Jimmy Kimmel and Rihanna take the Twizzler Challenge for Autism Awareness Month

Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel and Rihanna participated in The New York Collaborates for Autism (NYCA) Twizzler Challenge, which raises funds to support autism schools, programs and services across the country. Once Jimmy and Rihanna completed the challenge on air to honor April being Autism Awareness Month, Jimmy challenged director J.J. Abrams and Chewbacca (or any of the other characters on the "Star Wars" set) to the Twizzler Challenge. Rihanna challenged Jim Parsons and Chewbacca or Jimmy’s wife Molly.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Rihanna take the Twizzlers Challenge for Autism Awareness Month

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Автор Engelberth Blanco ( назад)

Автор iMPeRiaL CloUd ( назад)
Is this challenge suppose to make you look autistic. 😂😂😂 jkjkjkj don't get triggered

Автор Matthew Carter ( назад)
Yer, Jimmy's show is pretty autistic tbh so gd for him

Автор tony kidd ( назад)
I hope Jimmy has Ben affleck on next and asks if hes ever seen broke back mountain.

Автор AmbitionZ ( назад)
I mean, she's not really THAT attractive I don't know why everyone is so attracted to her...

Автор Tx 210boy ( назад)
Chris brown slob ass gone be mad haha

Автор KinderSquad ( назад)
I challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Автор KinderSquad ( назад)
How is this a challenge?

Автор ghost dagreat9 ( назад)

Автор BAD BROWN ( назад)
who else is paying attention to Rihanna's legs 😀

Автор Yann Boivin ( назад)
That was smooth Jimmy

Автор KonGaming ( назад)
What the heck does eating a Twizzler have to do with Autism awareness?

Автор Joaquin Guzman ( назад)
she like cocaine

Автор Awards Steaming ( назад)
I was almost jealous

Автор Maksim Vucetic ( назад)
She looks like one of the world's most expensive hookers, like top of the line.

Автор Wade Hardwick ( назад)
Get it Jimmy!

Автор bait mamba ( назад)
Omg Happy 2nd anniversary hahahahaha

Автор Ian Mak ( назад)
Who's watching this on April 2 2017

Автор Kaddie Demie ( назад)
Wowww LOL Thats Mad Cause He Said April Fools & Im Watching This Today 1st April 2017!

Автор Darcy Powell ( назад)
"For autism" Jimmy you sly bastard

Автор Marquis Blue ( назад)
hell yea boi

Автор Rafael Zamot ( назад)
I'm guessing Jimmy was going for it until he saw Rih cringe a bit and stopped....

Good move, would've been very awkward if it happened.

Автор Nick Soccer ( назад)
aint she got herpes?

Автор Jasper Watts ( назад)
end weak sort involved degree own stable switch.

Автор Cindy Kimberly ( назад)
As a girl i think she is very beautifull and i am jealous

Автор Trollcaster459 ( назад)
The Kimmel strikes again >:-)

Автор B W ( назад)
Plz Lady and the Tramp with me Rihanna

Автор Yvan Krzeslo ( назад)
Rihanna's cool

Автор XxColor-My-Se4xX ( назад)
Aww, it would have been so cute if they did kiss ❤️❤️

Автор Hello Friend ( назад)
get it Jimmy

Автор Belnick6666 ( назад)
rihanna is the tramp :P
kinda weird she did not showed her breast like she always does

Автор A. ( назад)
Lucky ass nigga, bottom lips touched better than nothing. 😩

Автор Rachel Kim ( назад)
whoaa jimmy looked really hot eating up all of that twizzler. for real, that super focused expression was *__*

Автор godofwar kratos ( назад)
Wow, she was actually down by the looks of it but he pulled back.

Автор note2owns ( назад)
I would put licorice between another set of lips she has and do the challenge.... 😜

Автор B᷈ͤ̿l͓̜͛o̶᷁̔o̢᷊̺d͔͌͂Ṭͫ͛i̞g̳͊̕ḙ̥͜r͇̯͑ ( назад)
i hate twizzlers but this is an excuse.

Rihanna is not even pretty, 🤢

Автор Tristen NeufvilleVEVO ( назад)
noooooooo why riha riha

Автор Silja s ( назад)
those legs damn

Автор Eights ( назад)
This has that dirty old pig vibe to it.

Автор Princess Consuéla Bananahammock ( назад)
I want to be in Riri's place *U*

Автор Filiz Nouri ( назад)
Wow I thought that it was adorable!

