Home Recording Studio Advice: Buying your first microphone (a pro's perspective)

http://recordingbootcamp.com/ http://ronansrecordingshow.com/ Ronan Chris Murphy shares a professional perspective on choosing the right microphone for your home studio. He also makes some Mic recommendations including the Shure SM57, Shure KSM32 and the MXL V67.

This episode is gear towards beginners with Home Studio

Ronan's Recording Show is an internet based "TV Show" celebrating all things cool about recording, hosted by world renown record producer mixer and recording engineer, Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Ulver, Jamie Walters, Steve Morse, Tony Levin, Terry Bozzio, Nels Cline, Steve Stevens, Pete Teo, Joan LaBarbara, Chucho Valdez...)


Ronan also runs a series of recording workshops called Home Recording Boot Camp


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Автор tr3vis123 ( назад)
i was considering the sm57 but my budget calls up to 299$ for mic. iv got 4
possible mics but in your proffesional opinion will any mic really do
better then sm57 mic

Автор lmcguitarcat ( назад)
Interested in your thoughts about the AKG C214 compared to the Shure KSM32.
I need a good vocal mic for my home studio.

Автор Martí Sanmartí ( назад)
Dear Ronan, I enjoyed so much your vid. Thanks a lot. I just bought an USB
interface. I play most of the string bass instruments and I want to
record compositions for all of them, including maybe some vocals and some
percussion made with the double bass. Which affordable mic would you
recommend me. Let's say 80-150 bucks. Your vid is now some years old. Any
new mic that you've discovered? Thanks again.

Автор Oswin Vaz ( назад)
Hello what about At2020 and Akg perception 12o for vocals ?

Автор 怎麼辦阿辰 ( назад)
Hi Ronan,
I appreciate and thank for your video.
If I only have $100, what condenser microphone can I choose?
What's about the mxl 770?
I want to use this microphone to record the male sound?
I want to use Alesis iO2 EXPRESS for my recording interface, can you
recommend this one? or can you recommend any else for about this prise?
thank for your replay^^

Автор Milton Palacio ( назад)
What do you recommend for recording brass instruments. Thank you.

Автор Fer Lamp ( назад)
Hey Ronan Loved your advice about the MXL V67G just picked it up and it has
been wonderful, one question ive been hearing alot of good things about the
MCA SP1 have you ever used one or have you heard any feed back about it?

thanks again for the blog 

Автор Rising Zun ( назад)
It sounds as if you are telling people that, not, it it what you use that
makes the difference, not how you use it

Автор Leoncavallo Cecile ( назад)
Hi Ronan.Thanks for this tutorial! I really learn a lot of experiences from
it! And i just want to ask you that do you think those USB microphones are
good for home studio? BTW, if i just recording vocals no instruments, is
SM58 a better option for me? Sorry for my bad English since i am not a
native English speaker

Автор Darren Hill Music ( назад)
Is that the MXL V67g or V67i? Also, how does it sound on male vox?

Автор Michael Maple ( назад)
Hi Ronan,
Of all the people giving advices and reviews you seem most trustworthy to
me. So i'll ask this - what do you think about Rode NT-1 or sE Electronics
X1. Do you like any of those, both, none? And if they're not good - what
would you recommend for the price?
Main use is recording high male and female Hard Rock/Heavy Metal vocal and
occasional Acoustic guitar - but the guitar is less important.

If you manage to answer I would be very grateful, if not thanks anyways for
the great video :)

Автор Asif Mahbub ( назад)
Hello. I've been roaming around the internet like a lost puppy for a couple
of months now, and you seem like a nice guy to lick. Haha.. sorry.
Seriously though, I need a bit of help. I need good mics for my studio, but
i'm confused between the mxl 550/551, 440/441, v67g, v63m, and even sm57
lol. It's basically my first good mic, and my budget can't exceed much more
than a 100 dollars. My recording purposes are vocals firstly(versatile,
ranging from raw powered vocals to smooth, mellow tones), micing guitar
amps(clean and moderately overdriven, never too distorted), acoustic
guitars(fingerstyle inclusive), and a few percussive instruments.. now, I
know i sound like an idiot when I say I need something within 100 bucks to
cover such a wide range of applications, but i did find a few(the ones i
mentioned above). And I'm completely confused, because different people
have different reviews. I need them asap too(need to order within tomorrow
or else gotta wait a month more, i live in a third-world country).. so, i
would really, really appreciate if you could give me a response. Thanks.

