Stars in Ellen Underwear!

Check out all of the big-time celebrities showing off their awesome Ellen underwear!

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Автор cs ( назад)
Who are those people at 0:29 ? Which video are they in ?

Автор Rubix Brown ( назад)
+musiczQT5 0:14 calvin Klein model called Matt Terry. The last guy is Tim

Автор Charlotte Young ( назад)

Автор Mary O'Brien ( назад)
Love Ellen , she's the best , she doe's so much for so many people, wish I
knew how to contact her to see could she help my family but I don't think
she comes to Ireland ! :)

Автор itachigirl93 ( назад)
I just love when he says these pants are too tight for underwear

Автор NinjaDave1800 ( назад)

Автор JJ Liam ( назад)
these pairs were too tight too wear underwear lol 

Автор Elijah Gibson ( назад)
that is freaking amazing Elijah from Victor

Автор Alicia Florez ( назад)
Did anyone else notice Andy fell when he gave them the underwear

Автор Shohiko ( назад)
Liam Neeson dayum!! Haha!!

Автор Ashleigh Riddle ( назад)
Tim McGraw

Автор Georgia Adams ( назад)

Автор yourasianprincess ( назад)
the last one got me XD the look on ellen's face omgee

Автор alya carrillo ( назад)
1:10 best part to me so silly

Автор Alisha Johnston ( назад)
Dang it! Haha!

Автор Samantha Betten ( назад)
mmmmm tim McGraw 

Автор AnimeAddictCDC ( назад)
Tim McGraw

Автор huda yousuf ( назад)
Lol Tim McGraw

Автор EpiicShots ( назад)
Tim McGraw on the last one

Автор Alisha Johnston ( назад)
Kenny Chesney I think haha

Автор Efrain Alarcon ( назад)
Kenny Chesney was the last one :)

Автор Nada Hamed ( назад)
wait who was the last one?

Автор Ben Gutierrez ( назад)
My sis sings so good

Автор TASSOS PSIMITIS ( назад)
WTF Liam Nilson!

Автор Gigity Quagmire ( назад)
who said i'm a ma of my word?

Автор hamsterisloved ( назад)
I want a pair of Ellen underwear

Автор JBswaggy ( назад)
Ellen! U should give ur boy Justin some underwear! Lol considering he loves
to sag ;)

Автор Diana Ramirez ( назад)
you left out Justin!

Автор Void Sentinel ( назад)
I <3 you

Автор Alex Tseu ( назад)
Lol CK underwear 0:11 

Автор Elle Keener ( назад)
No, that's a model she found during the super bowl ads.

Автор Elle Keener ( назад)
It would have been best to give some to Justin, his jeans are sagging alot
lately. It would be great advertisement.

Автор Mafie ( назад)
whats with logan?

Автор Rikki-Lee Oswald ( назад)
tim mcgraw

Автор Ahmed Al Matrooshi ( назад)
Thank god she didn't give it to justin bieber

Автор jwc731 ( назад)
who was the last guy the country star?

Автор ToVLi nKTc ( назад)
Calm yo tits systa

Автор Nycola P ( назад)
These pants were too tight to put underwear on. LOL

Автор ayayayify ( назад)
thats just a model. the one she picked when she did her ellen underwear
model search.

Автор TheMjfan007 ( назад)
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questionnaire :) . i am telling you, your address and mail id is enough to
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Автор Gabby Lottman ( назад)
@ 0:12 matthew terry

Автор Jo Eagle (updown91) ( назад)
y no chord overstreet

Автор Joanna Baozi ( назад)
Who is that at 0:12

Автор cameron fraser ( назад)
Rofl means roll on floor laughing the lol was too mutch

Автор Jasmine Story ( назад)
whos the country singer?

Автор bakingbyus ( назад)
"he's wearing Ellen knickers!!" sofia grace. lol rofl

Автор Soo Lee Lou ( назад)
Who is that at 0:13?!?! Hawt

Автор Amanda Elliott ( назад)
Loved Pink and Liam Neason!!!

Автор saintgeorge67 ( назад)
UK Medium Please Ellen ....

Автор SexNToysTV ( назад)
Love the Ellen Show ..

Автор MultiRotte ( назад)
i can smell your period from norway

Автор Noelle Silvia ( назад)
You might want to check your own spelling before you comment and b*tch
about other people's spelling ;)

Автор VarickTV ( назад)
Ha ha ha! Good on you! I always enjoy grammar correction on the internet.
For the record, you're absolutely right with the things you've mentioned in
your replies to that git. Cheers.

Автор rachielishis ( назад)
I completely agree with you A Kaye on everything else but, he did use
repugnant correctly. Repugnant: Extremely distasteful; unacceptable.
Repugnant and repulsive are synonyms. While I love Ellen and don't think
she's "repugnant" if you're going to prove a point do it correctly.

