How to calm down a crazy kitteh!

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Shorty needed a little calming down and this technique put her right to sleep.

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Добавлено: 3 года
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Автор Tapsi Hapsi (1 месяц)
i flagged this video! it is cruel! :( i can't watch... :(((

Автор Aicy (2 месяца)
It's dead. :/

The killed it to get a bunch of views on a video...

Автор BackToSchool (1 месяц)
unfortunately cats like this are few and far between. dont buy a cat unless
u like shitty attitudes lol

Автор Khadija Sumaja (9 месяцев)

Автор zombiekiller0023 (1 месяц)
I think it's dead. Good thing

Автор koelschwolf (1 месяц)
No that kitteh is not hyper active, you are teasing it into this behavior.
The kitten will quiet down as soon as you rub its head or the sides of her

Автор kokobo63 (8 дней)
Absolutely adorable kitten....all sprawled out, tummy exposed (shows they
trust you), snoozing away. I like petting kitty heads, but I'm absolutely
addicted to petting kitty bellies. Luckily, I have 2 cats who love getting
their bellies petted. Otherwise, I wouldn't violate their trust when they
expose their bellies, by petting them there. Both of your kitties are
awesome, and adorable. I'm assuming they are both males?

Автор Ansonidak (18 дней)
Nice :) I was thinking "just let her chew on ya for awhile"

Автор Marie Flutterby (2 месяца)
lol *I have never known and owned a kitty who never liked its head being
rubbed, no wait,....... my dads cat she is so psycho.* =0(

Автор laelamarie1 (1 месяц)
calmed me down just watching it....now I'm sleepy

Автор iHaznoNam3 (5 месяцев)

Автор Ms K. Johnson (6 месяцев)
Awwwwww now that is how you take care of a cat and show it on you tube
without exploding it and doing something awful just to show it. Very nice.

Автор TheSnowflakeFox (6 месяцев)

Автор Tullius (2 месяца)
Terribly endearing

Автор Henrik Høyrup (2 месяца)
Tried that with my friends kitty - now my right hand looks like minced
meat. :(

Автор naoka L (3 месяца)

Автор żanetka kokietka (2 месяца)
Dear lord you turn of cat :)

Автор ruudik niitmets (2 месяца)
should be a warning:Not guaranteed to work on your cat, try at your own

Автор doris smith (4 месяца)
omg, i love these videos they are adorable and great to watch.

Автор John St. M. (1 год)
Where was this video when i was younger??
I was always trying to kill my moms cat when i use to visit her in the

Автор Rinatsu Chan (1 год)
OMG hahahaha. XD

Автор bastianskaye (3 месяца)
you know, the forehead rubbing technique works for humans, too.
i've seen ambulance workers, dealing with unconscious kids (with injuries
from terrible accidents), do it as a kind of subconscious reassurance.
my mum, a nurse, has done it with patients, too.
it's very calming.
not a "rub the forehead with your knuckles", you understand, but more of a
"gentle touch from the forehead to the brow, ending between the eyebrows"
kind of thing. 

Автор Camila Jesus (9 дней)
Ita so cute ❤️

Автор GirlGamerForLife〈3 (19 дней)
Cutest video ever...

Автор Katherine Gaughan (17 дней)
My friend lives in Australia and he used this EXACT same technique on a
Great White Shark who was getting a little out of control and 1 minute
later.... the shark was on his back sound asleep in my friends arms...now
they are best friends. LOL.

Автор Stefanie Ellen (2 месяца)
Simply adorable. 

Автор sapphirexwind (5 месяцев)
This doesn't work with my 3 month old. If she deems it playtime I cannot
prt her.

Автор TheSegaGuru (2 месяца)
beautiful animal

Автор Shalom (3 месяца)
Break dancing kitteh.

Автор jeetenz hurlollz (1 месяц)
Steven seagal move...use the thumb....crazy kitteh knock out

Автор Claudia Starsz (1 месяц)
i just tried this with my kitten and he just keeps biting me -_-

Автор Kathy Odom (14 дней)
Bite Mommy (or Daddy) is OK. Shred Mommy (or Daddy) not so much.

Автор Jill B (4 месяца)
There really are some weird people on here! How are there any thumbs

Автор Kayla Jinjoe (3 месяца)
sooo cute!

Автор aquarellstifte (1 месяц)
what breed is this cat?

Автор ankimbo (5 месяцев)
So adorable!

Автор Nat Amaral (6 месяцев)
I want to reach in and give her a belly rub!

Автор Lynne Perkins (4 месяца)
Sho Ko, you dun mesmerized dat kitteh You da kitteh Houdini!

Автор Kiki Lynn (5 месяцев)
so much awwwwww

Автор Dean Webb (8 месяцев)
Aw, that little face, not near the terror he was a few moments ago.

Автор Kade Smash (8 месяцев)
xD aaaand she's done.

Автор Laura RobloxVEVO (8 месяцев)
Its really works omg!!

Автор MinnieTyko (6 месяцев)
looks just like my baby bella! so cute!

Автор Anna Jeremy Vega (2 месяца)
it looks ur cat is frozen then x)

Автор quietmadness (2 месяца)
It is so good to see Shorty as a kitten! The spot where you were rubbing
her is the spot where the mama cat licks the babies to get them to nurse,
matter of fact...she will bathe them everywhere--but to get them to nurse,
there's the spot. Lovely to know Shorty and Kodi have the very best of
"furr-ever" homes! Thank you for sharing these two little treasures with
us. A furrever fan, ~~QM 

Автор Marina Keuper (22 дня)
Actually this works on people too. Couple of times I have calmed my own and
other's headache with a "side effect" of almost dozing off.
Works great on my friends babies, her dog and her husband too :)

Автор Yuna sokote (3 месяца)
MOE~ i want that catten!

Автор Leah Whatsername O.O (8 месяцев)

Автор Roni Eckley (2 месяца)
You have the magic touch :)

Автор 5cheery (5 месяцев)
lol like any child she could just fall asleep on the spot in a random
position :)

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