False Prophet Manasseh Jordan EXPOSED‬‏.

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Автор Gunrutilthadefjs ( назад)
this dude keep calling my dog onn phone

Автор kodofile ( назад)
What is exposed? If you want to get some blessing, give some seeds for it.
If not you did not have faith, and that is where it stops.

Автор Disco. Dude49 ( назад)
I used to get phone calls from him and it's really annoying because it's a
pre recorded message but I look at my voicemail and called one of the
numbers back and there was an option to remove your phone
number.+18002030028 is the number to call.

Автор eon hre ( назад)
In reference to the widow whose sons were about to be sold-I once advised a
friend from Canada to look in her "House" and asked her, what do you have
in your house? She said that she had nothing. I ask her what did she have
in the form of any gift that she had or a thing that she could do. She told
me that the only thing she could do was to bake Angel food cake. I sent her
some money to rent a table at the local mall and she took her cakes there
and sold out in 4 hours. She was reluctant because she told me that another
women sold Angel food cakes there for years. I told her that the difference
for her was that she was God's and that she had the Blessing. The next
year, she had to move out of public housing because she made too much money
and she opened a bakery. Praise be to God. Invest in one another and stop
making the preachers richer.

Автор Lisa Nimmo ( назад)
Ma'am please don't be used by the Devil yourself. I listened to the phone
message, and I really do not beleive that what he said to you was that bad.
On the Christian BET TV Channel people are encouraged to call and leave
their phone number, if they are going throuch a hard time and need prayer
for and maybe someone called and left your numer for him.

Автор Elizabeth Di Francesca ( назад)
I am not sure how his ministry got our numbers, but I would think our state
AG consumer fraud departments should handle this//It seems a shame to me
that people who claim they have the Holy Spirit, and represent the Lord
Jesus Christ could be so out of control.. and have others actually support
this odd behavior.......but calling strangers homes same days 2-3 times
just yelling out things you can not even understand and giving no one any
right to speak to a real person to address this is very weird. He need to
stop this.

Автор Apostle Perdue ( назад)
Wow Wow Wow . this is so sad . For one who gives any one the right to call
your self to exposed any one. Now I want to share some thing . I am
thankful for this man of God phone calls . Because guess what those phone
calls have save my life many times. Also this young man got me set up for
my dream job I will blessed with . . This is so sad until it makes me so
sick . This is so wrong. And every time he called I did not send no money .
He spoke about my new home I got it . We must be very careful on how we use
the bible to cut or speak against some one . Now if you want to talk about
the word of God.Its say to mind your own business . It also say do not
block some one blessings . You say its sad how they use the old folks
.really the old folks spend money on beer .The old folks spend money on
smokes or not to for get about the lottery . So its not the worry about the
old folks . Folks are up set because God is blessings him. How folks take
thing and turn them around . When I have money I blessed the prophet but
when I do not I do not let it worry me. But 85 % of what he has spoke to me
has came true with out me giving him money .

Автор Hans Nel ( назад)
My Christian brothers and sisters, DO NOT be caught in the lies and deceit
of these types of "Christians". They are Lucifer's "prophets" who deceives
the world into the highest form of idolatry that exists. They use the words
of the Bible to entice you and then LIE to you that God will give you
everything your heart desires. There are "preachers" teaching people to
prays not only for example a car, but you must specify the color, mags,
leather seats, sound system and more. Watch out! Lucifer gives this to the
one who asked this and then the weak christian believes that God gave it to
them. What now happens, that christian do it more, and more , and more. In
the mean time Lucifer got the christian to be an idolater of the worst

Beware!...Jesus said he knows what you need BEFORE you ask Him. He promised
you three things. Food, clothes AND THE CROSS! A real christian's life on
earth is to make peace with God. Then you get your cross and start
following Christ as He teaches you. He starts with the milk (gospels), then
more solid food (letters of the apostles to the Churches).

Remember, there were two JEWS. One Rich, the other poor. When the poor man
died, he was accepted into heaven but when the rich man died, he was told
"You already received your reward".

