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Автор Chad Dykman (3 года)
I'd tap that

Автор Jenna Blue (1 год)
Crosby's a lesbian? lol

Автор Jeff C (4 года)
what a cougar...

Автор Cory Delsile (4 года)
0:33..... wow.

Автор GabbyMakeup (5 лет)
he is way tooo hottt !!!

Автор silkymits snipes (2 года)

Автор VFChockey (3 года)

Автор ttanger (2 года)
why are there so many dislikes? I don't remember the last time I laughed
this hard!

Автор mzzsneddonn (4 года)
OMG XD i accidently clicked the thumbs up on the comment that said crosby
likes boys but i meant to click the one above XD aaahhh shoot, dont hate
me! i love crosby <3

Автор Jesse Christian (2 года)
thats obviously not his girlfriend

Автор BLUBB3R8227 (3 года)
wtf.... pascal dupuis

Автор xxht27 (5 лет)
@ensijidi i know ahaha im like" wtf, no no no no" but then it was all good

Автор stacyboudreau123 (2 года)
I take it ur a canadiens fan. I have a canadiens tattoo n a team canada

Автор tharockstar01 (5 лет)
0:42 !!! haha is that Army?

Автор Enigma H (5 лет)
LMAO wtf...

Автор MrWeedsmoker5 (3 года)

Автор Jessica Soccorsi (3 года)
Lol this video is amazing! :))

Автор wc123 (3 года)
I now have AIDS.

Автор lazylank (4 года)
Thanks for the disclaimer abbsy34, you were right. I really was scratching
my head at the end.

Автор hahayeaokay (3 года)
What is going on?

Автор ovi8falonsof (3 года)
0:11 = this is fake

Автор iQScopeNoobz (4 года)
@redwingsred74 you fuckin ovi fans..

Автор 87penguinlover71 (5 лет)
OMG! I love Alice! She's so cool! When I saw the title, I was a little
freaked out. Lol. Anyhoo, sweet vid! Let's go Pens! Kill the fuckin habs!

Автор tony1233 (4 года)
@mattatnat yep

Автор Lola6041 . (4 года)
haha, what's with the random dupuis shots?

Автор Garry Smith (3 года)
he brings her season tickets every year good try though

Автор Spetsnaz2235 (3 года)
@MentalEminence yo not really he is amazing better than everyone

Автор zomfg110 (3 года)
@MrsSydneyCrosby1 don't worry he's my hero and i still spell his name wrong
1/2 3/6 5/10 of the time that's some math there

Автор DJchugsalot (4 года)
@iLuvBarRefaeli nah a seaon ticket holder that crosby always gives her tix

Автор CanEHdian (4 года)
lol i love the pic at 0:09 where he's hugging it in his sleep like it's a
teddy bear or something! <3

Автор thekillers1stfan (2 года)
hahaha that dupuis photo that randomly shows up is hilarious

Автор Top Fragger (3 года)

Автор Nikolai Robbins (4 года)
i love Dupuis and Talbot!

Автор Madaquamoon (5 лет)
HAHA!! the pic of Dupuis. lolz. it was scary. i might have nightmares too.
lol. sid is perfect. plz marry me!! hahaha i wish. but a girl can dream
right? lolzz. the title scared me at first . but once i saw the vid...
halarious in a good funny way. sid is so cute. love it. GO SIDNEY>333!!!!!!

Автор IAmDrizel (3 года)
who sleeps with a hat on @8

Автор Darian Debona (3 года)
i met sidney in taber, alberta

Автор HearingIsLame (5 лет)
Who's Alice?

Автор Nick Schmit (3 года)
this is sad

Автор Sergiy Rudenko (2 года)
Sid the Great one!!!

Автор Punk47Princess (3 года)
that's his grandmother!

Автор JessieAckles (5 лет)
Dear god.lol

Автор Denis543 (4 года)
hahaha! dupuis and talbot

Автор Darioizme (3 года)

Автор Miles Thomson (2 года)
hmmmm, tough decision, sleep with the stanley cup or get kisses from a 90
year old...

Автор StoryBookMaker (4 года)
Anybody know if he has a real girlfriend? Lmbo.

Автор FZ23 (3 года)
The things I would do to her

Автор ensijidi (5 лет)
my heart skipped a beat when i saw the title but once it played, so damn

Автор Gavin Morrison (3 года)
you guys are all idiots he's not gay a girl and that snot his mom its a
penguin fan if u have ever seen the movie they made about him. he is also a
better hockey player than any of u retards will ever be

Автор Danny Berman (3 года)
cute couple

Автор Random Name (4 года)

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