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Автор TheSpiritedStar (4 месяца)
D'awww! Thank you my cat has tore up... 5 of my school assignments now?
I'll try this. But if you're planning on getting a cat and this ruined it,
don't worry. 6 or 7 years, 5 assignments? I'm not mad. She follows me on
walks, sleeps with me, lays with me when I'm scared or sick. I love my
kitten. Oh god this conversation changed.

Автор Stricken4Pot (9 месяцев)
Does this work on women too?

Автор Greg Scott (1 месяц)
He's cat-atonic.

Автор SimGandr (1 месяц)
Okay he is completely KO... I call it a case of the comatosis... :P

Автор Taiylor Wallace (1 месяц)
I know with my cat that even if she's raging at me, all I gotta do is get
that nose button and she kinda slumps over and chills.

Автор Eliza Mendez (2 месяца)
I have a cat but shes always running around so I tried it on my dog and it
worked lol 

Автор MultiSuperguy101 (1 месяц)
OH MY GOSH! Everyone shut the crap up! The darn cat is not being abused.
They were just calming it down. It's not stinking dead. It was stinking
breathing. You guys are idiots for actually thinking it's dead. Gosh!
People on the Internet are so unintelligent these days! 

Автор albelnoxroxursox (1 месяц)
Cats aren't too rough when they nip you. If they don't do it hard, it's
just play nipping and no big deal. My cat plays that way all the time. We
have to keep her claws cut or she'll scratch inadvertently, but otherwise
it's fine.

Автор Lynne Perkins (4 месяца)
"And that, gentlemen, is how you do THAT."

Автор Emilee Scoggins (3 месяца)
The first time I brought my kitten Isabella home, she was on a pillow and
we were in a car, and she kept mewing. She finally laid down, and I started
to pet her head, and she looked SO CUTE WHEN SHE WAS ASLEEP!

Автор Cole macGraph (20 дней)
Im 100% sure that would work on a person as well

Автор Kerry F (3 месяца)

Автор APEXPR3D4TOR (4 месяца)
ca..can you rub my forehead?

Автор Laura Donohue (1 месяц)
I think the kitten ate too much kitty treats

Автор Pauline Booth (3 месяца)
I love this.gonna use it on my hyper one..thanx ..x

Автор simscrazyfangirl (3 месяца)
I was so mad this actually calmed me down a bit more

Автор Sezai gökmen (1 месяц)
Her kedi. Çok tatlı

Автор gastric creeb (4 месяца)
Cats need to be trained from kittenhood as otherwise if they are not
comfortable with human touch they may attack as they grow up. You can play
rough with them but when it gets too much like in the video you withdraw
your hand and refuse to play. Then go back to playing on your terms. Cats
are the best playmates

Автор SoMuchForComments (3 месяца)
Good god, this is so cute <3 <3 <3

Автор Haylee Bakken (1 месяц)
Lol so funny!😂😂😂😂😂

Автор THOMKALLOR (1 месяц)
baby Shorty! too adorable

Автор Schnitzler (16 дней)

Автор susanvisse Visser (1 месяц)
Cute cat

Автор Aicy (11 месяцев)
It's dead. :/

The killed it to get a bunch of views on a video...

Автор Cheryl Wade (3 месяца)
How to calm down a crazy kitteh!: http://youtu.be/bnbGxgCQjT4

Автор Elisabeth Ninemire (6 месяцев)
I have never seen that happen before. 

Автор Paul Siracusa (2 месяца)
that was so craZy

Автор lmbarak (6 месяцев)

Автор Hariati Codoni (3 месяца)
thanks for the tip,will do on my cat soon....

Автор Holly Karnish (3 месяца)
Awwww!!! so cute

Автор Macy Munley (6 месяцев)
So dang cute

Автор Sami Wellman (4 месяца)

Автор Jacob Ayala (4 месяца)

Автор jklxn (7 месяцев)
be still, my heart <3

Автор Tiffany Peppers (6 месяцев)
Cute. This kitten is just adorbs. 

Автор 351cleavland (5 месяцев)
At 1:20 introduce the AIRHORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Márcia Gerhardt (8 месяцев)
Como acalmar um =^.^= maluquinho 

Автор ergooden (2 месяца)
Aw, such a sweet kitty. They're so cute when they're asleep. And awake. 

Автор Kyra McKinney (1 месяц)
aww so cute

Автор Zaher Hedjazi (3 месяца)
1:35 hahaha

Автор jubbadupa (7 месяцев)
What a little sweety

Автор unity20000 (5 месяцев)
Its because you open your hand and hold it towards him. Its a threatening
attitude for cats. 

Автор Ellinor Glasell (4 месяца)
Wow it really works, even on my adult cat (y)

Автор stephan lucario hybrid (1 месяц)
when i want to calm my cat down i just put my hand on her forehead and
after awhile it works!

Автор ami ali (5 месяцев)
Omg , I wanna kiss that kitten 💕😘😋

Автор Shaya Nova (5 месяцев)
your own fault. never let them fight with your hands and they won't become
their enemy.

Автор kokobo63 (10 месяцев)
Absolutely adorable kitten....all sprawled out, tummy exposed (shows they
trust you), snoozing away. I like petting kitty heads, but I'm absolutely
addicted to petting kitty bellies. Luckily, I have 2 cats who love getting
their bellies petted. Otherwise, I wouldn't violate their trust when they
expose their bellies, by petting them there. Both of your kitties are
awesome, and adorable. I'm assuming they are both males?

Автор Khalil Ahmad (5 месяцев)
Hahahahaha crazy cat

Автор GHOST FUMEZ (1 месяц)

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