Автор Jerry McKenzie ( назад)
Hi Ronan, really enjoy your videos - it's great to get advice from someone
with your extensive knowledge and experience.
I'm also a fan of the Shure KSM series - I regretted selling my KSM44 some
years ago, but finally replaced it with the KSM42 to use specifically for
vocals. Really sweet mics. Do you have any thoughts or comments on the

Автор Jeff Killingsworth ( назад)
Hi Ronan. Hope you are doing well. I have come back to watch this video
several times to consider purchasing my next mic for my small home studio.
I currently have a decent set of shure mics: SM7B, SM57 and an SM58. I
have considered purschasing a used KSM27.....your thoughts on that Mic?
What other condenser mics would you consider in the $100-$200 price range?

Автор anibal vega ( назад)
Thank you for the video Ronan, i think you hit exactly at the point in wich
most people argue about, condenser mics vs dynamic mics... but i have just
a QUESTION, it is true that the only way of getting a nice sound of a
condenser mic is having a high-cost treated room for recording ?, thank
you, By the way, i just got my first sm57 by following your advices, thank
you again !

Автор dii ( назад)
Hey Ronan! I'm in a market for a condenser mic for voiceovers/singing and i
can't make a decision.. i'm more into USB to buy less hardware and be
mobile, thought of Blue Yeti/Spark at first, but now i'm more into Rode
NT-USB which ignores background noise and has a nice pop filter built-in..
then i noticed MXL V67G is now sold for like 70$ and i'm not sure if i
should instead get it + daw.. but id lose so much mobility without usb..
could you advise anything? budget is under 200

Автор Syed Armaghan Hassan ( назад)
Thanks Ronan

Автор Patrick Skelton ( назад)

I love watching your videos. You're always spot on and trustworthy. I
bought a KSM32 on your recommendation and I absolutely love it on vocals
and acoustic guitar. It's got that nice Shure midrange that sounds perfect
to my ears.

Автор Monica Dollive ( назад)
Hi Ronan. I'm looking for a single mic for under $200 to use for general
youtube covers with vocals and acoustic guitar / ukulele, preferably
something that can transfer to a computer easily. If you could give me a
suggestion, that'd be great! (Someone recommended the Zoom H2n handy

Автор Misael V. ( назад)
is there any recommended good mics for singing under 100$? id imagine i
have to buy a phantom power supply, but i wanna use it with my computer, so
how could i connect it to the computer?

Автор spaceorbison ( назад)
MXL 990's are bad?

Автор Adrian Almeciga ( назад)
Hi Ronnan i have a small home studio and i want to record voices and
acoustics and electric guitars and i was thinking in a Mxl 2006.So what do
you think, please give your opinion. Thanks

Автор n3bulka ( назад)

Автор Robbie Hamilton ( назад)
Who's Bjurk?

Автор johncastello ( назад)

Автор BORN7SUPREME ( назад)
If you get a half decent mic make sure your pre amp is of good quality as
well.nothing worse than having a good mic & horrible pre or vice versa

Автор maximilian monnerat ( назад)
ahh damn :P thanks anyway :)

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I have never used a USB mic, but I generally like Audia-Technica mics.

Автор maximilian monnerat ( назад)
Ok thank you :) I was looking at two audio technica mics (I do want a usb
mic) the at-2020 (since every one has it :D) and the atr2500. Could you
maybe advice me on thoose two. In videos where both are compared I cant
really hear the difference due to my cheap 20 euros headset :)

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I have started using a Shure MX150 lavalier mic which I have been very
happy with. If you can use a phantom powered mic with an XLR output, this
is a good choice. I think Audio Technica has some good affordable options
as well. Since I do not use lav mics in music recording very often I do not
know as much about them as I would like.

