How to hack your neighbors wifi

In this video I will be showing you the program you will need to hack your neighbors wifi.


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Автор Leon Reilly ( назад)

Автор Leon Reilly ( назад)
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! that website has malware. 

Автор Monica Isas ( назад)
U need wifi to get wifi that's stupid

Автор Araam Khalid ( назад)
my naburs saw me and I have to pay $100

Автор master puff ( назад)
i got caught and i have to pay my neighbors $50 that suck i now have $90 

Автор abdul aziz ( назад)
fake hacker

Автор Captain Everything ( назад)
I muted the music in 5 seconds.

Автор Eddy Creato ( назад)
Hacking others wifi... requires wifi... WTF DUDE!

Автор GReeceCraft M.S. ( назад)

Автор SizzlingAsian ( назад)

Автор kenny edwards ( назад)
so the comment's with the adds to other you tube video's are bot's

damnit too bad she was kind of hot's lol
thanks for the information

Автор milka gutierrez ( назад)
not bad

Автор Gospel Rai ( назад)
why it end in half
did it work in win 7

Автор Gospel Rai ( назад)

Автор AychSomes ( назад)
This file IS malicious and even though it appears to be 'fine' once
downloading it's still highly dangerous. Many viruses such as KEY LOGGERS
are quite undetectable. A key logger is a virus that lies dormant on your
computer until you open up a login page such as Facebook. It phishes the
login information and sends it the the php file of the owner.

Автор PanicOregon281 ( назад)
dude the screen went black on your video
i only got to see half the video
hows this program work

Автор VIKRAM SHARMA ( назад)
ha ha ha ahaha ........ dll file missing 

Автор Ethan Howard ( назад)
Worst tutorial ever. this isn't hacking at all, you just showed us your
username and password to YOUR wifi. if your going to attack/ decrycpt your
neighbors wifi you need backtrack or another offensive type of linux.
Hacking wifi is not only extremely difficult for the average person but is
also illegal. be careful.


Автор manvir saini ( назад)
why this video goes black after 1:37?

Автор dcareyHQvideos2 ( назад)
I use backtrack 5.

Автор FrigidGamingNetwork ( назад)
blacked out the screen cause his pussy ass didnt have character lists to
crack it

Автор Panth Mantheon ( назад)
Cain and abel is a legitimate program.

Автор ZAAWY ( назад)
what if we had never accessed the the internet ???

Автор Sunil Agarwal ( назад)
noting,make u owl .

Автор kenny edwards (584 года назад)
Angela Fillion I only have 1 thing to say to you

wow you are a cutie

Автор Tab Valentino ( назад)
The way it´s done these days is you attack the router by accessing it and
seeing the configuration. It´s new, Sorry...not sharing that bad boy. The
program cost me 60 dollars. I attack the routers directly and log into them
with admin predetermined passwords based on models. 

Автор Frank Aventador ( назад)
am i the only one the video goes black after 1:37 ?

Автор mj heart ( назад)
dont download it guys i try download and my pc sai that this app has virus

Автор rich stewart ( назад)
malicious and blocked by my software....c'mon guys...grow up..

Автор Marlo A (MarloA28) ( назад)
its a spyware. it gather all your wifi connected data user and pass and
send it to their network with the mac address. if your neighbor didnt
download this crap of sh..t this will never work...Got it?

Автор Andrei Manguiat ( назад)
FUCK !! Not working on my windows 8 !!!! :((

Автор David Basara ( назад)
dumb. YES cain can get you a wifi password for a network your already
connected to. you can also find that in network configuration. 

Автор afghanzwan.com ( назад)
It's working man thanks a lot 

Автор EnderGames HD ( назад)
My neighbor hates this video

Автор jayson majika ( назад)
gago ka

Автор emilebradford ( назад)
Download this and you can kiss your computer's ass goodbye.

Автор Vikas Gupta ( назад)
this app can hack the wifi password which was saved in your computer so its
sometime useful. For eg. you can ask your neighbour to type their wifi
password only one time and you can use it many times 

Автор Lerry Moses ( назад)
all these downloads are fake its not as easy as some of you make it sound.
Try using Kali linux and get the fob done then post your real experience

Автор Steve Stonewood ( назад)
Can I get my virus in red?

Автор PSYGANDRA ( назад)

Автор Abdulhamed Chribati ( назад)
it says couldnt start able service after i click the + key what to do ?