My brothers STOP asking God for worldly stuff, but rather pray and ask for
His Spirit. Thank Him for the worldly stuff He gives you but..STOP THIS

Remember also this. Satan comes as a son of light at times to confuse you
into thinking he is from God. Be careful, if you do not know the
commandments of Jesus Christ, you will not be able to tell and will fall
outside the light, which is Christ, and fall into the darkness where
Lucifer and his angels wait for you to deceive you. You might think you are
a Christian, but it's not so. Remember this as well, God is a God OF LOVE,
but He can HATE as well. It is written that there are seven thinks that God
HATE...idolatry is one of the seven things that God HATE. Don't EVER put
God into a position the Hate. God will send His angels to you.

Remember, the christian's life is a life of the Cross...ALWAYS! Jesus NEVER
promised riches for us on this earth. We are saving it in a place where rot
and moth cannot destroy it. Be wary of all these "churches" wanting
"seeds"...and the more you seed the more you receive. These churches are
false! Some "churches" even ask money for prayer...the more you"seed" the
more people will pray for you!

My fellow Christians...all you need to be a Christian is to do what Jesus
Christ teaches you...His commandments, and as you grow, to learn from the
apostles as well because they give you the meat.

It is written by the Apostle: Give what your heart tells you to give. No
more, no less. If you give in any other way, your offering is rotten and so
is your reward.

Автор j reyes ( назад)
This Man of God is really speaking for the Lord ive had a couple of phone
calls and all of them have been on point.

Автор enrique herrera ( назад)
All praise be to God. This prophet has been an extremely big blessing not
only to my family but my life as well.

Автор Marcia Morris ( назад)
I don't know what the world is coming to. People read your bible...YOU
free. When the disciples went out to preach and pray they never asked for
money. Only thing they accepted was a place to stay and food. Pastor
Benny need a good ass whipping for sitting here with this man and his bull.
..oh well maybe he is in it too. False Prophets are exposing themselves
these days! smh. We need to pray for these people, they are like voo doo
workers. Those who don't read their bibles will get caught in this mess.

Автор Erick Robinson ( назад)
need help please every thing I try fail

Автор Erick Robinson ( назад)
need help please every thing I try fail

The ONLY thing I felt led to change was the CHANNEL.

Автор Gail Aberman ( назад)
I do not have Metro PCS but somehow he got my number even though I had
called awhile ago to have phone solicitation and other annoying phone calls

Автор Gail Aberman ( назад)
I have been harassed by this false prophet and finally got his customer
service number and gave them a message for him. This is another sign Jesus
warned us of that in the last days there will be false prophets etc. That
is why we who are born again Christians need the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
and to study the Word of God. It is not just the words he speaks that makes
one a false prophet ,but also his character and actions.

Автор clubinat19 ( назад)
Their praying in the holy spirit, nothing demonic, don't be the Anti Christ
and accept Jesus into your heart. maybe you should not be judgemental
towards him and listen, just listen to his words in your surrounding areas
of yourself and your family life.

Автор mmanghog ( назад)
I don't know why r ppl so disrespectful and insulting . If u don't like him
don't believe on him it's ok . Key god judge him not u . As for donations
don't u pay ur offerings at the church n ur thigh ? It's written in the
bible if u have one . Plus if he was a psychic I bet all of u will line up
n pay thousands of dollars to hear a lie so please ppl of god let him be n
god will judge him if he was fake n a liar as u said . God have Marcy on us

Автор テリーオオアワガエリ ( назад)
Cheri Jordan, Thank you for giving the number to stop these calls. They're
driving me crazy !!

Автор Taffiny Birth ( назад)
And when you do sow a seed its for God and His ministry, yall need to get
some education!

Автор Taffiny Birth ( назад)
It's easy to use word excel to write a bunch of garbage underneath a video.
But you didn't prove that he was a false prophet or that he was any
different than any other television evangelist. I know first hand that that
man is a man of God because he has helped me with spiritual things that
others don't even talk about. I am greatful for His help and by the way, it
was all free. And it takes a devil to call a Prophet one. So chew on that
for awhile.

Автор brenda mills ( назад)
learn the difference between prophet and profit!

