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What Clint Eastwood did for the 1972 Gran Torino in Gran Torino, Fast & Furious will try to undo. Because in this movie, the very nastiest bad guy - you know, the chief henchman who does the dirtiest deeds and dies just before the big boss bad guy gets his - drives a '72 Gran Torino Sportsroof.

The inspiration for the Gran Torino in Fast & Furious comes from a similar Torino built for Dan Widmann at Steve Strope's Pure Vision Design - the same shop from which emerged the Hammer Road Runner that's also featured in the film. Strope brought Widmann's Torino to a casting session and a star - well, a co-star - was born.

The one significant visual change between Widmann's Torino and the replicas built for the film is that Widmann's car is blue, and the bad guy Torinos were painted green. It seems that blue was already assigned as super-dreamy Paul Walker's color in Fast & Furious, so the bad attitude character "Fenix Rise" (played by Laz Alonzo) would have to wear green.

Little matter, however, as the Gran Torino looks dang good in green.

To portray Fenix's FoMoCo, the picture car department acquired six '72 Torino Sportsroof models and one '73. As with the Charger, some of the stunt cars were fit with Chevy crate V8s and automatic transmissions, but at least one of the cars was originally equipped with a 429 and four-speed manual transmission. Five of the cars were either destroyed during production or ripped apart for parts.

Among the Torinos destroyed was that 429 four-speed car. Sometimes evil must be done in order to portray evil.

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Автор Kenny S.S ( назад)
Fucking sucks a ton of classic muscle cars are just being trashed and

Автор Cooper Tanoeiro ( назад)
Clearly does not have knowledge. All 429 1972 Gran Torinos were equipped
with C6 automatic transmissions. If you find a manual 429, someone
converted it. 351 Cleveland cars could be optioned with a 4-speed (Top
Loader) transmission. Never offered with the 429 big block for this

Автор Austin Ferrari ( назад)
+CamaroAmx Christine was a 58 Fury not 57

Автор luke molly ( назад)
Im an aussie and this is my dream car 😆 and its a shame that people can
distroy these works of art and i cant find one over here... Sucks...
Atleast they featured a REAL car in these movies.. Bout time 😋

Автор Gary Dunn ( назад)
It was such a shame when that Pathetic "Starsky & Hutch" rubbish Movie was
made. Crap Actors with Big Ego's, Rubbishing a Classic tv Show, and
quite a few 74-76 Gran Torino's along the way, to me, it was just
Senseless, and
the way that Hollywood operates these days.

Автор Gary Dunn ( назад)
Such a waste of great American Cars of the 60's and 70's, just to satisfy
the "Virtual World" of the PS3 and Xbox, Junkie's. 

Автор eldo59 ( назад)
In the Bullitt days they only had one car. Why have so many now. Especially
when the car really didn't show any stunt coolness til the end out of the

Автор lucian kristov ( назад)
why the fuck would you dumb fucks destroy classic cars stupid ass hole
there's none left and because of fucktards like you producers keep fuckin
them up

Автор David Rinden ( назад)
I really hope those stunt vehicles were clones. But I highly doubt it. I
also hope that the 429 car was the hero car. 

Автор Slightlyevil ( назад)
Rot in hell....I'd rather have the car than the crap movies.

Автор RetroAdzz ( назад)
You guys are fucking dicks, it should be illegal to destroy classic cars
like that just for filming

Автор rodstartube ( назад)
these car throws raw gasoline smell

Автор thoof2001 ( назад)
To think that nine beautiful Torinos were destroyed for this shitty movie??
There ought to be a law against such sacrilege . . .

Автор miguel almeida ( назад)
im have got a nova chevy

Автор MrRAPTORv8 ( назад)
That one 4spd car with 429 he said was factory was not . Some one must of
made it a 4spd car . The 4spd only came in the cobra jet with the 351 c . I
know i own one.

Автор crashandcynder ( назад)
nice shape but ugly front end

Автор aserta ( назад)
Never going to happen. Those cars are scrap now.

Автор foxs raceing ( назад)
all the people thinking that there fuck all them up think again cuz they
get rust bucks nothing that could be nubbers maching or show caars

Автор Emz Games ( назад)
So true even tough i'm a faf fan I will take of that car like she's my wife
and these fuckers mess them all up.

