SONY CRF 330K Shortwave Receiver

An impression of the SONY CRF 330K Shortwave Receiver + Cassette Player from the 1970'. Still working and going strong to receive shortwave signals from many countries. This radio cost about 4200$ in 1970' currency. For many people this meant something like a years salary.

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Автор sz42781 (5 лет)
WOW, where did you get this? I love the digital clock and the red led's for
tuning. SONY is a great radio company

Автор miserableoldcunt (5 лет)
aye, just look atthe condition, it's a credit to it's owner and thats for

Автор utinogilberto250660 (3 года)
Fantastico radio.

Автор morgenmorgen (5 лет)
Hi ! yes it is reliable, even after 25 years and the tape section works...

Автор Arnold7 (2 года)
i have a CRF-330k but not the digital one, and the FM doesn't go past 94 or
95 ( can't tell) is it broken or an easy fix? help please. and also the
left antenna broke, does that affect it?

Автор sparkdetect (5 лет)
It's a beauty...is it reliable? Does the tape section still work?

Автор vinystuart (4 года)
I have one of these for sale. Do you know where can I sell it?

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