Автор maximilian monnerat ( назад)
Ronan I'm going to begin recording tutorials again, on this new channel. My
old channel was /blendercgartist and I'm looking to remake these in better
quality. The quality should be found in the content but also in sound
quality :D Could you recommend me one under 200 euros?

Автор Harry Dickus ( назад)
Click out the clip below: youtube.com/watch?v=VmnZtQGBOG8 Fast forward 4:43
Is it possible to record vocals from home doing what Bono is doing with the
Shure SM-58? I guess he is using an awesome compression and pre-amp....

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Ahh, OK so you can't use the analog tape to add excitement. One of the big
difference between home recordings and big records is lots of good
compression on the vocal. That gives it a lot of big close feeling. It is
also important to look at making sure that the arrangement of the track
supports the vocal. Also if you record close to an SM58, you will get extra
low frequencies, so use that to tailor your sound. Great mic pres always
help, but it is probably not your biggest problem.

Автор Harry Dickus ( назад)
Digital. It records onto a SD card. It's the Tascam DP-32....

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Is it a cassette portastudio or digital?

Автор Harry Dickus ( назад)
Ronan, I'm currently recording my vocals off a Shure SM-58, but the vocals
sound dull and lifeless. Is it because I need to run it through a decent
pre-amp? Right now it's runs straight to my Tascam Portastudio (via Phantom
Power). Can you give me some tips on getting my vocals more brighter and
sounding lifelike?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I have never used a Rode mic that I have liked.

Автор Junnyjatz-Beats (Daprince charles) ( назад)
Ronan bro wat do u think about nta1, nta2, an nta3 studio mics

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I think they are great if that is the sound you are looking for. Ribbons
traditionally have a very soft top and provide more body than air.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I think the best first mic is a Shure SM57. Your mic collection will expand
over the years, but you will still be using the 57 decades from now if you
are still recording.

Автор Isaiah Furrow ( назад)
once I get my audio interface, I plan to get a better mic. Should I get a
SHURE SM57, SM58, of the MXL V67, while I save for an eventual Shure KSM32?
If I get a SM58 I would likely use it in place of my current mic, so not a
total loss. I am currently using a SHURE PG48, and it's OK for what I'm
using it for, but has a lot of handling noise and I'm "SHURE" I can get
better for about $100. Thanks so much for the videos. Also, considering
Focusrite 2i4 for the interface.

Автор Tiziano Demaria ( назад)
What do you think about ribbon for Vocals and Violins?

Автор BORIS TUBETI ( назад)
Top 5 superpro anyprice condensers?) thanks

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
A console opens up a different set of sonic options, but people make
successful records without consoles every day.

Автор JM Official ( назад)
hey.. i bought a powerful cpu tower to get my protools moving good a week
ago. i want to know if a console is NECESSARY to master my songs and make
my vocals good and neat..

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I would get a Shure SM58, it only cost about a hundred bucks and is the one
most used by pros, including some of the biggest artists in the world.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I have not used that yet, but at that same price the SE X1 is a good mic.

Автор kerwinkaas16 ( назад)
What do you think of the MXL CR30?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I would not recommend a tube mic with your budget.

Автор NewPrithvirajChauhan ( назад)
I don't want it to use anymore, because my opinion is that a usb microphone
can never give youuu the quality of a XLR cable microphone with a preamp.
Am I right? Soo Can you explain me what a Tube microphone is? Cause alot of
people told me that rappers should use a tube microphone. I can spend more
than 800 Dollars on the mic, and about 500 for a mixer.. thanks

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
If you are happy with it, keep using it. Eventually you might decide you
you want something else, but if you dig it, enjoy the gear you have and
make some great music.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Yes, I think it s a good mic for its price point.

Автор XLADEDAX ( назад)
i'd look up some of your own research like he said and sure enough there
are reviews out there on the blue yeti.