Автор Elizabeth Di Francesca ( назад)
we are getting daily phone calls to our home from him "screaming like some
bipolar in manic...now emails, what I up with this ? More church 501c3
wealth-of Satans Agents ?

Автор Nicole Danielli ( назад)
Called and removed my number. . hopefully it works. I don't know how he got
my number dammit. Maybe because I stiwched numbers a while back and the
person before was scammed by this asshole. I'm telling you we need to make
a petition and shut him down. . .how is that legal?

Автор sexi thang ( назад)
is that the only way to get favor, buy it from him?

Автор Jonathan Esker ( назад)
I am not peace of 7.4 billion in 2015, but I can flip that number to 4.7
billion and place 4.7 at the moles in langley VA who forget the Golden Rule
to love or else...13

Автор Jonathan Esker ( назад)
Is this Papi Molasses...What God Almighty did was invite the entire Queen
and King of Ethiopia to the Manger of the Redeemer, Savior, and
Emmanuel...I bet there was a lot of motherfuckers showing up...My name is
also tired of time, angels, and creepiness. We are to special not to know
there are 7.4 billion people on the Earth, the same Earth the CIA of
Langley VA will be a participant to kill the both the Tree of Life and the
Tree of Knowledge...Amber once told me that...This mountain knows I reckon
so....I do not believe in the million man march...I am Ares...I begged God
Almighty to write this short story on Google. When they get there way...It
is better to be together. On a side note about that word Pi...3.14 The
Pentagon, Jolly Rancher, and The Holy Ghost 2 Shoulder Immovable Lordess of
the Theory, Big Bang, walk and we will walk forever Angels. I forgive the
Angels also Emmanuel. I am just as if a human Apostle James of 1973, Norma
Jean, Selenas, and Jon-Benet Ramsey. Please forgive my rage.

Автор Cheri Brouillard McCormack ( назад)
18004811004 is the number to call to stop receiving calls from this
idiot.... thank you for whoever posted this for us below. I hope it works.

Автор Cheri Brouillard McCormack ( назад)
it's about money with you. if it was faith then have faith that God will
help you. you dare even use God's name to make money?? your Jordan friend
there is so fake as he studders while he's trying to think up the next
thing he's going to say. I hope God forgives you for all you do. Jesus died
for our sins not for you to sin purposely and then you think you'll be
forgiven?!?!? I bet that's exactly how you think too. horrible ppl.

Автор Cheri Brouillard McCormack ( назад)
I've got metro pcs and just changed to metro pcs has anyone else got metro
pcs?? I was thinking maybe ppl from metro pcs is getting these calls?? just
a though??

Автор Cheri Brouillard McCormack ( назад)
I am getting numerous phone calls from this idiot!!""

Автор Ginette Dubois ( назад)
Listen puppet manessa… get a life

Автор Faye L Mckinney ( назад)
Prophet man of god not false prophet he true man of god there was 3 prophet
in the bible that mean u wouldn't believe in me even,I have sprit of

Автор Faye L Mckinney ( назад)
Prophet man of god not false prophet he true man of god there was 3 prophet
in the bible that mean u wouldn't believe in me even,I have sprit of

Автор Jacob Stroman ( назад)
either a ton of bible thumpers watching this video, or people
misunderstanding the point of it, it's to show how fake he is... therefor
if you agree he is, you like it...

Автор The Hoax Hotel (1565 лет назад)
The worst of the worst kind of scammer right here.

Автор daftpanther5 ( назад)

Автор qthush303 ( назад)
I called and reported this Manessah "flame" Jordan to the State of Illinois
however they said non-for profit groups like Manessah "flame" Jordan. I did
file a complaint against and for now they have stopped >> Spread the word
that Manessah "flame" Jordan on various media outlets!!!!!! O my his buddy
Benny Hinn is also a real creep

Автор Da Cosmic Prince ( назад)
Notice In Mr. Jordan's Statement @ 3:58, Where He Said That "FAVOR" Can Get
You Places That "MONEY" Cannot Get You.....Well Then What's The Point And
Purpose With Telling People To Sew A $52 See Then??? Did ANYONE Catch That
Of What He Said??? SMH................. TO HAVE HIM STOP CALLING YOUR

