How to calm down a crazy kitteh!

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Shorty needed a little calming down and this technique put her right to sleep.

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Автор Stricken4Pot (1 месяц)
Does this work on women too?

Автор Aicy (4 месяца)
It's dead. :/

The killed it to get a bunch of views on a video...

Автор kokobo63 (2 месяца)
Absolutely adorable kitten....all sprawled out, tummy exposed (shows they
trust you), snoozing away. I like petting kitty heads, but I'm absolutely
addicted to petting kitty bellies. Luckily, I have 2 cats who love getting
their bellies petted. Otherwise, I wouldn't violate their trust when they
expose their bellies, by petting them there. Both of your kitties are
awesome, and adorable. I'm assuming they are both males?

Автор zombiekiller0023 (3 месяца)
I think it's dead. Good thing

Автор Khiry Clarke (9 дней)
Should have stepped on the fucking thing

Автор BackToSchool (3 месяца)
unfortunately cats like this are few and far between. dont buy a cat unless
u like shitty attitudes lol

Автор 0The0Web0 (20 дней)
ubercute :o)

Автор AmyKnits (27 дней)
Laid out!

Автор andreea emilia (1 месяц)
The description is not appropriate for the video. How to calm down a CRAZY
kitten? Why crazy? because s/he simply wants to play? in other words when I
was a child, I liked to play, a lot, so if I liked to play or if I still
like to play that means I am crazy :) ? 

Автор Ansonidak (2 месяца)
Nice :) I was thinking "just let her chew on ya for awhile"

Автор Adam Traub (1 день)
Pretty sure the cats dead lol

Автор Shadow_Gamer1008 (3 дня)
Get reKKt 360 no scp doritossss+mntn dew

Автор Soby Siby (4 дня)
My kittens are crazy

Автор Frédérique Salles (10 дней)
Lol so cute

Автор jasminehas2manybros (4 дня)
OMG thnx ill see if it works with my friends cat!

Автор Miss ShaSha (3 дня)

Автор tomato john (8 дней)
Lovely! That is a great, gentle and kind technique. I do trust and enjoy
all of your videos~

Автор Sophie Baggs (8 дней)
My cat is like this sometimes and is 14 - but doing this definitely doesn't
work unfortunately 

Автор Márcia Gerhardt (10 дней)
Como acalmar um =^.^= maluquinho 

Автор kaczan3 (22 дня)
Kitteh is abusing the poor hooman.

Автор koelschwolf (3 месяца)
No that kitteh is not hyper active, you are teasing it into this behavior.
The kitten will quiet down as soon as you rub its head or the sides of her

Автор laelamarie1 (3 месяца)
calmed me down just watching it....now I'm sleepy

Автор Shadow_Gamer1008 (3 дня)
Waw so koote m8 luv dis furrr ball :3

Chekk dis moosic videoo

Автор Soby Siby (4 дня)
My kittens are crazy

Автор Carroll02 (1 месяц)
The cat was lulled to sleep by touch

Автор Stephanie Manuel (28 дней)

Автор MultiSuperguy101 (1 месяц)
This cat is not being abused.

Автор Tullius (4 месяца)
Terribly endearing

Автор żanetka kokietka (4 месяца)
Dear lord you turn of cat :)

Автор Moonsfire62 (1 месяц)
This technique works! I love how it just calms down a kitten and a cat. TY
for the pointers.

Автор Linda Merriweather (1 месяц)

Автор A'Leah Wallette (1 месяц)
Is this when Shorty was kitten? How cute :)). 

Автор ruudik niitmets (4 месяца)
should be a warning:Not guaranteed to work on your cat, try at your own

Автор Lina Khori (1 месяц)
i used to do so for my cat as well :( ......

Автор Jorenz Tetanco (1 месяц)
I do this to my cat back home. I massage their forehead and I am the one
getting relaxed instead then we both sleep.

Автор Marie Flutterby (4 месяца)
lol *I have never known and owned a kitty who never liked its head being
rubbed, no wait,....... my dads cat she is so psycho.* =0(

Автор Camila Jesus (2 месяца)
Ita so cute ❤️

Автор Henrik Høyrup (4 месяца)
Tried that with my friends kitty - now my right hand looks like minced
meat. :(

Автор Kathy Odom (2 месяца)
Bite Mommy (or Daddy) is OK. Shred Mommy (or Daddy) not so much.

Автор Katherine Gaughan (2 месяца)
My friend lives in Australia and he used this EXACT same technique on a
Great White Shark who was getting a little out of control and 1 minute
later.... the shark was on his back sound asleep in my friends arms...now
they are best friends. LOL.

Автор GirlGamerForLife〈3 (2 месяца)
Cutest video ever...

Автор naoka L (5 месяцев)

Автор bastianskaye (5 месяцев)
you know, the forehead rubbing technique works for humans, too.
i've seen ambulance workers, dealing with unconscious kids (with injuries
from terrible accidents), do it as a kind of subconscious reassurance.
my mum, a nurse, has done it with patients, too.
it's very calming.
not a "rub the forehead with your knuckles", you understand, but more of a
"gentle touch from the forehead to the brow, ending between the eyebrows"
kind of thing. 

Автор Marina Keuper (2 месяца)
Actually this works on people too. Couple of times I have calmed my own and
other's headache with a "side effect" of almost dozing off.
Works great on my friends babies, her dog and her husband too :)

Автор Knut Wuchtich (2 месяца)
hahahhaha <333333333333333333 :D

Автор محمد سعيد (2 месяца)
Oh shes asleep peacefully

Автор Kage San (3 месяца)
Man shorty is a heavey sleeper like me he twitches in his sleep i do that
too (WHY!?!?!?)

Автор jeetenz hurlollz (3 месяца)
Steven seagal move...use the thumb....crazy kitteh knock out

Автор Claudia Starsz (3 месяца)
i just tried this with my kitten and he just keeps biting me -_-

Автор Keelin Smith (3 месяца)
omg, i love these videos they are adorable and great to watch.

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