Автор Ilham Julyansyah ( назад)
0:28 i will revenge. soon.

Автор Simen Bieber ( назад)

Автор eldo59 ( назад)
There weren't any other big stunts for the Torino other than the crash at
the end of the tunnel. So why 9 of them. That doesn't make sense. Well
thank you Clint for not destroying yours.

Автор CamaroAmx ( назад)
the Dukes of Hazzard show adveraged 3 chargers per show. 2 per jump (the
car landing is a different car then the one jumping) and 1 for every 2 cop
cars. its estimated that they destroyed between 150 and 200 charger during
the shows run (it slowed down towards the end when budget cuts were done
and they started using models/toy cars). anther 50 were destroyed during
the films (the 3 made-for-TV ones and the 2 major hollywood ones).

Автор CamaroAmx ( назад)
no. the show was made from about 78 to 86 (?). by that point the 68-69
charger was out of production for 10 years. the charger nameplate itself
was killed of in 78 (until its return in 83 as a FWD Omni-based sporty
compact car and then again in its current run starting in 05). by that
point it was nothing more then a rebadged Chrysler Cordoba luxury car.

Автор CamaroAmx ( назад)
same with Christine. there were very few Furys built and instead of using
the more common base model, the Belvidere, they used real Furys. that film
just about took out 1/2 of all 57-58 Fury's left in 1978 (in any
condition). add 35 years to that and real 57 Furys are near impossible to
find (most Christine clones are made from Belvideres).

Автор CamaroAmx ( назад)
actually for the Dukes of Hazzard (both TV show and films), they put ads
outs saying they'd buy any 68-70 charger, paying no more then $2,000 (the
per car budget for the major film). when the show was made, chargers were
just concidered used cars. when newer films came out they actually used any
68-69 charger they could find, wether it came from a junkyard or were
survivor cars (unrestored originals). many were good running or restorable

Автор Nate Karg (1694 года назад)
you got that right lol fucking new chargers are ugly and the challenger is
even uglier lol. They always have too many dodges in the film and not
enough of fords.

Автор Nate Karg (1835 лет назад)
they'll probably just fix them all up again since they have all the money
in world to buy all the cars in the first place lol

Автор reeceracing123 (1180 лет назад)
I believe the one surving car is the 454. All were cars from those
junkyards out in the desert, just with a coat of paint and shiny wheels.

Автор wedontknowone1 ( назад)
umm what?

Автор Thomas Clarke ( назад)
something that looks like a fucking PENIS

Автор Thomas Clarke ( назад)
BITCH AND WHAT? NOW I HAVE TO GO JACK 9 Chevelles and park those pieces of

Автор Sérgio Oliveira ( назад)
but the chargers wrecked in dukes of hazzard movie were all pieces of junk
that could not be fixed anymore due to the amount of rust and shit they had

Автор JGSally ( назад)
Wait a minute, that thing had side exhaust pipes but at the last few
seconds you just see the exhaust come out from under the car. You cheap

Автор markunit72 ( назад)
your opinion
Автор josh booher ( назад)
i have a 73 Gran Torino, in beautiful shape 351 4 barrel everythings
original its up to people like me to preserve these cars and stupid shits
in this video to destroy them

Автор c00lermaster100 (1787 лет назад)

Автор Justin P. Langston ( назад)

Автор Anthony Guardanapo ( назад)
i have a 1972 Ford Gran Torino, factory 4 speed, center console, bucket
seats, with a 357 cobra jet engine, its pretty sweet!!

Автор TheWowipwnthis ( назад)
this upsets me, they used a factory 429, 4 speed grand torino...

Автор panther5145 ( назад)
Than you

Автор panther5145 ( назад)
He can act and drive better

Автор senatorlou ( назад)
Vin desile is a faggot ass motherfucker who can't act for shit

Автор DORKYBA55ATTACK ( назад)
Kinda like the Green Hornet...how the Chrysler that was used in that movie
was in the single digits as far as what was left on the road...and they
destroyed so many of them.

Автор SageofTalos ( назад)
But weren't chargers still being made when that show aried? I could be
wrong (and I most likely am).

Автор appalloisis (825 лет назад)
yall know how many dodge chargers they wrecked while shooting the dukes of
hazards? lol fast an furious didnt even come close to the amount of trashed
muscle cars they made, haha

Автор Chamblizi The All Mighty! ( назад)

Автор cody travis ( назад)
fucking idiots you should all die for wrecking these beautiful cars.

