Russian SUV Lada Niva doing impossible

Russian SUV Lada Niva doing impossible.
It's very interesting to see this,:)

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Автор Dustin D ( назад)
if you think this is fake you havent seen shit

Автор Liz Dionysis ( назад)
Well i dont like lada cars general nd i think most are failures...But lada
niva is really a legend to its category nd far away the best from many
others...Rest of lada still sucks...Greetings from Greece brother rusians

Автор ShicoCJ ( назад)
0:13 Nice!

Автор Riad Ahmed ( назад)
Man u r a real krazy taking risk of rolling best of he best.

Автор loirojose666 ( назад)
so nao sei como o niva subiu o morro se subir nao questiono o voo

Автор cata18tm ( назад)
gake and fay

Автор Linaver ( назад)
Not a car commercial. A fairly well known fake no questions about that.

Автор wyrdmagyk4 ( назад)
@hubalushma Huba here is a hint as to a fact of Life... NEVER believe what
a car Salesman tells you...lol example...(Toyota...)

Автор wyrdmagyk4 ( назад)
I gotta agree with Narayan... fake as hell... a Black Eagle Tank is faster
than the Lada Niva...lol

Автор istorija4ever ( назад)
Niva is serbian SUV (Zastava)!!!! great video :)

Автор RayVal53 ( назад)
Looks pretty fake but props to the guys that tried it.

Автор Godlike0503 ( назад)
HAHAHHAHAHAH its old NIVA.......

Автор ian bokesch ( назад)

Автор LittleFox ( назад)
He was spetsnaz not spentaz (as you wrote on your 'good' english) and I am

Автор mata moros ( назад)
if youre russian why are you taking shit about lada niva asshole? you must
be a jew pig shithead dkfr88

Автор mata moros ( назад)
yo yo yo stupid whigger shit 2dazed ,go suck your monkey master dick
asshole ,hummer sucks like you

Автор mata moros ( назад)
go fuck hummer usa asshole what a pos

Автор mata moros ( назад)
pfft at least we produce 4x4 spanish asshole what you got? ill tell you
just ugly hairy women and perverted shits like picasso , hahahaha

Автор KZWolf ( назад)
wat the heck its fake pps!

Автор strizhi ( назад)
I want that car now...freakin' awesome lol.

Автор sharpfang ( назад)
Good one!

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