Автор chip ( назад)

Автор Electronic Embassy LLC ( назад)
How vicious are some of these comments. Hateful, rebellious! Jesus said
"if you have hate in your heart your a murderer. Even David didn't dare
touch Saul in the cave. GO READ 1 SAMUEL CHAPTER 4. Even if Prophet
Manasseh was false, your called to bless your enemies. READ YOUR BIBLES!!!
Proverbs 18:21...Life and Death are in the Power of the tongue. STOP
CURSING PEOPLE!!! with your own words. James 3:10 And so blessing and
cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and
sisters, this is not right! Don't you realize your putting curses on

Автор ShadowGamerCageHD ( назад)

Автор bianca prince jackson ( назад)
everyone he has a system set up where all the numbers that have ever called
n2 his show for whatever reason, he maintains and puts them on his call
list. he calls from 18 different numbers from all area codes. if you want
it stopped then listen to the messege full out and then push to have your
fone number removed

Автор The RIFT Online Church ( назад)
The woman with the oil didn't sow any seed.

Автор Don Diego Vega ( назад)
Check them out. 

Автор Yvonne Criddle ( назад)
I'm guessing the dislikes this video has received are the result of all the
people who have been pimped by this guy.

Автор Spaseebo ( назад)
On October 19, 1999 he predicted that instead of burying the dead
people around the world were going to line up caskets around television
sets, place their hands on the dead, take those hands of the dead, place
them on TV screens and then marvel as their loved ones arose from the dead.
January 1st, 1990 Hinn wrongly prophesied the death of Fidel Castro
in the 1990s; he said "The Spirit tells me Fidel Castro will die in the
On that same date, Hinn wrongly stated that the Lord would destroy
homosexuals in California by 1995; he said "The Lord also tells me to tell
you in the mid-90’s, about ’94, ’95, no later than that, God will destroy
the homosexual community of America.".
In 1993 Hinn said because Jesus promised that He would return within
a generation of Israel’s restoration in 1948, and because a generation in
his opinion was 51.4 years, only 6 years remained before Christ would come
back to rapture the saints. Seven years later, on March 29th, 2000 Hinn
began predicting that Jesus would appear physically in his crusades.
Neither event has happened.
Why would anyone believe Benny Hinn to be a prophet of

Автор Lady Lex ( назад)
wow fasting and prayer can change your season too...pfft what about the
next 52 weeks after that?

Автор chantelle obba ( назад)

Автор Samuel Belay ( назад)
The seed is not the money but the WORD Of GOD! TELL THE TRUTH AND DIE !THE

Автор jagara1 ( назад)
Just send me your money instead, I won't promise you something that you
won't get - I will just spend it on having fun and give some away to worthy
So give me your money today.

Автор jude fradette ( назад)
i left message on this idiots prayer request line. leaving my phone number
and a do not call again order. i copied it. if he calls again i will make
police report and send it to the attorney general, charging his idiot with
harassment. i have had enough. after the warning about harassment there is
a fine from the state of Ohio to this false prophet ............hit him in
the pocket book and he will have to stop.

Автор Mark Mcbride ( назад)
stop calling my fucking phone you fucking crazy sounding motherfucker

Автор Lil Fuckboy ( назад)
People still falling for these, "Profits Of The Lawd!"

Автор Heist Productions ( назад)
No matter who it is....anytime a preacher or prophet asks, suggests, or
manipulates you to give a specific amount of money it is a lie. They
usually say " The Lord is asking for his people to sow a seed" or "I need
you to step out on faith to sow a seed right now..." or "God is asking for
everyone to be obedient and give 50 dollars..." It's not of God. The
blessings and the favor of Jesus is not based on any amount of money that
man could ask you for. You don't have to feel guilty for not giving what
you don't have to give. If you do give, it has to be from the heart and not
because you feel guilty or forced. If you need God to pay your bills then
don't give away your rent money or your light bill because he has already
given you the means to have all the things you need. I say this because
deceivers are convincing and even those who mean good can find themselves
doing works of evil. Be blessed!