Автор cassidy323 ( назад)
thats 4 less torinos in this world now thanks assholes for ruining original

Автор FordGT40 Fan ( назад)
ford torino= mustang wannabe

Автор MIKEK3NT ( назад)
those rims were from Eleanor

Автор Charlie Arvidsson ( назад)
why dont they just sell the trashed cars to enthusiast, its like somebody
might want a gran torino

Автор Cori .S ( назад)
id rather them trash the Torinos then any other cars in this movie

Автор Keith Coppage ( назад)
Two things: 1) ALL 429 Torinos were automatic only; the only 4-speeds
offered from '72-'74 were 351 Cobra Jet cars. One of the Cobra Jet cars

Автор Megan Tolbert ( назад)
@sirlordwhitman I agree with you all the way man......I'd love to have a
Gran Torino *tears up*

Автор gajdijaa ( назад)
wtf???? i sure damn hope those are 200(something) replicas!! otherwise ur
gonna burn in hell

Автор knappjames23 ( назад)
Alot of these cars are getting autioned this month at the leake car auction
in dallas,tx! Get you 1! November 18-20!

Автор Auto Young ( назад)
I hope the one that's left is the 429 car. If not, u should all burn in
HELL!!! U should burn in hell for constantly destroying my dream car, the
70 charger. You people r the reason it's harder to find nice cars and then
donor car to do restos. And if we do find them they're expensive as hell
and the average guy can't afford em just the rich guys who buy them and
never drive em.

Автор Tyrone Ross ( назад)
Hahaaa, even the exhausts are fake

Автор 4Plus4isYourMom ( назад)

Автор spencnaz (1721 год назад)
way to destroy some automotive history, you douchebags.

Автор brapboys503 ( назад)
And people wonder why I fucking hate the whole series. Before these
shithole movies, I actually had a LITTLE respect for Vin Diesel. Now I see
what he took part in, and he's on my shit list.

Автор magicalpoop ( назад)
what the fuck?! these were not fiberglass repros? O M F G .........

Автор knappjames23 ( назад)
@MartyInLa Thank you..i have a 72 as well....im going to attempt this side
exhaust, but try to get it funtional like the nascar editions! I just found
out that this car is going to the leake auction in dallas,tx november 18-20
and its actually a 73 gran torino title and has a 72 front end! I couldnt
believe it butt cant wait to see how much it sells for! It should raise the
bar and value of these RARE antiques! Im hoping!

Автор MartyInLa ( назад)
@knappjames23 Yes, you are right, the sidepipes aren't functional in that
vehicle, they are just there for looks. I have a '72 Torino, and my guess
is they have the same type of exhaust as my car. I have turn downs which
has exhaust tips welded onto the mufflers in front of the rear axle. There
are no tail pipes. The reason I did this is the dual exhausts don't get
that hot, and I had exhaust pipes rot out in as few as 6 months.

Автор hakalakalaka1 ( назад)
@supersonic3296 1.they can't repair damage like that 2.I didn't watch the
movie, gtfo, wiseass.

Автор supersonic3296 ( назад)
@hakalakalaka1 funny bitch, they can repair them so stfu, i guarantee u
watched the movie anyway, so shut it

Автор knappjames23 ( назад)
I have same car and im wanting to do the same exhaust but ive noticed
33-40sec the afterburner exhaust isnt functional, it looks like it actually
is dumped cause the smoke doesnt pass in front of tire...it passes behind
tire? Does anyone know how i would aquire some answers?

Автор MrCleanPolo (1493 года назад)
*sheds tears* @0:25

Автор TheRaevin ( назад)
They should all be hit in the testicles for destroying these cars.

Автор sirlordwhitman ( назад)
@FWQR3T No doubt. Here I am.. hankering to own just one of these cars, give
them a great home and provide lots of loving and care... and you see these
hollywood nipple lumps fucking them all up.

Автор BLOOD1MONEY ( назад)
hey it has eleanor's rims...little copy cat.

Автор The Antichrist ( назад)

Автор SKUSMC ( назад)
As a proud owner of a Torino, seriously, screw these movies.

Автор Termin4tor ( назад)
garbage car!!

