How to calm down a crazy kitteh!

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Shorty needed a little calming down and this technique put her right to sleep.

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Автор Bagas Gaming ( назад)
The cat is so like "🎼im dancing in the bed 5x🎼"

Автор Soumya Mohanty ( назад)
Awwwww im melting such a sweetie <3

Автор Ben Emberley ( назад)

Автор poptartdom ( назад)
Disgustingly adorable, especially when the kitty was rolling around and
going nuts. xD

Автор Multiculturalchick ( назад)
What was the hyper fluff ball on? Lol.Adorable fluffy kitten.

Автор FearOfaBlackChannel ( назад)
Kitties got third eyes too!

Автор Madness Rose ( назад)

Автор Videoboat2008 ( назад)
I thought the old Jedi Mind trick didn't require physical touch.. LOL!!

Автор Tom Remy ( назад)
The part "calm down" kitty is very cute. But your kitty can't understand
that sometimes he can play with your hand and sometimes not. If you don't
want a bitter cat, don't play with your hand. After, he will see you like a
prey and it's difficult to change that.

Автор eric simon ( назад)
- It also works on "adult" cats : my Coon used to be very agitated when he
was a young kitten, and at that time I calmed him down simply by purring in
front of him (you have to train for that and use your throat by blocking it
down inside and blow a very small amount of air from your lungs and let one
or two millimeters between your lips : when you control the flow you can
start to purr). Now he is one year and a half and I use the nose rubbing if
I want him just to stop running around and annoying the other cats. It

Автор asbaran ( назад)
What a cutie!

Автор Sheysa Nilem ( назад)
soooo cute !! ^-^

Автор Iris Goodman ( назад)

Автор Fall Football ( назад)
why are cats ssssssssssooooooooooo damb cute

Автор Mary Annette Flores ( назад)
love this kitten, just like my little grey girl Charlie, not so little
anymore but still a twit...these cats are kittenlike for like 5 years...
some breeds are just like that, kudos if ya get that lucky...

Автор Adhew Setiawan ( назад)
nice one, you absolutely an expert! congratulations!

Автор TheWiseMagpie1 ( назад)

Автор Bonnie the bunny ( назад)
My cat is so cra-cra

Автор you yoon ( назад)
how adorable :)

Автор Experimental Beauty ( назад)
Tiny baby Shorty just melted my heart.

Автор lostpyromaniac ( назад)
did the kitteh dieded?

Автор susan ryman ( назад)
instant Ambien. they LOVE LOVE having the top of their heads massaged. So

Автор TopCountdown ( назад)
wtf, I was watching JSE and was brought here, as I said wtf

Автор anaviveri ( назад)

Автор Pandora Spice ( назад)
Awww, hypnotized with love

Автор TeenagerForJesus ( назад)
Oh lol, that's cats adorbs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор TerraGamer ( назад)
your very own cat magnet

Автор articbunny8888 Shawn DeLisle ( назад)

Автор ussiowa9 ( назад)
That's one crazy li'l funny kitty...☺

Автор Slade Xiong ( назад)
mommy cats do that to babies to calm them down so they remember when their
mommies did that to them that is why they can calm down and sleep :3

Автор cheater 59 ( назад)
I dare you to slow dis down m80s

Автор Yunoki Rioja (614 года назад)
Like a human baby

Автор bananananaO9 ( назад)
demon kitty!! 🐱🐱

Автор Beverly Stuart ( назад)
the young man was being too rough with the kitten and then expresses
surprise that the kitten is being too rough in its play

Автор Dmitri Kozlowsky ( назад)
Two guys in bed playing with kitten. No sir, that is not gay at all, none
at all.

Автор Sandy Ureta ( назад)
I wonder, does this work on children?

Автор DieFlabbergast ( назад)
What the fuck is this "kitteh" crap! Grow up! It's kitten or kitty for
God's sake!

Автор Shannon Balsley ( назад)
such a good daddy, shorty is so cute...

Автор Han Jaehyun ( назад)
Awwww... thats so cuuuteee 😍😍

Автор Sidra Arshad ( назад)
Omggggg.. Soooo Cute !!! *_* im in love with this kitty.. <3

Автор The one ( назад)
poor cat it never stood a chance

Автор vanessa mason ( назад)
wow cute cat

Автор LPS Pikachu FragileAJ ( назад)
So cute!

Автор cara matimong ( назад)
Beautiful lil baby- bless xxx

Автор tall32guy (792 года назад)
awww! she's the sweetest! bless her!

Автор Honey Badger ( назад)
How to calm down a crazy kitten?
Easy man! Play with him for 3 hours, and then just cut all the fun out!

Автор Lynn Yan ( назад)
awwwww...dats sweet!!

