Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons TV intro (1967-68)

A literally unkillable agent leads an international intelligence agency's fight against an extra-terrestrial terror campaign.

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Автор jtlampsu2 ( назад)
This is when puppetry was mastered, before hand with Stingray/Fireball XL5
etc, the heads were mahoosive and the strings like wool !! Captain Scarlet
is STILL alive somewhere.......I also wonder if Eastender's got their end
"duff duffs" from here ?!!

Автор Latiran ( назад)
The Mysterons: A race consisting of a mysterious deep voice and 2 rings
moving over the people they were talking to :D

Автор TheWombat PPC ( назад)
I know. Lets Not. lol.

Автор Carl Wade ( назад)
Not Lundun!!!

Автор Zac Chandler ( назад)
R.I.P Francis Matthews:(

Автор Stephen Angus ( назад)
What do we watch as children. Mars. Indestructible. That is what I took in.

Автор Fatimah Arusah ( назад)
Hey I have Captain Scarlet's Extremely Rare Raid Bike for sale with
detachable wings a launch mode , captain scarlet ad drive mode.

Автор Andy Wells ( назад)
Did he just kick a cat out of the way ? wicked puppet bstd...

Автор Glenn parent ( назад)
ooooohhh yes

Автор mike ferguson ( назад)
This was my childhood!

Автор Alan Deans ( назад)
I remember the 'Captain Scarlet Car' being my very first thing I saved my
pocket-money for - sadly, the habit never quite caught on with me but boy,
was it a great car !!

Автор dvdfan100 ( назад)
the hellsing organization won't like that at all, they will send Alucard
and Seras Victoria to deal you Mysterons, your in deep shit now, lol.

Автор James Brogan ( назад)

Автор Honey Chiles ( назад)

Автор Camilo Tapia ( назад)
The City of London? Too late now. http://www.twitter.com/KamiloTapiya

Автор anonymous user ( назад)
I used to binge this show when I was younger, pretty sure I've seen every
single episode at least twice. Looking back now it's pretty shitty though,
it's sad and wonderful how drastically things in your life can change.

Автор Stans soapbox ( назад)
Captain Scarlet didn't fancy his blind date.

Автор Tyler Durden ( назад)
Lembra ?

Автор Film & TV ( назад)
As a film student you naturally analyse whatever you see on film & tv, and
one thing about this show is how Neo Noir (New Black) it is psychologically
for what's meant to be a "kids show". I've always wondered what it would
have been like if both Capt. Scarlet & Capt. Black had been female, in
terms of Neo Noir & Femme Fatale eroticism, in that depending on your age
certain things might "go over your head", whilst others would "pick up on
things"...e.g. if a female Capt. Scarlet (wearing a uniform utility skirt)
shoots the bad guy at the start, or during the show.

Автор Stans soapbox ( назад)
That's Captain Blue doing the narration.

Автор EverChangingShadow ( назад)
Oh yeah, that's right. Captain Scarlet always scared me, now I remember

Автор waynelovell1958 ( назад)
Captain Black scared the shit out of me as a kid! 

Автор heather baldwin ( назад)
That's Lurch from the Adams Family

Автор James Grubb ( назад)
Looks like captain black is going to kill me at the end of the intro!!! 😳

But he always scares me, even now. 

Автор popularside percy ( назад)
56 Mysterons weren't keen on this.............................

Автор Mark Staunton ( назад)

Автор Thanks For ( назад)
It somewhat parallels the "war of nerves" during the "cold war" this "war
of nerves" is emphasised when colonel white first speeks in the first
episode I think 

Автор British Gamer ( назад)
This intro is burned in my mind from childhood. I was born in 87 so I
caught the show in those 90s repeats and I wore out my VHS. I'd been
through Thunderbirds and Stingray but Captain Scarlet still blew me away.
To this day it's my favourite of Gerry Anderson's shows.

Автор Ronald Murray Woods ( назад)
it was a good program based on how people react in the real world....

