Russian SUV Lada Niva doing impossible

Russian SUV Lada Niva doing impossible.
It's very interesting to see this,:)

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Автор Dustin Decarlo (4 месяца)
if you think this is fake you havent seen shit

Автор Liz Dionysis (6 месяцев)
Well i dont like lada cars general nd i think most are failures...But lada
niva is really a legend to its category nd far away the best from many
others...Rest of lada still sucks...Greetings from Greece brother rusians

Автор wyrdmagyk4 (4 года)
@hubalushma Huba here is a hint as to a fact of Life... NEVER believe what
a car Salesman tells you...lol example...(Toyota...)

Автор mata moros (5 лет)
go fuck hummer usa asshole what a pos

Автор mata moros (5 лет)
if youre russian why are you taking shit about lada niva asshole? you must
be a jew pig shithead dkfr88

Автор Broncobuilder74 (5 лет)
Those cars are here in costa rica, slow slow ugly as fuck and would never
ever do that even with a v8. The rear axle looks like its out of a gold

Автор Godlike0503 (5 лет)
HAHAHHAHAHAH its old NIVA.......

Автор mata moros (5 лет)
pfft at least we produce 4x4 spanish asshole what you got? ill tell you
just ugly hairy women and perverted shits like picasso , hahahaha

Автор wyrdmagyk4 (4 года)
I gotta agree with Narayan... fake as hell... a Black Eagle Tank is faster
than the Lada Niva...lol

Автор KZWolf (5 лет)
wat the heck its fake pps!

Автор strizhi (6 лет)
I want that car now...freakin' awesome lol.

Автор biotin2101 (4 года)

Автор ian bokesch (5 лет)

Автор ShicoCJ (2 года)
0:13 Nice!

Автор RayVal53 (5 лет)
Looks pretty fake but props to the guys that tried it.

Автор Meat21nax (5 лет)
Во блин - читал камменты - кто-то какашками уже кидается)))

Автор hubalushma (5 лет)
dude this was a comercial lol

Автор DkFr88 (5 лет)
im russian you asshole, i just live in spain, and ive driven the Niva. stop
trolling dickhead.

Автор FinulFinilor (5 лет)
People what are you talking about???Look at this video its so... BEST!Can
anyone try this?Discuss on the subject,not about how much fuel does it
consume or what car is the best and if hummer or niva sucks!

Автор narayan76 (5 лет)
obviously fake! it would have looked more realistic if it had accelerated
BEFORE climbing the slope. You can see it suddenly accelerate as it's
climbing the steepest part which defies physics. Pretty cool though!

Автор narayan76 (5 лет)
I'm aware of that. I'm simply pointing out that it would have been easy to
make it look more realistic by not having the car accelerate on the steep

Автор cata18tm (3 года)
gake and fay

Автор loirojose666 (3 года)
so nao sei como o niva subiu o morro se subir nao questiono o voo

Автор hubalushma (5 лет)
maybe it was a car comercial, representing the car can do such a thing...

Автор DesertFoxKG (5 лет)
He was spetsnaz not spentaz (as you wrote on your 'good' english) and I am

Автор davidfmcr02 (4 года)
El caca niva si eso fuera cierto el tipo que lo conduce ya se hubiera matado

Автор istorija4ever (5 лет)
Niva is serbian SUV (Zastava)!!!! great video :)

Автор truthspeaker969 (5 лет)
Lada Niva rocks !!! you can use it even as a tractor lol

Автор mata moros (5 лет)
yo yo yo stupid whigger shit 2dazed ,go suck your monkey master dick
asshole ,hummer sucks like you

Автор Linaver (4 года)
Not a car commercial. A fairly well known fake no questions about that.

Автор DkFr88 (5 лет)
ХАРЭ блин раз ты такой умный то какого хера ты беспочвенные выебоны
устраиваешь, то что нива жрёт бензин покруче иной феррари ето факт, и
именно изза железобетонного шасси и привода.

Автор sharpfang (6 лет)
Good one!

Автор Riad Ahmed (3 года)
Man u r a real krazy taking risk of rolling best of he best.

Автор DkFr88 (5 лет)
the cassis and transmission of this shit are extremly unefficient, it eats
a bit less than 20litres per 100km, maybe thats why it can go everywhere,
almost like a G-class or a L.R. Defender)

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