lion and human love story(this is a true story)

lion and human love story by the way forget about the last part and this is a true story

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Автор meg walsh ( назад)

Автор kimmyfreak200 ( назад)
my bengal does that she jumps on my and rubs her head awwww so cute!@

Автор Marcusm92 ( назад)
@tkc3100 What the eff are you talking about?

Автор Daniela Paula ( назад)
i cried ...beautiful

Автор Denas Wannabe ( назад)
@rafee4uu2 how is this not a true story u retard video shows it all wow ur
dumb they raised him and then they had to release him to wild 1 year after
they come back and he remember them u retarded idioooot

Автор Aftab Ahmad ( назад)
i love you

Автор james schy ( назад)
@rafee4uu2 but I want to believe in this story so badly! The truth sucks

Автор Rafee Ullah ( назад)
@rafee this is not the true story i see this in national geoghraphic

Автор sarahhewitt14 ( назад)
@omerafzal91 Don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith.

Автор funkyguy91 ( назад)
what a heart touching video.... can somebody tell me the name of the song
played in this video...plzzz

Автор deathknell1000 ( назад)
soooo cuuutee!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just love all animals!!! show love 2 thm they
will lov u mor thn anything!!!!!

Автор minicabsandweirdos ( назад)
OMG so f***** cute!!

Автор Alfonso Spinelli ( назад)

Автор sportsboy4321 ( назад)
lol i actually cried that so sweet, i just love animals

Автор Moriko X ( назад)
I love animals soo fucking much i want them alllll!!!!! ANIMALS

Автор christine persad ( назад)

Автор inmisekona ( назад)
That was so sweet. Goes to show you how powerful love is and how
intelligent animals are.

Автор Itsdefault ( назад)
thats so damn adorable!

Автор Liz Marsh ( назад)

Автор pilsenwolf ( назад)

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