Jaime Maussan: Amazing UFO Footage from Mexico

Mexico's Jaime Maussan shows never-before-seen UFO video footage from Mexico and all over the world. The entire dvd can be purchased at http://www.ufocongressstore.com
Sales from the dvds help us advertise future events.

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Автор Jumpy Switznitz (14 дней)
Jaime: the Bill Birnes of Mexico. What a pile of donkey muffins. Yawn.

Автор mark2shark (3 месяца)
Aliens don't wear hats...

Автор martymakeupartist (1 день)
what are donkey muffins? they sound delish

Автор twn5858 (4 месяца)
You would think with everyone having cameras on their cell phones now a
days there would be a lot more sighting than what there is. 

Автор Dina Leonard (19 дней)
That's how he has fame and fortune by taking advantage of people's
ignorance. Jaime Moussan was uncovered by a show "UFO's on Earth" a lot of
pictures and videos that he swore were real, are hoax, but he kept saying
that they were real.

Автор cdsantx (3 месяца)
Mexico disclosed the UFO files

Автор ImShadow (1 месяц)
Is it just me or are you guys also exited that there are extraterrestrials?

Автор Dina Leonard (19 дней)
That's how he has fame and fortune by taking advantage of people's
ignorance. Jaime Moussan was uncovered by a show "UFO's on Earth" a lot of
pictures and videos that he swore were real, are hoax, but he kept saying
that they were real.

Автор crashingtiger (1 год)
Jaime is an honorable man. A standup guy who has nothing to prove. HIs
record speaks for itself. He is responsible for expanding the UFO phenomena
discussion and examination worldwide from Mexico when the thousands of
sightings during the early 90's began in Mexico. He was the equivalent of
Mike Wallace on Mexico's version of 60 minutes and gave it up due to
pursuing UFO truth.

Автор ElMakz (2 года)
@210482fmj you are an idiot so silence slave!

Автор illuminationclub (2 года)

Автор Mr405m (2 года)
ufo dont come from far away, they come from our own solar system :) and
they dont like earth people much, they see earth people as danger,
civilazation living on Mars doest like us very much, look in to it

Автор Robert Chiusano (2 года)
Jaime Maussan is the biggest perpetrator of UFO hoaxes of all time. He
makes money doing it too. We are not alone, that I truly believe, but
having this guy as the face of investigation is embarrassing.

Автор xxobravoxx (2 года)

Автор garyperfectone (2 года)
two NASA astronauts have said that we are being visited by craft that are
not man made..regularly..watch those vids and then chime in..I think there
is something going on just because of that..not to mention events like the
Phoenix sighting by hundreds of qualified people...I;m not sure they are
here,,but I am resonably sure we are not alone..

Автор ElMakz (2 года)
@irmex1000 Many in mexico takes him seriously, are you even aware of that
he has a extremely popular tv show that is broadcasted in most of the
hispanic countries?

Автор QFT2 (2 года)
All of it is testable, all you need is the money to build your own
satellite with a good quality camera.

Автор dasraiser (2 года)
its a good thing nasa/etc doesnt clean all those boosters, lost tools,
panels and the rest of garbage orbiting the earth as these videos are funny
to watch and we all need some of that from time to time, but hey you want
to buy the videos and books thats up to you, these *cough* authors are
probably in need of the money and humanity forgive they ever write sci-fi.

Автор archeologycom (2 года)
Better check this video before you think you know something about ufo !
Links: watch?v=R9veMGPsfiQ and second
link:watch?v=OmQyJLUhDZc&feature=related , "Beware of false prophets, which
come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" -
this said our Saviour Jesus christ in hebrew: Yeshua Ha'Mashiach, Matthew
7:15, King James Bible

Автор schnannigans (2 года)
@tehbible I did. It's neat. I just don't like the fact that I can't sleep
very well now. haha

Автор Marco LunaMan (2 года)
Mexico to confirm that Ananaki aliens have been visiting the earth for

Автор Hayden Nuzum (1 год)
he blinks non stop.

Автор Adrian Grosvenor (2 года)
just wasted my time watching this, how on earth is that Amazing? How dare
you post this crap with the misleading words of Amazing?