Автор mainley potter ( назад)

Автор Abe Ori ( назад)

Автор MesprittheDigimon ( назад)
Instructions unclear, cat ate whole hand.

Автор Paul TheSkeptic ( назад)

Автор Myaloni Camacho ( назад)

Автор Arshad Khan ( назад)

Автор neoDarkSquall ( назад)
Tried it on my pussy and it worked.

Автор heather lewis ( назад)
it looks exacttley lik meh cat

Автор Asri Wahyuningsih ( назад)
kitteh LOL

Автор tickyul ( назад)
I've seen a Agent *KITTEH* punch through a concrete wall.

Автор optimospremo ( назад)
hmm that was fast weird

Автор S3ODE_ B52 ( назад)
now i know how to calm down my KITTEH

Автор Potato Salad ( назад)
Who else just looked up "Kitteh" ?

Автор ViralTuber ( назад)
0:08 Excellent "sleeping master" technique, where the idea is to lie on
your back in bed while battling brilliantly.

Автор Rae Park ( назад)

Автор David H ( назад)
I guess you found Shorty's 'off' switch.

Автор Egypt's Right ( назад)
yes it works

Автор Ripley1156 ( назад)
oh so sweet.

Автор Yami Fischbach ( назад)

Автор Robert Slack ( назад)
soo cute one of my dogs look like a lion cub

Автор dimapez ( назад)
I'll take a dozen :3

Автор skunkmouse ( назад)
He found the snooze button . :)

Автор Eliot Johnossi ( назад)
From 100 to 0 in one minute, just like a baby!

Автор kittenwolflover xox ( назад)
Did anyone else see that kitten was spelled wrong

Автор Banana Nana ( назад)
I fucken want this...

Автор Leodollhunter ( назад)
my kittwn is like that too lol

seriously? hahaha Bastet still bit my hand and arm while i do this...

Автор aemidaniels ( назад)
Thats the great thing about kittens. they have zero energy management
skills and will play hard until they exhaust themselves. Once they start
slowing down a little, all it takes is a slow steady head rub and the are
OUT..... until 5 minutes later when they wake back up ready to take on the
world for the next 3 hours again lol

Автор YasmeenThePinkHoodieGirl (jazzy) ( назад)
i would do that until i get a cat like when i grow up

Автор Ain Amirah ( назад)
so eaasyy

Автор Anders Hägerlöf ( назад)

Автор MasterKitten206 ( назад)
Aw so cute 🤗

Автор Kiki CRAZY ( назад)
Did your cat get lost. I found a cat and it looks exactly like yours.
Please tell me we've been looking for the owner.

Автор Teagan Truttmann ( назад)
SOO cute!!!

Автор debbie dillon ( назад)
Pure genius!

Автор My cute cat ( назад)
his so cute

Автор Laura Pabrika ( назад)

Автор Angela Nebedum ( назад)
dang shes really out of it if not even paw rubbing is waking her up. *lol*

Автор Genevieve O'Tauthail ( назад)
get it! Get it! get it! roll over, upside down get it!
And.......I'm asleep. LOL

Автор The EnderBrick ( назад)
Did this relax anyone else?

Автор Toxic Void ( назад)
Lol he killed it!!!

Автор aikighost ( назад)
I use this technique on my girlfriend, it works on women too! :P

Автор Rae Azanna ( назад)
but one question, what happens when the cat wakes up, will she be the exact
same active cat in which you'd have to repeat the procedure, or will she be
more calmer than before?

Автор Rae Azanna ( назад)
omgshhhh i have that exact cat and I gave her a crazy dose of catnip
yesterday, after that, she's been going crazy and I can't get her to stop.
To be honest she was pretty wild before the nip, but now she's gone to the
extreme! I can't even pet her anymore. Usually in the morning she sits
beside me, then lays down and purrs while I pet her, but this morning, she
has zero chill and gives zero fucks about anything!!! She's become a crazy
cat on a rampage.

any who, thanks for this! I'll definitely try it and hopefully it works :)

Автор Zoe Ackerman ( назад)
Trying to sleep but my 10 week old just wont have it

Автор Sharif Rahman ( назад)
Omg my cat looks exactly like this one , like exactly!

Автор Jacq ‍ (Angry Sandwich) ( назад)
Omg looks exactly like my kitten and acts exactly like him ;_;

Автор Roxane Guzman ( назад)
definitely gotta try this on Galileo, he goes way too crazy

Автор Universewuffy WuffyAJ ( назад)
I liked your fb page!!

Автор ashwathi pillai ( назад)
my Leo hardly ever chills, I m waiting till he grows up, then he might not
be this rough.

Автор Prio Port ( назад)
Wish someone would stroke me like that...

Автор Prio Port ( назад)
so sweeet . New at McDonald´s. BigMacKitten. Double Beef, Double
SourCreme... YUM

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