Автор rnaefaletui ( назад)
Grammar Nazi....MAPOTI warning.

Автор Zueljinskid ( назад)
@765DaBOMB That's Luke Bryan.

Автор james wilson ( назад)
dances with obama, now wears his underwear, bama is a goldie hawn under a
black suit? 

Автор Jussef Osman ( назад)
That matty in 0:13 ... hot *-*

Автор ProudBelieber18 ( назад)
Justin Bieber ♡

Автор Zena Moran ( назад)
Is that Matty mckibben at 0:15 ???

Автор Zena Moran ( назад)
What about Justin.

Автор Sara Bieber ( назад)
what about Justin Bieber?

Автор natalia castro ( назад)
Dude go to hell would u like someone to say that about

Автор Arimel09 ( назад)

Автор May Yang ( назад)
u need to chill lol

Автор Jimbo jimz T ( назад)
I wanna get one...

Автор Violet Star ( назад)
0:18 even Zeus loves to wear Ellen's underwear :))

Автор DAN ZISU ( назад)
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paid about $200 a week just for letting brands know what i prefer to buy.
its worth a try here: bit.ly\1674mW7

Автор luluellie ( назад)
and adding to favourites

Автор TheGACFan2011 ( назад)
Lol the ending was funny 

Автор coral abigail ( назад)
Ps. I'm also wearing Ellen underwear right now. Lol!!!!

Автор coral abigail ( назад)
Ahhhh!!!! Luke Bryan wears Ellen underwear!!! He keeps making me fall in
love with over and over again!!! <3

Автор junethemaster ( назад)
A Kaye, no offense, but I have seen a lot of bad grammar and spelling
mistakes too. Does anybody care? No, nobody cares. You don't have to go
around and telling people that they are wrong or correct. I'm just saying
this for the future.

Автор Frank Lucketti ( назад)
Carly your just a douche bag. it seem the game you sick people play is to
overlook the disgusting lifestyle and vilify people for something so trite
as their grammar or spelling. Your only fooling yourself. go lick a dildo.

Автор Carly Benson ( назад)
Explain how she's disgusting and sick if your so rude and cannot spell a
damn thing, How is she a fraud. I cant your just so damn- i CAN'T. SIT YOUR

Автор allisond9034 ( назад)
Ellen, contact me. I really need your help

Автор allisond9034 ( назад)
@musiczQT5 it's Matthew Terry. He's the Calvin Kline model

Автор musiczQT5 ( назад)
Can anyone tell me who the guys are at 0:14 and at the end? Thanks~

Автор Irene Patterson ( назад)
hi ellen my name is irene from new zealand. i c that the men have more fun
with ur undies or in ur undies lol in staying that hw about us ladies get
sum of ur undies so that we as ladies can have as much fun or even more fun
than the males!! lol :)

Автор ilovejokes95 ( назад)
Hahaha Liam Neeson wearing pink ellen underwear?!

Автор Zorimar Concepcion ( назад)
She forgot Justin Bieber

Автор Marieke B. ( назад)
thank you, this really made my day :)

Автор HLW2003 ( назад)

Автор Cheeseburger Apocalypse ( назад)
who cares

Автор shelbie Hughes ( назад)
why aren't john schneider and tom wopat on your show they woudl look good
int the undewear and they are perfect singers especially when they are

Автор Greg Enstad ( назад)
greggy has her undies .. i wondered who they belonged to, 

Автор gemofgems ( назад)
He can spell how he wants to He can leave grammar behind 'Cause your
friends don't spell and if they can't spell Well they're no friends of mine

Автор Liam Scooter ( назад)
These pants are to tight to wear underwear!!!! LMAO

Автор Alexandra ( назад)
Hahahahahahaha lol

Автор Madison Cunningham ( назад)
is tim mcgraw in the black hat?

Автор Jordyn Thornton ( назад)
You should get Avery and the calico hearts or Cameron Boyce

Автор Praful Shah ( назад)
Yah. Aapkl. Chenal. Muze bahut. Achhi. Lagi

Автор Payvaypay94 ( назад)
PS: His grammar was awful too!

Автор Samantha Tello ( назад)
I want sommmmeee!!! OMG

Автор emma2208h ( назад)
P!nk :D

Автор Martin2875 ( назад)
I'll stick to my Sloggi's thanks. 

Автор The Greasy Waffle ( назад)
You are earning 14.5 thousand dollars a year. A dentist earns 123 thousand
dollars a year

Автор Ignacio Segarra ( назад)
I thought only woman could. 

Автор raani27 ( назад)
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Автор thekillersforever ( назад)
let's keep these vids coming ;)

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