Автор Young Kipp ( назад)
I hate this man soo much.. This nigga call 📱 my 4 times a day bra!!


Автор kingsley george ( назад)
God have mercy

Автор tamikaboatwright ( назад)
I got a new phone and this guy has left over a thousand messages on my
phone ROBO DAILING me for yrs from different numbers area codes no matter
how many u block they have another number. My block list consist of 200#
from this guy and it has yet to stop. I don't know who he is I'm about to
change my number im so over it now.

Автор Scotty Millz ( назад)
I would be sooooo embarrassed to admit I had anything to do with this
pseudo preacher. His hustle must be working bc he is on tv....using that 52
bucks to pay for his commercials. Someone needs to expose this fool.

Автор emmanuel salmeron (335 лет назад)
So that's 2704$ per person for that year???? Haha and you call yourself a
prophet? You know you're not a prophet when you're self proclaimed 

Автор Ebony_Love_R_007 ( назад)
OMG, what a farce and clown act! I was up late one night and channel
surfing, and came across this, this, .. I guess I'll keep it clean and say
clown! BET should be ashamed of itself for airing that fakery! People are
still falling for that stuff and losing their money! And how does he go
from Bob Marley dreads one minute, to a greasy slicked down Jackie Wilson
process hairdo the next?! Wow! Is he wearing wigs???

Автор Eugenia Oliphant ( назад)
All I have to say to those who have declared this man a false profit I
would like for any of you to show or tell me about a real one you habe met
and thier attributes! All I can tell you is faith without works is dead,
what is in your hand ,what is in your house, Noah I want you to build me an
Arch 30 cubits high 50 cubits wide,,Naman go dip in the Jordan river
7times. Faith requires action that does not make sense to man. If you read
the whole passage in Malachi you will find it says bring your tithes snd
offerings into the storehouse that there may be bread in my house! With
Holy Spirit given interpretation I understand as a believer that my house
is included in that house. Because way back in tje word we swore an oath to
God That s for me and my house we are gonna serve the Lord. Read your word.
God daid he gives us teachers, preachers, and profits be careful you don't
want to wind up out of his will or against him. 

Автор Donna Bandar ( назад)
he is not a prophet he is profiting, he is not anointing he is annoying, he

Автор marillopez2013 ( назад)
Why does this phophet have a accent now? He leaves voice messages on my
phone and he sounds totally different. God protect us all from anything
that doesn't belong to or is not sent from Our God.

Автор Najs Shakur ( назад)
Here is a young false prophet for profit. Their god is the devil. You can't
buy blessings from God so they can live in their mansions and drive
expensive cars. This video makes me want to vomit.

Автор Chiamaka Igwe ( назад)
Honestly I'm thinking of suing thus man cause he won't stop harassing me.
Every fucking day I get at least 2 calls from this fake prophet talking
about prophecy for me, etc. Everyday the Lord spoke to him about me and
more other BS. When i block him on my phone, he'll call using another
number. When i opted out of his calling liat, it still won't stop. This
nigga is annoying. I'm tired of blocking and opting out. 

Автор 20ilunga ( назад)
The word of GOD says ( seek first the kingdom of GOD and all this other
things will be added unto you) am sure thats what our prophet Manasseh
jordan should be preaching..because thats what our LORD JESUS CHRIST came
into this world for... to SAVE the sinners and all who are in BONDAGE of

Автор Alexyna Stacykalen ( назад)
Someone please help me how do i stop this disgraceful man from contacting

Автор qBMOp ( назад)
Gods gift was free and as far as merry goes I don't believe she had 52$ on
her at the time to purchase the favor that my lord Jesus christ died to
give me freely. I am sad for that guy and hope people aren't less astray

Автор Peter Thomas ( назад)
Jesus is the judge but I hope this man's calls start annoying me in my
home. I have listed his emails as spam as of today and hope they do not
continue. Something tells me they will. not stop. I believe that the return
of Jesus is imminent and that many will see visions and have dreams. I am
not able to believe that the Lord intends for anyone to turn their visions
into profits. There are prophets and there are prophets who seek to profit.
I pray for this man that the Lord saves his soul. Either way I'm not
sending him any money.

