Sidney Crosby and His "Girlfriend" Alice

I LOVE ALICE!!! shes one of the coolest pittsburghers there are. the end.
Disclaimers: i don't own anything!
this is just a big inside joke and will make no sense at all to you. totally random video and you will most likely be scratching your head at the end of it.
feel free to comment/rate ! GO PENS!!!

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Автор Saadman Rahman ( назад)

Автор Jenna Blue ( назад)
Crosby's a lesbian? lol

Автор Abhishek Joshi ( назад)
the best part was 0:45

Автор bennnyboyc ( назад)
wtf is this

Автор Jesse Christian ( назад)
thats obviously not his girlfriend

Автор Emily Canning ( назад)
i find 0:07 quite funny!

Автор silkymits snipes ( назад)

Автор ttanger ( назад)
why are there so many dislikes? I don't remember the last time I laughed
this hard!

Автор Tom Croke ( назад)
lol at the random Dupuis creeper faces.

Автор Josh Ho ( назад)
what the fuck...

Автор fleafan100 ( назад)

Автор TheTjstephenson ( назад)
is that not his mom?

Автор Sergiy Rudenko (574 года назад)
Sid the Great one!!!

Автор Bailey Stuart ( назад)
Pascal Dupuis

Автор canadiens5 ( назад)
Yes I am...since 1985. I was going to get a specific Canadiens tatoo, but
everytime I fully intended on getting it, I had troubles at work and
couldnt afford it. It would be pretty detailed so it would cost a lot.

Автор stacyboudreau123 ( назад)
I take it ur a canadiens fan. I have a canadiens tattoo n a team canada

Автор xXx_BauerHockey_xXx ( назад)
This 'Alice" is just a seasons ticket holder, who had Crosby deliver the
tickets himself.

Автор B0lduk ( назад)
Was about to write that. Damn funny.

Автор thekillers1stfan ( назад)
hahaha that dupuis photo that randomly shows up is hilarious

Автор Miles Thomson ( назад)
hmmmm, tough decision, sleep with the stanley cup or get kisses from a 90
year old...

Автор xkillingxtime ( назад)
I feel like I'm having a weirdass dream

Автор Oscar Landry ( назад)

Автор jack mehoff ( назад)
jesus christ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id hit it

Автор Damian Scaligine ( назад)

Автор ThatDirtyCanuck ( назад)
wtf is this

Автор TheSlapshot101 ( назад)
thats his frickin grandma

Автор Snozberriezz ( назад)
fucking show Pascal's picture more, holy shitballs

Автор Akam Bapirzada ( назад)

Автор eleye fahal ( назад)
Crosby has nice taste

Автор Nick Schmit ( назад)
this is sad

Автор wc123 ( назад)
I now have AIDS.

Автор Dean Daniel ( назад)
0:09..... love it lol

Автор MrWeedsmoker5 ( назад)

Автор fowter1 ( назад)

Автор Jesse Vella ( назад)
Fuck u it's his gwama

Автор Corey Lyden ( назад)
this clears alot of things up

Автор TheSteven91stamkos ( назад)
what the heck did i just frikin watch

Автор Chad Dykman ( назад)
I'd tap that

Автор FZ23 ( назад)
The things I would do to her

Автор Remy S. ( назад)
hahahaha pascal dupuis hahahaha

Автор Garry Smith ( назад)
he brings her season tickets every year good try though

Автор Hawks NHLSC ( назад)

Автор The RedStoneTeam ( назад)

Автор Olivier Lapierre ( назад)
@Punk47Princess or his mother

Автор hockeyplayer457 ( назад)

Автор tjustice223 (7 лет назад)
@punk47princess its actually his mother

Автор Punk47Princess ( назад)
that's his grandmother!

Автор BLUBB3R8227 ( назад)
wtf.... pascal dupuis

Автор Moose Co ( назад)
@mushroom4218 ...no it's really not

Автор Gavin Morrison ( назад)
you guys are all idiots he's not gay a girl and that snot his mom its a
penguin fan if u have ever seen the movie they made about him. he is also a
better hockey player than any of u retards will ever be

Автор AddiePalePotatos ( назад)
everyone just stop hating on crosby! your just jelous about his gold medal
and his SC. he is a great hockey player and he always will be|! chill out!

