Will It Fruitcake? Taste Test

Today we answer the age old question: Will It Fruitcake? GMM #1051!
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Автор Annum Butt ( назад)
You know its fine when Link gags, but you know its really bad if Rhett gags.

Автор Lucinda Brown ( назад)
do will it Cake

Автор Hailey Givens ( назад)
you guys are so funny

Автор Elisa Mercado ( назад)
do this vidios in spanish please!

Автор Musikxz ( назад)
12:24 EUGGGH

Автор Citrus House ( назад)
11:35 I heard "incest is the future of survival" oops

Автор Bob Davis ( назад)
Will it hot chocolate

Автор Ada Kate Apolinar ( назад)
my grandma eats it she loves it

Автор Jasmine Lourens ( назад)
Will it yoghurt ?

Автор Jasmine Lourens ( назад)
Will it cupcake ?

Автор Jasmine Lourens ( назад)
will it slaghetti ?

Автор JPR0KZ Fresh2Death ( назад)

Автор Carleigh Shannon ( назад)
The groot cake would be perfect to give to beavers

Автор Nygia Official ( назад)
Will it Soda

Автор Hunter Hutcheson ( назад)
my grandma has a fruit cake sitting on the top of her fridge for almost 6 years

Автор Pinky Llama ( назад)
Will it gingerbread?

Автор Annual The ( назад)
I don't know what's more painful having explosive diarrhea or reading the horrible grammar on amazon talking about having explosive diarrhea

Автор Ethan the Mini fridge ( назад)
Will it marshmallow (like if agree)

Автор bonermetal666 ( назад)
how come they never swear!!!

Автор Debbie Tyson ( назад)
pupas more like pukes

Автор DerpLikesUnicorns ( назад)
Link: * gags * * shrugs * It's not bad

Me: wat

Автор Mackenzie Chapin ( назад)
No matttttthhhhhhhhhhh PLS ITS CHRISTMAS

Автор aewtx ( назад)
The dog (the toy) hails from the Hello Kitty (Sanrio) world. I don't know his name though.

Автор WolfEyeGAMZ ( назад)
Will it Milkshake? Like if you agree

Автор Llama Lurker ( назад)
still haven't gotten used to links hair.

Автор Jada Goshorn ( назад)
I was eating and once the bug cake came out in had to change the video

Автор KryptonicMatter ( назад)
You guys need to check for parasites.

Автор Hugh Sandgathe ( назад)
How about will it hot dog?

Автор ryan mcdnough ( назад)
will it sandwich

Автор Jennifer Chupick ( назад)
Will it burger

Автор BrotherSquidman ( назад)
Will It Mac & Cheese?

Автор Jozlynn Marsh ( назад)
I love you, guys.

Автор EricG326 ( назад)
Ladies and gentlemen... The future of Christmas! 12:17

Автор Maddie Newlin ( назад)
Link did anyone ever teach you not to play with nifes

Автор Ann Hickox ( назад)
Who else is impressed that Link ACTUALLY finished something he gagged on??

Автор Julianne Rose Lalonde ( назад)
I feel so alone loving fruit cake, here, on the internet... Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

Автор AmethystFlower ( назад)

Автор Honeybear1253 ( назад)
Rhett: It's like a kind of peppermint candy!
Me: It's like a kind of nose candy!*sniff sniff*

Автор Isabella Evans ( назад)
When they started talking about Rett being constipated I laughed so hard I spit out my cereal!!!! 😂

Автор OSTO20 ( назад)
Link is wearing the same shirt as the last will it episode (will it corndog?)😂

Автор Lunar ASMR ( назад)

Автор Lord Pain ( назад)

Автор HelensThrone ( назад)
Will it Chicken Nugget?

Автор Left For Dead ( назад)
Ava McLaughlin is my name😊😂😍😇😆

Автор Evyn Fallon ( назад)
Fruitcake is like the candle from that one SNL skit.

Автор Julian ROYALS ( назад)
Will it steak (porterhouse)? like if you agree

Автор Craig LaHue ( назад)
Will it Brownie

Автор Mike Lipe ( назад)
Do will it cake!

Автор Mike Lipe ( назад)
Link and knives...Everytime!!!