Автор Anthony Peart ( назад)
Lol, so according to this Manasseh character, a years worth of favour is
cheper than Netflix ... What a bargain

Автор Bob Dobalina ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHAHA stretch out your faith with a 52 dollar donation lol. The sad
part is there's plenty of people that have and will donate to this piece of
shit. GO TO HELL you money grubbing piece of shit...

Автор Bob Dobalina ( назад)
Just another black guy trying to hustle other black people and anyone else
who's too weak minded and stupid to fall for this con artists shtick...

Автор Louis Johns ( назад)
You losing money not us 

Автор Louis Johns ( назад)
I work for this dude taking his donations people are mad about this all of
you made that choice to follow him and want to get mad at us for "robbing"
you we didn't force you to dont we don't follow this guy but if following
this guy helps you sleep at night go ahead and donate 

Автор Darlene Morris ( назад)
Just do like I do, whenever he calls from various states and phone numbers.
I just let it go to voice mail. he has my cellphone number only. if he has
a word just leave me a message I don't need to talk to you. according to
scripture if God gives you a prophecy for me then tell me what it is
without asking for any money. Because of him the good pastors get a bad

Автор Connie Johnson ( назад)
Pieces of shit harassing me by calling EVERY DAY and leaving psycho

Автор Matt “Dragline” Mondon ( назад)
He talks about favor, but YOU CANT BUY GODS FAVOR WITH MONEY.

Автор Matt “Dragline” Mondon ( назад)
I also was breifly tricked by this false profit. During a very hard time of
weakness I watched his show and I called the number and signed up for his
prayer closet thing. Everyday for months and months he would call asking me
to send money. If I didnt send money he wouldnt be able to pray on my
behalf etc etc. Hes always claiming that the Lord spoke to him and wanted
me to send money etc. Finally I managed to get taken off the call list
somehow, I forget, but it didnt take me long to realize he was a complete
phony. I pray for people like him and the people who believe in him and are
being led astray.

Автор Just Saying ( назад)
I like Prophet Manasseh Jordan. I know he is anointed and a true man of
God. The money (donations) is needed to pay for TV broadcasting time,
radio, outreach, giving to those in needs, Thanksgiving and Christmas
giving to the community. None of this is free, it costs. Let's not judge
and be found guilty ourselves. His ministry always gives you the option to
opt out of receiving phone calls and they give you the phone number to call
in the recording.

Автор Jax ( назад)
what a charlatan. Have been getting these call for the past 2 months even
though i have signed up on his do not call list. 

Автор chandledorf ( назад)
Wow, just so everyone knows. this isn't Christianity. God doesn't want your
52$, he wants a relationship with you.

Автор Sumcuud ( назад)
Wheres my prophet lawyer to make this class action lawsuit happen?

Автор Melanie R ( назад)
+jigg Mack Whether it is N_gga or N_gger, they are both offensive and
racist. You make it seem as if one is better than the other. That is a
disgusting dirty word with a history of blood, slavery, separation of
families and brutality. Regardless if it is used by someone racist or not,
why would any self respecting person with common sense think one has less
weight than the other.

Автор Helen Mesghina Mesghina ( назад)
Matthew 10:8 heal the sick , rise the dead, , cleanse those who have
leprosy, drive
Out demons.freely you have received ; ; freely give. That is what he said
for his disciples.
Please all of you guys let's stand before
The lord to open our eyes ; to keep as from those false prophets ;god bless
for all of you! 