Автор ant b ( назад)
Cpt Black.
Typical Goth hanging around in a graveyard being all alone and unshaven

Автор Film & TV ( назад)
Also, this show is an early example of Neo Noir (New Black, a development
of Film Noir early - mid-late 1940's and before it, German Expressionism
from 1919 - early 1930's) in terms of psychological themes; as Neo Noir as
a term can be applied to films in colour. Also remembering that this show
was aimed at early-late teens (12-18, and maybe just a bit younger too), so
no wonder it would have been scary, since it would have been a very new
experience; and it wasn't "The Thunderbirds"...

Автор Film & TV ( назад)
For those of you wondering why Capt. Scarlet didn't die when he was shot
(in the opening sequence), he's meant to be indestructible; to a point. The
Mysterion "shooter" didn't miss... 

Автор David Hall ( назад)
I remember thinking that captain Black looked the spit of my uncle on a
Sunday morning. When possessed with a hangover (as opposed to martians), he
was a grumpy bugger!

Автор Mean Mr Mustard ( назад)
I forgot how shit scary this was.

Автор sledge56BV ( назад)
A friend of mine is a dead ringer for Captain Scarlet !

Автор Victor Hernandez ( назад)
1:49 GYAH! That glare! It's piercing my soul!

Автор taos treror ( назад)
To be fair to the Mysterons The American human explorers simply open fired
on them without warning! No change there then! Always thought Captain Black
was a bit of legend, drink whisky all night, shagged about a lot, smoked
his weight in fags and generally had the better deal than Scarlet who did
what he was told like a good boy! 

Автор Richard Johns ( назад)
Fuck London. It's full of Mysteron immigrants. Hold on..... Captain
Scarlet. You were righrt after all. We have been invaded...!!!!!!

Автор a217andy ( назад)
the mysterons sounds like my boss 1:02

Автор Abdul Abrar ( назад)
Portishead's Dummy brought me here 

Автор NightcrawlerLuver ( назад)
Captain Scarlet! Duh duh duh duh! 

Автор Fook Utube ( назад)
zhit,thats a blast from the past.Watch this in the 80s

Автор Pete Simpson ( назад)
Holy crap, not London.

Автор DWPD1963 ( назад)
It's Jimmy Carr. 

Автор Helen Robson ( назад)

Автор lapisredux ( назад)
if they know the earthmen can hear them why do they need to tell them?

Автор Nikolaos Vamvakas ( назад)
Does Captain Scarlet look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Автор Benjam901 (1792 года назад)
oh man this intro scared the shit out of me when I was a kid

Автор Nat Spongebob ( назад)
This is the voice of the Drive Driver. DRIVE: TYPE SPEED! TIRE KOUKAN!

Автор roblex63 ( назад)
I read somewhere that Captain Scarlet's face was based on footballer George

Автор BOT Greg ( назад)
"We will destroy the city of London!" I didn't know Herman Goering was a

Автор Stephane Trahan (Albatorak) ( назад)

Автор DOOMVSHALO ( назад)
What we learnt from the intro is the bad guys are terrible at aiming at
point blank range with machine guns.lol

Автор Paul Jones ( назад)
Yeah watched this as a kid, and used to watch for the mysterons' "eyes"
hoping they were going to turn my schoolteachers into something nasty. But
they never did of course, and I still had to turn up each day !! :(

Автор Peter Steman ( назад)
The Mysterons are dicks. No racist, Captain Black.

Автор Paul Griffiths ( назад)
I developed my snake phobia watching this . . . and my fear of enclosed
spaces . . . and my fear of spiky walls closing in on me - jeez, no wonder
I was such an anxious child!

Автор Gary Slater ( назад)
When I was a boy, this was my very, very TV programme ! Very happy days, a
long time ago ................

Автор 0IIIIII ( назад)
OG Toy Story

Автор IdleAl ( назад)
Captain Black was born in Manchester on 17th March 2029!

Автор Carlos James ( назад)
When I watch this video I hear straker voice from ufo.

Автор Christopher J Flanagan ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube: Remember this?

Автор Tarteh ( назад)
Jon Hamm (who plays Don Draper in Mad Men) would be the perfect Captain

Автор Andrew Ford ( назад)
Holy crap. I just remembered how much Captain Black used to scare me as a

Автор TromaDogg ( назад)

Автор LuvBlues64 ( назад)
Brilliant program,scared the shit out of me when i was a kid lol!!!

