Entertainment Report 2016 - Sanchez, Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Popcaan, Mavado... ect

ER WEEKLY's (Dec 30th) episode features Sanchez wanting to get back in the spotlight not only as a veteran but also as a competitive contestant in the game. Vybz Kartel's Birthday Bash is coming up and the GAZA Crew will be at the helm of that ship!, ER speaks more in detail on these events!!!

Its now that time when Jamaica picks it's DJ of the Year. ER seeks insight from the public to see what direction their fanaticism lead.... Feel free to share your opinion or thoughts on who YOU would want your DJ of year 2017 to be!!!


ER is cutting edge television. A popular culture magazine that touches on music, fashion, food and offbeat topics. It tackles the entertainment industry in a fresh and frank way.
ER is an exciting entertainment product aimed at the young hip audience that must be in the know. ER delves into all that is current in Jamaican culture and entertainment. The best music videos premiere on ER. If you want the most significant industry bites -check ER on JamFLIX.

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Автор Nathaniel Moore ( назад)
anthony miller is the worst interview person in history real talk

Автор pro Sluer ( назад)
Sanchez is a legend to me he is a real stamp a amazing voice !!!!

Автор Akeem James ( назад)
sanchez is the king of redoing a song he took songs and made thwm sound way

Автор Oneal Watson ( назад)
Jam flix me see u say in a wah comment say kartel we do 5 song Ina 1 month
ah some boy we sing song 1month and it hit over Addi...when ,where,ah how?
U have song weh hot ah u have song weh hit...ntg weh Addi sing no fade out
bredda if u deh dance rn and dem play a throw bk addi ah.u still have a
vybz to that song....so me no too agree with that comment..coz wen addi deh
round every month u get atleast two hit from him me nah ask that...alka ha
more views bcoz him only come once a month but some man fi know say say a
no views do this a weh d streets says goes ...big up Masicka too he had a
great year

Автор Oneal Watson ( назад)
Song a the year a fever who df wah go round dat?

Автор kobebestfan ( назад)
SouFlo brought me here for the tea. Zum ain't risking his career. I
wouldn't either.

Автор marlon wong ( назад)
Lmfao my Guy @ 11:34 is the real MVP !! We ole' Artist a Guh

Автор Kyng Kris20 ( назад)

Автор lennyhyde Gaza world ( назад)
Pop caan a pussy!!!

Автор steven white ( назад)
mi still rate vybz kartel but alkaline bad to

Автор hollister kid ( назад)
Popcaan a pussy Ina real life

Автор untame don ( назад)
: uno nuh kno Anthony a who kmt if uno nuh kno uno nuh live a jamaica
anthony a battyman a man a fuck him an a dats why him talk about alka suh
in every interview the boy duh wid everybody all wen the ppl dem nuh waa
hear bout him dat batty boy anthony miller a throw up alka fish ina the ppl
dem face a tru alka sing bout batty mek yuh love him suh..kartel nuh fuck
man yuh a ask the man if alka deh pon kartel mind are if the man a talk
bout dat battyboy like yuhself kmt

Автор Omar Pinnock ( назад)
Vendetta a fish in a the sea Gaza they pon the beach that boy think bout
addi more than him woman make him no war who they a road a studio coward

Автор nyny 969 ( назад)
Sanches...real artist,vocal ability crazy.bless

Автор Prince Solomon ( назад)
boom boom me agree, progress run the place and uplift alot a ppl, give it
to mavado

Автор Romesh O. Nelson ( назад)
not selling your soul off course

Автор everton gardner ( назад)
some people fi stop chat check is songs lost of original songs Sanchez a
the best

Автор Scott Taylor ( назад)
Not enough original music, Sanchez!! Good vocals... but too many covers!!

Автор Peter Kiarie ( назад)
vybz kartel dancehall legend

Автор Richardo Granston ( назад)

Автор circular pann ( назад)
Happy 2017

Автор John Khaos ( назад)
Sanchez is an Reggae/Dancehall icon in my book

Автор nichole nelson ( назад)
kartel a always be legend and a live on in we but like any other legend
them time pass and a new legend born

Автор nichole nelson ( назад)
thank you Colin hinds for you input and what due to ceaser you give to
him,vendetta year....gaza girl but no bias music me say

Автор Romario Mundle ( назад)
when vybz kartel is the greatest :-)

Автор Dwight Bowyer ( назад)
Sanchez you can't get grammy by doing cover and your not working start do
some work

Автор Davion lyons ( назад)
you need original material sir so get some writers and producers and make a
fire album

Автор Da Da ( назад)
artiste a di year fi me a vado tbh...ppl just frade fi talk...Yuh see when
kartel deh a road ppl a talk bout kartel too slack and dem Nuh wah hear him
as him gone a jail unu a talk bout kartel and Gaza but unu a di same one
did a talk bout di man...all some a di artists to Weh did a diss kartel wen
him deh a road all of a sudden as him gone a jail dem a Jump up bout kartel
kartel free world boss unu need fi Guh suck unu mada gully ute a talk big
up kartel same way

Автор Tayyib Thomas ( назад)
The boss Vybz Kartel all the way

Автор JamFlix ( назад)
Not to step on an artiste style but Ive always kinda laughed in head about
this mask in which Alkaline wears that comes from the movie "Vendetta".
Believe it or not its a tad bit senseless. The meaning of the mask has
absolutely nothing to do with "a vendetta". The mask represents a man
called Guy Fawkes who committed treason against the British Empire because
he was a fanatic of Catholicism. So ultimately, Guy Fawkes wasn't really
remembered for a vendetta. He was remembered for being a traitor who failed
at his plan to overthrow the English Monarch.

(Remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder TREASON and plot)

Автор Gully X Vendetta Straight ( назад)
alka tak 2016 an 2017 alka a the only artist that ever song him sing pass
1M views all a dem vex becz alka nu do nu show a JA fuka dem alka thing a
intal thing ja ppl dis the youte

Автор Karl Ditz ( назад)
Sanchez you are already an icon

Автор Chadrick Walker ( назад)
gullygad number 1 beat & teach

Автор charles kelly malin ( назад)
alkaline 2016

Автор Rose Spence ( назад)
up up Sanchez is a legend

Автор Jermaine Gayle ( назад)
the reality is tht every entertainer brought their game...some recognized
face fell off...some promising deejay got shuffled and turned out to be
jokers...but 2016 is Alkaline and Pop caan year...in my opinion...I would
give Alkaline for his countless hits tht robbed Kartel of some of his fans
and left others bitter but a so it go..Best Entertainer, however, belongs
to alkaline and me wah anybody fi contest it...2017 should see the impact
of Tommy Lee...will somebody touch Alkaline and tellnhim say hi fall
off...or Kartel get in a the fever and get hot again...will Movado make
more progrsss...or we affi go try fi remember Jahmiel...will masicka prove
to be a hard ball and de and the top striker or DeMarco find it or turn
reality star...who knws..2017 a go wicked but 2016 a Alkaline still a
win...sorry Poppy

Автор david dehaney ( назад)
Sanchez a chat some real ting💯

Автор Steppa Tv ( назад)
man tht sing alka song funny lol

Автор Steppa Tv ( назад)
Sanchez look fresh still

Автор Randy British ( назад)
sanchez is still a LEGEND

Автор ron Kodak ( назад)
Sanchez rule vocal
Business great singer
one love to the singer

Автор ron Kodak ( назад)
the rest of. Jamaica
Artist love the singer
him do the cover better than. the original. one singer

Автор ron Kodak ( назад)
a king never get crown in is town this
great respect

Автор ron Kodak ( назад)
this is Jamaica hummingbird. the
National voice bigup

Автор akeem anderson ( назад)
It's kinda funny people naming one song for the artists they support for
artist of the year but alkaline had at least 10 top songs

Автор jeffhype1 ( назад)
Sanchez is the best real ICON

Автор HOT LARVA ( назад)
Battyman nuffy suck yuh sodomite mumma...cartel beat an fuck yuh! pussy!
yuh retribution a come..wait!

Автор HOT LARVA ( назад)
Wha happen to dem people yah man...mi tired fi si some a unu from tv,radio,
dutty people bout hellboy this an hellboy that! Unu have cognitive
dissonance or what? that Jranco fi rotten a prison. All a unu suckout unu
nasty madda.Unu hate Movado cause a nastiness unu love..gullygad rub out
that fag long time! all them gaza nastiness unu nuh si the living God
remove cartel dutty hellboy outta real people sight. ..yet still these
bloodclaat dutty nigger nah stop chat shit bout him...35yrs without parole!
Which bloodclaat appeal? A unu him a chat ifhim nuh shit unu nuh nyam all
the dutty vloggers them come off Youtube mek hellboy rub him sentence an
guh repent! bloodclaat

Автор JA Anonymous ( назад)
pree the one Anthony, every time mi watch ER di one anthony Eva a try fi
push up the one alkaline even when the man name not even need fi call.
people look into it. Dj sunshine, dj Frass, boom boom, Anthony Miller all
ah dem a part of alkaline team. di man always a try put word innah di
people dem mouth fi seh alkaline better than kartel. Any how mi watch him
show one more time and mi si seh ah dat him a try again mi a put all mi
effort in fi mek every body boycott him show. Anthony Miller ah try push
out the Gaza boss , if uh think a lie just check the other shows . alkaline
just bus, don't compare the man wid kartel , kartel deh prison fi years and
di man still a run the place. not even innah America wi neva si a
entertainer duh dat. alkaline don't even have any originality and the only
reason why people a call him name is because ah the people innah him team
weh always ah try inject him innah every conversation that involve kartel.
him a ride on kartel hype. big up masicka him a duh him own thing and it a
work. kartel will forever be a legend in dance hall. MI caah even hear what
alkaline saying most of the times. people pree this , and it's not because
kartel ah mi DJ but when kartel deh road di man deh all bout a duh shows
innah jamaica, and this boy ( alkaline ) get a ride of the man hype by
looking like him and now cum ah talk bout him nah duh nuh show a jamaica.
di people dem must boycott any show him have innah jamaica boy a dis him
yaad fans. #boycottER #boycottAlkaline

Автор endurable man ( назад)
so hold on deh sting never did a keep from 2011after kartel get lock up Fi
wickedness that's Jamaica main crime problem... everybody a seh free kartel
and no fucking body a seh free the other youths them that get charge...
fucked up....

Автор Oswin Crawford ( назад)
U did too much cover Sanchez....U have a great voice, but ur career lacks
original pieces..

Автор Dancehall Queffa ( назад)
How this man love alkaline and vybz kartel name so dwl

Автор Sexy Cene ( назад)

Автор Tahjay Campbell ( назад)

Автор Paul Brown ( назад)
mr. Anthony Miller Vybz Kartel is living in your head rent-free on Vybz
Kartel break down the Berlin Wall and build the Great Wall of China so when
alkaline can break down the Great Wall of China you can talk to Gaza hahaha

Автор popsy Sky ( назад)
wen mavado ago collect a award? even go bill board with sump

Автор black Jesus makaveli tha don ( назад)

Автор Jamaican Martian ( назад)
Gully Gad a 'Beat and Teach' dem from the #1 spot for a month now. The fans
still love the way yuh roll General. 2017= Gully stampede.

Автор JamFlix ( назад)
Last ER for 2016.... Happy New Year everyone!!!

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