Автор Will gaming ( назад)
You now is bad when you gag and your not eating it

Автор Tyler Woody ( назад)

Автор Erica X H ( назад)
For the pupate cake, they both looked like they had a mental disorder, lol

Автор Adriel The sanity ( назад)
Hi Rhett and Link

Автор Adriana Radke ( назад)
will it ICING!!!

Автор Akumu Tora ( назад)
You know it's bad when Rhett gags.

Автор Kevin Sutherlin ( назад)
will fruitcake fruitcake

Автор MixedBoyJordan ( назад)
You know it's bad when Rhett stars gagging😂

Автор canedcow ( назад)
one does not simply make a fruit cake without fruit...

Автор Kato Sakamoto ( назад)
please make more "will it...." stuff I love this *-*

Автор Aleksandra Kedzic ( назад)

Автор Aleksandra Kedzic ( назад)
What I Learned: NEVER -Give- knife Link 😂😂

Автор SouthernPrincess91 ( назад)
ROFL when they both start gagging, I just can't XD LMAO TOO FUNNY!

Автор Razier ( назад)
go back and look at the thumbnail

Автор Ariana Balogh ( назад)
Do will it omelette

Автор booger123 ( назад)
happy cake = rosca de reyes lol

Автор Brandon Blackmon ( назад)
This my favorite show for mealtime...I wonder why I am underweight.

Автор Gigi P. ( назад)
Will it Potato Chip?

Автор AG Lover ( назад)
they need to have like some sort of stomach problems because of the stuff they eat

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)

Автор Death Reaper ( назад)

Автор wenders ( назад)
i want the mcdonalds one

Автор kathy harrell ( назад)
"*gags* not bad" omg I was laughing so hard after lol

Автор Pastel Kitten ( назад)
Is it just me or is anyone else thinking of Jacksepticeye whenever they say "Mcloughlin"?

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
6:05 That was probably the deepest I've ever heard Link's voice go. lol

Автор splat wolf Splat wolf splatoon ( назад)
WILL IT Fruitcake love it

Автор Piper Woodard ( назад)
"You have him a extra knife,he only gets rubber knifes!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Piper Woodard ( назад)
"Guys don't put the knife on his side,you don't give the man a weapon!i couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Piper Woodard ( назад)
If link starts gagging and Rhett if laughing,I try not to gag while laughing,I love GMM,I have been watching for 4 years you guys know what we want

Автор Russell Johnson ( назад)
Yall start back on my birthday

Автор Gamer G ( назад)
for the Grute cake, I was expecting them to use an axe lol

Автор Lynette Caul ( назад)
Will it omelette?
Will it frosting?
Will it cupcake?

Автор Sresha Pradhan ( назад)
will it hot dog

Автор Sresha Pradhan ( назад)
will it hot dog

Автор Paula Suciu ( назад)
Bug cale!!!

Автор Gemmasilverplaysroblox ( назад)
Link: "of all ages" *secretly points at self*

Автор Derek The Dimple ( назад)
They're literally the Dan and Phil of America for some reason

Автор My honest Thoughts ( назад)
Could you do will it spaghetti? PLEASE like this if you agree I love spaghetti 🍝 and love this show so combining them would be like a dream come true😃 PLEASE DO THIS

Автор Mels Melb ( назад)
will it macaroon please

Автор GoReadTheNiceDragonOnWattpadThankYou ( назад)
will it smoothe!

Автор Ignacio Miller ( назад)

Автор Mieke Verwey ( назад)
Here we have a precursor to the mannequin VR video... Never give Link a knife!

Автор Calvin Romeo ( назад)
On the thumbnail Link looks like an ape.

Автор Octavio Baca ( назад)
will it baked potato should be next... like to rhett and link to see this

Автор The Crumpet King ( назад)
Will it soda?

Автор Jamil Hussain ( назад)
Indians are fake in the world
Their presence is not less than any abuse on the planet !!!

Автор Rick Harrison ( назад)
Will it Omelet?!?!

Автор MD ( назад)
Do a Will it kool-aid or will it blanket and weave a blanket of bacon!

Автор JS3 Fifa and other stuff ( назад)
Will it Spaghetti like if you agree

Автор Anjipa Malla ( назад)
Will it curry?

Автор InsaneHungarianGamer40 b ( назад)
will it macaroon!

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