Автор telectronicguy (2 года)
flying saucers are man made ... we have that technology but the government
wont released it.. many flying disc have been patent in USA and UK

Автор Rob3rt961 (1 год)
When I was a little kid , I went to see him at a show , he's such an
inspiration to me !

Автор JoeRedfield1046 (1 год)
At 5:15 "the prescence of these BEANS". I totally cracked there, lol !

Автор luther renfroe (1 год)
go to veteran today and put ufo on the seach tab,wow there is some real
heavy talk about it,it is scary what some in high places do to keep
everything secret..

Автор MrRidingman (2 года)
Now he's their interpreter as to why they caused the crash. It's telling us
space if for all intelligent life. With this, he counts us out?

Автор leghunter75 (2 года)
@HIVkillsAnalDivers LOL LOOOl . poof the magic dragon!

Автор skibbieshits (2 года)
Aliens are here for our weed

Автор FANBASEALPHA2 (1 год)
The last sequence appears to be a classic computer generated image hoax,
complete with the usual 'dramatic' glide towards the shuttle. These
craft-following CGI effects are all over YouTube and are actually quite
easily discredited by the very fact that they have the same vague design
and do not demonstrate oscillating plasma fields around the outer structure
nor do they compare to other authentic MagnetoHydroDynamic ET movements
which are usually pulsed vectors. This is NOT good journalism.

Автор Lu Ramos (2 года)

Автор rick ross (2 года)
@Zachthewaite well how come Im paying so much for DirectTV, when the aliens
can come use our shit for free??

Автор ced drich (1 год)
Of course, aliens are true. We are not alone in this vast universe. Maybe
they dont look exactly we imagine but who knows, maybe someday they will
visit us and say Hi.

Автор Rob3rt961 (10 месяцев)
Haha dude calm your tits , I was really into crop circles, ufos , aliens ,
all kind of that stuff back as a kid man, really , Jaime Maussan was the
reason why I got into ufology, and no , I don't smoke dope and I don't have
a basement? I have done no drugs in my life, and why would you assume I do

Автор carltyboy (2 года)
@BicLighter1000 rofl you obviously dont know much about this subject...
intilligence has been found, they are testing all sorts of amazing objects
in area 51, the reason the world hasnt been changed is because of the
government, mostly because of money, you need to research about this its

Автор rick ross (2 года)
Do aliens have Internet??

Автор robert moss (2 года)
yall know that jaime is from uranos

Автор Battery9876 (2 года)
This old fart know his shit...

Автор whoopdeefriggindoo (1 год)
I think either way talking about aliens this way makes you have to carry a
heavy burdon as being seen as insane.

Автор Roshan3L (2 года)
this guy is known for his scam activities

Автор hotxhotguy (2 года)
I'm little scared now.. D:

Автор ThankYouESM (1 год)
I'm going to be totally unbiased and with that said I don't really care if
there are visitors from space. If not mistaken, Jaime left an excellent
paying job after he and a few thousands in Mexico saw and even recorded
several sightings of swarms. Jaime said that his entire community were
willing to pay him to gather all the information possible which will cost
"them" quite a whole lot of money for him to view and then realizing how
much it kept coming in and then worldwide... he switched over.

Автор Dakota DeVolld (2 года)
@BicLighter1000 Yeah because we can always trust the government to be up
front and honest with us....

Автор ElMakz (2 года)
@210482fmj YOU ARE DUMB AS A COW.

Автор MatuArt (2 года)
whats the matter you can't get a women too suck you?

Автор Julian Salinas (1 год)
This guy is known for his scam avtivities in México ES UN MENTIROSO

Автор jeepcj7dude (2 года)
How come they can film these UFO conferences in HD but actual footage of
UFOS is 240????

Автор MadSativa (2 года)
good stuff

Автор Miguel Rodriguez (1 год)
@Dpkenzy : what the fuck, I dont know where the fuck your from. But you are
talking about Mexicans not knowing how to speak Spanish. Look no further
then your own comment god damn, are you a 3 grader your Spanish sucks I'm
not Hispanic but I can tell when a dumb ass does not know how to write and
I'm guessing you have a horrible accent if you speak the way you talk.

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