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Автор CedarValleyMusic (2 месяца)
Thanks dude, very informative. 

Автор GodDamnit7711 (2 месяца)
+Ronan Chris Murphy Should I get the V67G, SE X1, or SE 2200a II C? I know
it's such a general question, but I'm just looking for a cheap vocal
microphone for male vocals...

Автор Erik Teh (3 дня)
Thanks so much for your professional advice! I'm a noob and I'm about to
get my first mic. Need some advice pls :)
1) Could I record both voice and acoustic guitar at the same time with this
2) Would this mic be a good choice for acoustic guitar and guitar amps?
3) I tend to sound sibilant on dynamics in a live setting. Wld this or the
V67i still be a good option?
4) I'm considering the MXL V67i so that I can have the bright and warm
options available. Is it a good option?

Tks so much!

Автор Paul wilson (16 дней)
solid advice. 

Автор Norm Spups Entertainment (2 месяца)
What is your opinion on the V67G/S?
I'm looking to buy a first condenser microphone for a Scarlett 2i2 audio
interface, and I was wondering what would suit Male vocals/acoustic guitar
Was also wondering about the at2035 by audio technica, and the blue spark.


Автор Jonathan Miller (1 месяц)
I use a Scarlett 2i4 interface with a AT4040

Автор Jellybeantiger (1 месяц)
I was amazed when I saw Peter Gabriel on a doco recording his vocals
through a Shure Sm57 for his 4th album.The album with the song Shock The

Автор Todd George (16 дней)
V67G or SM57 for podcasts, YouTube videos, and voice overs on PowerPoint
presentations? I will plugging into a Line 6 KB37. Thanks!

Автор matthew wortley (3 месяца)
What abput the rode NT 1 A?

Автор rock Onmyboi (4 месяца)
Crappy, bright condensors are usually distorted through their shitty
electronics too. But, they are my go-to for nails on a chalkboard, usually
in stereo. Lol

Автор Omar loma (1 месяц)
plz sir , what's your opinion about Samson Co3u ?!! And thanx for replay :)
:) :) 

Автор 908lion (4 месяца)
yes to everything he said and dont listen to idiots behind the register
there sales men not engineers 

Автор skmeetzmusic (3 месяца)
I took your advise in the vid and went with the MXL V67G for my project
studio. I think it sounds awesome, especially for the price. I'm just
getting started on the recording side and getting good advise on where to
get the most bang for the buck means a lot. Thanks for the vids. They're

Автор Tyte Curry (3 месяца)
Thanks for insight. I use the RodeNT1-A for my vocals and it sounds perfect
for me and my voice..Check out my old setup on a budget here..

Автор WideOpenChange (27 дней)
SE X1 or SM57 for home recording studio with a 22vsl interface? It will be
used for acoustics, male vocals and maybe some electric distorted guitar
amp down the road. Thanks!!

Автор kixcom1 (1 месяц)
+Ronan Chris Murphy I'm buying my first decent mic for recording, So far
the Shure SM57 seems my best option, I want to record Guitar and Vocals
with it. I will be using high distortion on the amp. Would you agree its
the best option or is there another microphone i should check out ?

Автор Jack Mcwhat (2 месяца)
thoose sure sm57s look neat :)

Автор SirScreem71 (1 месяц)
I get a lot of hiss noise in my recordings. It improved when I went from an
cheap mic to the Shure SM58, but I still have the background hiss to some
extent. Would changing to the SM57 improve the sound quality?

Автор Eric Kellestine (4 месяца)
Hey Ronan,
What would you use for a piano and digital keyboard as well as the acoustic

Автор Diego Alconchel (1 год)
Hello Ronan, I am Diego from Patagonia Argentina and I am trying to get a
professional record studio at home, managed all on a i3 computer desktop. I
need some help with everything and I will help you enough with this. It´s
only for signing a track and upload it on youtube, because I will be
recording video while I am recording also my voice signing. Here what I
guess I need:

1- Presonus Tube Pre Valvular:

2- Utrack sound interface:
or Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Interfaz De Audio Usb:
or M-audio Fast Track Pro:

3- Shure Srh240a:
or Ex25

4- Shure Pg58:
or Shure Sm58
I liked Shure Sm57 as you recommend.

Can you recommend me, please what should I get?. Thanks in advance. It´s
for a new year present for my daugther.

Автор batesband (4 месяца)
This was a great video, helped me loads and I'm getting a shure sm57 purely
on your advice!!! 

Автор IIVIIyHero (5 месяцев)
thank you so much for tyour video in response i was thinking about getting
the yeti blue pro mic its the best usb mic you can buy i am a r&b singer as
well as rap do you think that mic would be apporpriate to use or should i
get the mxlv67 and what else to i need to make it sound good as far as
devices when i have it recorded to my laptop. thank you

Автор JokersShadow100 (9 месяцев)
thanks i got a soundcard.. something like a USB adapter but thing is when i
tried to use the mic i cant seem to make a sound out of it.. im really new
to this so sorry if im sounding very stupid.. P.S. sorry for bad english,
im not american ,

Автор CavalierInClay (1 год)
Bluebird always sounded very thin and brittle to me. If you're just doing
some dainty female vocals and you have the money, it will be fine for that,
But if you want a good meaty condenser find something like an MXL or CAD
maybe. Just not the best condenser you could get for the price IMHO.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (1 год)
For ganular manipulation later you might want to look at one of the DPA
mics if it is in your budget because they will capture tons of detail.

