Will It Fruitcake? Taste Test

Today we answer the age old question: Will It Fruitcake? GMM #1051!
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Автор MeEmmy ( назад)
Do: Will IT chokolate-bar?

Автор Jay Steffen ( назад)
Do Will it burger

Автор Bunny Loudermilk ( назад)
just a spoon full of medicine helps the medicine go down😜😝😛

Автор Just Another YouTube Account ( назад)
Where can I get the McDonalds fruitcake?
My American urges are calling me to it.

Автор Butter Cup ( назад)
Today we ask the age old question, how did Voldemort lose his nose?

Автор Bullshit Comedy ( назад)
Your wrong the burger and fries do fruitcake!!!!!

Автор Brady Zink ( назад)
Do a will it chip

Автор Pickle Snickelfritz ( назад)

Автор Emma Martin ( назад)
I was eating a zip lock bag of frosting with a hole in the corner watching

Автор Dany Hernandez ( назад)
will it gummy worm pls

Автор TheLeeOnline ( назад)
Will it lollypop!

Автор Ivan Villalba ( назад)
Will it sausage

Автор Lilian Tiina ( назад)
Link"you should smell our breath right now"Me ummm no thanks

Автор Jost3n ( назад)
Will it chips??

Автор Lilian Tiina ( назад)
still not used to the hair

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will it rice crispy treat

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will it salad

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will it chili

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will it apple sauce

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will the blanket

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will it pasta

Автор Rebekah Callahan ( назад)
will it furniture

Автор Zaheer Dharas ( назад)
Will it cotton candy?

Автор Jack Holston ( назад)
Will it Caramel Apple? Either replace the apple or replace the caramel

Автор Winter Green ( назад)
I watch you guys all day not just in the mornings

Автор Trisha Allen ( назад)
You should do "will it ravioli"....

Автор Aria Grimm ( назад)
will it cheesecake???

Автор KindlyKay ( назад)
link's face at 14:20😂😂

Автор Emma Cerulli ( назад)
Hey guys! Why not "Will it Lasagna!" Pretty sure you could find nice noodle

Автор Jacob Black ( назад)
What about will it pillow

Автор Soflosports ( назад)
Will it Panini

Автор Clarissa Saenz ( назад)
Links gags are everything 😂

Автор Altan Ozata ( назад)
rhet and link plese do the bottle flip chalenge

Автор LIT Brick 18 ( назад)
"It's like a heart attack in my mouth"...."and?"...."I like it" 😂

Автор Saggy Sag ( назад)
you should of done will it veggie cake?

Автор Mel Mendoza ( назад)

Автор Malinda Slabaugh ( назад)
Do a will it casserole!

Автор saman priyantha thanthirige don ( назад)
Will it milk shake

Автор Kloetsj2000 ( назад)
Do a will it cheese next time!

Автор mcm730 ( назад)
Will it omelette

Автор skeleton sam ( назад)
try pannetons there like a spanish fruitcake,its delicouse

Автор Ryley Ingram ( назад)
Is salami and summer sausage the same thing?

Автор WColdblooded357W ( назад)
While I commend your bravery with insect based food. You must move up to
live tomato horn worms. Just Google it

Автор Alpha Charmander ( назад)
Will it pop tart?

Автор Titta Kröpi ( назад)

Автор Daniel Zubero ( назад)
Will It Stirfry?

Автор olivia piper ( назад)
gross! Bug fruitcake

Автор Laia Silver ( назад)
If Rhett grabs the bucket *Don't try it*

Автор Khanh Le Do Dong ( назад)
Will it Poke?

Автор Angela Swaim ( назад)
"What time is it?"

