha Bellamy (4 месяца)
They all talk the same... 

Автор Dawud Townsville (3 месяца)
Watch gino jennings for 100% pure bible teaching

Автор ebony murray (4 месяца)
How do these people get your cell number I really wish they would stop
calling me... 

Автор Lou R (4 месяца)
This is SICK!....I hurt at the thought of how many people were conned out
of their money in the name of GOD..This kind of crap makes being a
Christian as myself even more difficult and to think Benny Hinn Probably
knows/knew about this con artist!

Автор Grace Amaechi (6 месяцев)
Stop criticizing God's anointing, repent and give your life to Jesus ,you
will be happy again.

Автор Genae Roberson (4 месяца)
Well...if your getting constant fon calls and voicemails from him...simply
do like I did and remove your number from his call list. It should give u
that option in the call...I havent had no calls since...js

Автор abigail joy Bayucan (7 месяцев)
For me, we are not the one who will judge anyone. I received a prophecy
from him. I thank God through him for he encourages to move on, on my
faith. After I received that prophecy, I prayed to God. Good prophecies
be fulfilled and bad prophecy will be cancelled in Jesus Christ name. I
have no dollars to share for him but I pray for him that God will protect
him from the works of the enemy. I also pray that if the enemy is working
in him, the enemy will be exposed by God and will stop it and God will
protect those people who got in touched through him. Those who are in
Christ will have the seal of the Holy Spirit and He will be the one and He
will be the one who will say what is true to anyone and He will give us
light. Its just a matter of choice, I respect yours. What choice did you
choose? What the Holy Spirit of God say to you? Did you receive the Lord
Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior? If not, very dangerous.

Автор Timothy Jacobs (3 месяца)
U know what's funny, even tho I'm broke ass dog shit, I still got more
favor with god than u do. What's funny is, every last pastor that does
this, like creflo, t. D. Jake's, all them pastors, going to hell. The white
ones was condemned from birth, read the book of Roman's, God said he hated
ESAU. Psalms 147:20 or 21 says only Israel knows god, because the scripture
actually says he has not dealt so with any other nation. There are
scriptures that tell u god only came to redeem the RECEIVER of his laws. O
dumb ass u come from Ishmael. U condemned too. Lmfao, lol lol lol lol lol.
So I actually see why you do this. Because you weren't given the law, as an
agent for Satan u have no fear of God, and this leads to massive biblical
corruption. Like whites lying to blacks about their history, their god,
even to go so far as to steel their lands, laws, women, dignity, heritage,
and customs. 

Автор quickquill (8 месяцев)
Religion is the oldest scam. 

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