3D Foot Scanner: VeriScan Podiatric Scanner from Paris Orthotics

3D Foot Scanning Technology for Custom Prescription Orthoses - VeriScan Podiatric Scanner (VPS)

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Автор Dennis O'Boyle (1 год)
Is this the same VeriScan that Hospira is known for?

Автор Dennis O'Boyle (7 месяцев)
Hi Christopher, thank you for asking "What is Hospira?" ANSWER: Hospira is
one of the largest medical device manufacturing companies worldwide --
check their webiste, Hospira "dot" com, when you get the chance. PLUS: The
Hospira version of VeriScan, the bar code reading device that includes
software and database functionality, was purchased by True Process, Inc.

Автор Christopher MacLean (1 год)
What is Hospira?

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