Автор Zach Jaixen ( назад)
they really aren't that hard to find, there is a lot of them, you have to
look in the right places....and they didn't take ones in good shape, they
would refurbish ones with a good outside body for those scenes, and ones
with a good interior for those camera scenes.

Автор bigsteveokay ( назад)
crappy movie. who cares if they showcased the cars - there are now NINE
less old muscle cars out there due to these clown movies. and Dukes of
Hazzard? oh man, what a bunch of pricks

Автор ScoobyDigites ( назад)
build clones why mess up real deal originals when they are hard to find in
the first place

Автор 13cruelty ( назад)
so this fuckers fucked some good cars to make this fucking movie?

Автор 1MtnBoy ( назад)
OMG 9 of them and only 1 is left..........Im gonna cry............the fact
that they found 9 ! is amazing enough but then to wreck em ? Wahahahahahaa

Автор John Bakker ( назад)
fucking fags fucking up nice cars

Автор eldo59 ( назад)
Dang, it will be hard to find cool rare muscle cars in the auto trader
since Hollywood is wrecking them all up now.

Автор shucksomecorn24 ( назад)
9 of them? wow

Автор James Johnson ( назад)
And it's spelled they. Nice touch.

Автор James Johnson ( назад)
@shzze Wow, way to misinterpret him. They built 9 as in tore down the car
and built it from the ground up. They're saying that they found three
factory 4 speed cars out of those 9. Not they built 9 from scratch and
found 3. It's almost impossible to build a Torino from scratch. Companies
that make body shells for a living will put hundreds of thousands of
dollars into the project so they can make thousands of bodies. Why put all
that in for 9 when you can easily go find 9 for a few thousand?

Автор BOOM ii ( назад)
@jamesandrewjohnson he says thay built 9 of them and thay got 3 factory
thats where i got it from so you dont know what your talkin about and im
not about to start arguing with a stupid internet troll like you have a
nice life cuz i aint prepaired to waist mine on you

Автор James Johnson ( назад)
@shzze What are you retarded? Qouted from the video, "We actually found 3
factory 4 speed cars, one of them being the 429 car." How do you explain
this if "they're fakes"? They somehow found three fake factory 4 speed
Torinos to beat on? Sorry, but that's just bull. You don't know what you're
talking about, and they do waste tons and tons of classic cars. It's
disgusting. You want to know how they "get so many cars to destroy"? One
word: money.

Автор tin701 ( назад)
They should get shitty rusted 'past the point of no return' cars and then
fix them enough to drive and look good on camera then destroy them instead
of getting actually good cars and just obliterating them.

Автор fluffy581245 ( назад)
@FatRedneckTerrorist realy? you find one flaw in the heritage of american
muscel cars and you automaticaly hate them... fucking kill urself

Автор Shenker10 ( назад)
i HATE car movies... no not becuase there no fun to watch... but you only
really see one of each car get wrecked... but really the destroyed 3 of
these monsters, 8 buick GN's, 4 of the black bi axle trucks and multiple
others... shame on you holywood, but keep up the great car movies lol

Автор Jan Korbel ( назад)
@hipcat13 calm down i thought he said we have built 9 of theese vehicles.
don't be so rude

Автор deminpig . ( назад)
we have really good cg effects now stop wrecking old cars for shitty

Автор Peter Mullaney ( назад)
this car will sone e as rare as the dodo bird

Автор Buckleofbelt ( назад)

Автор steelstrings1312 ( назад)
thats just a shame...... i have no respect for movie making when they do
shit like this to old cars....

Автор firebloxice1 ( назад)
Clint eastwood said no paint jobs or flames or flames XD

Автор kryptokrow ( назад)
four 4 speeds and a big block gone.. the one that survived will get
repainted and destroyed in some other show.. they want everyone to drive a
foriegn piece of shit.. dude sounded all proud when he said this is the
only one left..proud prius owner....ever heard of C.G.I. or maybe they just
Cant Get It

Автор hakalakalaka1 ( назад)
oh my god fuck these fucking idiots apparently dont give a shit about
classic cars and just fucking trash like 8 of them just for some shittyass
move they should just use 90s cars that no none cars about assholes

Автор eckoprr ( назад)
fuck it it's a ford!!!!

Автор Theo QUIÑONEZ ( назад)
@Jared1452 no les combiene pierde mucho dinero las compañias de autos

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