Will It Fruitcake? Taste Test

Today we answer the age old question: Will It Fruitcake? GMM #1051!
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Автор Annum Butt ( назад)
You know its fine when Link gags, but you know its really bad if Rhett gags.

Автор Life /w Nana ( назад)
Do will it waffle plzzzzz

Автор Ardita Vukaj ( назад)
Link: *gag*
Rhett: *gag*
Link: *gag*
Rhett: *gag*
Link: *gag*
Link: *gag*
Rhett: *spits out*

Автор Lee Eric ( назад)
why cant link have a knife?

Автор pokemon toy collecter ( назад)
the toy you got is from hello Kitty

Автор Safa Jebur ( назад)
Will it cake like if you agree

Автор DawnOfDeath Chassy1995 ( назад)
does anyone else see the toy poking out of the edge? 3:17

Автор Robinson07 Brick Films ( назад)
I'm with Rhett what was that toy in the happy cake?

Автор Kangaroo King ( назад)
It's pupa not pupai

Автор TheMoGamer ( назад)
The antacid cake

Автор RhiRhi Games ( назад)

Автор Judah W. ( назад)
How do u guys not get fat AF?!?!?!

Автор Matix Luczka ( назад)
Do will it cake 😍

Автор Laughing Llama ( назад)
If you give Rhett a knife it's ok, but when u give link a knife u know he's probably going to stab himself 😂

Автор ZoomBLM ( назад)
"I gotta go saw on it..." "It'll grow back right?"

Автор Rosie Duran ( назад)
Santa 🎅 is real

Автор VenomGaming ( назад)
That thumbnail though!

Автор Vicky Adams ( назад)

Автор Phalen Bouisse ( назад)
You made me barf my launch ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!! 😷🤢🤢🤢👿👿👿🤤😭😭😱😱😨

Автор Phalen Bouisse ( назад)
( gag gag gag gag gag gag ) EEEEEEEEEEEW BUG CAKE ( gags 100 ) 😮😮😶😶😶😮😮😮😮😮🤐🤐🤐🤐😆😱😱😱😱👾👾🙀🙀👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻

Автор duh its feli ( назад)
will it pancake?

Автор Michael Medhat ( назад)
I love how all the wheel of mythicality said "gift" or "gifticality"

Автор PetrePann ( назад)
Man this new tough Link is wow.

Автор GaliaxyPandaLover 000 ( назад)
Link looks bald in the thumbnail! XD

Автор Ella Törnqvist ( назад)
Will it meetballs

Автор Cat Party ( назад)
When you realize that you are still hungry while watching these....

Автор Nicola Farmilette ( назад)
Will it meatball?!

Автор Alexis Unicorn ( назад)
"Its like a heart attack in my mouth."
"I like it"

Автор wolfshadow 435 ( назад)
How do you get comfy in the grass outside?

Автор Zeinab Ali ( назад)
the frog one was so disgusting man

Автор Artie ( назад)
*gags* not bad

Автор Artie ( назад)
"what time is it" "time to pupe"

Автор Artie ( назад)
Does Link remind anybody else of Gus from 'Love' [the show]

Автор Let's Feast Ricky ( назад)
Will It Lollipop ?

Автор MIKEY VEE ( назад)
9:00 I thought it was going to be rocket raccoon

Автор Crazy Alyssa! ( назад)
do a challenge of dog food and real food

Автор Hamster Poop ( назад)
Can u guys do a will it bake. I love u guys funniest stuff ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Benjamin Sorensen ( назад)
I think im gonna hurl

Автор Bts/Army Crybaby ( назад)
Will It Macaroon?

Автор TheTabaK23 ( назад)
Exotic fruit taste test

Автор Jasmijn Groot ( назад)
I am Groot.

Автор Astrid Ross ( назад)
Once you get past that initial dry heave 😂😂

Автор gracie jones ( назад)
I eat fruit cake

Автор Bobby Johnson ( назад)
🎶A spoon-ful of medicine, helps the medicine go down🎶

Автор ikol23 ( назад)
Antacid, will it antacid?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it sausage?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it make Rhett and Link retch/vomit?
I will pay money to see this

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it risotto?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it polenta?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it pudding?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it sandwich?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it ferment?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it salad?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it salad?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it chocolate bar?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
Will it hors d'oeuvre?
Will it antipasto?