Автор Debbie Martin ( назад)
I believe that God can use whom ever He desires to use. It is not in our
decision/judgement to pronounce judgement upon anyone., Who decides whether
someone is worthy? Only God is worthy to handout Judgement against ppl. For
only He is Holy and without blame. I don't agree with giving a lot of
money, only the 10% is required by God and offerings. God speaks of the
False Prophets in these the last days. But if you learn to rightly divide
and read God's word, you will not be deceived by anyone. You without
sin,.....cast the first stone. I think we should leave God's work alone,
He is Highly capable to pass His judgement upon us all. Just pray for this
man and if he is truly the man of God he professes then God will make that
plane to His Saints. He prays in Jesus name and that's a plus, for me I
just trust that God will not allow His Saints, Saints of the most High God
to be deceived because..... they are reading His word and believe as I do
that God's word is true. God is not a Man that He can LIE, Keep reading His
Word, Keep Praying, Keep trusting, Don't allow the Enemy to steal your Joy,
nor what God has already ordained for your life. Be Blessed Children of the
most high God, in the Mighty and unchanging name of Jesus, I pray that
there will be peace in the valley for me and you much love to all who love
the Lord Jesus.Amen

Автор josemariasv josemaria ( назад)
Just called this number ... Hope they stop calling me.....

Автор Ene Klein ( назад)
Just saw this gentleman on tv last night...all blinged out with huge
cufflinks, gold,etc.. Keep sending him your money people....he's laughing
all the way in his Bentley to the bank...wake up! 

Автор Augustine's Ministries of No Limit ( назад)
I would encourage all the brothers and sisters who commented to just take
it easy, because in this life, nothing is more precious than treasuring
oneself. Let all men be liars and let only God be true. Whether this or
that is a good prophet or a bad prophet, they are all not relevant. The
best thing u can do is to treasure yourself, because it always appears
like, each one for himself God for us all. Insulting one another wouldn’t
change or solve d problem of man, rather will create enmities around each
other. If somebody is false and he want to deceive, let God rather deal
with them and also saying one is false/true but in the eyes of God they are
seen to to be right, that also will go nowhere and let us not forget “God
does not see as men seethe(1 samuel 16:7). Always let's remember that in
this small and short life, we will always have type I error (saying one is
wrong, when in reality he/she is rather right) and type II error(Saying one
is right, when he/she is rather wrong) and it is not in our means to judge
ourselves, do evil and be mean to one anothe, because of this short and
funny life for tomorrow or 100 plus years to come we all die. Let's be
concerned about ourselves and for one another not to criticize and insult
one another. Taking money wrongfully from people will destroy you yourself
and there is more to life than money, but the impact we live on one another
is all that really matters because no matter how rich one can be, like the
steve Jobs, Bruce lee, Micheal Jackson etc. we will all die someday.So what
is this life all about then? But to love one another with passion as christ
has loved us. And is also good to give to help others who need and want
help and if you can only give, it will be giving back to you, because u can
only ripe what you sow, for it wouldn’t be reasonable to sow banana fruit
and u end up reaping pepper vegetable after your harvest. I entreat us all
to love and treat one another with a willing and a perfect heart. Cheers

Автор Outlander2015 ( назад)

Автор Addyy Brown ( назад)
This man is cursed! A false teacher indeed. Don't give him your money.. 

Автор Erika Jay ( назад)
Thanks Cindy gram. I hope that phone number works. I receive daily calls

Автор brandthman85 ( назад)
I'm not changing my cell number because of this mofo I like it.

Автор brandthman85 ( назад)
This guy called me on my cell last year around the same time he just called
not to long ago. I pressed to remove my phone number last year and this
time. Guess what if he calls me again this year or the same time next year
I'm suing.

Автор Nathan Miller ( назад)
hey guess what i just got a message from the real god and he told me that i
should take my checkbook out and with the divine power of god, shove it up
your fucking ass!

Автор Nathan Miller ( назад)
he's a neverending garbage spewing human toilet wow, its sad people are so
gullible to believe him and all the others like him, hope people wisen up
or maybe divine justice of some kind to stop these people

Автор Paula Mary (1426 лет назад)
I've had Miracles that this man told me were going to come and they did.
You have to be able to believe what the prophet stays. What you can
perceive from the word and believe it that is only way it will manifest it
what I learned from this experience. 

Автор gundum1o1 ( назад)
+Danni Johnson Not The Seventh Day Adventist Faith Though. =)

Автор Caleb Chapman ( назад)

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