Drone Drop: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown | NFL

Watch the NFL's top wide receivers and defensive backs attempt to catch footballs being dropped by drones over 100 feet in the air!

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Просмотров: 1466732
Длительность: 3:52
Комментарии: 627

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Автор Michelle Tafoys ( назад)
even no i live in denver

Автор Michelle Tafoys ( назад)
my man obj wins my favorate nfl player

Автор Brenda Leto ( назад)

Автор Jj Lee ( назад)
"The drone is higher that the sun"

Автор Cathy Sherman ( назад)
cris Harris hoped so high

Автор dawn whitley ( назад)

Автор TH3 B3AST ARMIJO ( назад)
3 LSU 1 Kansas

Автор Daniel Henkel ( назад)
pure skill

Автор Jlfan 14 ( назад)
If anyone knows please reply. How do you do this like how do you hook your football to a drone???

Автор Scott Garcia ( назад)
The ocho

Автор Zechariah Prince ( назад)
Jarvis Landry should of won🏈🏈👌🏾💪🏾

Автор Parma zyxwvu ( назад)

Автор Sarah Chancellor ( назад)
3 of the people all went to lsu

Автор Steven ( назад)
drone drop, drop top

Автор Jonman12 1.1 ( назад)
I picked obj

Автор Saz Dosanjh ( назад)
Yep, this makes the pro-bowl way more interesting, and Nope. I'm still not watching it.
Yes I know it was laaaaast weeeeeek.

Автор JS Shem ( назад)
Wow those visors

Автор Adub Htown ( назад)
do they play these games every year?? I've been missing out.

Автор peter ( назад)
would love to see larry fitzgerald give this a go.

Автор Marlon Tadeo ( назад)
Why are they even playing a game. They should just feature these skills competitions as the "Pro Bowl"

Автор ryanoco7 ( назад)
how is this hard?

Автор E-Wrecked Gamer ( назад)
I know Odell is good, but cmon. Stop drooling over him. Jeez

Автор Receiver927 ( назад)
Lol OBJ was showing off in the first one

Автор Casstrom Gaming ( назад)
Where is antonio

Автор Jorge Alejandro ( назад)
why they use helmets

Автор URUSOIMI ( назад)
What a stupid 'challenge'. That drone never got higher than 10 ft above OBJ's big 'ol head.

Автор Janet Tapia ( назад)

Автор Gerrari27 ( назад)
does anyone know what brand , model of drone is that one?

Автор TheAlbinoskunk ( назад)
"this drone so high in the sky it's actualy now higher than the sun" has to be one of the stupidest lines I've ever heard by a commentator

Автор Chipps ( назад)
I'd rather see gruden out there trying to catch em

Автор Dylan De Jesus vlogs ( назад)
Odell is so good

Автор Evan Gilbert ( назад)
Afterward he punched the bus in the cack

Автор veryslyfox ( назад)
Would be more interesting if only linemen were allowed to compete. The drone would start at 25 feet.

Автор Jr Viches ( назад)
Drone Drop

Автор Nurik TV ( назад)
I follow daily video channel tirkeliñder out, please!

Автор CenaApproved91 ( назад)
Should've tried calling for a fair catch...smh rookies

Автор Billy Baker ( назад)
That drone is so high, it's above the sun. Um okay bro lol

Автор Diego541 ( назад)
Sticky Gloves should be illegal!

Автор DiamondxSwagger4 ( назад)
I've never seen a more pointless video is my life

Автор AJ 79 ( назад)
"Drone Drop Champion of the World"

Never thought I'd hear that phrase.

Автор PMDownUp ( назад)
I can do that...

Автор IzMedia ( назад)

Автор xBuCsNaTIoNx Trey ( назад)

Автор Donnie johnson ( назад)
dji inspire! 😀

Автор Lamelo Ball ( назад)
Odell didn't make the one handed catch famous. The one handed catch made Odell famous.

Автор RoseCurry AndDeRozan ( назад)
6/10 in entertainment

Автор Daviyon Jones ( назад)
Add 7 on 7, One on One challenges, and a Lineman Challenge and I'd watch this on pay per view.

Автор Matthew Michetti ( назад)
I love this kind of thing

Автор Strangerer69 ( назад)
Why is this even a thing?

Автор JaaMizzou22 ( назад)
That drone's so high it's above the sun!

