Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons TV intro (1967-68)

A literally unkillable agent leads an international intelligence agency's fight against an extra-terrestrial terror campaign.

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Автор Stephen Milroy (17 дней)
I think if the mysterions kept their plans a secret from Captain Scarlett
instead of just giving him a 'play by play' of everything they were going
to do each episode their plans would not have turned to mush...

Автор darthmaul208 (18 дней)
This sounds just like Agents Of SHIELD!

Автор freakstate (28 дней)
How did he become invincible? Totally forgotten

Автор Fakey McNamerson (2 месяца)
Nice of the bad guys to reveal their plan in the intro. Very sporting.

Автор Great Model Cars and Planes (4 месяца)
Love this - I got the Spectrum Car - the red one, great to find this on

Автор TheReivenlocke (4 месяца)
Dun dun dun da da da dun!

Автор iamurdad77 (4 месяца)
i would have had my eye on agent black from the very first day i met that
Mother Fucker!

Автор Rafe281 (9 дней)
Shit I haven't seen this for years! Great to see it again! 

Автор manweller1 (4 месяца)
I so loved this show, it was quite spooky for its time.

Автор TheOther (4 месяца)
Captain Scarlett - the whole thing with the Mysterons was really dark.
Still scary now

Автор gbrading (2 месяца)
There is STILL no better intro to a television show.

Автор adrian hickman (1 месяц)
No way we were going to lose, we had the Angels!- this is international
womans day

Автор 0208name (4 месяца)
Oh this sure does remind me of my younger years. When you didn't pay the
local council for being being alive.... OK OK thats to come later...
@Lostthe80s Ken Livingstone may have had a go at the rich- But what is
Boris Johnson doing ?? OK OK I'll go an eat my cornflakes...

Автор junior602002 (1 месяц)
If it means no more EastEnders, then fine destroy London.

Автор Mark Bailey (3 месяца)
I've not seen this for 18 years... what an amazing show for its time. 

Автор bd001217 (1 месяц)
I think Henry Kissinger did the voice of the Mysteron.

Автор W.Hartnell-Lives-On-While-"Dr.Who"-Continues (1 месяц)
Great to see this Intro again, I really used to look forward to watching
this show.
If you do not mind, I will "Add To" my page for others to enjoy.

Автор Rick Gordon (2 года)

Автор Christopher Vallo (1 год)
The indestructible Captain Scarlet and the Angels :)


Автор Andy Watt (1 год)
RIP Gerry Anderson....creator of Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space 1999
amongst many others. This man had a hand in some of the best TV shows I
watched as a young boy.

Автор Jenny McDonnell (11 месяцев)
First time seeing Captain Scarlet. I'm at a loss for words.

Автор Marc Robbins (1 год)
+celine turminel 

Автор Ernie Fink (10 месяцев)
Captain Scarlet opening

Автор Steven Taylor (1 год)

Автор OnThisSciFiDay (1 год)
Celebrate Friday with a TV theme of years gone by.
Today the first of a series in honour of the late great Gerry Anderson MBE:
"Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons"

Автор Ronald Czik (1 год)
I don't know why but I just thought of this show. Captain Scarlet and the

Автор Bernard Wang (1 год)
Captan Scarlet and the Mysterons..

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons TV intro (1967-68)

Автор antyeardsley (1 месяц)
I fancy destiny angel...hhmm

Автор youngy1919 (3 месяца)
I had all the toys as a kid and I grew up in the 90s!

Автор leegend3004 (3 месяца)
LOL, What a classic they really need to get a big director onboard to do a
movie of this Gerry Anderson classic. Love the noise of the silenced
gunshot, agent pain sound and then the stumbling noise as he goes down just
so comical but classic at the same time. The most ironic thing is that the
mysterons were actually peaceful to start with and it was captain blacks
fault they turned on humans LOL!.

Автор therandomperson02 (5 месяцев)
I never got to grow up in the 60s, but somehow I remember this from my

Автор Andrew Stoten (2 месяца)
that does not sound like a cat!

Автор John Paterson (2 месяца)

Автор antyeardsley (1 месяц)
I fancy destiny angel...hhmm

Автор Diggity Dom (3 месяца)
wait..this isnt borderlands

Автор Alexa Dosk (1 год)
*Will Curiosity meet the Mysterons?* ;)

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons TV intro (1967-68)

Автор CrittersRule247 (1 год)
EXSACT SAME!....except now I'm 15

Автор boletusatanicus (7 месяцев)
... But you didn't reply to him :\

Автор R. ROOKSBY (1 год)
Perhaps somebody can Mysteronise Gerry so he can come back & make another
series of this, it's still utterly fantastic!

Автор john hinchliff (7 месяцев)
born 1998 wachted this and thunder birds on itv in about 2004

Автор roger the dodger (1 год)
no he did hit captain scarlet but he can.t die

Автор paul HOOPER (8 месяцев)
we need him back now rip gerry

Автор Jane Cotton (1 год)
Great viewing thanks

Автор Pyro Geth (7 месяцев)
i love how the leader of the good guys is called colonel white and the man
serving the bad guys is called captain black

Автор Ben Stainthorpe (11 месяцев)
While my friends were watching spongebob, i was watching this! Best program
ever, the intro with captain black used to freak me out all the time

Автор squirlycurly (1 год)
I'm 22 and remember this vividly, the intro always scared the crap out of

Автор xanderfire (1 год)
How do you know...? have you met a indestructable man before?

Автор BIGKNIGHTY (1 год)
R.I.P Gerry you made my childhood fun

Автор HordrissTheConfuser (1 год)
1:08 Did the Mysterons just check that Angel's rack?

Автор staffsyeoman (1 год)
I remember (being 6 when this was on first...) that they had to put an
additional voice over by Colonel White "Captain Scarlet is indestructible.
YOU are NOT. DO NOT attempt to imitate him." Always wondered what happened
to the kid who jumped off the roof at school...

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