Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons TV intro (1967-68)

A literally unkillable agent leads an international intelligence agency's fight against an extra-terrestrial terror campaign.

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Автор Geo Orobo ( назад)
Has anyone noticed that Rhapsody & Harmony angels do fuck all in any of the
episodes? They just sit in their seats at the beginning of each episode. If
I were the other angels I would be talking to my union rep about this! :)

Автор PAMELA TAPELY ( назад)
This was my era loved all these tv shows and themes

Автор Rachel Phillips ( назад)
I remember when I was 7 I watch captain scarlet is was on after school

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)

Автор ItaloDiscogs ( назад)

Автор Florentine 318 ( назад)
I had a huge crush on Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue when I was younger

Автор Daniel Williamson ( назад)

Автор iNJECT ( назад)
glad i grew up to this and not filtered down shit that they have for kids

Автор Andrew Hinds ( назад)
Used to scare me like hell

Автор R Linders ( назад)
Ow, the edge.

Автор Bpg5012 trick ( назад)
75 Mysterons didn't like it.

Автор Daniel Burke ( назад)
Really good intro.

Автор Roy Andrew (DON'T CI2I) ( назад)
Barry Gray brillient unsung hero from the Gerry Anderson stable.
unforgettable Melodies.
Thunderbirds ,Stingray,Joe 90 & Many Others.
4ME They were an integral part of the programmes.
they became part of my Childhood Soundtrack.
they still bring back fond memories!

Автор Simon Willis ( назад)
I loved the miniatures and weathering skills and the puppets were classic
cgi just can't cut this plus the puppets smoked

Автор southlondon63 ( назад)
Sounds like my Mrs when I don't do the washing up

Автор Johny40Se7en ( назад)
I didn't really appreciate how deep and dark this show was when I was
younger, the music alone is quite eerie, cool stuff =)

Автор Delta Fox ( назад)
"This is the voice of the Mysterons! We're going to tell you exactly what
we're about to do so you can send Captain Scarlet to come & fuck it all

Автор sdovas ( назад)
Ghod when I was a kid this was the coolest sh*t going (or at least 2nd only
to Ultraman, wherein schist blowed up real good too...) I had a Corgi SPV
along with 3 or 4 of the Thunderbirds planes, but WOW watch this show today
and it is amazing how goddam DULL it is!

Автор MOLMENTUSS ( назад)
Happy days x

Автор Ady P ( назад)
I reckon shady Captain Black got lots of pussy on the sly, probably sniffed
coke off Destiny Angel's titties too

Автор fly bobbie ( назад)
Would love to see this made as a live action film.Keep the original sets
but of course full size.Keep it adult rather than for kiddies, has all the
ingredients for a good sci film.

Автор BritishAdamantine ( назад)
So, I guess 75 Mysterons watched this?

Автор Cooro “Snow” Fox ( назад)
Colonel White would be played by Patrick Stewart...

Автор MiamiViceClips ( назад)
I was fucking terrified of this intro when I was 3.

Автор AWShanna ( назад)
Captain Black looks like hes just back from a heavy weekend sesh.

Автор Dech Nourtide ( назад)
I remember watching this when I was young...
And the Thunderbirds...
Good times...

Автор Jagdtoq ( назад)
The Europe-ons, sworn enemies of England, possessing the ability to creat
an exact likeness of themselves, but first they must destroy

Автор rob2258 ( назад)
when I watch this as a kid I thought the Mysterons were the bad guy's turns
out we attacked their complex on Mars 1st no wonder they fought back

Автор David Tidbury ( назад)
One of my favourite programmes of al time but the intro used to scare the
shit out of me

Автор Hyper Foxx ( назад)
Captain Scarlet kills a guy in the first 50 seconds! T.V was violent back
in the old days :D

Автор Michael Hart ( назад)


(No but seriously that voice was always chilling)

Автор Bob Newnham ( назад)
Or is it a 'Vote No' for Europe campaign?

Автор Bob Newnham ( назад)
Used to scare my younger Brother with this...

Автор TheGnomeCity ( назад)
How old must Captain Scarlet be now? He's probably in a care home somewhere
praying for the Grim Reaper to finish him off. A modern-day Dr Faustus.