I need to try this on girls

Автор optimusman88 ( назад)
rihanna is the baddest

Автор Big Head ( назад)
Everyone is aware of autism

Автор Richard Chaney ( назад)
gotta love that jezebel spirit

Автор Princess Jala'eh ( назад)
they should switch Jimmy out with Shemar Moore

Автор Jemma Collins ( назад)

Автор Jemma Collins ( назад)
I think they'd have great sec

Автор Melvin ( назад)

Автор Isabella Collins ( назад)
Operating comment boom otevgad test reference shortage oil sight.

Автор َAilar ( назад)
how intresting

Автор Quincess Watkins ( назад)
that tickles me

Автор al Rifle ( назад)

Автор Ibrahim Said ( назад)
I always see Jim Parson everytime when I go to school ;-)

Автор Don Dan ( назад)
I challenge Trump and Obama

Автор JamyahPlaysGames ( назад)
she got that huge grin when their mouths got close, she even closed her eyes she was like "kiss me nigga😬😢"

Автор ♥SarahMspWelt♥ ( назад)
her laugh 😂😍

Автор The K Wall ( назад)
And soon after, Jimmy decided to grow a beard but keep the intro with shaved Jimmy in it lol.

Автор Han Wentz ( назад)
jimmy pulled away because the only celebrity he'd let himself kiss is johnny depp lmao

Автор Julian Rain ( назад)
I find it interesting, that as soon as she comes close to his lips, she closes her eyes. :)

Автор Kezia Dennis ( назад)
They didn't even touch lips but dam he was really come fast towards thoes lips

Автор KoroniarzPL ( назад)
this is why Chris Brown beat her

Автор Peace Dog ( назад)
Kimmel freaked out in the last second

Автор it's time to stop. k? ( назад)
dafuq is she wearing it looks lame

Автор its just molly ( назад)
my name on s Molly

Автор Donald ( назад)
wtf looks like she was found on the side of the road and was lend a man's jacket

Автор The Red Guy ( назад)
she's beautiful but I will be honest, that tattoo on her hand is fuckin disgusting..

Автор King_lyan01 ( назад)
Drake about to get triggered and hunt down jimmy

Автор PedroXxXthemanXxX ( назад)
Drake about to send the dopest diss on jimmy kimmel xD

Автор nutflixx ( назад)
Donald Trump and his daughter.

Автор Michael O ( назад)
yuck! Rihanna is just one ugly ass chick. anyone else get grossed out at her disgusting tan lines in her ballin vid where she dry humps a throne?

Автор CHINABIL Entertainment ( назад)
luv this girl

Автор Ryan Maisch ( назад)
jj Abraham's and mark hammil

Автор Yo Mamma ( назад)
Seeing this makes me respect Rihanna because she made sure to make it not awkward by bringing in his wife

Автор Geovoni Vanwagoner ( назад)
what a cheeseball

Автор Abdulla Mother ( назад)

Автор Alekss Lopanovs ( назад)
where s miley when we need her?

Автор Angel dust ( назад)
drake about to pull up on jimmy

Автор agoreafobicfuc ( назад)
Donald and Ivanka Trump. U won't have to ask
him twice!!

Автор Wassim Shadli ( назад)
0:33 soooooooo cringey 😂

Автор lol hehexd ( назад)
hehe xd

Автор Rey For Ever ( назад)
Mofo got away with that, Rihanna is gorgeous

Автор Buse Şen ( назад)

Автор Obende Laurencig ( назад)
i thought they were talking about mdma

Автор Rosie J ( назад)
smooth jimmy...smooth

Автор チTOPOPREEMン ( назад)
now all you have to do is stick this in your dick hole.

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)
this nigga touched lips with a goddess while drakes bitchass always got curved shed turn her cheek everytime for 5 years

Автор that person from the store ( назад)
Kiss kiss better baby

Автор Karac Cano ( назад)
That kiss was better then the one she gave drake last night.

Автор Constitutional Crank ( назад)
Please look for "Educating Police About Autism" by Charlie Waters. Help prevent future tragedies between autistic persons and law enforcement.

Автор Jennifer Lopez ( назад)

Автор krïs love j.b ( назад)
kiss kiss

Автор Imani Johnson ( назад)
She's so pretty 😭😍

Автор Karim Meftah ( назад)
who can subtitles please?

Автор Wolfxxdj m ( назад)
dosent he have a wife :v

Автор 4 Fake ( назад)
Good lord Rihanna is so fine.

Автор Shann M ( назад)
that really raised awareness for autism... wow jimmy great moves, keep it up, proud of you

Автор Fabricio Duarte ( назад)
she is so sexual

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