Автор Encore1234567890 ( назад)
You would think the Mysterons would invest in quieter footwear. lol

Автор ninjastah ( назад)
Quite a deep storyline when you think about it. Quite dark, anyone get what
I mean? Used to watch it with a different mindset as a child. 

Автор Todd Larson ( назад)
I loved watching Captain Scarlet when I was a kid. The intricate realism of
the sets and the ultra-modernism of Spectrum base especially awed me. I
also loved the theme song, the sexiness of the "angels" (following in Star
Trek's footsteps, an early example of giving women high status in an
organization), the businesslike tone of the officers' speech, and the scary
unpredictability of Captain Black as the Mysterons' double agent (they
killed him in the first episode for firing on their Mars city and assumed
his likeness). All in all, a great sci-fi viewing experience. Thanks for
bringing this back.

Автор Mark Staunton ( назад)

Автор stompin stan ( назад)
It's a Ken and Barbie Nightmare!!!

Автор fred galloway ( назад)

Автор fred galloway ( назад)
because of Gerry Anderson and the avengers(Patrick macnee)and other classic

Автор mark hartshorn ( назад)
now this was a show i enjoyed as a kid please bring it back

Автор AussieGriffin ( назад)
If I ever get high in my life, I'll try and look up this show.

Автор Lagash1973 ( назад)
When there wasn't computer graphics yet..... but now it sounds like it was.

Автор serberious (973 года назад)
I loved this as a Child, it was the War between the " Others " and the
people of Earth !.

Автор jerry yeh ( назад)

Автор Mike Burns ( назад)
RIP Captain Scarlet

Автор Alex Batey ( назад)
RIP Francis Matthews.

Автор Alex Batey ( назад)
Francis Matthews, voice of Scarlet has died.

Автор John Cashin ( назад)
RIP Francis Matthews 

Автор John Marshall ( назад)
RIP Francis Matthews...The Voice of Captain Scarlet

Автор Carl Jervis ( назад)
RIP Frances Matthews, the voice of Scarlet

Автор david miles ( назад)
RIP my first hero

Автор Vane Fal ( назад)
This intro with the voice of the mysterons used to frighten the bejeebees
out of me. I'm sure I trumatised for life! Still upsets me even now lol.

Автор taxid3rmy ( назад)
"Possessing the ability to create an exact likeness of an object or
person." Great.. so the Mysterons decide to look & behave like puppets on
strings ... how practical /s. To top it all off, Earth's supposed to be
protected by, what can only be described as, the editorial staff of Vogue
magazine. Take your protein pills & put your helmets on... we're doomed.

Автор KURTIS LUETH ( назад)

Автор Rafe281 ( назад)
Shit I haven't seen this for years! Great to see it again! 

Автор Stephen Milroy ( назад)
I think if the mysterions kept their plans a secret from Captain Scarlett
instead of just giving him a 'play by play' of everything they were going
to do each episode their plans would not have turned to mush...

Автор darthmaul208 ( назад)
This sounds just like Agents Of SHIELD!

Автор freakstate ( назад)
How did he become invincible? Totally forgotten

Автор antyeardsley ( назад)
I fancy destiny angel...hhmm

Автор antyeardsley ( назад)
I fancy destiny angel...hhmm

Автор adrian hickman ( назад)
No way we were going to lose, we had the Angels!- this is international
womans day

Автор bd001217 ( назад)
I think Henry Kissinger did the voice of the Mysteron.

Автор W.Hartnell-Lives-On-While-"Dr.Who"-Continues ( назад)
Great to see this Intro again, I really used to look forward to watching
this show.
If you do not mind, I will "Add To" my page for others to enjoy.

Автор junior602002 ( назад)
If it means no more EastEnders, then fine destroy London.

Автор Fakey McNamerson ( назад)
Nice of the bad guys to reveal their plan in the intro. Very sporting.

Автор gbrading ( назад)
There is STILL no better intro to a television show.

Автор Andrew Stoten ( назад)
that does not sound like a cat!

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