Автор Abel Leyva ( назад)
Even the commentators are sad the pro bowl is still a thing

Автор Robert Callahan ( назад)
Odell is so unnecessary

Автор William Dade ( назад)
LoL - the Drone Drop - what next?.

Автор Nickolas Jackson ( назад)
They shouldn't have been allowed to wear sticky gloves

Автор THE BADAWARRIOR ( назад)
Let's go

Автор THE BADAWARRIOR ( назад)
NFC nation

Автор DroidModderX ROOT Master ( назад)

Автор MrCyborg1973 ( назад)
they have destroyed the NFL pro bowl in last few years..

Автор Sean King ( назад)
drones are dropping balls in America...WOW!

Автор Kyle Vining ( назад)
should've stood at an angle to it like an outfielder judging a fly ball

Автор DSCInca ( назад)
Just realized how necessary the helmet is in this one.

Автор Te Tegusto ( назад)
This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen

Автор Dylan Stone ( назад)
funny thing how these professional players had trouble catching the ball from 125 ft and highschool baseball players catch balls from double that height on a daily basis. sure football players are great athletes but from an all around view doing, running, catching, throwing, hand eye coordination, and ball focus baseball players almost always win. also when you get football players who played at a highlevel of baseball they usually stand pretty high in the NFL rankings.

Автор Jose Huerta ( назад)

Автор HorribleSonofa ( назад)
I was thinking the drone would be moving...
This is a vision test.

Автор FlyRC ( назад)
I love how everyone uses drones now especially since they are banned in a lot of places and a lot of people don't like them

Автор Drew Crew ( назад)

Автор HunkMine ( назад)
that drone so high it is above the sun lol

Автор KingTray ( назад)
"the drone is above the sun..."

Автор Knewborn General ( назад)
Is a football dropping from 125 feet that difficult?

Автор Joshua Hutchison ( назад)
They should play jackpot.

Автор Beast Man ( назад)
Hi five

Автор Brayden Cary ( назад)

Автор Randy Fernandez ( назад)

Автор Finnegan Goldinger ( назад)
Go Landry

Автор Davis Cardwell ( назад)

Автор Cryptic McNuggets ( назад)
This has to be the stupidest 'event' ever... Who ever thought this up should be kicked in the nuts, and who ever went "Yeah! Drop balls, good idea!" should be waterboarded...
"Hmmm... whats the most exciting aspect of football? Oh! A fair catch on a punt! People LOVE seeing a fair catch!"

Автор colin .b ( назад)

Автор colin .b ( назад)

Автор colin .b ( назад)

Автор colin .b ( назад)

Автор colin .b ( назад)
AFC Steelers

Автор Logan Ryan 26 ( назад)
Dez definitely the drones no surprise

Автор NZ joy ( назад)
what the hell? u call this a sport? even a kid could catch a stupid ball falling onto their damn hands!

Автор DaycaterBrah ( назад)
"that drone is so high its above the sun" ill have what that drone is having.

Автор Saul Vallejo ( назад)
julio jones should be in this

Автор Erick Picard ( назад)
How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

Автор Erick Picard ( назад)
They decide to incorporate drones, and THIS is what they come up with??? Weak.

Автор theMcWOPPER ( назад)
DRONE DROP!!! WTF has the NFL come to? smh

Автор Aravind Narayanan ( назад)
What's so interesting about this, we've seen drones dropping things on black people for the last 8 years....

Автор Esmi Reyes ( назад)
The Dolphins r my team

Автор Fpk Hk416 ( назад)
This really ain't that tough. No skills and no spectacle here. I want to see some skill showdown highlights of receivers catching without gloves

Автор Jake Williams ( назад)
Landrys visor 🔥🔥

Автор Justin Gonzalez ( назад)
I love your channel

Автор OLCtv ( назад)
lol I love drones

Автор James Schiavone ( назад)
Odell made s smiley face on his visor😂😂😂😂

Автор Mitchell Trachtenberg ( назад)
Give us a Hail Mary challenge next year!!!

Автор james poumele ( назад)
OBJ caught these balls with ease but dropped almost every ball in the playoffs when it mattered the most hahahaha

Автор Devin Hester Sr. #Anytime #17hunnit #windycityflyer ( назад)
Devin Hester would win this easy

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