Автор Thomas Tudhope ( назад)
puppets on a shoe string

Автор maximusdarkultima ( назад)
mysterons = sadiq khan

Автор ian welsh ( назад)
great 60s show ❤it

Автор mycheesesteak ( назад)

Автор Luiz Di Lourenço ( назад)
Relembrando os velhos tempos.

Автор Colin Clarke ( назад)
This takes me back

Автор Kevin Marks ( назад)
I wonder if scarlett ever gave destiny one

Автор 7th Angel ( назад)
I remember watching this as a kiddo. Man, this show was creepy and dark for
a kids show.

Автор lucas vinicius ( назад)
meu pai morria de medo desses bonecos!!!

Автор Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy (Infowarlord) ( назад)
If I ever make a film/TV series, I will get someone with a bass voice to do
voice work.

The Mysterons are voiced by Donald Gray, by the way.

Автор Chat noir ( назад)
It looks like an ISIS communique.

Автор Chuka Kaelo ( назад)
Pretty sure as I kid, I'd be scared shitless of this

Автор Lars Balk ( назад)
captian black... damn he's scary!

Автор ewaf88 ( назад)
The Mysterons remind me of a large American Corporation or a UK Government
Quango - you just can't argue with them.

Автор Michael Bowie ( назад)
London is already destroyed! Damn, hippies!

Автор Ben Knight (KnightVision) ( назад)

Автор skunk head ( назад)
wtf happened to the rest of it? wow that's just took me right back in time
I had a captain scarlet out fit as a kid

Автор Richard Maunder ( назад)
It's looks like Captain Black been on meth ??

Автор Clare Mclauchlan ( назад)
I think that it was a good puppet show ever. amazing

The best puppet show by Gerry Anderson... my father got to work with Gerry
Anderson and Derek Meddings. My dad said they were fantastic to work with
when doing Space 1999.

On a side note: Captain Scarlet after episode one, was a clone... the real
Captain Scarlet died in episode 1 in that car accident... After the clone
was shot and fell from the tall car park structure. The clones memory was
restored with Captain Scarlet's human template mind.

So the poor original Captain Scarlet is buried somewhere lol

Автор David Terrasidius ( назад)
Excellent, also I love how the Mysterons always told us their plan before

Автор Phil Wright ( назад)
captain scarlet needs to be made into a big screen film

Автор Andrew Stoten ( назад)

Автор Queen Ropagrim ( назад)
Captain Scarlet looks like Jimmy Carr.

Автор Rich Nelson ( назад)
I vaguely remember this. Stingray and Fireball xl5 are fresher in my mind.
This is incredibly noirish for a kids show from the 60s.

Автор Stans soapbox ( назад)
That Captain Scarlet is one mean dude. I wouldn't like to meet him down a
dark alley.

Автор southlondon63 ( назад)
When i was a kid that intro used to send shivers down my spine

Автор Towdthi (1710 лет назад)
Yeah, its a city that needs destroying ffs

Автор Martin Davies ( назад)
Captain Scarlet, my hero as a boy - the man I wanted to be !

Автор Jane Mitchell ( назад)
Then the Mysterons got smart. You want to destroy the world then become a

Автор CanalRushenEspañol ( назад)
WTF! Captain Black is Gary Sinise!

Автор ADHeroD ( назад)
If your british and see this can you see the similarities between captain
scarlet and jimmy carr?

Автор Den Denden ( назад)
Deighton's IPCRESS FILE finalization

Автор jtlampsu2 ( назад)
This is when puppetry was mastered, before hand with Stingray/Fireball XL5
etc, the heads were mahoosive and the strings like wool !! Captain Scarlet
is STILL alive somewhere.......I also wonder if Eastender's got their end
"duff duffs" from here ?!!

Автор DarkAnomaly ( назад)
The Mysterons: A race consisting of a mysterious deep voice and 2 rings
moving over the people they were talking to :D

Автор Carl Wade ( назад)
Not Lundun!!!

Автор Zac Chandler ( назад)
R.I.P Francis Matthews:(

Автор Fatimah Arusah ( назад)
Hey I have Captain Scarlet's Extremely Rare Raid Bike for sale with
detachable wings a launch mode , captain scarlet ad drive mode.

Автор mike ferguson ( назад)
This was my childhood!