Автор Spetsnaz2235 ( назад)
@MentalEminence yo not really he is amazing better than everyone

Автор harboee ( назад)
@shaqdaddy11 well he is smart enough to know that girls will pull down his

Автор infearandfaiith ( назад)
lil wayne ruined this already terrible video

Автор IAmDrizel ( назад)
who sleeps with a hat on @8

Автор hahayeaokay ( назад)
What is going on?

Автор avalanchesuperstar ( назад)
Sidney Crosby's gf is my grampa's poophairballs.

Автор zomfg110 ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 don't worry he's my hero and i still spell his name wrong
1/2 3/6 5/10 of the time that's some math there

Автор Darioizme ( назад)

Автор kampfgeist09x ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 you are a true fannn!

Автор Eric Seigle ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 lol now wounder noone took it

Автор ovi8falonsof ( назад)
0:11 = this is fake

Автор AliHakeemiTV ( назад)
Cool my grandmas dating Sidney Crosby

Автор p curlic ( назад)
thats not his girlfriend she's a woman thats been buying season tickets for
years so she brings her his tickets

Автор Samantha Jackson ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Автор kiko798 ( назад)
I could sleep with the Stanley too.

Автор MrAppleMine ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 fail

Автор Danny Berman ( назад)
cute couple

Автор izzybizzyliz ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 hahahahha

Автор VFChockey ( назад)

Автор chefejl74 ( назад)
is alice the guy he had his arm around

Автор Isabel IsAwesome ( назад)
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL isnt she a little to old for him? XD

Автор polr ber ( назад)
It's probably his grandma -.-

Автор Punk47Princess ( назад)
Too sexy for her! I want him more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jessica Soccorsi ( назад)
Lol this video is amazing! :))

Автор Justin R ( назад)
AWWW LOok at him given his gf a cake! how nice

Автор PittsburghPenguins02 ( назад)
Damn thats one fine piece of ass lol

Автор Leila Rosette ( назад)
haha awe alice so cute :)

Автор OmfgMustache ( назад)
as if hes sleeping with the cup haha

Автор XCrosby4Life87X ( назад)

Автор p curlic ( назад)
he delivers season tickets to those costumers that have been buying those
for like 10 years watch his movie :)

Автор Nicole Sedillo ( назад)
0:12 looks real

Автор Chris Mantovani ( назад)
who would ever think that at 0:12 would ever happen

Автор Random Name ( назад)

Автор Jeff C ( назад)
what a cougar...

Автор DJchugsalot ( назад)
@iLuvBarRefaeli nah a seaon ticket holder that crosby always gives her tix

Автор lazylank ( назад)
Thanks for the disclaimer abbsy34, you were right. I really was scratching
my head at the end.

Автор Cory Delsile ( назад)
0:33..... wow.

Автор tony1233 ( назад)
@mattatnat yep

Автор Iris West-Allen ( назад)
haha, what's with the random dupuis shots?

Автор danielradcliffegirl ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 LOL, i didt even notice till i looked at your account

Автор mat atnat ( назад)
more like grandma

Автор Natalie DiCianna ( назад)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 fail haha:p

Автор céline d. ( назад)

Автор dawn ralphy ( назад)
I trulely think it must be jealousy that gets you "Crosby haters" going...
No different than Gretzky haters from back in the day... You guy s are all
just a bunch of wannabees, who can't accept your own human-ness. (ie: not

Автор Miranda LovesJedward ( назад)
@vvbn7890 I know right??? As if Sidney Crosby would date an old lady! Lmfao

Автор StoryBookMaker ( назад)
Anybody know if he has a real girlfriend? Lmbo.

Автор Denis543 ( назад)
hahaha! dupuis and talbot

Автор Jordan Allain ( назад)
Sid is gay.His boyfriend is LORD STANLY LOL JK

Автор Benmical619 ( назад)
isnt she the perogi lady?

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