Автор gigantballs ( назад)
Hi. Do you think Audio Technica AT4040 is good for its price or not? I was
thinking about buying one. Thanks.

Автор sent love ( назад)
Hey Ronan I'm a beginner and money is tight. What are your opinions on the
blue yeti when it comes to singing? Do you know any great mic's that don't
require an interface? Thanks and great vid

Автор BirthOfAnEmceeTV ( назад)
Hi mate, i pulled the belt buckle tight n yesterday got myself a SM58.
However (lol), when in the shop i was asked about interfaces!! I explained
i had no idea what he was talking about. We agreed i need one but for now
i'm pluggin straight into my pc via a 3.5mm jack. I'm using Audacity n my
pc is windows 8. I can't get any results/sound through the mic onto
audacity n when i tried setting the pc to voice activated it asked if i'd
turned the mic on!! Any ideas?? Sorry to bother you!!

Автор NewPrithvirajChauhan ( назад)
Sir help me out. Im a 15 years old rapper. Ive got an audio technica 2020
USB version. What do you think of that microphone? Because I wasss happy
with it, but now i think i need a mic that is more expensive to make more
professional songs /watch?v=8aVKw8Ae86M Which mic did they use here? Im
waiting on your reply, Thankyou sir

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Sorry, but finding the answer to this problem is more complex than I could
answer hear. Too many variables.

Автор BirthOfAnEmceeTV ( назад)
Thanks, i'm gonna take that "Shure" advice. I wish someone had given me the
"Most important part" piece of advice years ago!! Cheers Man n Great
Surname. Peace

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
No, you need some kind of interface or USB adapter to plug a mic into a

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
If money is tight, go ahead and get something like a Shure SM57 or SM58. I
will work at least solidly good and those mics will hold their value, so if
you decide you want a more expensive mic later you can sell those to fund
your more expensive mic when you have saved up more money. The most
important part is being able to plug in and make music, so do not let
having the dream gear stop you for making the music.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
No. They will all require some kind interface to connect with you lap top.

Автор thandav63 ( назад)
Can I directly plug in any of these microphones to my laptop ??

Автор BirthOfAnEmceeTV ( назад)
you make it sound simple but i'm still confused!! Please help!! I,ve just
started getting into recording n uploading some hip hop. I've never had any
interest in music production or recording. i only got my 1st pc last month
so everything is new to me. After some positive feedback, i'm looking to
invest. Would you reccommend the SM57 or do i wait n get the KSM32?? I have
a flow demo/introduction tune if that helps your advice? "Fresh
Morning;Lungs Gon Blow". Many Thanks.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Yes. It is a great first mic for that situation.

Автор Joey Lewicki ( назад)
So would you recommend that I get the SM57 to plug straight into my Tascam
digital portastudio? I'm looking to record guitar/bass amps, piano, strings
and possibly drums for now. I know absolutely nothing about mic's and have
been doing a little research lately and just want something on the cheaper
side and simple.

Автор John Fellner ( назад)
Hey Ronan, what is the real difference between the V67g and V67gs? Is it
only the switch?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Sorry, but I have not had a chance to do that comparison myself.

Автор jszy ( назад)
hi ronan, how is the shure PG57 compared to SM57? i watched the comparison
video here on youtube, and to be honest i cant tell the difference, they
seem about as good to me..... what's your professional opinion on this?

Автор DanTheAppleMan ( назад)
You sure can't beat a good old 57. I've used them for nearly everything,
they are almost the perfect mic...

Автор Adeptus Forge ( назад)
What if you were wanting to start a youtube channel?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
A Shure SM58 would probably work really well. No extra filter needed.

Автор VoidraMusic ( назад)
so let's say I was to sing a punk rock song, any of those 3 recommended
mics can work.... how necessary is it to have one of those foam filter

Автор vast wasteland ( назад)
There's a one-man band guy on youtube who plays a bazillion instruments and
uses a ksm32 on just about every-thing on every-clip. His clips are kinda
cool to hear the mic running its paces on a variety of instruments within I
guess a homemade setup. The music is just a tiny bit sterile being that one
guy does all the parts, but I have to agree the ksm32 is cool. One song is
"Oz" something or other. The guy is giulio carmassi- gives detailed gear
info on each video.