"...time to pupate"

Автор Chloee Orton ( назад)
U guys should do will it mac n cheese

Автор Jennifer Fredericks ( назад)
Will it waffle

Автор William Hofsink ( назад)
Will it BBQ

Автор most Eclipse ( назад)
u guys should do more will it challenges because there funny

Автор Erin Robarge ( назад)
😂 you can always hear Rhett and Link, mostly Link chew 😂

Автор TheKittyNipper ( назад)
.... fruit cake is pretty disgusting. fruity pebbles are really bad. I
would rather eat two of the insect cakes than that.

Автор MagicalMysteryChicken ( назад)
do will it waffle

Автор Adelle Ruby ( назад)
These cakes reminded me of Papa Franku

Автор RANDALL ( назад)
WILL IT OREO! Change the center creme

Автор Loverose8982 ( назад)
I have a question, Will It Hot Dog?

Автор Abby Marie ( назад)
you should do a will it cotten candy!!!!!!

Автор Babydoll ( назад)
They should definitely do a 'Will It Gummy?' Making different gummy bears
with various ingredients.

Автор anajia owens ( назад)
I want the recipe for the fruity pebbles cake

Автор Lauren Quirk ( назад)
Idk why but I couldn't stop laughing when Rhett said why'd they have to
upgrade snoopy? Link: I don't know or care.

Автор Elyzie G ( назад)
Will It Macaroon? (Like If Agree)

Автор The Canary Cry ( назад)
Almost all men get hotter as they get older. Rhett and Link are a great

Автор Sophie Dearden ( назад)
Get ready to pupate!

Автор Braden Bass ( назад)
I gotta make things right make it the way it supposed to be it's my OCD

Автор Julia Stephenson ( назад)
How did they film this on Christmas Eve but the video was posted December

Автор Sly Fox Entertainment ( назад)
Do a Will it Poutine

Автор LD Jøsephh ( назад)
will it eggroll? will it caramel? will it frosting?(frost different items
and tell if it will?)

Автор Chelsea Barrios ( назад)
I miss watching gmm so much

Автор roy henry ( назад)
why not do a "will it curry?"

Автор Agent Ratzi ( назад)
11:04 Oooo bear grylls would loooove that cake

Автор Kasey wheeler ( назад)
I was eating while link was gagging 🤢

Автор Kyle TGE ( назад)
RIP bugs 2017-2017 😓

Автор Amy Due ( назад)
"And what a Thick fruitcake it was" -A Rhett and Phil mixture

Автор Cut Throat Beauty ( назад)
Will it omelet!!!

Автор Blah Blah22 ( назад)
Hey gmm you should do a Will it shirt?

Автор Danyel Broadway ( назад)
yall should do will it ice cream

Автор Evan Muniz ( назад)

Автор Aleks Ozdogan ( назад)
Can you guys do will it poutine

Автор Ruby brewer ( назад)
Rhet and Link you made this video on my 11th birthday ivr been whatching
your videos for 3 years

Автор Mister Anime ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор EricaBabyBliss ( назад)
they need to make a recipe book. I wanna make the fruit loop cake!

Автор Kiana Alexandra ( назад)

Автор Natasha Coore ( назад)
You guys should do " would it pancake?"

Автор C L ( назад)
Will it Ramen ?

Автор CarsOfSweden ( назад)
Will it make Surstromming edible!

Автор Clare Knight ( назад)
Sigh link is so special

Автор Mike Mancaruso ( назад)
Not sure why but your channel keeps unsubbing me =[ HALP

Автор WooZIE997 ( назад)
.5 speed is the greatest!!! XD

Автор Dimixoltion ( назад)
12:17 Slimy, yet satisfying.


Автор Bunny ( назад)
Do Royal Jelly please!

Автор Bunny ( назад)
please try royal jelly?

Автор hiba nova ( назад)
Can you overdose on antacid?

Автор JP Perron ( назад)
the toy was pochako. an old japanese children's show

Автор Victoria Lopez ( назад)
It's a hello Kitty dog

Автор Andrew Than ( назад)
I extremely gaged at. this

Автор MlpAceSter ( назад)

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