Автор theinsanebuffalo (11 месяцев)
i have a yamaha mg124cx mixer so i canhave many inputs to my jbl creatures
without swapping cable all the time and i love using my speaker (not a fan
of headsets) and i was just wondering if you knew a good microphone that is
good for chat or recording but wouldnt pick up on noise coming from my
speakers like music

Автор Lucija Lepšina (1 год)
Hello Ronan! :) You really helped me a lot with this video, but I will
still ask you for your opinion about which microphone should I buy. I want
to make a mini home studio (I'm doing this for the first time) for
recording vocals - I would like to make my own covers, so in general or let
me say at the begining I just want to record my vocals. Please respond :)

Автор thisisyaren (10 месяцев)
what mixer is that man?

Автор sent love (8 месяцев)
Hey Ronan I'm a beginner and money is tight. What are your opinions on the
blue yeti when it comes to singing? Do you know any great mic's that don't
require an interface? Thanks and great vid

Автор VoidraMusic (9 месяцев)
so let's say I was to sing a punk rock song, any of those 3 recommended
mics can work.... how necessary is it to have one of those foam filter

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (9 месяцев)
If money is tight, go ahead and get something like a Shure SM57 or SM58. I
will work at least solidly good and those mics will hold their value, so if
you decide you want a more expensive mic later you can sell those to fund
your more expensive mic when you have saved up more money. The most
important part is being able to plug in and make music, so do not let
having the dream gear stop you for making the music.

Автор Rick Sadeck (1 год)
Ronan, I want a microphone for live performance to put in front of an
acoustic duo to capture the vocals and the acoustic guitars. One microphone
only. What should I consider? This is a coffee house environment. The
budget is $300.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (11 месяцев)
Did you get a chance to watch the video?

Автор vast wasteland (10 месяцев)
There's a one-man band guy on youtube who plays a bazillion instruments and
uses a ksm32 on just about every-thing on every-clip. His clips are kinda
cool to hear the mic running its paces on a variety of instruments within I
guess a homemade setup. The music is just a tiny bit sterile being that one
guy does all the parts, but I have to agree the ksm32 is cool. One song is
"Oz" something or other. The guy is giulio carmassi- gives detailed gear
info on each video.

Автор theinsanebuffalo (11 месяцев)
What's a good mic that doesn't pick on speaker noise?

Автор BirthOfAnEmceeTV (9 месяцев)
you make it sound simple but i'm still confused!! Please help!! I,ve just
started getting into recording n uploading some hip hop. I've never had any
interest in music production or recording. i only got my 1st pc last month
so everything is new to me. After some positive feedback, i'm looking to
invest. Would you reccommend the SM57 or do i wait n get the KSM32?? I have
a flow demo/introduction tune if that helps your advice? "Fresh
Morning;Lungs Gon Blow". Many Thanks.

Автор maximilian monnerat (7 месяцев)
ahh damn :P thanks anyway :)

Автор Vaibhav Dewangan (11 месяцев)
what u say about samson CO1U ?? please suggest me, i cannot decide by my

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (8 месяцев)
I would get a Shure SM58, it only cost about a hundred bucks and is the one
most used by pros, including some of the biggest artists in the world.

Автор Dylan Griffiths (11 месяцев)

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (1 год)
I sometimes use the KSM32 for electric guitar but in general I am a much
bigger fan of dynamic mics on electric guitar. Usually a Shure SM57, but
also like the EV RE-10 and Sennheiser 421

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (1 год)
The SM7 is a great first mic. Keep in mind that it has a low output so you
will want a mic pre with a lot of clean gain.

Автор queerp (1 год)
i'm planning on buying a mic for all purpose use i.e. vocals, piano,
percussion, acoustic guitar. mainly for vocals though. i'm wondering
whether i should go with a dynamic or a condenser. I've been thinking about
getting an EV RE-20 but if a condenser is the better route, perhaps I'll
look into the KSM32 since you're praising it and it's relatively cheap.

Автор BirthOfAnEmceeTV (9 месяцев)
Thanks, i'm gonna take that "Shure" advice. I wish someone had given me the
"Most important part" piece of advice years ago!! Cheers Man n Great
Surname. Peace

Автор Konasium (10 месяцев)
Hello mister, will the MXL v67g sound decent on a baby grand? I'm planning
to buy a pair of these and am unsure of the sound quality. Or should I buy
the MXL v67n (small diaphragm)? Is the MXL v67g decent at recording the
bass part of the piano? Thanks.

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (10 месяцев)
I guess I am a pro because people pay me money for doing this stuff. ;-) I
certainly have a lot left to learn myself but since I have worked on a few
thousand more songs in the studio than most people I have picked up a few
things on the way.

Автор Fê Caldas (1 год)
I'm a soprano and my voice is similar to Amy Lee's (Evanescence), I don't
have $300~500 to spend, would you recommend the dynamic mic you showed?

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (7 месяцев)
Is it a cassette portastudio or digital?

Автор BORN7SUPREME (6 месяцев)
If you get a half decent mic make sure your pre amp is of good quality as
well.nothing worse than having a good mic & horrible pre or vice versa

Автор Ronan Chris Murphy (9 месяцев)
No, you need some kind of interface or USB adapter to plug a mic into a

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