Автор Alan Deans ( назад)
I remember the 'Captain Scarlet Car' being my very first thing I saved my
pocket-money for - sadly, the habit never quite caught on with me but boy,
was it a great car !!

Автор dvdfan100 ( назад)
the hellsing organization won't like that at all, they will send Alucard
and Seras Victoria to deal you Mysterons, your in deep shit now, lol.

Автор Honey Chiles ( назад)

Автор Camilo Tapia ( назад)
The City of London? Too late now. http://www.twitter.com/KamiloTapiya

Автор little craig ( назад)
I used to binge this show when I was younger, pretty sure I've seen every
single episode at least twice. Looking back now it's pretty shitty though,
it's sad and wonderful how drastically things in your life can change.

Автор Film & TV ( назад)
As a film student you naturally analyse whatever you see on film & tv, and
one thing about this show is how Neo Noir (New Black) it is psychologically
for what's meant to be a "kids show". I've always wondered what it would
have been like if both Capt. Scarlet & Capt. Black had been female, in
terms of Neo Noir & Femme Fatale eroticism, in that depending on your age
certain things might "go over your head", whilst others would "pick up on
things"...e.g. if a female Capt. Scarlet (wearing a uniform utility skirt)
shoots the bad guy at the start, or during the show.

Автор Stans soapbox ( назад)
That's Captain Blue doing the narration.

Автор EverChangingShadow ( назад)
Oh yeah, that's right. Captain Scarlet always scared me, now I remember

Автор waynelovell1958 ( назад)
Captain Black scared the shit out of me as a kid! 

Автор heather baldwin ( назад)
That's Lurch from the Adams Family

Автор James Grubb ( назад)
Looks like captain black is going to kill me at the end of the intro!!! 😳

But he always scares me, even now. 

Автор popularside percy ( назад)
56 Mysterons weren't keen on this.............................

Автор Thanks For ( назад)
It somewhat parallels the "war of nerves" during the "cold war" this "war
of nerves" is emphasised when colonel white first speeks in the first
episode I think 

Автор British Gamer ( назад)
This intro is burned in my mind from childhood. I was born in 87 so I
caught the show in those 90s repeats and I wore out my VHS. I'd been
through Thunderbirds and Stingray but Captain Scarlet still blew me away.
To this day it's my favourite of Gerry Anderson's shows.

Автор Ronald Murray Woods ( назад)
it was a good program based on how people react in the real world....

Автор ant b ( назад)
Cpt Black.
Typical Goth hanging around in a graveyard being all alone and unshaven

Автор Film & TV ( назад)
Also, this show is an early example of Neo Noir (New Black, a development
of Film Noir early - mid-late 1940's and before it, German Expressionism
from 1919 - early 1930's) in terms of psychological themes; as Neo Noir as
a term can be applied to films in colour. Also remembering that this show
was aimed at early-late teens (12-18, and maybe just a bit younger too), so
no wonder it would have been scary, since it would have been a very new
experience; and it wasn't "The Thunderbirds"...

Автор Film & TV ( назад)
For those of you wondering why Capt. Scarlet didn't die when he was shot
(in the opening sequence), he's meant to be indestructible; to a point. The
Mysterion "shooter" didn't miss... 

Автор David Hall ( назад)
I remember thinking that captain Black looked the spit of my uncle on a
Sunday morning. When possessed with a hangover (as opposed to martians), he
was a grumpy bugger!

Автор JJ H ( назад)
I forgot how shit scary this was.

Автор sledge56BV ( назад)
A friend of mine is a dead ringer for Captain Scarlet !

Автор Victor Hernandez ( назад)
1:49 GYAH! That glare! It's piercing my soul!

Автор taos treror ( назад)
To be fair to the Mysterons The American human explorers simply open fired
on them without warning! No change there then! Always thought Captain Black
was a bit of legend, drink whisky all night, shagged about a lot, smoked
his weight in fags and generally had the better deal than Scarlet who did
what he was told like a good boy! 

Автор Richard Johns ( назад)
Fuck London. It's full of Mysteron immigrants. Hold on..... Captain
Scarlet. You were righrt after all. We have been invaded...!!!!!!

Автор a217andy ( назад)
the mysterons sounds like my boss 1:02

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