Автор James Currie ( назад)
They should a do will it cake?

Автор max_daxter362 ( назад)
Guys we didcussed this give him only rubber knives! lol that part killed me

Автор Michael Chung ( назад)
My dad actually ENJOYS eating silk worm pupate (deep fried).

Автор Vincent Roca ( назад)
Finally my favorite Rhett's sentence is back. Y'ALL READY TO PUPATE !!!

Автор Sarah Brace ( назад)

Автор Janice Foster ( назад)
will it omelette? add random ingredients 2 an omelette then lets see what happens

Автор UnderMau SpeedPaints ( назад)
Rett: You gave him a fricking back up knife? How many times do we have to have this conversation? He only gets rubber knifes. Me: HA XD

Автор UnderMau SpeedPaints ( назад)
Link: **gags** not bad Me: XD

Автор Duncan Kelly ( назад)
You posted on my bday.

Автор Srangcamg/Solrac ( назад)
How abt will it sandwhich?!?

Автор Holly Bradley2005 ( назад)
This came out on my birthday!!! (Ye im a Christmas cookie)

Автор Eric Wang ( назад)

Автор PatuttiS _ ( назад)
When Rhett gags, there's something wrong. R.I.P Rhett's tastebuds

Автор Tess and the Diamonds ( назад)
Bihhhhh I'm eating front loops rn!

Автор Pablo Dadal ( назад)
will it pretzel? :D

Автор Ally Posadas ( назад)

Автор Callum Farquharson ( назад)
You need to use an axe to cut the Groot cake! :')

Автор Jannette LaRose ( назад)
hello I am one of your biggest fans I love your videos and especially your will it vids😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😀😀😀😀😈😈

Автор Littlest Pet Shop Lover 148 ( назад)
Hey guys here is a secret...

Read more

Автор Beebo World ( назад)
Will it food


will it desert


will it anything


Автор Tanja Tanja ( назад)
'Wanderbares Österreich'? I don't understand this sentence…:D

Автор Ava R ( назад)
Will it donut?

Автор pkc1998 ( назад)
That "Let's get ready to pupate!" brings so many memroies lol.

Автор Carlton Mitchell ( назад)
will it gummy

Автор SomeFancyWhale ( назад)
Will it make Link vomit?

Автор riblet ( назад)
I saw the two words will it and clicked the video

Автор Ace Diamond ( назад)
"It's kind of like the opposite of putting together a puzzle."  Put that on a t-shirt.

Автор Ace Diamond ( назад)
Aw man, why didn't you think to make the Happy Cake out of a Burger King kid's meal instead, and call it a Burger King Cake, like a king cake, which is just like that (except normal cake ingredients) with a baby figurine hidden inside.

Автор Madison Hogue ( назад)
they made this on My b-day

Автор Heather ( назад)
you guys should do will it maple syrup, like they put various sauces or liquids on pancakes and then taste it :))) Like if you'd love to see this <3

Автор James ( назад)
"It's not bad"
"Let's not fool ourselves, this is bad"

Автор Raamiz Khan ( назад)
I wonder what it looks like in Rhett and Link's stomach........

Автор Aquatic Gamer ( назад)
Well folks, I guess their creations have finally come to fruition.


Автор Dazi Playz ( назад)
I always watch GMM in the night Who else does if you do like

Автор Matcha milkshake ( назад)
do a will it pudding

Автор Duncanmems ( назад)
Geez these videos make me so hungry

Автор Robin Langfeld ( назад)
You know it's horrible when they sing a song

Автор Robin Langfeld ( назад)
It's sickening to watch! *throws up* (Not actually)

Автор Robin Langfeld ( назад)
Ma-mag MAGGOTS!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Автор Robin Langfeld ( назад)
Bu-bu-bug fruitcake!!??????? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Автор Carl Bryant ( назад)
"Do not give Link weapons" OOOOOOOH the dart board foreshadowing

Автор Jocelyn Wolf ( назад)
will it grilled vheese?

Автор George Weasley ( назад)
WHY do I always eat during these especially disgusting episodes?

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