Автор Tsaw Sama ( назад)
u all make jocking .. fucking can't download password .. u all suck ..fuck
..angela fillion

Автор Tsaw Sama ( назад)
password can't download .. >>>>

Автор Brendan ( назад)
Why did Google Chrome say that it was Malicious?
Trying to infect our computers, aren't you?

Автор Anthony bucca ( назад)
this is a virus my advast said threat has been detected

Автор JD Lucas ( назад)
I didnot work so made

Автор Malik Phorn ( назад)

Автор Sharon Bentley ( назад)
Cleary not real….too bad.
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Автор Dennis Peck ( назад)
ur an ahole w but breath

Автор Milos Dronic ( назад)
when i click on that...
it have a virus dude...

Автор Jɐɔʞı Ñɐʎəɹ ( назад)

Автор Raython Vanwyk ( назад)
i believe this is a game. ypu want to become a hacker and then they send
youlots of information how to hack. at then you computer will be hacked by

Автор Rubén Alamilla ( назад)
I did all and i get an error, it pops a small window and it say error2, i
hit OK, and then another window opens and it says: Couldn't start Abel
service... and then it shows my wifi connection with wrong info (meaning it
appears my wifi and with wrong password)

Автор Varshith Srujan ( назад)
whr the hell r u dude

Автор Mohamed Ahmed ( назад)
what happen in the end

Автор Black Heart (NeXuS) ( назад)
Fucking bitch im gonna track u down n kill you!!
Sur13 nigga

Автор suh syck ( назад)
i try download it and it says chrome has blocked it 

Автор IoNuT Croitoru ( назад)
why you close the light, you forget to pay your bill?

Автор sam david ( назад)
dont wast your time with this is a virus

Автор Angela Fillion ( назад)
I just tested it but nothing is happening…
I believe the only real WiFi Password hack you will be able to get is the
one from the popular cracking group “RELOADED”. They released it a couple
of days ago for free over their MediaFire Link:

Автор South entertainment ( назад)
all scams the only one hacks wifi is wifiway linux allthis games and

Автор DEVILHORNS22 On Twitch ( назад)
I think it's so funny that 850,000 people are using their neighbors wifi.

Автор BiteMyFury ( назад)
Go on my Channel and soon I will upload a video on how to get this when the
website is blocked by your ISP and how to Hack with this tool and this is
NOT a virus. Read my other comment 

Автор BiteMyFury ( назад)
This kid is so dumb, it doesn't work like this. Besides this is not a
virus! It's a HACKING tool. You can use it to grab IP's and get passwords
for users on the computer. Go on my channel and I will upload a video soon
on how to do mods and stuff on Cain and Able.

Автор firendable ( назад)
lel black and yellow

Автор amarpreet singh ( назад)
its a bullshit virus

Автор Nick Breckenridge ( назад)

Автор Ritual Kc ( назад)
yeah..!!aahaa u know wat it is..??BLACK N YELLOW..

Автор Logan Braveheart ( назад)
i wish some 1 hack this damn video and take it down! dumb ass!

Автор Pranjal Kanel ( назад)
this soft ware cannot be downloaded now!?

Автор Saifur Chowdhury ( назад)
Does it work macs too?

Автор Khadija ( назад)
The site is blocked here cant try it

Автор Kari Bissette ( назад)
http://cur.lv/5bwyg *(click on skip ad afterwards)*
This is the free MediaFire Link to the only working WiFi Password hack,
created by RELOADED, the popular hacking team. Oh well the program in your
video is fake!

Автор Anik Alam ( назад)
I see Black no yellow though!

Автор Danial Tanoli ( назад)

Автор n9ckjhh2000 ( назад)
What if u dont have wifi to download it -_-

Автор TJ #BABYSCHUMBAG ( назад)
when ever i click the plus it says "couldent open Wlansvc\Interfaces
subkey.What do i do??

Автор Lex Manjin ( назад)
working wifi password picker try this one is wworking
*WIFipassfind2013.Weebly. Com*

Автор Erlkanah Carmen ( назад)
why failed?? access denied when im click the + ??

Автор pipo kiko ( назад)
I will say this from the bottom of my heart fuck you sir

Автор Reverson Constant ( назад)
what background is that I want it whats the name of your background

Автор Rabin Chaulagain ( назад)

Автор Greg Womack ( назад)
Fake.. And you other idiots posting comments below saying you have a
working program.. Quit throwing bullshit at people you bastards..

www.WIFipassworded.Weebly.Com <--- Fake..
mediafire.com/?1jd522d16kjn6dj <--- Fake..

Автор azeem shahriman ( назад)
thanks man,it really work!!

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