Автор Gabriel Bermúdez ( назад)
Hi, really helpful video! What do you think about the MXL 770? If you've
tried it... Thanks :)

Автор Gamefreak0101 ( назад)
He's the Jesus of audio production.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
That is really great to hear. Thanks for letting me know.

Автор bamagtrdude ( назад)
Hey Ronan, just wanted to say thanks again for this video; I've finished an
EP project recently using a V67G, a KSM32, and an SM57 only... Your advice
*exactly*, and it's working like a champ! Thanks again! I really like the
V67G for vocals & the KSM32 for everything else; the SM57 is a little
mid-range-ish, but I've done an entire song using it only, and have gotten
it to work really well, so it can be done.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
The console is a D&R Triton.

Автор thisisyaren ( назад)
what mixer is that man?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Sorry, I have not used the mic yet.

Автор EJCStudios ( назад)
Do you think the blue snowball is good??

Автор Vaibhav Dewangan ( назад)
which condenser microphone you gonna suggest me?? just for home studio
purpose??? please do reply me... thanx for your last reply...

Автор Konasium ( назад)
How does the v67g compared to the CAD M179? Is it far off?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Not sure about that model, but I have not yet heard a Samson mic I have

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I guess I am a pro because people pay me money for doing this stuff. ;-) I
certainly have a lot left to learn myself but since I have worked on a few
thousand more songs in the studio than most people I have picked up a few
things on the way.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Thanks Chris. I only put a few videos here on youtube. Most of them are on
my web site. search for Ronan's Recording Show. I have about 50 videos

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
For a sparkling guitar sound the KSM 44 will be a good choice. I would
start around where the neck meets the body of the guitar about one foot
out. Experiment with using cardiod and omni positions for different sounds.
The omni will feel more airy.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
The SM57 and 58 have identical electronics but sound a bit different (and
have slightly different polar patterns. They are both great mics, but I
find myself choosing the 57 more often for studio applications.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
I am not sure the V67g will be great on a baby grand, but can not think of
something that would be much better in that price range.

Автор Konasium ( назад)
Hello mister, will the MXL v67g sound decent on a baby grand? I'm planning
to buy a pair of these and am unsure of the sound quality. Or should I buy
the MXL v67n (small diaphragm)? Is the MXL v67g decent at recording the
bass part of the piano? Thanks.

Автор Ullash Podder ( назад)
hi you talked about sm57 but not 58, are you not recommending them ? or
because 57 are multipurpose? I liked ur review..!!

Автор beeuwT4ashes ( назад)
Ronan, thanks for the video. I have a KSM 44, SM 57, SM58 and Beta 58 with
Bellari preamp. I want to capture a crisp, sparkling acoustic guitar
(Avalon) sound, but it has eluded me. Which mic is best to use on acoustic
guitar and where do you prefer the mic placement?

Автор chriscauldermusic ( назад)
Ronan, I love your vids but sadly I haven't seen nearly any recent vids...
your channel should have 100+ vids, not less than 50... very few videos are
as informative and truthful as yours.

Автор Fotonic Beats ( назад)
what makes you "a pro" :)

Автор Vaibhav Dewangan ( назад)
what u say about samson CO1U ?? please suggest me, i cannot decide by my

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy ( назад)
Depends what you mean by cheap. Cheapest thing you could do is get a cheap
USB mic. If you have a litte bit of money you could get something like the
Apogee Duet 2 which you can plug a mic or bass into and also control
speaker volume, etc.

Автор Khaya j mqhayi ( назад)
I have garageband and I want to buy things that I need to set up a mic and
other components, what do I exactly need? and is there a cheap way of
getting them?

Автор Shania Deville ( назад)
you kinda look like Jesus.

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